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The graphics look a lot nicer
I am sure thy will improve even more for the final build. The thing I have noticed is that with the vehicles in the game to move around. It looks like Rare has made the game world huge.

It is nice to know that Banjo is still a traditional platformer. That is one of the first things mentioned at the beginning of the video.

I loved Banjo on N64...I am sure this one will be great also. #11
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It looks really impressive
I trust IGN's opinion. They are probably the most reputable gaimg website.

"IGN can say without hesitation that Gears 2 is on its way to living up to everyone's expectations."

It looks as if Gears two will top the original in almost every way. Especially the multiplayer aspect. Gears 2 and Fable 2 are going to be two great titles for the upcoming Holiday Season. #3
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@ Max Power
I used google conversion chart and it came out to 500m pounds = 998m USD rounded up. The moderator will be updating the story for me. I apologize to readers for making mistake. I am not European so I did not know symbol for pounds...I thought it was symbol for Euros. #3.4
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it is 782 million USD. I used the google conversion calculator. Hopefully it is correct. 500m Euros came out to 782,215,000 USD but I just rounded it down. #3.1
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You are wise to the ways of N4G. Have a bubble on me. #19.1
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the funny thing is that I do have a PS3. I just find PS3 fanboys so annoying I never comment in PS3 only threads. I don't get jealous of a piece of plastic.

I think you just want me to feel jealous bc you know I prefer the 360. #14.2
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I'm so shocked that people who already own a console might buy another one.(Insert sarcasm) This is N4G though.

The source link to this article doesn't even work. LOL. #14
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Fallout 3 & The Last Remnant
are coming out for PS3. TLR won't come out until some time next year most likely though. I am looking forward to Infinite Undiscovery, Fable 2, and Tales of Vesperia.

The retro remakes are also very nice for the DS. #2
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I hope Microsoft
never fixes the RROD because it would be the end of N4G. Where would all the fanboys go? #4
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The Max Payne series
was awesome. I really wish Remedy would make a sequel. But I doubt it is coming any time soon bc they are working on Alan Wake.

I really liked the comic book style cut scenes. It was an interesting art direction. #2
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in regards to the article, I am glad there is a patch. #1.2
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I am 360 gamer so I read these types of news. I am commenting in the right section am I not? This is an Xbox 360 article according to the channels. And you wonder why the mods take away all your bubbles. #3.5
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Kind of like
how I have lost faith in the comments section of this website? #3.1
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Why is this multi-disc thing even an issue?
These stupid stories about nothing always get a super high temperature. Oh I forgot, this is N4G. I can see how things are going by all of the comments the mods had to delete.

Is it really that important to justify your purchase?

Infinite Undiscovery will probably end up being a great game. Any comments whining about multiple discs reak of pure jealousy and insecurity by the fanboy horde that has taken over this website. #31
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There is no doubt
that a price cut will increase 360 sales. It would for any console. Microsoft seems to have some big secret titles for E3. Halo 4 is supposed to be announced not to mention the Peter Jackson game. Alan Wake is going to be there, Halo Wars...and possibly Killer Instinct 3. And with all the great RPGs coming out this year(Infintite Undiscovery, Fable 2, Tales of Vesperia), not to mention Gears 2. This years lineup is looking pretty good IMO.

Add to that a price drop on top of it... #6
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I lose my right why?
I don't approve stories that have over 20 fake reports on them. Seems to me that you are just making excuses for these people. #21.2
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Why do you people approve stories
that have about 20 reports on them and have been confirmed to be fake? This isn't even news. It is a link to the product info page. Are you going to post stories about every new 360 game info page?

You fanboys are the downfall of this website. It has become pathetic. What's next posting stories about game display cases?

I hope everyone who approved this gets banned from N4G. It is obvious that you don't care about the rules and regulations of the report system th... #21
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The Xbox 360
is dead because some no-name posted it on his blog.

N4G Revised Guidelines:

Amendment 1: Blogs are only considered news if they are Anti-Microsoft in any way, shape or form.

I guess I'll go post a blog right now on N4G saying that the PS3 is dead and I'll see if it gets approved as news. Be back in a bit. #14
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If you thought
Deception was good you aren't an MK fan. #8.1
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I think
one of the main problems is that the earlier Mortal Kombats were produced by Ed Boone and John Tobias. After part 3 I'm pretty sure that Tobias left Midway. #6
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