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Valve will never limit themselves. The new PCs that are out with quad-SLI will wipe the floor with both the PS3 and the 360. Your comment makes little sense. #16.1
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Valve is one of the most talented developers in the industry. The Source Engine can still keep up the newer engines of today.

It is funny how people can hate them just because they have a bizarre emotional attachment to a piece of plastic. Just buy it on PC like I always here people who don't have 360 claim that they will do. Then go ahead and buy the PC version and get over it.

Why should Valve have to learn the architecture of the PS3 when it will be forgotten... #9
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Chances are that Microsoft
funded the development costs of Star Ocean 4. Not to mention that Infinite Undiscovery is already made by Tri-Ace so they are familiar with working on 360 hardware and already have a game engine.

As far as Last Remenant is concerned I read previously that the delay was because of problems with the Unreal Engine 3 on the PS3. It was not originally supposed to release on the 360 first. #10.1
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@ PooPooPlatter
I think that maybe you should actually read the article before throwing a tantrum.

Square-Enix's words...not mine:

""But now each console has many users, so this has kind of dictated the way that Final Fantasy will evolve in the future, and why it's being released on multiple consoles at once."

Last generation the PS2 dominated both the Gamecube and the Xbox in total install base. That is why PS2 had so many exclusives. With the PS3... #4
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I'm sure MS is just happy they got FF at all
The 360 doesn't sell well in Japan and MS is aware of it. Even if it was on 360 in Japan the sales would be minimal. It still is a shame to the Japanese 360 owners though because they can't enjoy the game and will be forced to by a PS3 if they don't already have one.

The American and European games market are the biggest in the industry so I'm sure the 360 version will sell. Maybe not as much as Japan, but FF is obviously an Eastern franchise.

No matter how anyon... #9
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Maybe you missed this part in the preview
IGN's words:

"Coming exclusively to Xbox 360 spring 2009, Square-Enix is keeping a tight wrap on the game for the time being."

Is this direct quote from the preview part of your 'all signs point to.'.... Just curious. #2.1
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Thank you Meus
for standing up for the truth. Bubble for you. This story is completely fake. It is made up of twisted facts just so Gameplayer can get hits on their website. #41.1
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This story is made up on misconstrued facts.
Fake: (12 minutes ago)
"Square has announced at the Microsoft press conference that Final Fantasy XIII is going to be released on Xbox 360 the same day as PS3 in North America and Europe."

Duplicate Story: (12 minutes ago)

http:... #24
They could optimize the engine for any console. Do you think that Bioshock was designed with the Cell in mind? Probably not.

Yet they are porting Bioshock to the PS3. Your argument makes no sense. Any game can be made to run on either console. Once again it is just PR BS.

@iamtehpwn below your argument makes no sense either. If MGS4 could be made for PC it could be made for 360 also. They have the exact same architecture pretty much. #6.13
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I am not worked up
and I am not saying that MGS4 is ever going to the 360 becuase I think it isn't. All I am saying is that any game for either console could be made on the other one because they are relatively equal in power.

I just find this PR BS amusing is all.

@Donator above. My disdain stems from the fact that I submit a lot of news to N4G. And the censorship has run rampant on this site. #6.10
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Did you not read this?
“Metal Gear Solid is not only exclusive on PS3 – it’s only possible on PS3, thanks in part to Blu-Ray.“

He added: "PS3 drove the Blu-Ray format to victory and now the Blu-Ray format is poised to return the favour.”

Any PS3 game could be made on the 360. Same as any 360 game could be made on the PS3. All of this 'supposed power' that anybody spouts is nothing more than PR BS. Sure certain things would have to be accomodated to suit the hardware because the ar... #6.2
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Jack Tretton is full of it
That is like saying you couldn't put Metal Gear Solid 4 on the PC. The newer PCs and graphics cards blow away any console as far as specs and power are concerned. And they don't have a Blu-ray drive as standard.

All they would have to port Metal Gear solid 4 to the 360 and/or PC is put in on multiple disks. Blu-ray is nothing but a storage medium. #6
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Hey Nasim/QueefyB
How many accounts are you going to make? Enough until you can reach ten bubbles. The administrators know it is you. #1.2
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I think
that you are the kind of person that the article is making fun of. Isn't that ironic?

The amount of profit that 3rd party publishers make on 360 software development is something that can't be overlooked from a business perspective. It is greater than both the Wii and PS3 combined.

Sony could have done something to keep FF13 PS3 exclusive but obviously it wasn't that important to them. If anyone is to blame it is them. Besides, what is wrong with more people enj... #6.1
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Hey QueefyB
Why don't you stop trolling the 360 threads and SPAMMING them up with 4 posts in a row.

I've got something for you since you are so interested in 360 news. #2.1
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Do I really expect anybody
with a screen name of Highps3 to say anything nice about an Xbox 360 game? Probably not. #9.1
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Rick Astley
it is funny how you call people names and claim that they are arrogant yet you behave in the exact same manner. If you would have actually read the article instead of just looking at the the cover picture maybe you would have actually liked it.

And you even take the time to bash me for no reason. Not to mention your comment is racist against American people and could be offensive to people that read the threads. People like you are one of the main reasons why I don't comment mu... #6.3
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Why does the inclusion
of a monster truck and a helicopter change it into an arcade racer? They are probably just for spectating or bonus features. How is adding more features a bad thing? That is even if they exist at all. This is a story based off of a forum post.

Another thing how can Forza compete with a game that isn't even out? And how can it compete with a game that isn't even on the same platform?

Yeah, I'm sure they are going to drop all the sim aspects of Forza even thought t... #15
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There are comments
about Clffy B talking too much. I was under the impression people were supposed to talk during an interview. If you hate that the guy is talking:

1) Why bother reading the story.
2) Why expend the energy to comment on it.

Just some simple words of advice. And seeing as how Gears 2 will most likely be one of the biggest releases this year it is wise for the producer of the game to spread the word about it during an interview. It is like free advertising. #12
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That is because
the original story posted was SPAM. It wasn't even a story at all. It was just a link to the Soul Calibur IV product info page. You could post 1000s of stories if you were allowed to link to product info pages, but you are not.

Whoever posted it made up their own title and also the article based off of nothing but speculation. #7
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