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It doesn't matter
All PCs having hard drives has nothing to do with how many disks Rage would ship on. Don't you think?

What does having a hard drive have to do with content fitting on the game disk it ships on?

I have a hard drive on my PC. Does that mean the PC version of RAGE will now fit on one disk even if id didn't change it? LMAO #2.2
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You should realize that the PC version would also ship on dvd, not Blu-ray. And if anybody is wanting to state that the PC is holding back consoles that have outdated hardware.

Well that is just funny. If John Carmack and id wanted to ship it on 2 dvds they would. That is pretty much the jist of it. #2
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-- Reported by the community --
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I recommend actually reading the article
"There are prominent examples, for instance: Project Gotham Racing 3, one of the first games for the Xbox 360. There the load times have been very long; those are going to get reduced immensely. Recent games are already optimized; there the gain is relatively small."

All he says is that older games will benefit more from installs because they are less optimized thus having longer load times than newer titles. So in newer games the install gains will obviously be less an... #5
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I speculate
if CViper will troll a 360 thread. Then I see results when he comments about the PS3 in a non PS3 related article. #1.2
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That is a horrible tragedy. Children shouldn't have access to firearms period in my opinion. My prayers go out to him and his family. #3
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I used
to love this game back in the day. I still play it on Mame. I am a big Sega fan and I really wish that they would resurrect some of their classic franchises.

It seems like the Sega of old is gone now. Hopefully the new Golden Axe will be good. #1
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This same kind of story has been posted at least 5 times about other games. The listings on aren't accurate. I remember the same thing being posted about Soul Calibur IV. Just some small website looking for hits. #4
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Bubbles for you verb3k
The Dreamcast was and still is one of the greatest consoles of all time. It was a fighting game and shmup gamers paradise. It was a sad day in the industry when Sega dropped out of the hardware business.

Skies of Arcadia was a great RPG. I am still waiting for a sequel to Shenmue. Sadly. it will most likely never happen. :( #1.1
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I thought
the trailer looked awesome. This will be a nice follow up action game to Ninja Gaiden 2. Hopefully it is coming out this year. The only info I have seen so far is this trailer and some screenshots though.

Here is link for screens if you are interested. #2
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The graphics look pretty sharp
From Software made the Otagi series for the original Xbox. It was a pretty good game IMO. This looks like a mix between Ninja Gaiden and Shinobi. Two of my all time favorite action game franchises.

This is a nice shot. #3
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Sorry The Hater
I will give you a bubble for taking the story. No hard feelings I hope...:)

Anyways I am excited for Fable 2. Western RPGS have come a long way IMO. And the online co-op also looks really nice. #1.1
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Because they are all the same person
He has over 100 accounts. He does it for all Xbox 360 games. Yet another Gamer Zone thread ruined by nothing but trolls. Thanks mods.

There are also accounts for Too Human called...TenYearFlop, Too Flop, Too Hyped, Too Human Flopped. All the same person. After he is done SPAMMING up the thread with his rediculous comments he disagrees with all of his accounts. A true mental case. #10.2
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B is a decent score
from 1UP. I think the game looks really nice so I will be picking it up.
I hope Infinite Undiscovery does well so Square Enix/Tri-Ace will continue to take risks in making new IPs instead of just focusing on sequels. #4
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Am I commenting in a PS3 thread? Even better question...are you? #6.2
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Microsoft's limited 1st party development teams is one of the reasons people like you ridicule them. Yet even now, as they try and build up their studios you're still blowing your hot air. No matter what MS does you will never be appeased so what is the difference?

Having more 1st party studios is a good thing for Microsoft no matter which way you try and spin it. #6
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LOL @ Rick Astley
This IS the IGN review....Word for word.

Just goes to show that some people don't even read the article. #6
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didn't make Tales of Vesperia, Bandai-Namco did. I recommend changing your user name. #3.1
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Welcome back Nasim
I'll add this to the list of your other 99 accounts. Soon you will have this one to 9 bubbles also like your QueefyB account. #2.1
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