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has always been good. Ocarina of Time is still my all time favorite. Even more so than Twilight Princess. Majora's Mask was still definately up to the Zelda franchises quality. Although I don't think it was as popular as the other in the series.

The only Zelda game out of the entire franchise that I didn't care for was Zelda: The Adventure of Link. Side-srolling wasn't the way to go with Zelda.

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It is kind of funny that you bring that up. My account got banned bc of that story. And the story was a smear campaign against me. I didn't even comment on the thread. But I would be willing to bet that all the fanboys who laughed in the post and left derogatory comments about me didn't get banned.

The extremists just hate me bc I post negative news about the PS3. Little do they know that I have posted over 600 news articles for this site, and most of them are "not&...

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