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is the greatest developer of all time. Nobody else is even close.

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Everybody has tastes as to what kinds of games they like. Just because they don't coincide with your own is no reason to rant.

Reported as offensive. Your hateful comments aren't needed.

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If you are going to complain at least learn basic math comprehension skills.

Xbox 360 - 7,763 -
PS3 -------5,734 = 2,029

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the arcade sku is a good bargain for casual gamers who aren't interested in online aspects of gaming. And if they do ever become interested they could just buy a hard drive.

The Wii seems to be doing just fine without a hard drive. As a matter of fact it is the highest selling console every month in every region sans handhelds. Maybe microsoft was smart to try and reach for that market with the arcade SKU. We will find out in the September NPD. I'll be waiting for you in that thr...

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you are spot-on with your assumption. That would be a pretty neat feature as all the old games would be a better...Smoother frame rates, sharper resolutions..etc.

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was and still is one of my favorite fighting game franchises. The first one is still a classic. But parts 2 and 3 will always be the best in my opinion.

Overall the series never made a good transition to 3D. The downfall began with part 4 when Midway started rendering things in polygons on the Zeus arcade board. The nice thing about part 4 was that the fighting engine was still in tact though. All the air juggles and tactics still worked.

After part 4 the whole fight...

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that Microsoft has offered the Japanese consumer an affordable console. They have also took the time to put together a games portfolio that suits Eastern tastes.

Not to mention that they have taken aggressive marketing strategies for that region. One of them was having the Square-Enix booth right next to them at TGS. With some of the SE titles on display in only the Microsoft booth.

I knew you would be in here. And yes the Master System was fantastic. It actually had a lot better hardware than the NES. It just didn't really catch on to the mainstream market. That started happening for Sega in the Genesis era.

One interesting feature about the SMS is that it used both cartridges and game cards.

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I recommend you do a little research before making claims out of thin air. The Xbox division has been profitable for over a year. As the years go buy the hardware is costing less for Microsoft to make. That is the natural cycle for any console.


Sony is the one who has already lost over 3 billion dollars on the PS3. They are bleeding money. D...

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I have to give props to Tecmo. They are actually upping the graphics and character models instead of just porting the PS2 version.

Hopefully the Wii will see Rygar 2 if it sells well.

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is one of the hardest games ever made. Those flying red demons are a nightmare. Not to mention you have to go through the game twice to actually beat it because you don't get the holy shield to defeat the final boss until the second play through.

I have beaten it but it was a long time ago.

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I like Old Wizard because that site posts a lot of retro type articles and I enjoy retro gaming. The administrator does seem to have a biased towards Nintendo though.

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was and still is fantastic. The weapons are the most balanced out of all the games in the series. The plasma weapons have better accuracy. The plasma pistol energy drains if you keep it charged and the sword has energy. Those were two big problems with part 2.

Not to mention the equipment and forge feature both add diversity and a lot more fun to the multiplayer aspects.

Halo 3 will still be played online years from now by millions of players. Most online CONSOLE gam...

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on the 360 version looks a lot smoother.

@below...It has more to do with having eyes that function correctly.

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the price cut is having a pretty positive effect in most regions. First there was a spike in Japanese sales and now Europe.

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John Carmack, one of the most brilliant game designers/game engine desingers of all time doesn't seem to support your theory that Blu-ray streams things as fast as DVD.

I think I will take his word over yours:

"The PS3 streams things slower than the 360, so by the time we ship, there may be the case where getting things off the disk faster may ultimately look better."

Right there is the reason for mandatory installs on a lot of PS3 titles.

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If you actually read the interview it is really good. It is true that Japan isn't as dominant in the gaming industry as they were in the 16-Bit era. They pretty much dominated everything back then on the software front.

There are many very talented development teams that are located in the West now. In the past those types of western development teams focused mainly on the PC.

It doesn't really make sense to attack a website just because you don't agree with somethi...

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that the Western developers are starting to pull ahead a bit when it comes to game development. Especially in the RPG genre. They are generally more open-ended while JRPGs are quite linear.

There is no doubt that both developers put out a ton of quality games. It just seems like a lot of the bigger new franchises you are seeing nowadays are Western games. Some good examples are Gears of War and Resistance.

There has even been a market shift where Eastern developers a...

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