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play my Saturn sometimes, and I also have a lot of games on that list. Panzer Dragoon Saga, Guardian Heroes, Shining Force 3, and Radiant Silvergun were all fantastic.

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to hit direct link to TeamXbox if you want to see three Hi-def videos. They are exclusive to that site. Their were no embeding codes...:(

TeamXbox is reputable website and I am sure that unless they had a valid source they would not bring up such accusations. So perhaps review builds were not final builds. Obviously I don't know for sure, but is possible.

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about the camera. I am sure it is the same as the one in Ninja Gaiden Black. I didn't have a problem with it. I knew this game wasn't going to score very high anyways, just for the simple fact of the punishing difficulty level.

NG is the last of a dying breed of games that actually take skill to beat. That is all that really matters to me. NG was the best action game I played on the original Xbox.

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If there is positive news posted about Microsoft it has a tendency to draw the trolls out of there caves. I would bet that a lot of people commenting in this thread don't even own a 360.

It is just an interview, that is the sad thing. You should check out the forums, it is a lot more civilized in those threads for gaming conversation.

+ Bubble for you.

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What masses are you implying? Is this interview posted in the PS3 section? If I read the channels correctly, it clearly states only Xbox 360 news/industry news. Why is an interview from the vice president of MGS such a provoking thing?

I really don't even see why non-360 owners would comment in this thread. The interview shouldn't even interest them. Make sense?

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I am sure that 360 gamers are interested in his interviews. Is an interview with the vice president of MGS not news? I sure think it is.

If you aren't interested don't comment, simple as that. Interesting upon inspection that the people who are complaining have mostly just PS3 tags on their bio...Coincidence?

And in regards to the interview I think that downloadable content will definately give more longevity to games and am glad that Micro is fully focused on th...

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Actually this story isn't duplicate. If you would do your homework you would 'realize' that all the interviews are from 'different' sources.

This particular interview is from "Game Invasion" The links that you posted are from different websites. Understand now?


Blog.wired.com "Does not" = Game Invasion = The sources are complet...

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Killer Instinct 3 was coming. There have been so many hints and rumors circulating. When Rare sent out their Christmas Card it had a KI3 stocking hanging by the fireplace on it. Here is a pic.


I believe the rumor is true. I hope they also release Killer Instinct 1&2 on XBLA. They would be awesome with online play. I have been wis...

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sandyp is Nasim. These members of N4G all have the same IP address.

- Hydrolex
- nasim
- doodle
- schmee
- sandyp

As well as about 20 other accounts.

Zambrota, Tidus007, Larry007, AlexM, Zimbo007, RIPHDDVD, TANOD, just to name a few more...LMFAO

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They really don't know what they are talking about when they are refering to Ninja Gaiden on NES. They are talking about the coin-op Arcade version, which IMO did suck.

Maybe it was a typo by 1UP. The death sequence they are talking about is in the Arcade version only. The NES versions were nothing like the Arcade version, they were excellent.

There are other EA games that are only on 360 and PC. C&C3: Kane's Wrath comes to mind....Just a note.


He is right though. The Devil May Cry series is just a button masher with crap A.I., all flash for cool looking combos. Same goes for most hack 'n slashes.

In the Ninja Gaiden games if you don't use block you will pretty much die every time. Can't say the same for Devil May cry.

Itagaki made sure Ninja Gaiden had great graphics + great gameplay that is challenging.

Simple fact is that Itagaki is a great games designer and most people on this websit...

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I am always trying to post retro stories thinking nobody will read them. I guess I was wrong.

And yes, Castle of Illusion was a great platformer. I always liked Rocket Knight Adventures, and Kid Chameleon also.

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Yeah,it was Frankie, and yes it is a step in the right direction. It is just a little worrying bc if Microsoft has hired the creative lead from Bungie it makes me think in a way that they are looking to develop Halo games internally at MGS, without Bungie.

I know it is unlikely but still possible.

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in a previous interview that they were going to focus more on creating 1st party content and not relying on 3rd parties. I guess this is the first step.

I wouldn't be surprised if they are looking for more staff. They just hired the creative lead from Bungie. Not to mention that they will probably try and buy out some studios.

There were even rumors posted a while back that they were looking into purchasing EPIC Games.

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Haven't you learned Breakfast? If you say anything good about Microsoft or their games on N4G you are automatically a troll or a fanboy. Same goes if you criticize Sony, in any way, shape, or form on N4G. The funniest thing of all is that ToughNAME is actually a good writer.

And I agree with him. The statements that Free Radical made was arrogant: "While Halo is brilliant, you’re a teenager - the next-gen is about becoming more mature, in Haze you become an adult." ...

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No, didn't you hear? I've heard all the trash talk on N4G stating that all the talented members of Rare left to join Free Radical. I can see that raw talent being exhibited by their first blockbuster release 'Haze.'

I hear it is recieving rave reviews all over the net. LMFAO...


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of the high points of the interview:

Kikizo: "Sure. And one other studio I wanted to ask about is obviously Rare. We could go on all day about the history since its acquisition, and they have two new games to show now [Viva Piñata 2 and Banjo Kazooie 3]. But can you at least say if they have other stuff in development right now?"

Kim: "They have other stuff in development right now."

I have been waiting for this game ever s...

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at most people posting above me. You people just attack Shane Kim for speaking 'the truth.' Microsoft has done a great job with third party development tools and relationships. Making it easy for developers to focus on just making games instead of struggling to get their games to even run well.

You know the most primitive way to respond when threatened is 'to attack' because you don't have a valid rebuttle. Make sense?

Kind of sad when the only weapon you have i...

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