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The 360 sales are up the highest percentage wise for all the non-handheld consoles. They are up 27%. Looks like the price cut is having a really great affect for Holiday sales. #14
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I have no faith in Midway after the travesty that is MK vs DC Universe. They have been on the verge of bankruptcy for years. The last game I remember enjoying from them is Hydro Thunder. That was probably about 10 years ago. #5
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It wasn't developed by Tri-Ace
At Tokyo Game Show, under the auspices of Microsoft, Square Enix showed off a completed build of its first Unreal Engine 3 game, The Last Remnant.

"Developed at its Tokyo studio under the command of a team of Square Enix veterans, director Hiroshi Takai and art producer Yusuke Naora." #1.3
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It's not really suprising
Some of the biggest 360 titles have been released(Gears 2, Fable 2), the price drop, and the increased holiday sales all factor in. #6
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Microsoft has done a pretty good job of getting titles available on the 360 that Japanese gamers seem to be interested in. #5
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These comparisons aren't meant for fanboys
They are good for people who own both consoles who want to know which version of the game is superior. That way they can make an informed purchase. #3.4
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Yeah that must be true
seeing as how I submit more news than anyone on this website. What does quoting things form Eurogamer have to do with me?

You act like I wrote the article or something. #3.2
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Here's a basic synopsis for those who don't want to read
Baja: Edge of Control:

Manages to be even worse on the PlayStation 3.
PS3 version = Collapsing frame-rates (even on the vehicle-selection screen - that must have taken some work), zero anti-aliasing, pared-down lighting and missing environmental detail.

Mirror's Edge:

PlayStation 3 has nothing in the way of anti-aliasing to smooth off the image, whereas the Xbox 360 code employs AA selectively to make the game look marginally more appealing.
... #3
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It is the greatest action RPG of all time IMO. It is a tie with Legend of Zelda: A link to the past.

All of the Zelda games have been great. Even the Gameboy/DS versions. I still remember the sound effects when you unlock a secret set of stairs or other hidden items. #2
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The price cut in Europe has definitely had a positive effect on Xbox 360 sales. Microsoft has stated previously that sales have increased 200% since the price cut.

The price cut was the right move at the right time. The Holiday season sells the most consoles when compared to other times of the year. #3
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This is not really suprising
The Japanese market seems to be focusing their purchases on either the Wii or handhelds. They have pretty much dominated the charts for I don't know how long.

There are rare fluctuations where the PS3 has sold more than the Wii in Japan, but it is a rarity. You can see Square-Enix's software shift also. Monster Hunter series went to Wii, Dragon Quest went to DS. FF13 is coming to 360, The Last Remnant is out on 360 first, Infinite Undiscovery, Star Ocean 4 on 360...etc. The poten... #5
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You are comparing
Sony sales to Microsoft sales. Sony owned over 75% of the console market with the PS2. For Microsoft to even be close to Sony in sales is impressive. Based on previous generations Sony should be crushing Microsoft saleswise.

Sony has far more brand recognition for consoles than Microsoft does. #17.1
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That is pretty impressive
Microsoft will have sold more 360s in roughly 75% of the amount of time they sold that many consoles for the original Xbox. Not bad for them being the new kid on the block. #4
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It is almost a 2 to 1 ratio for all three consoles. Wii outsells 360 roughly 2 to 1. Xbox 360 outsells PS3 roughly 2 to 1.

The price cut for Microsoft seems to have had a positive effect on sales. Not to mention this is one of the biggest months for sales all year being that the Holiday season is upon us. November and December will most likely be bigger. #3
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I'm not surprised by the good score. I am a big Valve fan. They have a pedigree for making great games. Left4Dead looks to continue that tradition. #6
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I am a huge old-school shooter fan. I am glad that they are resurrecting the Thuder Force series. It was one of my favorites. I also liked R-Type, Radiant Silvergun, Gradius..too many to list.

Sadly most developers probably thing there isn't a market for these games anymore.:( #1
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I'm sure that a neutral third party would say things in an interview just to make you angry. One would think they know a little bit more about programming for all the different consoles than you and most of the people on this website.

Most threads that I read the comments on usually have at least one person calling developers lazy. It is almost expected now. Just because you think certain games look appealing has nothing to do with a consoles capabilities. That is solely your opi... #1.1
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I think it looks really nice. Both the graphics and the gameplay look top notch.

I read some previews and the producers said the quicktime events are just for the cutscenes. They said they wanted to make the cutscenes interactive for the players. #4
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That is pretty impressive
I give props to Microsoft for continuing to try and push for sales in Japan. They have done a good job in puting together a games portfolio that caters well to an Eastern demographic.

The price cut in Japan was also a wise decision. Nintendo and Sony will most likely always have larger brand recognition in Japan but at least the consumers are starting to take a bit of a notice. Although Japan seems to be more focused on handhelds than anything else. The new PSP has really taken... #3
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That is a really good score
because IGN AU usually rates lower than IGN US. Props to Peter for being able to pull it off. I am looking forward to seeing what his next project is. Hopefully something will be announced soon. #5
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