I like AND play TERA... so what?! >_>


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hmmm wtf where they thinking when they banned the video? That he would just shut up?! >_> Some people just think the gamers have no voice... or that we are a bunch of retarded ppl...

Anyway... the game got hacked in less than 24h, ppl buying black ops 2 PC get Mass Effect trylogy for free...
seriously... wtf is going on? no wonder the world will end in december...

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I think they can only go to Asian countries, if they come to EU... there would be a massive rage on some countries, germany, france, UK, Italy?
I dunno, the game would get bans I'm sure of it... but then again, there was "The Getaway", even so, I think GTA is much more hardcore than that game, and governaments know what game it is...

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Hentai in japan is massive >_>
On topic, no, there is no room, the fem groups would be all over it like bees are into honey...
Remember the Amazon US + Rapelay fiasco some years ago? And the GTA hot cofee? It's dumb to reject this kind of stuff... are people afraid of tities and dicks? My god! We are humans, we like this crap!

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You've seen AND commented this article... so.. by your way of thinking... you need to get out more =/

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I liked RE4 a lot, never played the originals btw...
then I played Dead Space and LOVED it... after that Dead Space 2 (the best "action" survival horror game this gen IMO) then, I played RE5 >_> wow... .... the game is BORING!

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Yeah... a little lol

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"The most sexist scene I've ever seen"
Guess someone never played Rapelay ...

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*I saw the news*



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Already played this game... it should be 40$ blu-ray disc. It is THAT good, and it really is a full complete game with even a Platinum Trophy! Tell me the PSN 15$ games that have a Platinum trophy and a GOOD game with Move support? =)

It's a great game...

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They probably released it now to start doing some money to start patching it, but, if japan is not in the boat, it's going to be FF14 - The Dark Ages =x
Let's see how this novel is going to end, I think this is just the very tip of the iceberg =p

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Not talking about WoW (lesser graphics but cool gameplay), FF14 has great graphics and great music, overall, a great prensentation, but the gameplay seems old. See it this way, GW2 has great graphics (maybe not as good as FF14) nice music and (at least it looks like) a fun gameplay and inovative mechanics. FF14 has almost nothing new, there is even some mechanics that makes me remember of MH (started playing it again because FF14 made me remember it =p).
Anyway, FF14 will have a slow ...

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The way the game works and the way they build up the maps it can't be the best MMO ever =x

I mean, I stopped playing WoW because I got bored, probably will go back in cataclysm, but there is allways something to call me back, and there is allways cool places to go and explore, in FF14 the map is almost a tileset with great graphics =/

Guild Wars 2 has potential to be better than FF14, Star Wars just looks a lot Fan Service, like FF14, wich is good =) but ...

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Looks like a nice list =)
I love Witcher vs btw =p

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What the F*** O_O

>_> Sonic 4 anyone? (It looks weird, but not bad)

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Resistance 1 was bad, Resistance 2 is (for my suprise) really good, the campaing doesn't have a great story, but it has great pacing. Ratchet and clank are too kid friendly now. The new Socom seems cool, MAG doesn't look that great.
Halo is overrated, altough it might have a cool online, the campaing is bad. And right now, your Xbox is more like XboxKinect360 because you don't have that many great exclusives and your live gold just went up.

In the end... l...

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Jealous of what? Kinect sports? no thx >_>

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Rare is doing crap for Kinect >_>
Microsoft just killed a great company... the end...

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I think the move is a epic Win for this generation of consoles.
Kinect is too casual and has Eye Toy like games =x and that harry potter demo was just horrible... when you have Sorcery on the PS3 with move =)

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I hope Sony stops this >_> or else, PS3 can suffer a lot with it, like the PSP suffered

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I'm extremely Hyped for GW2 =p (I still play GW1)
FF14 not so much, but I'll play it just to make sure =)

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