I like AND play TERA... so what?! >_>


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OMFG... WTF!!!!
O M G.... I'm gonna have massive downvotes... but seriously... I want this over HL3... OMFG!!!!

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If "we're all the same" how can there be racism?! (It's a contradiction)
I think people think too much on the word... for me? I don't have fucks to give to racism... I just ignore it...

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Even if it is a cash cow... how can it be bad? I mean, the DLC's are good for the price you pay... why complain?!
People complain about everything these days...

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Waiting for GotY edition next year with every DLC on it at 10euros on Steam... and... that's it...

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I bought it and trying to get a refund for a week now... and still don't have a response.

DO NOT buy WarZ. Support is AWFUL, and that game isn't getting as much relevant updates as it should... Just saying this because, DayZ is on the corner and it looks much more trustworthy.

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Beats me too... I wouldn't mind a 5-10 hours content DLC for like.. 10 euros...

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Mario is the best platformer for sure, but, Kratos has better combat =)


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They could release Yearly Episodes similar to GTA4 Liberty City Episodes... it doesn't hurt.

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I play TERA since CBT4 (I don't care.. I love this game, so what?) and I think I would stop playing it if it goes F2P... Right now, it has enough people to "pay" for the servers and content... they're not doing much money, but I just want the game to be alive.. I prefer to pay 11 euros a month than 100 euros to unlock stuff to be competitive. F2P = BAD, IMO!

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I just want DQX for Wii and if they're out of their mind, for some reason, on the PC...
It looks more cool than FF14 anyway, because it's different. FF14 is like your usual MMO (with some differences) with nice graphics and a FF skin...
Sorry, my opinion... DQX is old school RPG online... I wanna try it!

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I can understand why SOME movies about games are not faithful to the original content, BUT, GoW is extremely cinematography, and it's origins are ok for a movie, THERE IS NO REASON TO CHANGE IT!! In fact, if they kept to the story, they didn't had much work, because the script IS ALREADY DONE!!

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TERA is exploring Politics in an MMO environment, but right now, it's still in a VERY early stage...

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Coming to VITA too?
And OMG where the hell is Shenmue?! I'm not asking for 3 now, I JUST want 1 and 2 in HD!!!

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I came here because I read "Demo DayZ" instead of "Demo Dayz"

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She is big in japan, not out of it...
the only reason is if this petition is open in japan too...
There us a reason for her games to stay in japan, because not many people knows or likes her that much here.

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WTF!!! Why does Hatsune Miku has a fuckload of votes??

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Monster Hunter...
just like when the PSP had Monster Hunter...

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I got the review copy of the game, and I'm glad I didn't waste 60euros buying it. I mean, you can't say that's a bad game, because you don't play it very often, you just watch awesome action with fantastic graphics, and press some buttons in a QTE style just to say that this is an interactive movie. It should be the same price as a Blu-Ray movie.

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It's a conspiracy! Digital Download companies are doing this so people trust more in downloadable games instead of retail!!

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I've read this article earlier today, and loved it.
Anyway, here in my country SONY brand (including all playstation brand) is extremely strong, 360 is strugling against Playstation from the start, even some people at Microsoft like the ad stunts Sony does with playstation here...

At the stores you have like 4 rows of 360 games, and like 15 of PS3. Nintendo is big here too, better than 360 anyway... but not bigger than PS3. I have a VITA btw, and it's freaking...

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