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"Why do gamers find it so hard to embrace different opinions and disagree with dignity?"

Because these people are not communicating with "gamers."

There is an endless supply of evidence to support their argument because they literally pull it from an endless source. "The internet" is NOT "gamers."

I have yet to talk to a gamer in the real world that believes women should have no place in gaming. Not tha... #4
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Yeah, I would assume this is a very, very early build. The enemies don't even seem to have any notable AI at this point and hit detection looked like it really hadn't been seriously addressed yet. #1.1.2
I have to tell you. I feel like these "feminists" (in parentheses because I don't consider them actual feminists) are making enemies of a lot of men that have absolutely no problem with strong women. I'm a pretty liberal guy, but the manipulation and misinformation being passed around during this whole fiasco makes me absolutely sick. #10

Unfortunately it will never be about the actual issue.

Zoe and the rest of the devs get media attention that "gamers" are just incapable of getting, so they're free to mold and manipulate this debate any way they see fit. Because when you go up against a group as broad and vague as "gamers," there is no shortage of crazy assholes online that are willing to give you ammunition. Sure, they don't represent "gamers&... #1.1.5
It's one thing to feel like someone is LYING about a game because they are being paid off. It's another to simply disagree with an honest opinion. Personal bias is always...ALWAYS going to be a part of reviews. #Gamersgate originally was an attempt to protect those opinions from corporate fingerpoking, not mold and manipulate them until all gamers everywhere agreed with them. #2.1.3
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I'm glad I'm not the only one that picked up on the irony of this article.

This is why I very rarely throw in with any widespread "movements." They get muddled and bastardized until you just have a group of people complaining about stuff they don't like. #2.2
I don't know what to say, really. Obviously there is a large chunk of gamers that feel the game is repetitive and I happen to be one of them.

You go to a planet. You do 6 or 7 missions that all feel remarkably similar, and then you move onto the next planet where you do essentially the same 6 or 7 missions again in a different environment. Leveling and loot really just feels like it determines what level enemies you are allowed to damage. Aside from the double / triple ju... #1.1.4
I'm glad you guys are able to get so much enjoyment out of this game, but can we cut the condescending bullcrap?

I've been playing through the whole game with a couple of my co-workers, and we all STILL find it repetitive. And yes, even having researched the lore, I still find the story (and it's lore) very dull, derivative, and overall just poorly presented, cutscenes or otherwise.

I don't hate the game, but is it really necessary to accuse... #1.1
Yeah, the shooting mechanics are as solid and refined as ever, and the environments are just ridiculously beautiful, but sadly the game does just about everything else worse than the other genres it borrows from.

The RPG stuff really just determines what missions you can go on and which enemies you can kill. The loot is rather boring and downplayed. The story is...I'm sorry, the story and characters just have no personality whatsoever. I just can't get into a mission... #1.1.12

What you are saying is very troubling to me. It's one of the big reasons I don't generally like MMO's. I don't know why I would slog through hours and hours of crap just to get to the fun stuff. There are plenty of games out there that are fun all the way through. #1.1.4
I agree, it's not like my Mother never threw around the "act like a man" card all through my youth. You hear women saying that shit to men all the time.

The reason these debates never go anywhere is because they are essentially sexist in and of themselves. We all have to realize that sexism is a product of both sexes pushing their sense of idealism upon the rest of society. It's not as easy as pinning everything on one side for not wanting the other side to... #1.1
Just some sourceless claims that Phil Fish and Polytron are being investigated by the FBI.

Not that I don't want this to be true, but at this point it's not looking all that legit.

...the part about the FBI, not the part about Fish being a corrupt douche. You don't need the FBI to figure that part out. #2.3.1

I don't necessarily disagree with your ideology, but in reality, positive press has a VERY large impact on the overall success of a game. It's fine to muse about how things "should be," but it's just not how things actually are.

More than any other industry, gaming journalism has come to really define our identity as gamers and the community at large and it tends to hold more sway than almost any other sub-set of journalism.
Sitting and talking with a REAL girl is apparently controversial now.

Haven't you heard? Men are all rapists.

Edit: and by god, I think it's really telling how out of control this is getting in the media now when there is a link to the Sarkeesian "Rape Threat" story at the bottom of the page, too. #1.1.10
G...God? #6.1
It's just sad that this has essentially turned into a vendetta for both sides. Ironically, people like Quinn and Sarkeesian are every bit as toxic to our "identity" as the ones they are accusing. Deceit and manipulation is GOING to piss people off. #2.1.3

It's just a matter of the medium still "maturing," I think.

I think the real issue is exactly as you say it is. In the past few years, it has appeared as if the journalistic climate in the gaming industry is becoming more like that of the other mediums: corrupt, confusing and borderline useless as a source of reliable information. Only, it's maturing during an age when everyone on the face of the earth has a platform on which to e... #1.1.3
Yeah, I liked Vegas too, but Fallout 3 is just a beast that can scarcely be tackled.

I will say, though, Obsidian has a real knack for story and characters. All of the sequels they have done have been every bit as good as the originals in that area, or at least just shy. I've always respected them for that. #1.1.2
I have to say, as much as I loved the atmosphere, walking around for twenty minutes near the end, clicking endlessly on stuff until I found a random hole in the kind of ruined the mood. #1.3.1
The truly sad part about all these "controversies" and white knighting and SJW's and what have you, is that it paints everything exceedingly black and white.

It cannot even be argued that sexism does not exist in the industry, and yet when so many people like Zoe and Sarkeesian abuse the victim card so often, it creates this atmosphere of frustration and apathy amongst people that would otherwise have no problem supporting their cause.

So ironic... #1.1.9
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