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I want to be the inept Geralt who is not good at anything he does and only gets the women he has to pay for. #1.4
I'm pretty sure he already addressed that. He said he made her more "erotic" to encourage cosplay and figurine sales.

At least he's honest, hah. #3.2
I will not be downloading this. #4
Yeah, I remember having to carry at least two weapons around with me on the PS3 version as well. I thought it was designed that way.

That's why you only ever have to pay to have anything repaired if it's completely broken. #5.1.1
I think it's one of the highest forms of angels in Christian mythology (or something), but a lot of games just use the word as a general term to describe celestial beings or people that have some earthly connection to the Heavens. #10.1
Something must be screwy, because it posted my edit as a new post...

Anyway, exosuits still stole my baby. Nothing has changed. I miss that poor child so much. #10
Exosuits stole my baby #9
I have a 100% better time being able to get rowdy and have a good time with my friends through voice chat. That is the only statistic that should really matter to Nintendo.

If you don't want to chat...the same effect could be achieved with a mute button. This kind of blind justification is beyond ridiculous. #1.2.2
I know from most perspectives and across different mediums it seems as if Levine is just stating the obvious, but ironically most video game writers don't understand that a character is SUPPOSED to have "wants and needs."

Most video game writers won't write anything for a character beyond "he's badass and blows shit up." #1
A pretentious article by a pretentious author on the hurdles of writing a review free of pretension. #1.3
I did love the game, but...those jumping sections. Dear god, those jumping sections. #1.5
It certainly isn't going to win any awards for technical achievement (nor is Bloodborne, for that matter), but the little enhancements and effects go a long way in bringing out the beauty of the artistic design of the game.

It can still be "stunning" and not be as technically impressive as other games.

That's why a game like Bloodborne (which is technically unimpressive) can still stand toe-to-toe with a game like the Order (which is arguabl... #1.3
Nintendo is not just targeting revenue-generating Youtube channels. I have friends that create content for the love of creating content, and they too have had their videos banned.

Again, the question is not whether or not Nintendo has the LEGAL standing to take these videos down or demand royalties. They do.

It's just a dick move because 90% of the videos that are targeted (despite the outcry usually occurring over high-profile, revenue-based channels) ar... #4.4
The Witcher games were both quite a bit easier for me than Dragon Age Origins and Inquisition.

The trick is that victory is 90% preparation, which is like the polar opposite of every other game out there. #1.1.4
We are all slaves to the bubbles. All hail the bubble overlords. #6
Look, at the end of the day (and Joe says as much in his video, for anyone that actually watched it) Nintendo DOES have a legal basis for taking the videos down.

But it's just a dick move, through and through. It's important to note that it's not just popular revenue-generating channels like Joe's that are getting taken down. It's every video with a visual instance of their characters.

99% of the time, these are videos that are created by... #1.1.11
Yeah, not a lot of people realize it, but the Souls games are about as close to 3D "Metroidvania" as any game has ever gotten.

Closer even than Batman Arkham Asylum, really. #3.1
I still don't understand #1.2.4
Dark Souls is probably still my favorite too, though Bloodborne is different enough that I think it's just about on the same level. #2.1.6
I've always liked watching ENB's playthrough's after I finished the Souls games. It's a good mix of lore, strategy, humor and trivia.

Why does that sound lame? #1.3
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