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Masochism has nothing to do with it. If we were masochists, the thrill would come from dying over and over, not from overcoming the monumental challenged the game throws at us. There is a feeling of accomplishment in games like Bloodborne that you just don't get from the easier ones.

Not that there is anything wrong with preferring your games one way or the other. I just feel like a lot of non-fans misunderstand that about Souls/Bloodborne fans. #1.1.2
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It doesn't even have anything to do with arbitrary rules or expectations. Voice chat makes multiplayer more fun to play with friends, plain and simple.

The mute function is there when you don't want to have to listen to people, so that's the dumbest justification I have ever heard.

You can still love Nintendo even if you acknowledge that they make some really stupid decisions sometimes... #1.1.8

I suppose they would have to stop marketing it as a 13-year-old boys wet dream for people to stop perceiving it as such. #1.3
The jiggle still looks really stupid and unrealistic even on the lowest setting. You would think if they were going to invest in something like "breast physics" that they would be able to come up with something that didn't make it look like their boobs have parkinsons. #1.1

I don't know how you took my post to mean that I'm siding with the feminists. I was simply suggesting that DragonKnight's statements about iconicism were unnecessary and slightly hypocritical in the grand scheme of things.

Link is what he is because it is the artistic vision of the developers. What Link "should" be cannot even factor into the equation if it is not the creators contemplating the question. As far as we, the behol... #2.1.9

There is a certain hypocrisy behind your main argument. Link should be whatever the devs want the character to be, plain and simple. I agree with you 100% there.

The second you start talking about "iconicism," though, you are essentially subscribing to the same mentality as the feminists: that a character SHOULD be something for reasons beyond the artistic vision of the creators. Link SHOULD be male because that is what WE know him as... #2.1.7
19 hours is certainly a LONG gaming binge, but it's really not that outrageous an amount of time to simply be awake. He obviously had a lot of underlying health problems.

I always hate these stories because it makes it seem as if gaming somehow takes a larger toll on a persons body than, say, sitting around reading for 19 hours, or, anything else for 19 hours without sleep. #1.1.13
Hopefully the M rating is just a sign that the villains are getting more villainous, and not that Batman has resorted to blowing thugs up on the street in his bat tank, hah. #1.2
No love for FF9? All three of the PSOne-era FF's held up ridiculously well, if you ask me, aside from the random battles. #5
And allegedly a pretty substantial lore section with contributions from EpicNameBro. I've always liked the way that guy goes through the story and mythos of the souls games.

That alone is worth the price for me. I found a whole new way to love the games after watching his lore videos. #2.1

What the hell are you talking about? This release basically matches the performance and graphical fidelity of the PC version of the game, which was far and away better than the 360 and PS3 versions of the game.

Plus you can use a 360 OR PS3 controller very, very easily.

If you don't like the game, that's one thing, but the PC version is the best version until this one comes out. It's got nothing to do with this console war... #1.1.2
The ONLY reason I am tired of seeing women like this in games is because it usually makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to the context of the given game.

Women are not being "degraded" in any way. If anything, men are being degraded because developers feel like they NEED to randomly throw sexy women in to sell their game to men. In fact, Kojima admitted early on that the only reason Quiet is wearing so little is to attract the "edgier" crowd.
Yeah, it's one of the best mods around in my opinion. I played through the whole thing last year while listening to Sleep, Electric Wizard, and the Sword albums.

...epic man. So friggin epic. #2.3
Well, strictly speaking I have to say that the other games on that list are probably harder than the Souls games. But the Souls games have always had the RIGHT type of difficulty in my opinion. It's the kind that lays out it's mechanics and lets you gradually get better and better at it. There's little to no "cheap" difficulty tactics in the Souls games. It's just you're good at it, or you need to get better.

Old-school games like Battletoads and... #2.2
That's perfectly fine. I actually respect developers that quit a franchise before it becomes "milking," but Valve decided they were done with Half-Life at the worst possible time. They left it at one of the biggest cliff-hangers in gaming history.

Still love Valve. Still love Half-Life, but I honestly think Valve has done the franchise and it's fans a great injustice, especially if they've really decided to retire it altogether. #1.1.1
To be perfectly honest, I respect porn more than I do mainstream games that randomly throw sexuality in. At least porn knows what it is. #1.1.2
Yeah, it's like ancient Roman wrestling. IT'S EDUCATIONAL DAMMIT! #1.1.3
The whole list just feels like bait to me. It's a list that seems like it was compiled to goad people into calling it out. #2.1
Hatred was removed from Steam as well. #1.1
Very nice review. I like that Easter Eggs section. I wish more reviews had that kind of stuff.

I'm not going to deny that the game has some glaring design flaws, and the story of all over the place, but it's got a cheesy, classic Japanese horror vibe that I think some people appreciate more than others. I guess if you can't get "into" it, the gameplay issues and (purposely) incoherent story become a little more grating for certain people.... #3
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