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The ONLY reason I am tired of seeing women like this in games is because it usually makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to the context of the given game.

Women are not being "degraded" in any way. If anything, men are being degraded because developers feel like they NEED to randomly throw sexy women in to sell their game to men. In fact, Kojima admitted early on that the only reason Quiet is wearing so little is to attract the "edgier" crowd.
Yeah, it's one of the best mods around in my opinion. I played through the whole thing last year while listening to Sleep, Electric Wizard, and the Sword albums.

...epic man. So friggin epic. #2.3
Well, strictly speaking I have to say that the other games on that list are probably harder than the Souls games. But the Souls games have always had the RIGHT type of difficulty in my opinion. It's the kind that lays out it's mechanics and lets you gradually get better and better at it. There's little to no "cheap" difficulty tactics in the Souls games. It's just you're good at it, or you need to get better.

Old-school games like Battletoads and... #2.2
That's perfectly fine. I actually respect developers that quit a franchise before it becomes "milking," but Valve decided they were done with Half-Life at the worst possible time. They left it at one of the biggest cliff-hangers in gaming history.

Still love Valve. Still love Half-Life, but I honestly think Valve has done the franchise and it's fans a great injustice, especially if they've really decided to retire it altogether. #1.1.1
To be perfectly honest, I respect porn more than I do mainstream games that randomly throw sexuality in. At least porn knows what it is. #1.1.2
Yeah, it's like ancient Roman wrestling. IT'S EDUCATIONAL DAMMIT! #1.1.3
The whole list just feels like bait to me. It's a list that seems like it was compiled to goad people into calling it out. #2.1
Hatred was removed from Steam as well. #1.1
Very nice review. I like that Easter Eggs section. I wish more reviews had that kind of stuff.

I'm not going to deny that the game has some glaring design flaws, and the story of all over the place, but it's got a cheesy, classic Japanese horror vibe that I think some people appreciate more than others. I guess if you can't get "into" it, the gameplay issues and (purposely) incoherent story become a little more grating for certain people.... #3
I haven't used the 880's with the mixamp, but my Q701's do benefit quite a bit from it when gaming. In fact, I would say the mixamp is a better investment than the actual headset. #1.2.2
With the A50's you're paying a lot for the convenience of having a decent sounding wireless headset with an integrated mic. There's nothing wrong with that.

They definitely aren't the best sounding headphones in this price bracket, though...not even close. The 880's sound much better, even the 32ohm model. Plus, for all the talk of "surround sound," I have found quite a few cheaper stereo headphones with better soundstage and imaging without the... #1.2
I still think DA2 gets more hate than it deserves, but yeah, I'm with you.

DA2 is kind of like Bioware's Seinfeld. It felt like a game about nothing. #4.1
I think some of the D&D "purists" are still going to be a little upset about the combat. To me, though, it sounds like they found a good way of making it fun even if it hardly resembles faithful D&D mechanics at this point.

I'm just glad the world is finally going to feel like something other than a bunch of lifeless corridors. #1.1.1
Ironically, with the state of video game journalism right now, embargoes are a better indicator of how a game is going to turn out than if it was actually reviewed early.

Tell me THAT isn't the saddest thing you've read all day... #1.1
Well, it's much closer to 1, 2, and 3 than it is to 4. It's not a pirate simulator anymore.

...I really liked that 4 brought something new to the table, myself. #4.1
Me too, but I still loved MM just about as much.

They're kind of like the Godfather Part I and II of the gaming world. #2.1.1
We need another arena FPS like we need a hole in the head.

It could still be fun, but color me a little disappointed that this is not something a little more...expansive. #3

It's a different kind of frightening. PT is the sickening "fear of the unknown" kind of creepy horror. Alien: Isolation is the "dear god, the monster is two inches away from you, hold your breath" kind of terrifying.

Both two of the scariest games ever for different reasons, in my opinion. #1.1.3
It's a weird thing, really, because I've always kind of disliked games that throw sexuality in my face for no apparent reason...I think because porn is already about as easily accessible as it can possibly be, so why do I need a boner while I'm playing an action game?

But it's never really BOTHERED me to the extent that I feel like it should be banned or even widely chastised in the industry. Even in a game like Bayonetta, for instance, her sexuality seems to... #2.1
Yeah, might be in the minority here, but it really killed the atmosphere at the end when I was wondering around literally for an hour, randomly clicking on things trying to figure out what to do.

I like the idea of more "outside-the-box" puzzles, but there has to be SOME kind of logical hint of what you're supposed to do to solve them.

Still the scariest ghost I have seen in a video game, though, demo or otherwise. #8.1
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