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I don't know, maybe you're right....

The Last of Us has always been well written, so maybe they'll do a good job of contextualizing everything. I've just seen way, way too many stories lately tipping into pandering simply because of the current political climate.

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I'm not complaining that she's a lesbian. I just remember pretty clearly not ever wondering or caring which way either Joel or Ellie swung in the first game...but now that we're in this new age of identity politics, it's all of a sudden supposed to be what I care most about in a character.

The extreme irony of the "identity" movement has just by large led to some really, really ham-fisted, contrived, shitty writing these last few years.

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Yeah, I was not expecting the Japanese setting. Almost like FromSoftware is looking Nioh right in the eye, and saying like, "...yeah, what of it?"

Looks really, really awesome to me, personally.

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Hell, look at Fifty Shades. It's about a goddamn stalker that's attractive enough that women don't mind that he's a stalker...and yet women have managed to carry three crappy books and three crappy movies into massive success.

...and we can't have a few boobs and the occasional cringy sex scene thrown into our games for some reason.

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Yeah, that combat...

I would give it to Bloodborne at this point. There are games that do many things better than it, but we've come to a point in gaming where the best games do not really exemplify the strengths of the medium. They look good, or they have good stories, or they are super addicting, or this or that.

Bloodborne exemplifies all that makes videogames in particular great.

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Don't mean to play devil's advocate here, because I think this is one of the rare games that does open world right, but it actually makes less sense for Kratos and his son to be randomly exploring different realms that have absolutely nothing to do with their goal, especially considering the writers go out of their way to let the player know that Kratos does not like to be distracted by trivialities.

I will admit that it always ...

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Well, the title of the article is "How 'God of War' Succeeds at Redeeming Kratos," so it's clear that people are affording him some level of sympathy.

I was more commenting on the fact that even if it was believable that he "matured" into this character over the years (from more of an introspective perspective, not a physical one), he would certainly not be someone worthy of being "redeemed." He sat so low on the spectrum of "a...

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I was going to say the same thing, but I didn't want to be "that guy," haha.

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To be perfectly honest (and this is in no way me ragging on the game, because I love it), I have to take this one as sort of a reimagining of his character, because he's just too far removed from what he was in the previous games.

It's sort of like how Lucas apparently expected us to keep looking at Anakin as a redeemable character even after he "killed younglings." Naw man...he killed a bunch of children. Now whenever I watch the original trilogy I just m...

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...does he kinda look like Emperor Snoke with a beard?

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...I honestly don't even see it as a "yes and no" situation. If journalism cannot operate beyond the threat of manipulation, then there is no need for it to exist in the first place. By it's very nature, it is there to provide the masses with as pure a pipeline to information as possible.

It is so absolutely mind boggling to me that journalism REQUIRES credibility to even fall under the moniker, and yet it seems like the only industry that we turn a blind...

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Seriously, has the entire gaming community collectively decided to disregard the actual meaning of the word "objective?"

An "objective fact" would be a statement like "FC5 has character models with X more polys than FC2's." A statement like "FC5 has better graphics than FC2" is a COMPLETELY subjective statement. Like...we're not even arguing semantics here. You people just flat out disregard the meaning of the terms.

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It would be more like if they made parts of the movie black and white and made you pay extra for the color.

But whatever, dude. Gaming has been going downhill for a LONG time. Idiots like you aren't responsible for it. You just play into what's already been established by these asshole pubs and devs.

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Microtransactions have almost completely altered the standard of quality in gaming, friend. Game developers have somehow managed to convince a bunch of gamers that they are simply monetizing content that does not affect the core game...but the "core" of a game is a myth. A game is the sum of all it's parts, and even taking out cosmetic features is a sure fire way of ensuring your 60 hour game is a boring 60 hour slog. I mean, sure, it's still 60 hours, but it's like the ...

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I have to work at least 2 hours a day?

No deal, vabaw. No deal.

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I was going to say the same thing. Gotta love all these fluff pieces that come out for these high profile games nowadays right before their release. no point during the video was there any evidence of "breathing new life" into the series other than shoehorning in some ridiculously confused and heavy-handed political BS.

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Yeah, I was going to say the same thing. Like those rocks in the background of the pic with the whale look like brown fuzzy dice, and the buildings seem to be made out of kitchen aluminum.

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I like to make believe the monsters are nazis, and everything is easier then.

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Bah! I didn't mean to click that. I feel dirty going to that website. It's a New Normative offshoot. I feel like I've helped support slanted "journalism" now.

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