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While I don't really care one way or another that they are doing this, it has always confused me why sexuality is such a matter of contention in general.

Like, why did I get made fun of for being a virgin until I was 21? Why are seemingly reasonable people horrified that two dudes are sticking it to one another? But then conversely, why would that distinction be a source of pride for people in the first place, gay or otherwise?

Why does it goddamn matter... #3.1.4
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No one is debating whether or not they have had a hand in some great games (in one form or another). But they are also the forefront of some of the worst industry practices video gaming has ever known, most notably microtransactions, DRM, some iffy studio acquisition noodling, minor monopolization (see: NFL exclusivity), etc.

It's not that I think they should just die a horrible death, but they need to be kept in check just like all mega-corporations need to be. And the o... #1.2.2
Aw yeah, I loved this game back in the day. This, Nox, and Planescape: Torment are three of the most underrated RPG's ever, I think.

It would be awesome to see an sequel come out in the near future. The climate is perfect for it right now. If properties like Wasteland and Shadowrun can be resurrected, then why not Arcanum?

Nice article. #3

I would be inclined to agree with you if From hadn't recently been acquired by Kadokawa. Porting the game over (and just to be clear, I think that it is FAR more likely to be a port if it actually is brought over) seems a little more plausible with a big-name publisher like that pulling the strings now.

Maybe not though. Who knows. I try not to get too caught up in this speculation crap anymore. #1.1.11
What the hell has spurred this massive journalistic crusade to grind this game into the ground before it's even been released?

I remember reading a SINGLE account of a journalist being disappointed that he couldn't blow the aliens head off, and now all of a sudden we're getting an article or more every week talking about how this game is going to ruin the franchise.

God the internet pisses me off sometimes. #1.1.3
It doesn't...but it almost always is. #3.4.1
WTF is up with the same 5 or 6 people making inane, one-sentence comments talking up the game in all of these blog entries? #1.1.1
Nice article, guy. I even agree with you on the bit about FFVII (queue the phantom disagrees).

I've never really understood that about the critical reception this game got. Everyone pointed to Connor as the thorn in the game's side simply because they did not like him. But then I personally thought he was pretty well written, unlikable though he was.

I don't understand why a show like Game of Thrones can literally have an entire cast of unlikable... #1
Pepperidge Farm remembers. #3.1
The thing is, their first campaign ended at over 400% of their target goal. It is hard to believe that they still require stretch goal funding for this kind of stuff when they got 4X what they were asking for.

I get a sneaky suspicion that a lot of this money will just be going toward their planned animated series, which I have absolutely no interest in whatsoever. #1.1.3
Whoa, whoa there fella. Calm the hell down. I had two reply boxes open by accident and I commented in the wrong box.

I still think the Souls series is much, much more to fans than just a good challenge, but I have no desire to argue with you about it. #3.1.2
Personally, I just think that it emphasises everything that makes the medium unique.

The sense of adventure, the rewarding challenge, the way the story unfolds through discovery and exploration, etc.

It's just an experience that cannot be captured by any other medium and it exemplifies what makes video games great. I'm not saying that there aren't a TON of great games out there, but DS fans seem to show such devotion to the series because it is a... #3.1
There is a separate Women's World Chess Tournament, but women can compete against men in the standard World Chess tournaments. #1.2.1
Well it's just a vicious cycle, then. White guys grow up playing games starring white guys, and read articles about games written by white guys, and decide to get into the industry to write articles about games starring white guys or make games starring white guys.

Even if you feel like white guys have no obligation to diversify the industry, you have to at least be getting tired of seeing so many goddamn white guys in the industry.

...for the record, I a... #1.1.1
Rule 25? #5.1
I don't necessarily hate the games the guy works on, but I think that he is given a ridiculous amount of personal credit when it should really go to the ENTIRE TEAM HE WORKS WITH.

He really appeals to the "bro" crowd, though, so he is always the face of whatever game he works on.

Anyway, glad to hear he's making games again, I suppose, but he and all his fanclub of journalists just need to STFU. #1.1.3
Wait, are people really disagreeing because they clicked thinking this was a new Timesplitters game?

This is a pretty cool looking game, I thought. #1.1
To be perfectly honest, I don't like the modded models either.

I wish there were some modded models that preserved the game's context, but more often than not it's just...waifu overload. #1.1.2
If it is a beta, then people NEED TO LET SONY KNOW that these prices are outrageous. That's the point of a beta, for god's sake. As some of the more level-headed commenters have suggested, those prices probably would stay the same if Sony and the other publishers thought they could get away with it.

It's the nature of the beast. These companies are NOT your friends, dammit. #1.1.28

That's not the same scenario in any way, shape or form. That is literally the same character being randomly switched to a female, so it would make no contextual sense.

You play as a different "Link" in (almost) every Zelda game, because the story being told is exactly as it's namesake implies: a Legend.

It would not necessarily be unfaithful to the character to make Link a female.

That being said... #1.1.6
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