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But I remember checking Gametrailers every night last July 8th too. #2.1.2
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July 8th? #2.1
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Molyneux is a man who routinely flounders to get his games done, much less get everything in them that he I would say the less advice about the actual PROCESS any aspiring developer takes from him, the better.

He could probably be a valuable resource for game design and conceptualization, but game production...I would look elsewhere. #1.1
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You'll notice that the other comments here that are NOT intentionally confrontational have not been down voted. It's almost as if...I don't know...all these asshole straight gamergate white males didn't really care until someone had to stand out and make a vaguely condescending comment... #4.1.2
I didn't get to play it during the closed beta, but after the season pass details, the overall "flatness" of the graphics compared to earlier footage, and the amount of content I've heard they restricted for the beta, I am finding that I'm having to curb my optimism more and more every day.

Still excited, but...I don't know. I've just been burned so many times this generation. #2
Populous was the only game that could really be considered "visionary," and even then, despite what many people claim, at it's core it was still just an evolution of similar games that came before it.

In fact the more "visionary" the man got in his career, the more ridiculous and completely unrealistic his promises became...hence...delusional.

Either way, though, I don't mean to belittle the quality of his earlier work. I just mean... #3.1.2
I really don't think he even deserves the respect of being called a visionary.

As it turns out, "delusional" is a much better word to describe the man. #3.1
He is a much better writer than he is a game designer/producer. His games always treat the characters with respect, and there is always a kind of a dry wit to the writing that you don't see in this industry very often, but like FlexLuger says, they never even come close to being genre-defining masterpieces in any other regard.

...and I DEFINITELY don't trust him with money... #2
...this is a link to imgur. Doesn't that mean that some random user just posted an image as "news?" Isn't this more like forum territory? #3
I don't want to give it away, but they put a huge erect penis on Poison's character model...if you catch my meaning. #1.1.2
They are free to practice artistic freedom all they want. People are just voicing their opinions, and a large number of people seem to think it's odd that the series still has not included at least SOME voice acting.

Hell, even if they wanted to do something similar to what they did with Midna, that would be fine with me. It's just weird and immersion-breaking in this day and age to see characters communicating silently with each other when literally everything else i... #1.1.1
I'm so glad there seems to be a loyal fanbase for FF9 nowadays. I remember I always considered that my favorite back in the day, but FFVII was still THE Final Fantasy game at that time. #1.1
It's not a matter of cut content. It's a matter of all these devs and pubs bowing out to pressure from SJW's...and SJW's DO NOT DICTATE WHAT EVERYONE IN THE WORLD SHOULD CONSIDER OFFENSIVE, despite what they may believe. #1.1.4
I hope he beats that crap. Obviously for his own sake and his family's sake, but more selfishly because he's one of the few gaming sources that I could always trust was delivering content with integrity and honesty (even if I didn't always agree with him).

And I also really hope at this point he knows that he can be proud of the body of work he has already put forth, regardless of the incessant bitching of all these pathetic internet trolls.

Great... #4
You have to understand that it's a matter of identity. I will make no excuses for the asshats out there that treat labels as a badge of honor (or dishonor), and consequently act in a condescending manner, but I see nothing wrong with establishing a differentiation between people that genuinely enjoy gaming as a hobby, and those that enjoy games that they can play in between text messages.

Not that there is anything wrong with those people, but social situations become rid... #2.1.2
Yeah, definitely next to the early footage, which made it look like some of the best graphics ever.

I still don't think it looks BAD,, they just had to take out so much of the detail. The city looks so flat and boring. #2.1.1

Yeah, I found both Ludwig and Lawrence to be probably the hardest bosses in the game for that reason, especially in NG+. The fights tend to go on so long that there are just too many chances to make mistakes. #1.1.4
I think the issue here is the misappropriation of funds.

It never had to hit directly on a set date, but when you start seeing that some of this backer money is obviously going toward stuff that no one really thought they were paying for (like a crappy anime, toys, multiplayer and action movie), it starts to get really frustrating when it keeps getting pushed back. #1.1.2
Oh....hmmmmm. To be perfectly honest, I've always thought that Goldeneye is one of the worst aging games around. I still respect it's place in history, but when I play it nowadays I get very, very little of the same fun I had playing it as a child. #1
Oh, they can DEFINITELY screw it up. The problem is that gamers will still buy it regardless.

This is currently an industry in which "screwing up" often translates to a greater profit for pubs. #1.2
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