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Still no change to poise....

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Yeah, but my one gripe with DSIII is for that same sprawling diversity. It ends up kind of feeling like a "Greatest Hits" because none of the areas (diverse as they are) really ever feel like they are interconnected, and the randomly inserted characters and weapons from previous games really convolutes and confuses the narrative and setting further.

Bloodborne feels cohesive and tightly designed by comparison, though at the cost of some diversity, I suppose.

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I'm not having "difficulty" with the controls so much as they are just annoying as hell.

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Yeah, he's just a testament to the power of idiotic trendiness. I guarantee there are THOUSANDS of forever unknown youtubers out there that are much more entertaining idiots than this guy, and yet they don't get paid millions of dollars to scream at a screen and talk like they have had a portion of their frontal lobe removed.

I don't mind that he is successful so much as I mind that his success makes no goddamn sense.

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I have never really considered it the best, personally. I love it to death, don't get me wrong, and it has probably the single most memorable and iconic moment from any of the games, but even at the time of it's release I remember thinking that I still liked VI overall a bit more (man, that really dated me).

...but then I tend to think XII is one of the best of the series too, so a lot of people probably aren't on the same page as me.

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I had to look up "vociferously."

...and I'm with you. We are in such a state in gaming right now that fanboyism has allowed developers and publishers to do some of the most industry-damaging bullcrap I have ever bore witness to.

The problem is that fanboys are the loudest, so developers tend to pay attention to them. So whether they are the vocal minority or not, they seem to encourage changes that the majority of us have to fall in line wit...

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Obvious fake, but for some reason I still like watching these things. Not nearly as good as Ben Drowned, though.

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Yeah, there's a lot of talk of nerfing this weapon or that weapon, but by and large it all comes back to poise. I wreck heavy-weapon wielders pretty consistently with a lowly long sword simply because the poise is so broken right now.

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Were...were these games not already in HD?

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Cliffy B pulling off that Bobby Hill look.

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I love bbbeeewwbs too, so it's not even that I think there should be no beeeeewwwbs in video games. It's just that the bbbbbbeeeeewwwwwwwwbs often completely trump all context and meaning within the narrative or game world that the developers have established.

I love me some steak too, but you don't see gratuitous cuts of sexy steak all over the place. It wouldn't make much sense in the context of anything, would it?

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It's just weird because the rest of the game is obviously built VERY heavily around the driving force of nostalgia. Why go to such great lengths to include tacky motion controls if this is a game that is clearly meant to be a throw back to SF64?

Ah well. I think the most generous consensus to be made is that the controls are generally inoffensive MOST of the time.

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^I'm sorry, what were you all saying about everyone liking the controls (now that the reviews are pouring in)?

...because again, the general consensus seems to be that they are the only thing holding the game back...

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^Maybe these guys just really really suck at the game, but this video has done absolutely nothing to calm my doubts about the controls. They were constantly running into walls and aiming wildly all over the place. I read a few hardcore Nintendo fans every now and then yelling that the controls are not that bad, but by and large the word from people that have legitimately tried the game has been fairly least regarding the controls.

At this point, this is one of t...

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You know...I know this is supposed to make me want to buy a Ford Focus, but...I kinda just want to play Metal Gear Solid all of a sudden.

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Well, that's the real problem I have with him. His mouth and general celebrity tends to overshadow the accomplishments of the rest of the teams he works with. He did not, by any stretch of the imagination, design any of those games single-handedly, and yet his name is affixed to them as if he painstakingly crapped them out of his own bowel one day.

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I agree, it's even nicer now that it kinda bubbles out a little bit. It is truly a nice rump.

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This should not be all that important a story, to tell the truth...but for some reason...this makes me very happy.

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I try to avoid the pitfall of considering every game with a story that gave me feels as one of the "greatest games of all time." I think that's what most people do, actually. When I really start thinking about what games had the greatest general impact on me over the years, though, my list becomes much more diverse.

I have to say, though, that as far as Zelda games go, OoT has aged rougher than pretty much every other game in the series. ALttP would be my pick...

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