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The naivety is just staggering. I would spout some old fart crap like "kids these days," but honestly, there has never been a moment in history when media personalities weren't able to slither their way out of controversy.

Longtime fans will be good with a simple "I'm sorry" and non-fans will flat out forget any wrong-doing within a month and honestly don't even care enough to do anything about it in the first place, so the media is generally...

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Well, you know how it is. When you're a Smash Bros. master, all that high profile fame and fortune that goes along with the lifestyle is sure to go to your head.

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...did Reggie threaten yalls families or something?

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So when he kept saying that he would use harden, and that it would be super effective...

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The sad part is that it is still unethical for a media source to accept bribes (and yes, it was a bribe) from corporations for ANY kind of positive coverage. It sort of just went unnoticed a couple of years ago because a lot of media sources like to camouflage the practice as "sponsoring."

In reality, people are just arguing over whether or not Pewdiepie was asked specifically to (or not to) disclose the fact that he was paid by Warner Bros. The outcry should have...

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Yeah, I have noticed that the only time I even bring up that I don't care about the when someone will not stop talking to me about it. A real world scenario actually plays out something like

1. Pokemon Go fanatic comes up to me unprovoked and starts telling me about the Squirtle he or she caught behind that gay bar downtown.

2. I mention that I do not play

3. Pokemon Go fanatic continues to talk about that Squirtle he or s...

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That a comment like this would get this many "likes" is kind of sickening. It's still grossly unethical for an unaffiliated third party to accept "complimentary" money from a big corporation like Warner Bros. for positive press, even if the role of youtubers in gaming journalism is still fairly nebulous.

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Ironically, a lot of people I know from work that routinely chastised me for playing Pokemon at my age....are now playing Pokemon because it's magically alright when it's on their ****ing phones.

I guess I should be happy that Pokemon is no longer nerd fodder, but I know they're all just going to go back to making fun of me once this faddy game seemingly drops off the face of the earth.

Edit: Oh, that wasn't actually directed at you, Time...

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Yeah, this is going to seem like a really ridiculous statement....but people paid for those nipples. It should be goddamn illegal to manipulate content like this when people have already ****ing paid for it.

SJW culture is out of control.

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The irony of this article is that it will probably get the project more backers than it would have otherwise.

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To be perfectly honest, it's almost refreshing to see titillation as opposed to...kidillation (uh thank you) nowadays. The trend in so many Asian games seems to be to see how young they can make the characters look and still get away with sexifying them.

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That thumb is such a good summation of the series.

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Well, I think a lot of the complaints have more to do with the fact that this franchise in particular seems to promote the general social ignorance and misplaced sense of altruism that this young "movement" has kind of become known for in real life.

Ubisoft seems to want to tackle tough subjects in the same way that modern day "hackerz" seem to tackle them: with a detached sense of consequence-free anonymity.

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The industry REALLY needs to work on their terrible song choices for these trailers, but it wasn't enough to make it not look fantastic. I think this is the first time I've been excited for a Battlefield in a long, long time.

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Awkward because it is allowed to go on long enough that you know the guy filming is fapping.

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Can I have your friend's aunt's phone number?

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I don't think I could go so far as to say it is the best in the series, but I would certainly say it's easily the most underrated.

The story, in particular, is really, REALLY good if you can get past the absence of the extreme melodrama that the franchise is usually known for (and the presence of Vaan in the first ten or so hours). It's funny, because I think the fantasy politics would go over much better nowadays, post-GoT.

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The only way to "objectively" critique a game would be with concrete or quantifiable statements. So an "objective" review could inherently only read something like: "Uncharted 4 was developed by Naughty Dog. It was released in the United States on May 10, 2016. 20 bazillion polygons make up Nathan Drake's pants."

Just for the record, there's plenty of "objective" articles and covera...

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Feel free to disagree with a review all you want. That's not the issue. The issue is that most gamers still seem to operate under the assumption that reviews are anything other than subjective, which has lead to some pretty ridiculous "book burning" situations over the years.

Reviews are COMPLETELY subjective, whether you all want to admit it or not. So you can either choose to civilly disagree with them, or you can throw in with the likes of the SJW's and...

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Disagreeing with an opinion and asking for it to be stricken from the record are two completely different things. One is a disagreement, and the other is a little thing we call censorship.

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