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G...God? #6.1
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It's just sad that this has essentially turned into a vendetta for both sides. Ironically, people like Quinn and Sarkeesian are every bit as toxic to our "identity" as the ones they are accusing. Deceit and manipulation is GOING to piss people off. #2.1.3
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It's just a matter of the medium still "maturing," I think.

I think the real issue is exactly as you say it is. In the past few years, it has appeared as if the journalistic climate in the gaming industry is becoming more like that of the other mediums: corrupt, confusing and borderline useless as a source of reliable information. Only, it's maturing during an age when everyone on the face of the earth has a platform on which to e... #1.1.3
Yeah, I liked Vegas too, but Fallout 3 is just a beast that can scarcely be tackled.

I will say, though, Obsidian has a real knack for story and characters. All of the sequels they have done have been every bit as good as the originals in that area, or at least just shy. I've always respected them for that. #1.1.2
I have to say, as much as I loved the atmosphere, walking around for twenty minutes near the end, clicking endlessly on stuff until I found a random hole in the kind of ruined the mood. #1.3.1
The truly sad part about all these "controversies" and white knighting and SJW's and what have you, is that it paints everything exceedingly black and white.

It cannot even be argued that sexism does not exist in the industry, and yet when so many people like Zoe and Sarkeesian abuse the victim card so often, it creates this atmosphere of frustration and apathy amongst people that would otherwise have no problem supporting their cause.

So ironic... #1.1.9
Yes, I understand that that happened. I'm sure there is a fairly good chance someone got stabbed in the eye as well. I was simply commenting on the way that it is presented: close up, in slow motion with blood splatters that rival 300 and super-stylized like a comic book.

I don't know why I'm commenting on this anyway. I wasn't offended by this or anything. I just thought it was tonally inappropriate for the game it was promoting. Like I said, it was kinda lik... #2.2.2
I understand that the French Revolution was a very violent, brutal period in history, but the way the film was made just seemed more like something out of Superjail than an AC game.

The extreme closeup of the guy getting stabbed in the eye. The dude with his cheek blown out. It wasn't AC at was more...well, Rob Zombie. #2.2
Forgive me, but I think you might be mistaking me for someone else. I know your name from your site, but I've never posted on the forum or anything.

I've got a brother that goes by Bim10, though. Is that who you're thinking of? #1.1.1
I have to say, those are actually some pretty tasteful knocker physics. #1
Yeah, it's the kind of content that was included in games to make purchases all the more worthwhile back in the day.

Nowadays devs and pubs put just enough content in their games to avoid backlash.

Man, I sound like an old coot. #1.2.1
I'm hoping Nintendo's influence injects a little variety and charm into the formula, because I get bored very, VERY quickly with those games.

The "charm" part already looks like it's being covered, though, so that's good. #3.1
While I don't really care one way or another that they are doing this, it has always confused me why sexuality is such a matter of contention in general.

Like, why did I get made fun of for being a virgin until I was 21? Why are seemingly reasonable people horrified that two dudes are sticking it to one another? But then conversely, why would that distinction be a source of pride for people in the first place, gay or otherwise?

Why does it goddamn matter... #3.1.4
No one is debating whether or not they have had a hand in some great games (in one form or another). But they are also the forefront of some of the worst industry practices video gaming has ever known, most notably microtransactions, DRM, some iffy studio acquisition noodling, minor monopolization (see: NFL exclusivity), etc.

It's not that I think they should just die a horrible death, but they need to be kept in check just like all mega-corporations need to be. And the o... #1.2.2
Aw yeah, I loved this game back in the day. This, Nox, and Planescape: Torment are three of the most underrated RPG's ever, I think.

It would be awesome to see an sequel come out in the near future. The climate is perfect for it right now. If properties like Wasteland and Shadowrun can be resurrected, then why not Arcanum?

Nice article. #3

I would be inclined to agree with you if From hadn't recently been acquired by Kadokawa. Porting the game over (and just to be clear, I think that it is FAR more likely to be a port if it actually is brought over) seems a little more plausible with a big-name publisher like that pulling the strings now.

Maybe not though. Who knows. I try not to get too caught up in this speculation crap anymore. #1.1.11
What the hell has spurred this massive journalistic crusade to grind this game into the ground before it's even been released?

I remember reading a SINGLE account of a journalist being disappointed that he couldn't blow the aliens head off, and now all of a sudden we're getting an article or more every week talking about how this game is going to ruin the franchise.

God the internet pisses me off sometimes. #1.1.3
It doesn't...but it almost always is. #3.4.1
WTF is up with the same 5 or 6 people making inane, one-sentence comments talking up the game in all of these blog entries? #1.1.1
Nice article, guy. I even agree with you on the bit about FFVII (queue the phantom disagrees).

I've never really understood that about the critical reception this game got. Everyone pointed to Connor as the thorn in the game's side simply because they did not like him. But then I personally thought he was pretty well written, unlikable though he was.

I don't understand why a show like Game of Thrones can literally have an entire cast of unlikable... #1
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