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The problem being that...there is literally only one person that knows whether or not a review is "honest" and that is the person that reviewed it.

Corrupt reviewers are only one half of the issue with media reviews. We the gamers have a tendency to assume that a review is "honest" simply when we agree with it or it plays into our expectations. If we all stopped using reviews as a gauge for the quality of a game, and started reading them purely for their...

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Was going to say the same thing. Doesn't really affect my excitement for the would feel weird not to at least acknowledge those retarded looking pants.

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I feel bad that there's only a bunch of negativity surrounding the Switch right now, but dear this point, that has got to be the most embarrassing launch lineup I have ever seen. And then the "launch window" (a term that I think should die a horrific death) doesn't look much better.

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It's just not a generational leap in power by any means (and it's still unclear just how big an impact undocking will have on games, for that matter). So in essence, Nintendo is asking us all to once again accept that a gimmick is going to carry it's new console through it's entire lifespan. Which I'm not saying is not possible, but considering their last two generations...I am not optimistic.

The Nintendo hate is a little overbearing, I agree, but I don...

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Holy cow. There are boobs in this game.

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In all fairness, developers pander to all kinds of demographics all the time. Do you really think that Quiet took a shower in front of a bunch of howling men because it was integral to the story and context?

It turns out that this time they were just pandering to a demographic that is historically not ever pandered to in this particular industry.

...just to be clear, and in this instance as well, I am a firm believer that pandering has absolutely no place...

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I have to tell you guys, I would recommend simply buying the Wii version of this. The Wii U VC games have been notoriously bad, with some screwed up gamma, blurriness and even input lag in a few games. I paid to "upgrade" my copy of Mario 64 to the Wii U and it looked exponentially darker and had some pretty bad input lag that I never got with the Wii version. Then I bought Paper Mario when it was released on the Wii U and after looking it up, apparently it suffers from the same iss...

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So...of all the women I have met over my 30 years of living, do you know how many I have talked to that have expressed any desire to design games for a living? cousin...and by my count, that is one. One female that I have ever known has wanted to be in the video game industry. And guess what? She's now designing games for a living.

So these statistics have always seemed like MAJOR bullshit to me, because it has always seemed pretty apparent that...

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"I hear girls have vaginas"

You heard wrong, friend. Apparently that is not a requirement anymore.

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Of course it doesn't. Nintendo itself was insistent for the longest time that there was no real timeline before the incessant nagging from fans made them sit down and loosely draw one out. It's a LEGEND. For the longest time I was operating under the assumption these were all just reconfigurations of the characters and locations because they were meant to mirror the way real legends evolve and perpetuate themselves. It's a legend...not an historical account.

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I'll never understand the 12 hate. I think it's because the story and characters (mostly) threw out the melodrama that the franchise is known for and focused more on fantasy politics, but I freaking loved that about the game. Plus Balthier, Fran, Basch and Ashe are some of the most interesting main characters in all of the franchise in my opinion...but, you know...they never all fell in love with each other or shared any romantic scenes in a pool, so no fans of the franchise really re...

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Pretty much. More evidence of how goddamn retarded their marketing team is when they're STILL trying to use this tactic on a device that no longer benefits from "word-of-mouth" hype like new consoles (allegedly) do.

They're going to continue to not learn their lesson until they're driven into the ground, I guess.

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Bro, you sound like a pretty rad bro. Any chance I could interest you in a serious gains session sometime? We can go out and pound some major beef afterwards, bro. No beef left unpounded, am I right, bro?

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The real question is, why have sidequests that clearly aren't worth doing in the game at all? I mean obviously you can skip them, but how is that a goddamn argument in the least? This is what I will never understand about people jizzing their pants over these open world games...they're filled with tasks so mundane that you don't even want to freaking explore them.

The Souls/Borne series is a good example of this. They stop shy of an "open" world in fav...

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If everyone is complaining that the character is in the game...then it obviously DOES matter to a lot of people, doesn't it?

I mean, I agree that it doesn't matter in the least, but if people TRULY believed that it simply didn't matter, then they wouldn't even take the time to complain about it, would they?

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That roll is cracking me up.

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I guess I'll make the obligatory "second one gets a bad rap" comment.

And ironically....I think a third KOTOR would be in much better hands at Obsidian than it would be at Bioware these days. They have kept to their nerdy, DIY roots so much more faithfully than those sellouts over at Bioware.

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I think everyone here is just playing directly into the console war BS, but 4k truly is not as exciting as TV and media manufacturers are trying to sell it as. It is nowhere NEAR as monumental a jump as SD to HD was, and other technologies and innovations like HDR and (especially) OLED have a far more noticeable and impressive impact on image quality. For PC monitors it's more noticeable since you're sitting so close to the screen, but the jump from 1080p to 4k on a standard 40 to 60 ...

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Don't let Stubee34 get you down. I mean, I suppose you would sound pretty cardboard if you were reading like...Shakespeare, but your presentation is perfectly fine for something as sterile as a game review. I suppose you could work on sounding a little less robotic and scripted if you really wanted to, but again,'s just a game review.

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Stop acting as if gaming publications are some kind of noble representative for gamers. That hasn't been the case for a LONG time. It has become pretty obvious that a TON of reviewers are more than happy to play the courtesy game for early access to games. So if there is a constant fear of corporate influence, what goddamn good is an early review to consumers to begin with?

I'm not saying that Bethesda is doing this in the best interest ...

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