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I lol'd at that Ridley intro screen for some reason. It would be hilarious to actually see that in the game. #4
I can count on one hand the number of games that have come out this year that were not COMPLETE rehashes of games that came before. We live in the goddamn "Gaming Era of Rehashes," for god's sake.

...and just for the record, it is clear that you are judging Undertale purely on it's art style, because apart from that it's one of the most unique games to be released this year. #4.1
I considered myself fairly neutral in this debate for the longest time, but it has gotten to the point that feminists are setting precedents that affect the industry much more broadly than sexism exclusively.

Social banning is not something I ever want to be a part of. I find it morally reprehensible and it reminds me of book burning. #2
1d 17h ago by Bimkoblerutso | View comment be honest, it feels a lot like they've taken stuff OUT of it. The amount of maps, the amount of skins, the amount of load out. Considering their budget, the only real conclusion you can really come to is that there's a lot of content they're sitting on so they can package it for a higher price later.

I absolutely loved my first ten or so hours with the game, but I just need MORE, dammit! It feels so bare-bones. #1.1.2
I will never be buying Evolve just on principle alone. #2
I think that the only way I could ever conceivably force myself to play a divorce-themed bejeweled game would be if I was a pretentious hipster trying to demonstrate my open-mindedness to some shallow hipster girl I was trying to impress. #1
At least "indie GOTY." I feel like it needs to get SOMETHING. It was so damned good. #18.1
The Witcher 3 isn't my personal pick for GOTY, but I wish there was some kind of award that acknowledged ethical standards from developers like CD Projekt. I respect the hell out of those guys. #14.2

Ok, well take those two weaknesses and add in TONS of bugs and glitches on top of an aging graphics engine (to be polite) and you have Fallout 4.

I still love the game, but I'm with Der_Kommandant. It's inexcusable when so many other games nowadays are able to be much more stable and playable AND have a much better looking engine. #1.2.3
It would never be a problem if the remakes didn't seem to be actively REPLACING new games, as opposed to just complimenting them. #1.2
If you think about it, it was cold at Shadow Moses, and Snake WAS doing an awful lot of crawling around.

That just makes too much sense. #1.1.2
I'm going to have to get over the freaky doll faces, but I still can't wait to play this. #3
First, I don't mean to sound pessimistic here, but this is NEVER going to even come close to a playable version with Konami the way it is.

Second...why does Snake have breasts? #1
Same. Everyone else seems to be going more and more open world and epic, but it all seems far less focused. Bloodborne is obviously a little less open, but every inch of it is packed with loving detail and you STILL get that epic feeling., you're just not going to top a Miyazaki game in the combat department. #1.3.1
The problem is that even the process of voting takes quite a commitment from people now.

The ratio of crap/bait submissions to the ones with potential is pretty damned lopsided right now. I have to wade through...SO...MUCH...CRAP...t o get to the games that look alright...and then they still fail most of the time anyway. #1.1.1
I don't think it being rushed is the real issue. It feels like a lot of content was intentionally left out for DLC. It's been a long time since I've played a multiplayer shooter that was this bare-bones.

Definitely nailed the Star Wars feel, but it's so bittersweet when you hit that seven or eight hour mark and feel like you don't really need to play anymore. #4.1
IGN being IGN...

I think in this case, though, he was trying to say "too many game modes for the sake of having game modes." There's only two modes anyone is ever going to be playing, honestly...

In general, most reviews are simply reiterating that the core game feels empty after a few hours of play. #1.1
Haha, maybe I'm just being cynical, but am I the only one that interpreted this as "we would like to have our own redundant cash cow that we can re-release annually?" #1.1.3
They kinda just listed retail prices for most of that stuff...I hate when they do that. #1
Well, it IS technically pornography.

If you're selling an image with the intent to incite any degree of sexual arousal, then it falls under the category of pornography. That's what pornography is...

The point here is that it should not be censored regardless. If people want it in their game, then they should be allowed to have it. #1.2.11
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