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Just another Japanese-heavy list like any other. I like a big, epic orchestral Japanese soundtrack as much as the next guy, but it's sad that games like Bastion, The Neverhood, The Secret of Monkey Island and Undertale (just to name a few) never seem to get as much love as they deserve.

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First of all, the comment itself did not disrespect the man AT ALL. It was perhaps disrespectful in it's timing, which I apologized for. It truly is a sad event and I should have simply not commented.

Second of all, poorly timed as my comment may have been, suggesting that I don't care for human life simply because I did not show proper condolence to the the comments section of a gaming website...seems rather shallow and supercilious to me. It seems like...

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I'm sorry fellas. I didn't mean to suggest I didn't care that he died, though that's obviously how it came across to most people. Consider this an admission of guilt for a stupidly timed statement.

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EA will blame the inevitable graphical downgrade on this...'s sad that that's not a completely ridiculous statement these days.

Sad news, either way.

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Bubbles make her look like Asian Gozer.

If she asks you if you're a God, say yes.

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I think perhaps you're taking the statement too literally. The point is that the game (like the first game) is going to release as barebones as possible to be able to accommodate the raping they will give us all later with their crappy DLC packs...which funny enough will also be as barebones as possible to ensure that it is a long, painful, lucrative raping for Activision.

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Seriously, this game looks WAY too close to it's roots for any of these complaints to be relevant. The author is essentially whining over a bunch of "quality-of-life" adjustments and...that's pretty much it. Because as almost everyone in the comments here has pointed out, YOU CAN STILL PLAY WITH YOUR FRIENDS IF YOU DON'T WANT TO PLAY WITH STRANGERS.

The Switch has really brought about a new era of Nintendo idiocy, I swear to god. Why couldn't Switc...

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Well, there's also the possibility that they're playing games because know...have a lot of time on their hands?

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More people are interested in a Metroid 4're only helping my case, to be honest.

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Oh Miyamoto. You should know by now that you could take a fresh dump in your hand, mold it into the shape of Mario and bring it out for presentation and Nintendo fans would still crown it "Game of Show."

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....I don't want to play as that goddamn monkey.

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I'm sorry...what games are you referring to exactly?

Because I can honestly only think of a couple that are genuinely "like Dark Souls," (Lords of the Fallen and Nioh) and even then, the similarities are superficial.

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A tip of the fedora to you, sir.

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I don't know why you're getting down-voted. If they're going to change almost every aspect of the game, then what even is the point of reappropriating the property in the first place? It's not really a "remake" so much as it is a new game with FF7 branded on it to make a few sleazy sales off the nostalgia factor.

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I think us old farts out here looking for a respectable "remake" are going to be sorely let down, to be honest. So I'm with you. If they start messing with the story stuff too, then it's just going to be a real kick in the crotch to the actual fans that this "remake" should be aimed at.

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I would usually agree, but this was an actual Russian Battalion during WWI (I just looked it up, lol). If they were getting all revisionist it would be one thing, but even if this is 9;s still a contextually sound narrative to explore.

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Vaan's abs fixed. GOTY

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This article kinda reads like a truncated term paper...

I mean, still a better read than 99% of gaming articles these days, but I think it misses the point. There are only a few games that claim to be directly rooted in Lovecraftian mythology. The rest are just "Lovecraftian" insofar as they mine some thematic inspiration from his works, most commonly the themes of insanity, paranoia and consciousness, which even among the genre are most commonly associated with L...

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That's our Eddie!

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I've really liked a fair share of walking simulators, but I've always felt like these developers could easily adapt these games into what would be considered closer to an "adventure" game and still deliver the narrative that they wanted to.

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