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Okay, so let's just break down the actual issue here, which is being largely misconstrued among all of you. Firstly, I'm not asking for realism. The "Nathan Drake taking a dump" comment is hilarious because, in his last outing you literally DO spend time in his house being 'normal', which shows the level of realism you think I'm reaching for, so your comment is already redundant based on the game you decided to example.

It's not about '...

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It's funny because in my interview with Aaron he realised that there are a number of things that don't actually add up, and confirmed he would be taking them back to SMS as genuine feedback. If you read the whole article, you'll see that the game is loved, it just has inconsistencies with the studio's own rules they set in place.

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Soooo South Park was a dud game, and the new one will be dud too? Or Rainbow Six is just a pedestrian 'safe' multiplayer offering? Oh, and that divisive Far Cry 5 game with all its interesting, new ideas is 100% a bad direction, right? Also, if the combat is awesome in Souls, and the previous AC combat didn't live up to the setting of the game, doesn't make sense to take inspiration? By your logic every game that has since started utilising Batman: Arkham combat is a "hyp...

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Everyone, the 'exclusive' point of the article was more tongue-in-cheek - Hulk is green, Xbox embraces green, Hulk is powerful, XB1X is purported to be the most powerful console, and using Spidey's exclusivity on PlayStation made it a fun article write. But the larger point, if you actually read it, is we'd just love a modern, technically-demanding Hulk game given he won't have his own standalone movie out of the MCU. Truthfully, it wouldn't matter if it was exclusive ...

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Well, the point is none of these IPs has ever had an open-world game made about them, and Breath of the Wild is a seriously great template, so, you know, it makes comparable sense. Also because they have the East in common

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Nintendo would never partner with Sony - the water will never go under the bridge from the fallout of the SNES CD add-on that fell through and resulted in Sony creating the PlayStation. Also, both as Japanese companies are far too proud to allow one to accept the other in any form of 'defeat', however, Nintendo partnering with Microsoft would be a huge FU to Sony, which would be more likely.

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Seriously, it's time to rest the series, let Sledgehammer and Treyarch have a crack at their own, unique IPs and then give IW a full two years to think long and hard about how to really innovate on this franchise.

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Damn, wish they'd run with it as a full game, it could have been as game-changing as the likes of Portal was back in the day

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No, they did take it out. I was one who interviewed them. They just knew they couldn't take one element away without replacing it with something else.

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You don't need to watch the live-action sequences in Quantum Break, and you have varying powers that aren't just roll, shoot, climb. Player-agency is higher in Quantum Break and you feel like you're impacting the game through use of those powers. Uncharted is the same thing over and over again.

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The Witcher 3

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system keeps breaking on me when I try and upload an image. I'm trying to edit, so please don't report this post as I'm waiting to fix it :)

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It's funny that everyone reads this as the EXACT Batman combat needs to be in The Witcher, rather than reading in the article where it says games like The Witcher have an opportunity to build on from the foundation of Rocksteady's combat. It doesn't need to be exact, but it has better controller implementation than The Witcher 3, which is the argument here - combat should flow in a series about a mutated person bread to slay monsters whose fighting and acrobatic ability is even be...

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Nope, they have a lot more to reveal, including many more monsters - we'll learn more about them after E3 and I think we may learn of one new on at E3 also

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Means they've locked down all content, they're just balancing and tweaking until release. But as it is, as the previews, from a core gameplay perspective write it up, it'll be that game you play at retail

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Doritos_Pope, can you explain how an in-depth breakdown of required moves and controller uses in a game like this, with an abover-average understanding of the sport translates to a press release? Did you actually read the article?

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They actually have 65 million players with active accounts. There are 47 million subscribers to Xbox Live and the 360 version of their game will be the first proper F2P game on the system and will feature no pay-to-win. There's a very good chance they could hit 100 million players.

This company does actually know what it's doing.

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Doesn't excuse the fact they've actively decided to make Max sound like a generic videogame character instead of investing any time into at least trying to be respectful of the source material, which is juxtaposed to their angle about his car (which they've recreated as the Australian car it is, I might add)

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Interesting that no one can look at this as a commitment to a newly established universe with a persistent playspace. There's no subscription fee in place, so apart from the planned DLC and physical releases (three in 10 years, not 10 in 10 years), I'm not really sure how they plan on "milking" anyone

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