Bill Nye

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I still have a crush on Super Cooper.

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Why'd you use Danica McKellar as the thumbnail?

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It really bugs me how digital photographs of a magazine have become synonymous with "scans".

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PS2 is just too hard to develop for.

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Hey, I know. Let's post year old previews and pretend like they're new.

How did this get approved? And how can you guys not tell that it's over a year old when the preview starts with "The goodies from XO6 are starting to come out". X06, meaning, the year 2006. Wow. And it's just a fact sheet released to the press.

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I remember when people were touting this as one of the 360's AAA 'exclusives'. And then they announced the PS3 version. And now it turns out the game is mediocre.

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Yeah, everyone on N4G is hot stuff, right? Especially you guys. Damn. Way to go.

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Just add Indiana Jones theme music to anything and they, too, can be the next Indiana Jones!

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Portal - 9/10 - $20
Team Fortresss 2 - 9/10 - $30
Half-Life 2 - 10/10 - $20
Half-Life 2: Episode 1 - 8/10 - $10
Half-Life 2: Episode 2 - 10/10 - $30

Average Score: 9.2/10
Total Price: $110

The Orange Box: all those games for only $50. That, "xc7x", is what we call value and is more than enough to make The Orange Box "perfect" score worthy.

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Because five great games each worth buying alone make for a perfect compilation.

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Same is happening with the "$199" ASUS EEE PC which is actually going to be between $250 and $300 for the base model.

We got to play around with one of the OLPC prototypes and it is simply not for adults. That thing feels like junk. But I will buy the EEE PC. It's perfect for college.

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Except you can't steal the cars. You have to buy them. Shucks.

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"Gold" doesn't mean mass produced. It means it's ready to be mass produced. Apparently it really wasn't ready this time.

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Yeah, just like they left out rumble because it was a "last-gen" technology.

Don't believe everything Sony says. I'm sure they're going to tweak the motion-sensing controls a bit, too. It's only logical.

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This is sad.

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Reviews not what you expected? It must be a fake!

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What's funny is that he cites three games when he says "360 has the best games": Halo, GTA and Madden.

Two of those are also on PS3.

Anyway, don't look to The Today Show for your gaming news. That was pathetic.

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Heh. They're watching Little Miss Sunshine.

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Comment hijackage. HD trailer:



...if you kiddies can figure it out.



I guess you're lucky Master Chief doesn't have hair... or a face for that matter.

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