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Same here.

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Why do most XBL games look so bad? Is it because of the download file size limit?

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300, not 30 lol.

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Meh I'm getting a little tired of Unreal Engine 3. Everything looks the same. Washed out colors, weak animations, texture loading..

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Let me guess. Japan exclusive?


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Nope. If you've seen their complaints you'd know they're biased.

"Cut-scenes are too long"? If you're not a MGS fan, don't review the game.
"Story's too confusing"? Again, if you're not a MGS fan, don't review the game.

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When they add THESE reviews...

...It will be at 95 or higher, and higher than Gears of War. And the only idiots that reviewed MGS4 with an ...

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Hehe. I laugh at those reviewers trying to bring down the rating on Metacritic by trying to write stupid reviews that only prove they're biased. EVERYONE that reviewed the game under a 9 was paid by Microsoft.

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Hideo Kojima is a genius. Cliffy B is just an idiot that thinks his games are actually good. MGS4 outscored Gears of War and it will outscore Gears of War 2 as well. Epic will never have the talent to make a game like MGS anyway lol. It's not that they don't "want to" make a game like that, it's that they can't. They've got zero creativity.

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God of War III will kill it but I'm looking forward to Bayonetta. I don't like the name though. I wish they'd change it.

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Lost Odyssey was a pretty sad game. Not because of the story (the story sucked. see the reviews) but the game itself was just sad because it sucked so bad. Shadow of the Colossus, every MGS game, and FFVII made me cry.

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It's not just you. I was in that store earlier and man they've got a lot of great stuff in there. I want Policenauts so bad.

They've got more trailers, more demos, more wallpapers, more PS1 classics.. If you were to actually take the time to look through the store in every section and every folder, you'd see that they have a lot more stuff than we do. Now I wish I was Japanese.

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I agree and they've already started showing the movie on TV. I've seen it enough times I don't need the Blu-ray. Every time I watch the movie it's for Megan Fox. I just can't believe how gorgeous she is. Actually now that I think about it, if I buy the Blu-ray, it'd be to see her in HD. *drool*

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Dude the Japanese Store is freaking FLOODED with PS1 classics that I'd like to buy. This isn't fair.

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Very nice. Can't wait to see some gameplay. I hear the story will be awesome too. I wonder if there will be any multiplayer in the game though, or maybe those other characters I've seen are just your friends, and part of the story. They look so cool.

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I don't think anyone cares about it being delayed for PS3. The game sucks.

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I know he does. Devil May Cry (the original) is STILL the best in the series but Okami was a TRUE and flawless masterpiece. I won't say that he isn't capable of making another game as good as Okami but I will say that it won't be better. Bayonetta sounds friggin' awesome as hell but I think it will be similar to DMC in a lot of ways. Okami was COMPLETELY original in every way and it still is the best game Capcom ever published. I'm glad he got away from those assholes. DMC sucks now anyway.

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