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ya i think they would head in that direction....first by making games then developing something to compete with directX....

dont think they would go against xbox360 and ps3 directly or against big developers like EA....they would focus on the underlying technology more....

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finally something on which i totally agree with pog

lets go back to talking about ps3 vs 360 :)

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graphics are great

but the gameplay doesn't look good
AI has many problems
Plus, firing several bullets just to kill is annoying (just like in the first killzone)
Lastly, gameplay just doesn't look fun....
i.e. turn the valve, push the lever as main objectives dont sound too cool
compare this to say Half-Life 2, Bioshock or COD4....they were excelent games gameplay wise not just graphics

People might say that developers have a lot of tim...

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people should understand that blu-ray is the new format for the next 4-5 years.....this would most likely compete for the next gen of formats (after blu ray)...even if it start in 2010 it would take 2-3 odd years for it to become a mass market product (hence it could be the next gen format)............

also people who think that these formats would be replaced by downloads any time soon are missing the point someways it is like the case when computer was suppose replace p...

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"We can sell players for $90 and make a profit," then why selling at 199$....

it would be difficult for them....they are up against a big corporate with all the support in the industry and they are already late to the table.....if they could just remember hd-dvd was also much cheeper than blue-ray.......

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Actually Yahoo domains all put together like, and lot of other domains.....are indeed the most visited in the world.

google and its domains combined comes next (like and even if u add

Although google main page is accessed more than yahoo's main page but combing all services (yahoo has many more than google) is still no.1 (and in few parts of the world it is much more used than goog...

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google is now the fifth largest company in US when it comes to market capital....and the way it is going in 2-3 years it would be at the top.....

when it comes to web, goo...

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Name a better IDE than VS??


"How is Java more powerful than C#? C# is free as well. The .NET framework has been ripping marketshare from Java/J2EE over the past couple of years."

microsoft has nothing substantial to compete on the same level with j2me...aslo the ripping marketshare statement is incorrect. its the other way around.

"Who created XMLHttpRequest? MS that's who." this is a gross overstatement......

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you are ignorant...

what about sql server.....there are better alternatives like mySQL, SQLite that are used much more than sql server...and are FREE

.net and c# are things of the past .....they didnt keep up with java (FREE and MORE POWERFULL) and its frameworks for mobile development j2me,
and whats the point in mentioning visual studio?

in web development AJAX, Ruby on Rails , flex and open lazlo are used and all of them are open sourc...

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microsoft has gotten nowhere with all the other projects....its only strength is windows....and soon as the shift is made for web based operating systems in 2 to 3 is not very promising for microsoft.

microsoft is very desperate on the online front, they are buying things here and there but nothing big came out of it as of yet....i have heard that microsoft is in talks to buy facebook.....

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i dont understand....if a ray is passed through every pixel on the screen in front of the eye... and the light and reflections are calculated that part is fine....but what about the objects in geographical proximity behind the eye, which also casts shadows and/or are a source of illumination on the objects in front of the eye....the rays are only traced from the are they catered for??

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this is coming from a company which have yet to see any profit from its game division, after so many years of operation......

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who thinks of such innovative names?

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i don't think Microsoft and epic are sleeping in the same bed anymore.....epic is really mad and they have started sleeping with the next door neighbors, that Microsoft never liked in the first place....

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Even though i think sony did a great job recently...they are finally focusing on the games which make a system sell....BUT

they are coming out as arrogant after did nintendo (durng e3)....

nintendo is already dead as far as i know....they can sell i billion wiis but i wont be buying is not for gamers...

back to sony....they shouldnt be arrogant...why dont they keep humble and silent it works best..(e.g. killzone 2 graphics)..... ...

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i agree.

wii has adversly effected "next-gen" gaming...people would realize in few years

nintendo would continue to release new verions of wii every few months, you would hear deals like this ..."new pink color wii with 5 packs of tampons"..or.."wii lite"

if wii continue to sell like this....developers would obviously change there stance...if they can earn more money by making games like...brain age why bother with cry...

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"I think the press should call shenanigans on any dev who drops a line like this in an interview. “So what we’re trying to do here with Super-Ultra-Tea-Party-Turbo EX-HD is take the first-person, turn-based, MMORPG, Tea and Biscuits simulation genre to the next level!!"

That made me laugh!

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the title of the story is awesome to say the least

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yet another delay...

i also read on some article that too human is also delayed (on n4g very recently)

what is happening?

- games starting to be delayed for too long on 360
- consoles blowing like mini-nukes
- halo 3 beta ... not that good
- ps network catching up very quickly to xbox live
- a lot of recent good news coming for ps3
- a lot of positive previes for ps3 games and creating lot of buz
- 360 fan...

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Just awsome ....

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