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good job on the spin there but be careful you don't get dizzy

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id have Zack Snyder direct it and have Gerald butler play kratos

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I would imagine it would go like this:

"graphics aren't everything its all about game play!"

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so you recommend spending more than the ps4 is likely to cost on just the graphics card alone? wow mate fantastic advice there. going by amazon prices an evga gtx 680 is £379.16.

so when we add your recommended i5 and 8gb of drr3 ram and you still havent even listed the rest of the system

operating system
power supply
mother board

so not only do you have a uncompleted pc you have already spent ...

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awesome mmo goty for me

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great 1st build. I completed my 1st build this year and have hardly touched my ps3 other than blueray and netflix since. i would of probably gone with a cheaper case and put the money towards a better gpu but good build

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It would serve the company right to be honest, they've not been competitive at all with their prices, plus the stores are run by people that sound like they don't have a clue about what they're selling, same reason I don't like going in curry's/comet for electrical goods the staff are intrusive and haven't got a clue

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im going to gamefest, cant wait should be gd to see whats new and try sm stuff out

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WIFI version + Uncharted + Ruin = day one for me

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I think the in game xmb needs a make over as you only need only a few of the icons, a mini xmb would be better,

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until its confirmed you are eating breakfast with images and a HD trailer in 1080p i believe nothing!

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only thing that is guaranteed about the PS4 is that one of the launch games will be Ridge Racer9!

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had no idea this was in the works, i will be a chaos warrior

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I wonder if some of them hidden trophys will be "win the 24 hour nurburg race on A spec mode with no damage" o_0 lol

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it has to be a new onimusha, I really hope it is

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oops its gone up to 269.99 lol but still good price

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yeah lol 100% development would be a nice bonus in this lifetime

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"I'm not gonna fight you..I'm gonna kick your ass"

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prefer going to gamestation than game, allways have better deals on 2nd hand games

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think I'll just wait for GuildWars 2

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