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If they say they don't need them, then they don't have them

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That's a drop the mic list right there

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He is saying that even when the hardware is b upgraded, everything else you had before will work. So even the os and accessories will be BC.
I thought gamers would be happy to have all their old stuff continue to work on their new system . But the politics send people off the deep end (must be a negative spin).

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I could care less what they say about the announcement,. I want that Monster as soon as I can get my hands on it.
Maybe Sony and Nintendo should get desperate too.

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Lol. I hope your rumor is right and the rest of them are wrong

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The -s is for those who wan a smaller form factor and who would like to utilize their 4K TV's for media and better game upscaling.

Scorpio is there to give developers a console they can go all out with.

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Yeah. But it is coming this gen. That's why it is a Monster

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6tflops wit 320 gb/s bandwidth. That's all the story you really need. No cloud or demos needed to make that power clear. It's a Monster

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The problem is not whether the cloud was a gimmicks or not. The problem with the statement, is that you are actually trying to downplay scorpio'so raw power and impact on gaming'site future, by bringing up unproven tech. Scorpio as it stands is a Monster of a console, I really have no idea why the could would even be used as anything relavent.
The fact is, this Monster could get PC game crossovers, that might actually be better on the monster than most PC's. It'se...

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M$ is not going to allow Sony to release another more powerful console than they release for the second time. Not going to happen.

Why do people keep calling it a beast? It is I fact a MONSTER.

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PS Neo is all about VR. So they want to release it with VR this year. I Don't think they want to release either mid year.

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Exclusives? Seriously? You do realize it will be running most of the games, that will be on your system of choice, at a higher resolution and frame rate right? That's of course unless you are using a very capable PC. I only bought 3 exclusiveso for Xbox one since launch.

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I want the monster. It is the only thing that really excited me at E3. I am still smiling.

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They can always sell more dlc if the game sells well at 40.

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No. They said it is a Monster.

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Power perception wins over exclusivesome because exclusiveshe are a small part of the software on either system. I I were to buy PS4 over Xbox one, it would be because of the power difference as I don't know much about PS4 exclusiveso (never played any of them.
There are several things I like about Xbox over PS as far as the way I play and my comfort. So having the most power snd my comforts in the same package is appreciated and I really don't care who else gets to play th...

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Less overhead and fewer variables, so easier to optimize.

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M$ doesn't care which hardware you prefer to play the games on. it is about developers getting the most bang for the buck , by supporting the Win 10 economy system. Ifor you like playing games on the Xbox console, you would not before to switch to PC, but you will also see more games landing on the system. The monster is good news for those who prefer gaming on PC, as it will give developers more incentive to push performance and presentation. The monster is exactly what M $ needed t...

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When you set out to build a monster, you build a darn MONSTER. Can't compromise to meet a price point. You end up with a wolf when you really wanted a Lion.

I want them to build the monster. If it really is a Monster, I am willing to pay more than you think. But it would be nice if M$ tanks an upfront hit to let us trade in the X1 for a nice savings. But I can afford a $1000 Monster. You are free to call it whatever you want. As long as it plays all my Xbox games a...

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What happens if M$ takes a loss and sell the Monster at the same price as Neo?

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