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Happening faster than I expected. #1
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Sounds good #1.2.1
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That's fine that you guys are disappointed. But I really, really enjoy getting to use everything in 5he game. Skyrim had would have been greater for me if they stopped with the level matching and putting stolen on on items no one saw you take. They also need to have more unique items that you can only find during exploration and beast that you need to avoid until you already properly trained for. #1.1.1
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You got it. Republican are much different from the from Muslim extremists. They like to try and intimidate people they disagree with, want seem to want to keep women in their place. You can be too conservative just like you can be too liberal. What politicians need to do, is keep the people free so they can peruse happiness without interfering in the happiness of other. Live and let live.

Too many people want to decide for others how they should live and what they should... #7.1
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To be fair, the FBI is looking to see if she mishandled government emails. She has not been charged with anything. Ithe is good that they like into the powers that be actions to see if rules were broken. Good for democracy. BUT labeling the woman a criminal over possible mishandling of email is a stretch. #2.1
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I really do like this game Bethesda'so has a way of drawing me into their games like no other developer. The game feels more dangerous than Skyrim and handles the value and usefulness of items in the game much better. #1
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Not going to disagree with your opinion, but the sensitivity of the sticks can be adjusted. I had to do it in order to enjoy Gears 3. I would also recommend you go back and play those games on 360. You may find that what you see as fault in frame rate were always there. These are not remakes. #3.1.1
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I don't understand the Fallout hate. Why are there so many submissions claiming it wasn't GOTY? It really doesn't matter what game was voted GOTY on whatever site. All that matters, is that fans got to play and enjoy the game. It was my favorite game in 2016, but I am not saying it should be GOTY, because I really don't care for validations of my opinion. I enjoyed it more than Witcher3, but I understand that many thought otherwise. #1.1
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I disagree. PSVR'so has little to do with the success of PS4. Same with VITA. It has to sell itself to PS4 user base just like the Move and PS-eye. Rift actually has a much larger market to sell to, but the price and marketing need to be done right. Right now, I am not seeing mass appeal for either of them. I am fine with waiting several years before even doing a demo. I really don't like screwing around with my vision or health in general. #1.1.7
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Hands of Fate is better than average. There is gun to be had. But as you get deeper into the levels it can get fusrating.

Sacred 2 was a good game, but I haven't played Citadel, so I can't recommend it. Gears 2 had one of the best Gears campaigns. If you haven't played it you should. The online co-op is fun as well.
That stealth game demo was too dull for me, but some may still have fun with it. #1.3
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I just bought the classic Arcade version. I have never played a Far Cry game before. I be playing the one on BC emulation. Paid $3.29 for it on the store. BC makes me smile. #2
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Looks to be an excellent emulation. I have already played it to the max and am not inclined to go through it again. But for those who have played or completed it, it looks to play exactly as it did on 360, which is a good achievement. #1.6
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HOFor starts easy and get progressively more difficult. I remember playing it a good while, but never finished it. Fun game though. #3
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Actually it sold really well on 360. Convinced the developer that console could be very big for them. #1.1
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Si senior!

I can afford it, but I am not intrigued enough to blow $600 on it. It's like 3D TV for me. I never got into that either. #1.2
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its the new normal. #2.1
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Would be nice of it is that kind of game (Fallout ). I love roming around not knowing what's ahead. But this is not survival type game, so it would probably play more like GTA. With RB6 type raids, which is good also. #2
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This is a cool feature for Halo fans. Now put some familiar props from Halo on the planet, and it could be a relatively big draw to see just one planet. #4
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If you already bought a game from a company and don't care to pay for it again, that is your definition of being entitled? Maybe my dictionary is the expired version. #1.3.3
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You put the obvious power difference between Xbox1 and PC out there and then you are demanding a serious response. It's not your disagreers how wave a problem #1.2
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