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You forgot 10% off All Digital downloads (New on Xbox store). I am going to add this to every post where I see you guys skipping it. What gives?!

I am a big fan of Bioware and Popcap doing way bact to my PC gaming days. so needless to say: I am interested. #2.3
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Why do PS users keep skipping over "10% off ALL DIGITAL DONLOADS from Xbox Store. That is a big F'ing deal for NEW games and DLC. There is a lot of money to be saved there if you plan on buying games like PVZ, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Madden, Star wars Battle Front, Titan Falls, UFC, Battle field... #10.1
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I wouldn't taught momentum until I see X1's topping PS4's in N.A. But I think Sony not allowing the service to compete with their monopoly will end up biting tem in the rare. I believe that this service with be huge on X1 because many of its users buy digital and buy a lot of games from EA that weren't always EA, but are now because of acquisitions and publishing deals. So that little 10% on all NEW games, by itself is enough to make many consider pay the $30/yr upfront. Then... #1.6
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I really don't see why you guys are attacking this so hard. It is an option given by a publisher. M$ accepted it on their system, and Sony said you guys don't want it don't know how they arrived at that, but I don't see why they would not allow the option and just let is fail if what they are saying is true.

People who see value will buy it. Those who don't will continue to pay full price or go to the store and try to find a deal there. It is not like you... #2.2
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Obviously every publisher is going to be able to command the 30/yr or 5/month asking price. That is why I think it is a great move for those of us who buy digitally. Ubi and Activision, are not going to sit back and allow EA to be the only deal on offer. They will no doubt complete. I predict they offer even better deals, and that the cost of gaming will decrease as a result. Digital is going to get cheaper and cheaper this gen. Publishers already make major profit selling digitally, and they... #1.2.2
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TRUE. Xbox owners are mostly the working class. #6.2.1
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Sony said that PS fans don't see value in the service. They seem to be correct on that sentiment with some of the users on N4G, but I would advise them to ask PS user-base before making such claims.

If you are a gamer who intends to buy your games digitally, paying $30/yr to get them all at 10% discount could be very attractive. I can see this as a first move towards offering gamers even greater bargains as UBi and Activision decide to offer competing services. If that h... #1.3
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not a bad idea, but I am not buying the same game twice. #1.3
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Didn't play much of it, but this is a good move #1
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Older games are free or heavily discounted, while new games are 10% off when purchased DIGITALLY. Free trails and early demos, all for $30/yr. Sounds like a deal worth serious consideration to me. #1.4
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So getting 10% off all digital downloads is stupid? It will just take buying 5 games to pay for the service for the full year. Then, all other perks are at no additional cost.

EA publishes a lot of games. They bought some of my favorite studio's too, unfortunately. So if you buy games digitally (stupid people like myself do), this is something that becomes very attractive. Wish the had just chop $10 off all Digital purchases, with out needing a subscription. I know the se... #3.2.2
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Because I buy my games digitally, I have no choice but to pay that $30 for the year and getting 10% of Digital downloads. Lets hope M$ drops the price of 1st party digital by 10% for Gold subscribers as well. #1.2.7
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TLOU might be a great game. May be even one of the best ever made, as expressed by critics and PS fans alike. But High acclaim and great review scores aren't alone usually the driving force behind why people run out and buy new systems in droves. The type of game and the appeal to the masses, are much more important in driving game sales.

People (gamers or critics) saying how great it is will probably work well for those how already own a PS4. I don't see many who alr... #1.1.1
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I am sure those who think it deserves a 10/10 genuinely believe that. I have never played it, so I don't have an opinion that supports or opposes that view.

My favorite game of all time is Morrowind. I thought that game not only elevate, but influence the industry. That game did opened world so well, that it is now a major selling point across genre.

Could you point out what it is about this game that elevates the industry? It may help me better underst... #5.1.1
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I'll say goo luck to all who plan on buying or re-buying this game. Hope you also thing it's a 10/10 the review says it is. #5
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This was submitted before #2
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Cant believe someone would write and article to whine about someone else's view on them buying a remake. Then to actually have some one submit it (must be the same person), and then to find enough people willing to approve it.

I didn't read it. The title says it all. #1.3
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Amazing! Wish my skyrim looked like that. #3
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Most of my favorite games are very violent. Even my favorite racer (Road Rash) is violent. This might have something to do with why mostly men buy consoles. Most men are attracted to violent entertainment. #1.2
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That's because they needed an Xbox One to install it. Xbone is a Sony-fanboy device. #1.3.1
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