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Vulkan and OpenGL are completely different API.

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Okay. your analysis of my estimation was almost exactly spot on. Just didn't break down the last 2 holiday periods. I made a bad choice of words. We are actually covering the same period.

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I don't know what the purpose of this article is. These things are organic. When we have games at 4K and 4KTV's for sale, people will make that decision at a personal level when they get to see footage. As a gamer, it would be difficult for me personally to see games like Anthem, Metro and Assassins Creed, looking so life-like and smooth, then to have to play them looking dull and jerky. Its like false advertising.

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Your math is a bit fuzzy.
I will say 8 mil the first year. 6 in the second and 3 in the 2019 holiday period

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Kinect did better

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It will sell that much by the end of 2019

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Neo geo was an unknown brand that came in at a very high price with no 3rd party support.
OG Xbox did not fail. But came to the party too late to complete with a well established brand .
The Vita was competing in a market where power is not understood or has any importance.
X1X is an upgrade to an established brand who biggest turn of was lack of power. It provides the best option, by far

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Logicwins: I like your name, but having some problems with your logic. How will M$ demonstrate games on the X without first releasing the system along with some games?

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Darn philosopher! I like it.

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So why are the download sizes so massive on the X? Resolution alone doesn't require additional assets. You are going to have more detail due to added textures, better lighting and effects, better sound (nothing to do with 4k) and in most cases steadier or higher performance. All of this leads to more emersion, and a better overall gaming experience.
I didn't mention load-times because that has nothing to do with 4K either.

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because its a monster and will defy the odds.

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I think he is taking a shot at those in the media and on the other console, who keep praying daily for the X to fail. It is difficult knowing gamers and the current trends, how the X can actually fail. If that happens, I would be stunned.

I like the headline.

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Jade Empire would make me very happy if it retains it's identity

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I mentioned to say. Not a deal breaker for sure

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Not a problem for developers. But it might be for gamers who want to have several 4K games and hop from one to the next without erasing anything. So at some point if you are a major Xbox gamer, you are strongly advised to consider buy or savings for and external drive.
I already have a 2 gig, but will add another if it become insufficient. No a deal breaker or sure.

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I think I have seen this one before.

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I am betting it will also. A lot of people are forgetting that X1X has not been released yet. Developer are not at final code just yet.

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The article about TF2 on X1X was about locking the 4K game as constant 60fps.

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Nicely explained death.

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You also need to buy a PC that can run it at ultra high 4K before you can play it on PC at ultra high 4K.

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