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The only remaster I bought was Tomb Raider reboot. I never bought it for 360, but still regretted paying so much for and old game. If thy don't sign on to BC, I just will never play them, that's all. They can go a headed and remaster every old game and don't sign on to BC if the want. But I respect developers and publishers who are fair. If that is a way they want to treat their fans, I would just not buy anymore of their darn games. The power of my purchase is in my hands not the... #1.2.3
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Game looks nice Graphically. But so does Rise of the Tomb Raider. Two different gameplay approaches to be sure. UC4 is more is more like a fast paced action movie, where ROTR is more survival focused, with a strong stealth focus, that lets you control the pace of the action rather than keep throwing stuff at you. Both at 30fps.

ROTR reminds me of Splinter Cell in its approach to combat. UC4 shootouts reminds me more of Max Pain and the first Gears, without the saw. #1.1.6
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I might play it if it gets on the BC list and I can find it for $5. Never played either 1 or 2. These remakes are not for me. Glad BC is here so I can see what the games I never played were like. Sometime you go in with low expectations and end up with a gem you missed. #1.2
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More evidence that Steam machine will die in incubation. #2
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Lol: you said he had fanboy goggles on, yet what you sad can be interpreted as getting rig of Xbox hardware, and you seem quite eager to defend others calling for such. Talking out of both side of you mouth.

Xbox hardware isn't going any where anytime soon. Relax that fantasy. #1.1.13
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when I start seeing $5 remasters or remakes, I will agree with you. But at this point I will not be buying and remasters or remakes of any games I have already played if they are more that $15. Not even Morrowind, as I can play that on PC right now if I wanted. #1.8.1
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This guy Phil Spenser is way more gamers centric than I expected. Exceeding expectations #1.5
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I still have my 360, but I want to play my 360 games on my X1. All in one place where I can chat, switch from next gen to last gen and don't have a clutter in my living room.

I also like that the games will load quicker and have a bit more shine.

Is it okay to like this feature now or do you have further objections to having the feature that Xbox fans requested on Xbox1?

This really isn't something that I see as contentious. Why is a... #9.1.1
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Lol. Just keep submitting these opinions on how bad and unnecessary BC is for gamer. Ever hour on the hour. I also hear it causes cancer, and sneaks your bed at nights and strangles you. But some how, I still want it. Go figure. #1.1.12
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Your memory only remembers what you want it too obviously. When Don Matrix told that to gamers and was soon after removed (resigned) from M$. #1.1.11
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I was shocked when you said Forza did not use DX12 API. That game is beautiful on so many levels. They must had included some of the features, without using the actual API. #1.1.1
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The color is nice, but I would have assumed that they would have the Elite controller in the bundle. That should be the best controller for the best experience. #1.2
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I must admit to being wholly impressed by your ability to tell which game will be voted GOTY, with out ever playing them. Some don't even have a playable demo yet and you know. Very impressive stuff to be sure... #1.6
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BC is in beta. What DF also didn't tell you, was that the games look better load faster and don't have the pop-in graphics issues they had on 360 #7.1.3
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Kraenk12: that's not true. BC was cut from PS3 so Sony could drop the price. This gamers don't use it is Sony's new reason they are giving you for not offering the feature on PS4 #1.1.5
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They have already changed their philosophy. That's not a bad thing change is necessary to grow. Half their games are western focused, so they don't have all the eggs in one basket. Not letting the Western publishers own all the western focus market is a smart move for them . I applaud them for stepping out of the shell. #4.2
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Looks like they are more Western focused than ever before. They are broadening their fanbase. That's how you grow and become a leading publisher. They look to be the smartest Japanese company right now. Make great games and get on as many platforms as possible. Don't just focus on Japan, there is a big world out there. Proud of square and the new leadership. #8
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People can try to down play this feature as much as it can bring them some sort of weird comfort. But this is a huge feature. And yes, just know you have the choice of that huge back catalog at your of physical and digital content, can entice many on the fence and some on the other side to finally give in and get themselves an Xbox One.

Things like this (features) add lots more value to the console. #1.1.1
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As the week goes by you will hear more and more journalist tell you that this is the most beautiful racer on the planet. I say that after look at footage from DC, PC and this game for several different sources. The interiors are far superior, and the sceneries are much more vivid. Deformations in mud and grass and other fine details are on a higher level. WI am surprise that no one has said the footage is for a PC hidden under some table, lol. #3
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Do you understand what head of Xbox means? It means that nothing gets done without your okay. It means that Phil could submit stuff and Don could say NO. That's the end of that. With Phil at HEAD, you see a completely different flow. If you were paying attention when he moved to HEAD, you would have heard developers from all areas of the industry singing him praises and giving their endorsement. Ofcourse the others you mentioned played a part in Xbox turn around, but it is Phil who is the... #21.1
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