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I will replay both morrowing and jade empire. Jade first. Morrowind is massive, but I still remember a lot about it. Would be interesting to have all the expansions included. I completed all the expansions too by the way.

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Head and shoulders is dandruff shampoo. no?

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Did you buy the most recent GT when it was released? How about Drive Club. If your answer is yes to either, I don't understand the confusion.

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It says the reviewers scored it low and many people rely on reviewers to guide their purchases.

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Yeah. I would like a good sequel. But alast, Bioware is not the same

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Nice score. Not everyone follows and that gives some hope that gamers can get to read more than one perspective

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This is good for X1X owners. But what about stability of the frame rate?

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I have not played this yet. Too busy ATP for gaming. But I will get back to it.

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You just had to put it in yah mouth. It doesn’t belong there!

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A Kinect version would have been much better.

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Love the NBA Streets with Carmelo and Hamilton narrating and going around the country to different parks. It had that Def Jam vibe to it.

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Horrible for GT. Should have been first week numbers with the instal base that PS4 has.

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Stealth games. But generally, I agree.

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What you "think" has nothing to do with the actual numbers. Numbers speak for themselves if they are accurate.

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but it won NPD in December despite PS4 huge price cuts thanks to a $500 console you people said no one would buy.

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Many have convinced themselves that making many consoles to and having each manufacturer deny games to other gamers is something to be celebrated. I can’t wait for the day when people buy a console only because it gives them the best bang for the buck. A gamer shouldn’t be forced to buy all consoles to have access to all games.

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People on this site should really put some effort into speaking for themselves. Because you dont like the device, does not mean it didn’t serve a purpose.

I still have and use my Kinect. I wish the option was still there. I would have continued to purchase one when it needed to be replaced, it was the best device of its kind.

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Yeah, like drive club.

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