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Looks like Gearbox is trying to take a break from those shooter centric games, but still focus on killing in battles. I welcome the change and look forward to seeing how it turns out. #1
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Ok. The X1 version looks vibrant and smooth. I like the new openness and freedom of the gaming world. Wish you could pickup and use all weapons though (loves looting the victims). I am looking forward to these slew of potentially great RPG coming down the pike. I am itching to play them all. #1
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@ Majin-vegeta: The guy was clearly venting his observations and preferences when it comes to PlayStation games. Had nothing what so every to do with what is going on outside of Sony. You can just spin or wish away what he said. If he changed his position and want to recant what he said, that is his job to do so.

Your job is to believe or not and buy the games on offer if you like. But don't try to re-interpret what he said, it makes you seem like his groupie. Have a l... #7.1.5
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I actually can not wait... I do own Kinect2. Just bought Kinect Sports off Amazon for $40 and Fighter Within for $11. Make of that what you wish. I like Kinect and like to play the games. Fruit Ninja was one of the best selling indie games on 360 (Including controller based games). #2
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Morrowind is still the best Elder Scrolls ever made (My opinion). Everything else since has been watered down with a bunch of hand holding and simplifications so people don't cry that they have a sword and can get pass the rat. Or they were told to go North East to find a cave and keep having to pay bandits and run away from tribes men. There were too many of those barn birds though. In Skyrim they turned in to Dragons. Just not as many. #1.3.3
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The first step would be to find a development studio capable of creating that experience. There is a reason why the Elder Scroll series remains unchallenged all these years. Two worlds tried, and I actually had fun with it, buy you can tell that they needed to do a lot more work with loot and exploration. I think they were headed in the right direction, but people keep comparing them to Bethesda and didn't give them a fair chance.

I will see how The Witcher3 turns out. I... #1.2.2
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Adding to what you said: the pros are use to playing with the controller and the servers are much better now M$ is using Azura.

I don't see why people would expect them to just switch to PS 4 because it is selling better. That is not what these tournaments are about. It is about stability, fairness and familiarity. #3.1.1
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Yeah, I just bought it for $40 from amazon. I always wanted to play it, but not for $60. Tennis, Bowling and Rock Climbing seem fun enough. I have played Wave racing to the point where it is no longer a challenge, so I would need more maps.

I am 60% through Ryse on legendary. I completed all the Solo Arenas (including DLC), so I decided to replay the campaign on the most difficult level. I am doing quite well. #2.1
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Correct. There are zero Xbones out there. #1.6.1
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It looks to be a very ambitious RPG. I picked it to be sleeper hit a few months ago, but the execution is going to determine how many legs it will have, and whether it will be a good game or great game. #1.3
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You just called him out then proved his points. Had that guy not have you as friends, he may never have touched the drug and be quite contented with that. Not saying he is not at fault, but he gave in due to you guys making him comfortable with the idea. I have friends who smoke, but as soon as they pull the herb out I wish the well a politely move on. They don't offer me any because I am not ambiguous about my position on that. I put my heath above all else and would easily end friendshi... #1.1.2
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I don't smoke. Played videogames for over 30 years. Never did any drugs either, but I am not here judging people. To each his own. If people want to dope themselves that is their right as long is it doesn't lead to them harming or forcing the effects on someone else.

So have your ganja, cigarettes, coke or whatever floats your boat. Just keep it to yourself and others who care to indulge. Blowing it in my face or impacting my personal comfort could lead to violence an... #2
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I hope she brings my child with her or we will have a major falling out . #1
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Yes. It is a very good low budget game. I was surprised by the depth and complexity of the game play. The story flows well with the action, and remains coherent. #1.1
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Yep. my niece wants to play with her brother when they come by. #1.1
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Peter Molyneux is a fraud. Lets see what these guys do without all the bluster. #2
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@Tedakin: I already tried to get an answer on that and go exactly what you are going to get: Nothing.

I have concluding that Sony fanboys are under contract to say this when ever mentioning Destiny.

The funny thing is they make stuff up all the time like this. If you prove one guy to be completely misinformed, another guy is still going to pick it up and repeat it with no sense of shame or care for being right. They remind me of U.S. House Republicans. All of... #2.1.3
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Play it some more. I think you will come to appreciate the coherence and the very workable gameplay mechanics. I think the developer has talent and should try his/her and at a 3D world if this is successful.

@IColts_15: Thought Guacamelee was done by a Mexican indie. It is very true that there is lots of dev talent in Canada, some home grown and some imported. #2.2
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Nah. I agree with "President" on this one. They are the only reason for even bothering to upgrade your console. They are the reason we shell out $400 and $500 for new more powerful systems. I don't mind having those little indie games as an option on my console, but if that was all we were getting to play, there is no way I would have spent that much on a new X1.

@Funantic1: I agree 100% with your comment and did even read yours before typing mine. #1.3
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Yeah. I was playing this game on X1 last night and was pleasantly surprised at its level of depth and well executed gameplay. Its like a side strolling, ARPG. Well designed and executed. Were it not free and I had paid $12 for it, I would be happy with my purchase. #1
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