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My most anticipated X1X game so far. Love the openness, RPG elements and improved fighting. Put all that is this beautiful package, and what we have here folks is a sure hit.

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You are correct that the reviews with high s don't get as much attention from the other side. But that happens with all games. People who predict or see negatives will wait on reviews that support their point and then try to re-inforce their point of view.

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I understand the hate. I am an independent free thinker who doesn't play to the crowd. I am fine with the hate. At least my thoughts are MY THOUGHTS.

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How could it destroy ForZa in "EVERY WAY"? Think that over

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would you call this a negative review.

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I could go for this. Just get the graphics up to par, give some free exclusive levels with dlc and a nice little apology. I think enough of the Xbox fanbase would be slow to come around, but eventually will.

We remember the good stuff you did with Gears and know you have potential. It is just that when someone spots in your face, it is difficult to send them that dinner invite. You fell me Cliffy?

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You don't know that. You are going off of some data on physical release in England

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What I am getting from these reports is that physical media is dying more quickly than expected.

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They are probably working on the X1 enhancements and will work on upping the resolution on the Pro and stabilizing the frame rate after.
Wasn't this game shown at Xbox E3?

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@ Thrash: Switch may sell the most, but it ain't cheap.

The question was between Pro and the X though, so try and stat on topic.

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Okay, thanks. Good the PC version can now be played to its full capability.

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So it was the NVidia driver all along.

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I am buy this ForZa and Assassins Creed. Anyone wants to down vote and call me names so I will change my mind. I know you guys have the power to dictate who gets to buy what and why we should or should not. Loot boxes be dammed.

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Yep. An extra $100 for a lot more power. What other reason do you need?. Do you upgrade video cards?

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It's the same game monkey.

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I appreciate your insight, but I was not trying to convince you or anyone else to hold on to yours or that it's great. I told you are every one else that I am keeping mine.
Is sucks for you. I get that. It doesn't suck for me you should accept that and stop wasting you time lecturing me. I know very well what Kinect is and isn't. I know M$ isn't putting any effort in to supporting it. But it still works and I am keeping. You have a problem with that. Come on over and...

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At least they are No Loot boxes, that will be a rip off.

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Moldy did not say the game will run better than on PC.

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The campaign against it is too strong.

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Patience. The X has not been released yet.

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