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You guys are waaaay too concerned about Xbox owners. There is plenty to play and much more coming. Mass Effect is on it's way. That is what I am most interested in. Then there is Ghost. Those games alone will take up most of my year. I am still finishing the Witcher3 as I just finished off Fallout4. Still have not played Diablo3 (not paying $60).
As for Scorpio, that thing is going to sell very well if those game I mentioned and other high profile games just happen to run and loo...

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I never played sonic All Star racing, so it would make for a nice diversion at $15. Didn't realize it was BC

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I have never played Dead space. Trying to decide if I should start that or Go for Diablo3. I know I would like Diablo3, but I have to pay for that. Don't mind doing so if Dead space turns out to be not for me and Diablo is not more than $40.

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Better to be playing the actual final code than the demo though Perjoss . Note: I didn't disagree with you

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It would be hilarious if it looked that bad. I don't think that's going to happen though. No way its that blurry.

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Scorpio doesn't need exclusive VR titles. They will just port what was released on PC. Not as if VR is catching the world on fire.

I am certainly not buying a VR headset. Scorpio is strictly about performance for me. Better and consistent fps, native 4K when offered and all the bells and whistles one can have at 1080p.

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Well the ground has good detail, but the character model and the environment look a bit flat and not as vibrant as I would expect on the pro. That's just judging from the photos shown here. I may be need to see it in action.

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I guess in an article with six games releasing in a week, saying there were no new games on the system would sound as ridiculous as it factually is. So complaining about which trailer is used to show that there are in fact plenty of games, at least gave him something to post about.

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Agree. I enjoyed it more than 3 and played it for much longer too. I had a contentious relationship with the Brotherhood and so chose to not do some of their quest. I had mixed emotions about destroying the railroad. Wanted to win favor with the lady scientist, and would have preferred not kill everyone in during my raids. But those are knocks on the game, those are just validations that war is not pretty.

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If it were a steam-box, it would play every windows game and said exclusives would be playable on Steam.
It is not the launch of a new gen console. It is a premium console for core gamers who feel the need and can afford to purchase such a console.
Having said that, I could become a next gen console if enough of them are sold, and developers start to harness its power as the focus of their projects. Phil did say he would leave it up to developers as to how they want to use t...

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That is because they can use drones. They used to let you have the option of disabling that in the custom co-op games for GRAW. Hope they have that option for this game also. You also lost your in-game mic when you dies. So if you call out to one of your crew and he ain't responding, you know he got snuffed. Also hope they allow for teams of up to 8 in custom co-op later. Maybe through a patch or added mode.

I do think you need to know where those enemies you spotted a...

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Hmm! Don't recall seeing anything about 'Divinity: Original Sin 2' coming to Xbox. Sounds like a Bethesda game when reading the choices you have. Sound like I will be getting another great PC crossover. Seems like Phil is doing a good job at getting some of those good PS prospects to crossover to Xbox.

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This is not some thing Sony or any manufacturer can control. You can't sell something that's not in demand. They need to find a way to create the demand and excitement. Wii had it for a good while and Kinect had it for a short while. But you need to get really creative or the product must be compelling enough to get large amounts of people to believe it is well worth the investment.
None of that is easy. Developers will not put in the time if they cant see enough of an adop...

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I would go with the latter. Can't see the connection with Recore. That's a major stretch and reading more into the decision than is warranted. Those game had zero in common. I believe it was just a matter of Phil losing faith in the developer and the direction the game was headed. He just thought it was bad from a business standpoint to invest further in a game that to him was not panning out in a way that he believe was the kind of quality worthy of the investment.

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Okay. I am getting this. Normal difficulty for single player, Hard for co-op. Me and my boyz are going to lovvvve this.

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I like that it has both 1st person and 3rd person options.

Here is hoping there are shops and an economy.

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Another opinion piece that really has nothing new to say.

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You have heard me preach this over and over. In the vast majority of cases, people buy systems, and then the games that are available for that system. Not buy games and choose a system that can play them. They just want the types of game they can play on the system that plays them best. That is not always the most powerful system, but the one their think will provide them the best experiences because of controller, friends, online, easy of access...

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