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The guy is a blogger, he does not work for Forbes. He is a contributor just giving his opinion. #1.1.9
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Ps4 sells on power perception not great games. The best games on PS4 are also on X1. #4.4
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Are you saying Obama shot the plain down? LOL. Are you a Fox new listener by any chance? There was a rumor, from Russia, that that Ukraine Gov shot down the plane thinking Putin was in it.

Now we have a guy, who says he is American, but is more likely to believe Russia over the U.S. Did you know that 2 western Journalist resigned this week because Putin Government was telling them what they can and can not report and how they have to report it?

You are crazy... #4.11
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Read the article. The developer did not use the new SDK on the X1 version yet. That's what the article is about. He is pointing out that he can patch the x1 vision.

As someone who is a hardware tech and only have basic programming skill for aiding hardware design, I will not come on here and make any claims of being a game or graphic designer. But what I will do is pay attention to what Multiplat developer say they can or cannot accomplish. #2.1.1
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@GameNameFame (NextLevel): Because , just maybe,PS4 is NOT 50% more powerful.

Its the developers making the claim that the performance gap is closing. Not the Author. So you are the one being the fan boy, by claiming bios when the author QOUTED the developer in verbatim.

You obviously didn't read, because you keep copy and pasting the line in ever article where developers are saying they could reach parity. #1.1.5
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I keep reading this comment being repeated by PS4 zealous. You sound like there are no Xbox1 games that run at 1080p. It is quite obvious that getting to 1080 was never impossible. The problem was that X1 wart not performing well for some games at that resolution so they went lower. The 5% more CPU seems to have fixed the issue for this developer and quite a few more have said it has helped them also.

So this is not about what is required to increase resolution from 900p to 1... #2.10
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You make that much money spamming gamers? #5.3
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The glasses do make you look smart, but your comment proves otherwise. All games on X1 that are below 1080p are unscaled to 1080p. You started sounding like you may be a programmer, but then you had to go reveal your knowledge... or lack there of. #3.4
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Just Watch Dog mostly. Doesn't mean that will happen with every game. Some games sell better on one platform over the other for varied reasons: Watch Dog was marketed towards PS4 like Assassin's Creed is; The performance differences reputably in favor of the PS4 version; I don't know the make up of the demographic difference between the console ownership, but the age groups and where they happen to live factor into this. There is also the fact that PS4 has a substantial lead in sa... #1.3
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The finish looks quality. If I get it, I will add the headset. #5.2
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LOL "Baby Horses", LMAO. I think you know a baby horse is a foal, but are obviously a very humorous dude. People are guessing any at what you meant by "Baby Horses". By itself it is very funny. Some assumed you meant ponies (Phonies). I thought you foals (fools). I prefer Baby Horses as it sound less personal. #2.3.4
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Good comment. I agree with you. The assumption that it will not come to consoles is very premature and baseless. #1.2
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So now Eurogamer is in charge of telling us which version of a game to buy? Wow you give them way too much power. #3.2.5
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@SuperBlunt: If you don't know how Xbox works, may be you want to asked before making claims and calling them pathetic. You are the one who ends up looking pathetic.

Voice commands still work in ALL games if you have Kinect connected. The snap feature may be limited, buy you can still switch to another app and switch back like you do on your PS4. Just say "Xbox, go to "...", "Xbox, go back". #2.3.4
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"The staunch Xbox trolls on here are hating on indies, meanwhile, they are port begging for NO MAN'S SKY." What exactly does that even mean? Is every Xbox owner a troll? And can you provide some evidence of Xbox owners begging for NO MAN'S SKY?

There are always a few indie games that are we made and fun, but don't pretend that their games are the most desirable and driving the industry. There were hundreds of indie games on 360. To find 20 good ones, you... #2.2.1
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Divinity has been around for a very long time. I hope you are right about it a great RPG. Those before this release were simple and boring to play. Hopefully the series has a new lead game designer.

But yeah. People are getting way too excited at play old games on their new console. I want new experiences. I have plenty of old games on my old system. I want to play old games there is no need for me to rebuy them with a new coat of paint. Remakes should be very cheap, but the... #2.3
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Get over what? Dragon age always had gay characters. I just don't go that path due to lack of interest. But I will include the character in my team if he demonstrates skills that would be beneficial.

I find these article and the people submitting them, to be the ones raising this issue. The constant pushing of the fact that there is a Gay character, is stupid no matter which side of the debate you choose. If you are for it and you do this, then you just make fewer people... #3
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I think it was a move to not step on the toes of Brick and motor store. Digital is becoming more prominent this gen. Like it or not, here it comes. #1.2
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Actually the Xbox360 had an older user base than PS3. They just let their kids play on them too.

But I really don't have a burning desire to play any PS exclusives outside of God of War. I am more of a WRPG gamer who also like sword play action games.

I don't see Sony dictating the direction of the gaming industry. The developers are the ones who do that. The things that affect the console side of gaming like: Online; Achievements; communicating... a... #1.1.6
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Looks like Gearbox is trying to take a break from those shooter centric games, but still focus on killing in battles. I welcome the change and look forward to seeing how it turns out. #1
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