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If this Happens I hope to get one as a day one buyer. Need a big scorpion on it.

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Yep. The news here is that my X1X might actually say "Scorpio" on it. These folks above want to talk about doritos.

If I get a Scorpio with the Scorpion either on the front but preferably on the top, nice and big with aa LED bulb lighting it up, I will be smiling like a kid every time I go to power it up.

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Would be nice to have some new exciting 1st party. Showcasing games doesn't mean 1st party, even though we will see Forza and Sea of thieves. But as Woolly keeps saying: it's all about me getting an X.
I am sure there will be more that enough games to hold me over. Don't expect anything new this year from Gamescom. But if they do there is no guarantee it would be something that interest me. I then to like well done big games.

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I fully understand your plight mcstorm. I was a multi console own at one time and recently owned a Nokia. Loved the camera on that phone, but it was a windows phone, so no one made apps for it. I had to get and Android, which I don't feel safe using.
But yeah. I am not going to attack iPhone users for spending over $600 on a phone because I don't do it. That's stupid and none of my business.

I am older than you by the way, with to grow children. All the...

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I think they should band opinion piece from being submitted to be the site. You can submit just about any junk as an opinion. It has no real standards.

I can submit the the PlayStation is a cancer to the gaming industry and should be added to the Trump band in the United States. That would of course just be nonsense, but if I created a gaming site, I could do that and have it submitted to N4G. They should leave opinions to the comment section. Submissions should be news on...

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This game will run 60fps on all platforms, and will have better visuals and effects on X1X. It's not an i7 CPU, but it will do an impressive job non the less.

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The truth is crackdown looked like crap. If you are an Xbox only owner looking forward to Crackdown, you should be HAPPY it got delayed. The game looks like and indie game and not very organized gameplay wise. .

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You don't say? But even if you choose to only have one, why hate on others. I don't mind someone having allegiance to one console or another, but when you start hating on mine to make yourself fell better about yours, then you have issues. Some people go as far as to throw insults at others who didn't choose their console.

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He said he would talk more about pre-orders today. He didn't say he would make the announcement.

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Why should a company release a game that they have shown to the public and received 90% negative feedback on? IS it better to release horrible games that nobody wants, or send them back to the developer and tell them to fix all the issues that are being complained about? I don't get why people are saying this delay is bad? How many of these carnival barkers were ready to buy CD3 in it's current state?

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Holly crap! I agree with Pachter.

Don't recall this ever happening. But I still think he know nothing about gaming and what gamers are likely to buy. Gamers are a complex group of people who like different things. Some one in finance that is not and has not been a gamer, can not accurately predict what people in that culture will do. So he really needs to stick to numbers.

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No no no... we can't talk about that. It's a PS4 Exclusive. What Micotransactions?

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LOL. Now crackdown is the most important game ever made.

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It's a good ad though. They have race drivers there that I actually know and I am no gearhead.

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Pay no attention to these clowns. They know very well it is highly unlikely the MS magically delivers more exclusives any time soon..

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Like the hatchet.

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Its fine that we all have our perspectives. But you saying you don't see any excitement behind X1X speaks volume.

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You are correct in calling it a rumor. The article is also an opinion piece and not news.

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