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Eva heard of recore?

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Sony is in a tough spot because of Scorpio. There is no way for them to get a system out to compete with Scorpio. Once Scorpio comes to market, that's where gamers dollars will be focused for the most part. When those comparison videos are splashed all over the internet, the power difference will be undeniable. The best Sony can do, is try to get a more powerful system out in about a year. So we could have something similar to 360 vs PS3 again.

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Scorpio as a true 4k gaming console is way more appealing to me than anything related to VR. So I think M$ has made the right choice to go in that direction

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Sony pushed Bluray because they helped to develop that format. With 4K, they don't have any skin in the game. 4K just happens to be the next capability of modern, more powerful cards. Sony is focused on PSVR. We have to see if they can get Neo to a decent Native 4K machine by the time it releases.

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Even I am scared of it. And I am buying the thing. One needs to be cautious bringing a monster into one's home.

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Rookie is correct. Some of you are way too concerned about the Xbox brand. Exclusives are just fine. They will not be on the competition 's consoles and exclusives that sell consoles are rare and certainly over stated.
PS4 power advantage was more of a factor than all exclusives combined. Scorpio (The Monster ) will have a similar result if Sony can't do something quickly.

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It des play better on X1... so there is that.

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Yet I prefer to play Fallout4. Metacritic has no idea what I like in a game. I have never in my gaming life use it as a gage to buy a single game. I only leaned of its existence years ago from fanboys who were trying to convince me that the games I like were bad and the one they ere playing were better. Sill don't get why people would go by a few reviewers over their own enjoyment or lack there of.

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I kind of understand the anger. You want PS to have the most powerful console, but M$ comes out with a monster and you guys are scrabbling to come up with reasons why is bad, LOL. Should just let Sony know Neo is not powerful enough.

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I am finally going to get to finish this game. I was in Mexico chasing a train when I got side tracked.

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I guarantee that there will be waaay more people using Scorpio for 4K than VR headsets. VR is far from a guaranteed success.

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I paid full price for my X1. If they give me $150 for it towards the Scorpio (Monster), I will be extremely happy, as I am getting it with or without incentives.

If there is a trade deal, all large retailers will participate, as M$ will fund the promotion.

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Okay. Monster confirmed

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To each their own. Ithe will still be the same old game

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BC is good enough for me. Not rebuking old games I already played

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If they say they don't need them, then they don't have them

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That's a drop the mic list right there

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He is saying that even when the hardware is b upgraded, everything else you had before will work. So even the os and accessories will be BC.
I thought gamers would be happy to have all their old stuff continue to work on their new system . But the politics send people off the deep end (must be a negative spin).

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I could care less what they say about the announcement,. I want that Monster as soon as I can get my hands on it.
Maybe Sony and Nintendo should get desperate too.

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Lol. I hope your rumor is right and the rest of them are wrong

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