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Love the NBA Streets with Carmelo and Hamilton narrating and going around the country to different parks. It had that Def Jam vibe to it.

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Horrible for GT. Should have been first week numbers with the instal base that PS4 has.

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Stealth games. But generally, I agree.

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What you "think" has nothing to do with the actual numbers. Numbers speak for themselves if they are accurate.

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but it won NPD in December despite PS4 huge price cuts thanks to a $500 console you people said no one would buy.

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Many have convinced themselves that making many consoles to and having each manufacturer deny games to other gamers is something to be celebrated. I can’t wait for the day when people buy a console only because it gives them the best bang for the buck. A gamer shouldn’t be forced to buy all consoles to have access to all games.

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People on this site should really put some effort into speaking for themselves. Because you dont like the device, does not mean it didn’t serve a purpose.

I still have and use my Kinect. I wish the option was still there. I would have continued to purchase one when it needed to be replaced, it was the best device of its kind.

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Yeah, like drive club.

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I was playing this last weekend. I kept loosing. Was good at this game

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The developer didn't say one single negative thing about the X. He actually said it matches Most gaming rigs on the GPU end. Its the GamingBolt guy who is freaking out about the GPU being much less powerful than the Ryzen. Like duh! This GB kid will do well to just report what is being said, and stop pretending to interpret what is being said to him. He clearly has no clue. Its almost like he expected that the X1X GPU was a Ryzen

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I bought it. So I guess I was one of the idiot Xbox fans who actually supported it. But I regretted my purchase. Not my type of game. May be I am betting old. I thing if I was between 12 and 16, I would have had a blast with it.

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Whatever. Love my X1X. Plays games better than any console on the market. Gives developers the tools to move gaming forward. PS4 for you Xbox1X for me. Who sells the most is only as important to me as a gamer, as to the level of support from 3rd party. We all get that and PS4 gamers also get the benefit of more and better 1st party support. I personally don’t put much thought into 1st party. My purchases have always mainly been from 3rd part. That’s not saying that sales and 1st party don’t m...

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Sometimes I see the old you In your comments. This is a good example of you I still read your comments.

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It’s not really a HOME CONSOLE though. It’s a hybrid.

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I am not sure how CDPR supporting one game shames UBI who has shown much love to the se consoles, especially the X, with several Assassin Creed games being supported, along with Ghost Recon and For Honor.

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Yes, on a 1080p screen (I am playing on one right now until I move into my new home. But he specifically stated "4KTV"

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If the pro can handle both, they should.

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