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Bathyj, you stole my bubble lol. #17.1.2
The very first platinum I got was from Infamous. Lego Marvel Super Heroes is the first platinum I got for the PS4. I'm a day away from getting Second Son's platinum. I'm going to start a tradition with first platinum based on super hero games for each console generation Sony will put out. #17
5400 is recommended. #2.4
Playstation welcomes you to the nation of kings. #1.2.1
The story based game against the Goers is more luck than skill. You won't use Tidus special move until it unlocks in the second half. Add insult to injury, you have a limited time to use him before the plot subs him for wack (as a blitzer) Wakka. #4.1.1
The game story match up against the Goers is the worst. Make sure you have the Jecht shot and your reset button ready. #13
Smudboy's Bookends of Destruction. Nuff said. #4
Clean Sweep! #35
I'm not trying to be an ass, despite that you're on point, the Dreamcast is Sega's fourth console. #7
@ Yougotpwnd64, you're going to need a bigger hard drive no less than 500 gigs. The games and discounts PS+ provide will eat up your hard drive space before you know. I've been a member for a little over a year and sadly I had to delete some games to make room for new releases. #10.2
No mention of GTA V, I'm shocked! Congrats Naughty Dog for producing another memorable kick ass game. #10
Those were the days. #1.1
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Not my first choice in my growing collection but I got it bundled with Lego's Marvel. #9
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Level 17 working on platinum 30. Was considering retiring the platinum biz due to massive backlogs and interests outside of my ps3. #13
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Violators of that rule will meet my uzi. Yeah, I said it. #6.1
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We bang, ok? #5
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Read at your risk.

Poor Floyd lmfao! #7
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One for the little guys! #31
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Trust me, I won't be alone picking up my system. #5.1
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Si #3
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