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ZombiU Perhaps a ZombiU mode in Smash Master where the Smash Master would send zombies? Same thing I suppose, but I like the idea! #2.1
Glad you enjoyed it! :-D #1.3.1
A risky gambit, a Top 50 of all time...but it'll make for some great discussion. All I ask is that Shadow of the Colossus be Top 10. It's really the only place it belongs. #2
Land Before Time. They would make Littlefoot a tree-star eating, sharptooth-killing badass. #4
Ni No Kuni will be Game of the Show. Mark it. #2
Always my favorite conference. Fils-Aime is a public speaking genius. #2
I'm hoping for some big time surprises from them. Of course, that's what I hope for from EVERY company at E3 lol #2
My mom stopped playing games with me when I was six and I told her that the Super Nintendo controller "was too complicated" for her.

Six-year-old me ruined it for current me. What a brat. #2
I've definitely played my Vita (UMvC3, Uncharted, Mortal Kombat, Hot Shots) but I need more. Whether they be brand new Vita titles or the PS1 support, something has to happen. #1.3
Totally on board with all of that. I also want to see Tomb Raider, though. That looked mighty good last year. #1
The Kinect inclusion makes sense in that this system is seemingly catered to the casual market, and I'd like to think that intended audience would be more interested in Kinect than more space.

However, I agree that the choice to swap for a 250gb hard drive should at least be there. That way, even hardcore gamers who need a new system or haven't gotten one yet can get one at a reasonable price. It would make the package seem more all-inclusive, ya know?

The game maintains that the Cold War never ended, at least it seems that way, hence the term "alternate future." Cold War's over in the real world, right? That's all I was getting at, though I appreciate the constructive criticism. #2.1
The May 2nd one is suspect, that could be just the new Call of Duty. We'll see what happens. #14.1
If I trust anyone with ladies, it's a man named Dean Martin. #3
I agree with wanting to see Kratos' story. I would have preferred to see it before the story ended, however. The way MGS did it was PERFECT: two games, prequel third game establishing history, fourth game ties it together. #6.1
I didn't have any of the problems you guys are describing. Then again, I played the beta in preparation for this article around 3PM Eastern time and published around 5PM. Not exactly peak Internet time. I was having a lot of disconnect issues last night, however. Hopefully they'll fix that. #6
I LOVE this idea. Love it. #2
I half agree with you. I think he is headed to Respawn.

However, threats are threats. Children or not, how would you deal with continued threats day after day after day because a video game that you helped make? Doesn't that seem a bit extreme? No one should have to deal with that, EVER.

I wouldn't want to work in an environment where I was harassed by the general public every day. Would you? #1.1
That's "Far Away" by Jose Gonzales, another of the three fantastic songs Rockstar licensed for RDR. The third is Jamie Lidell's "Compass," which plays on the ride back to your family on the ranch. #1.1.1
If Shank was a ninja. That's what I'm seeing. Not saying that's a bad thing, Shank was cool. #1
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