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Blaze929, they could have sold you a controller powered by a potato, copper wire, and a handful of nails and you would be happy.

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For the love of gaming. . . Stop bringing up the Wii sales. The Wii was not marketed or sold to "gamers". The Wii was for gamers in the same way that spoons are for chefs.

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And it is NOT a fully interactive open world. Why create your own buzz words? I am 100% sure that there will be the same level of interaction as in the other Dead Rising games.

You've never seen a game "with the scope" of Dead Rising 3 because you've never seen all games.

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jamsam360 said: "It was said by arstechnica!"

Arstechnica also allowed one of their writers to make the argument that 720p is the point of diminishing returns and that 1080p isn't much better so. . .

Why would you "quote" them?

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What are Quantam Break and D4? I haven't seen any gameplay or suggestive screens of either.
Crimson Dragon is a 360 Kinect game upscaled for the Xbone. Crimson Dragon is the definition of NOT NEXT GEN. Sunset Overdrive is a Mirror's Edge/Dead Rising mash-up. Oh! And all we've seen is a trailer. How can any of these games be known to you as "special" when they are either ported 360 games, or non-existent games?

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When does the external storage go live for Xbone? I remember reading that it won't be available at launch.

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So. . . Let's go outside and play tag, or let's sit down and play the games. . . On our consoles?

Your comment is very strange, come_bom.

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No one says that resolution is all that matters, Fireseed. You, and your ilk, are constructing your own argument to attack. I believe that is called "The Strawman fallacy".

You do not need to assume or question my personal level of sadness (that is what you were getting at with the pathetic thing, right?). My personal preferences are not on trial. If you keep my question to you in context you will find that it is your words that need defending. As it is, from your c...

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Wait. 100% of $50 is $50. Double credit on a $50 credit is $100.

Too many numbers. They should just list the amounts given for each level of PS3 condition.

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Fixed? Do you mean the next generation of consoles?

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Did you have fun with the original Mario Bros., Fireseed? Why did we ever leave the 8-bit days behind? It was good enough.

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What does this have to do with PS+? Are all Xbox Live subscribers getting free Xbones?

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What you just said makes absolutely NO sense. None.

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They'd over-charge for the tin foil hat as well, jgrigs09. No thanks!

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Welcome to N4G. This is obviously your first day, slimeybrainboy.

Feel free to read the topics posted before this one. I am 100% sure you'll learn who Famousmortimer is very quickly.

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Did the PS2 model cars not work? How were they broken?

I dare you to say that they were ugly, because less than 5 minutes ago you were in a topic about graphics and you seemed to be in the "they don't matter" camp.

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Septic says: Who is downplaying anything?

Septic quotes: Resolution aside, the games look practically identical, with similar textures, apparent polygon counts, frame rates, and particle effects (like smoke).

From EDGE: A slight difference between two versions of the same game is all NeoGAF needs – there are countless threads on the web’s biggest games forum comparing the different versions of Battlefield 4 and Call Of Duty: Ghosts already.


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They had a contract with car manufacturers to leave the cars in pristine condition.

It isn't a pass. It's the way it was. They eventually got the go-ahead to allow some damage. Does the Forza team have a contract with God about making day/night cycles?

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The PS2 was not weak when it was released. It didn't have the Xbox or GameCube to compete with. That argument has to stop. Sony did not release an intentionally weak console. Sony did not release an underpowered console. The other console manufacturers released more powerful consoles after the fact.

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What key features? Gran Turismo has had day/night cycles since the early 2000s.

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