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That's an easy one. Microsoft announced it, but Sony implemented it. Twitch. Xbone does not have the level of Twitch support that PS4 has. Next question!

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"...because the products are virtually identical. The graphics are close and the platforms will share all the major AAA titles and most of the indies, too. But beyond gaming, the XBO is the clear winner. It does more. And it does it better than any other device in your living room."

You agree because it's what he said, not because it is true in any way, shape or form.

There is no opinion necessary. The Xbone is not identical to the PS4. The Xbon...

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Ko_Uraki: "Considering the price difference a great result for the xbox one"

That depends on perspective I suppose. Last gen we had the PS3 launching at $600+ and selling far more than the Xbone has sold at launch.

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That means something. . . To that guy.

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Suuuuuuuuuuure it's brilliant.

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Ryse has been hyped up as "The One" since it's initial reveal on Xbox 360. Xbox owners and fans LOVED this game.

The look of the game never said "Must play me!!!" Most reviewers seem to dislike the game. We'll see how most gamers feel very shortly.

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Is your assumption that Ryse is NOT crap, VaizardNL? I don't believe that Ryse is getting these scores for any reason but that it is as good as it looks. It looked like crap since the day of gameplay reveal.

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Seems as if most of the reviews, including the 9+ versions, say the same things. EGM scored the negative aspects higher than most did.

Everyone seems to say it's the best looking racer on a console and the driving is fun. The Drivatar is a welcome addition. However, the game is stripped down and missing quite a bit compared to Forza 4. Many common racing game features are still missing. Some reviewers care more about the look and feel. Some reviewers care more about the m...

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Without a patch they can not.

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I can understand why someone like you, Trekster_Gamer would lose interest in the article three words in, but to save you the hassle:

"The Xbox One is DLNA compatible and will play CDs on launch day. However, like the PlayStation 4, users will not be able to store or play MP3s on the system at launch."

What was that you were saying about the PS4?

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I'm not sure what maturity has to do with anything. Wii U news barely exists. There is far more PS3/4 and Xbox news of the negative type. If positive and negative news of the Wii U was it would still fall short of the negative news of the other companies.

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Resellers are going to be really, REALLY disappointed.

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Sales always matter. The real issue is that the 360 crowd changed goal posts until they all ran out. Sony has always delivered the games. It be no different this time around. Xbone fans are just preparing their first serving of crow by talking about games. Remember that they used to say "We have plenty of games. Multi-platform counts!" Less than 6 months in they'll be singing that tune again.

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Now the Xbox crowd loves racers. Imagine that.

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Gonna be a little more difficult for people to see the Xbone in action with the Twitch integration not working and all.

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I'm surprised there is actual Wii U news. Is there a special time it happens? Third leap year?

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"the two leading armies are packing painfully similar heat. On paper, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 really aren't that different."

With such an obvious lie leading into the story it's no wonder that the story is terrible. Definitely a story.

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Kinect was required. The PS camera was, and never will be required.

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Xbox + One = Xbone. How did you come to the conclusion that the abbreviation is negative?

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Anyone actually interested in backwards compatibility on the PS3 most likely bought a launch PS3. PS3 "fanboys (without the apostrophe)" as you call them, would have jumped onboard immediately. No tears were shed by those "fanboys".

How exactly does having something on millions of PS3s equate to not having that thing on a single Xbone unit?

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