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Graphics and install times don't matter this gen. It's all about Twitter and Facebook integration.

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What a strange way to score something. 2/5 for two buttons in the same general area as always is just as silly as 4/5 for a console that "is a work in progress".

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"The same "belief" that Sony would take out Blu-ray in PS3's seven years ago... Gottcha"

What kind of special idiot said that PS3 would lose BluRay? The games were printed on BluRay. How fried must a brain be to come to that conclusion?

That being said: The Kinect is not necessary for ANY game. Kinect games don't even need Kinect. Unless they start releasing a TON of games with Kinect as the main control scheme, which I doubt will ...

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Solid game. Old game.

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How many times? All of them.

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I disagree that third party would kill Nintentdo. It's the only reason that SEGA is still a name. The same franchises that Nintendo believes will carry their hardware would also sell without hardware. There would be close to complete profit if Nintendo went with games in my opinion.

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wonderfulmonkeyman, this is about Nintendo. In a general conversation about gaming your valid points would be more valid. They are not valid here.

What new franchises have been launched by Nintendo in the past 15 years? There have been a handful or two for sure. That is not good enough. Everyone loves Mario. Awesome. Who loves ANYTHING when it's the main dish every single time a new dish is released?

Again, your point would be more valid in a general disc...

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I wonder why people are wishing for something that is readily available all around them. Wishing for a Xbone is like wishing for a WiiU. Just buy one and get to playing.

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But that's not D(igital) R(ights) M(anagment). A disk is physical. What are you talking about H0RSE?

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Sony didn't have to fudge numbers. They didn't comment much on NPD figures, for good reason. However, they consistently outsold Microsoft every single year of competition. There is no reason to fudge that.

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Gran Turismo does it on the PS3. Don't blame the Xbone. Turn 10 has ALWAYS been lazy. Read up on yewels1's link. Turn 10 is lazy and has said that they are lazy.

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I hope that everyone is reading the statement. It says that the Xbone will do better in NA than IT will in the rest of the world. It doesn't say that the Xbone will do better in NA than THEY will. It is comparing the Xbone in NA to the Xbone in the rest of the world.

Don't be silly, folks. This is not a claim in favor of the Xbone over anyone but the Xbone.

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We know that companies, Microsoft in particular, lie to their investors. However, what does that have to do with this topic? Larry Hyrb is not Microsoft. He can say whatever he wants. Remember flipping a switch?

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Are you guys drunk? How are sales even when PS4 sold close to twice as many on launch?

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That isn't completely true, ScubbaSteve. The mythology tome timer is 300/wk. The Binding Coil of Bahamut is once a week. The other tomes are unlimited and the other gear is unlimited. There is NO WAY that anyone would be taking a brand new level 50 character into Coil, so that's not worth being upset. The mythology tome thing sucks a little, but if you want to gear your characters there are many other options. Having the best of the best for everthing immediately is a sure way to ruin...

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They are not identical in every way. One costs $100 more, but for no good reason. Not identical.

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Microsoft already confirmed that the Xbone was preordered/sold at a 2:1 ratio over the 360. The PS3 was preordered/sold at a higher ratio over the 360. Therefore, math = PS4 by a landslide.

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Now all you guys need is a time machine to convince people of this a year ago. It might matter... Last year.

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Maybe this was a special "Day Seven, Day One" edition.

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You're saying that being less powerful, in a move toward more power, can not be listed as a negative?

Why did we ever move past the original Atari in that case? We had fun then. Wasn't that all we needed?

How can you give credit for something that doesn't exist? He could have given the PS4 credit for AMAZING exclusives like Uncharted 4, but that would be too presumptuous. The same applies to features "in the works".

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