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"One. All-in-one. The Xbox One really is an all-in-one device and that was the incentive for me to buy it. I often find myself annoyed from having to use my desktop for one thing, then my laptop for another, then my Wii U to play this game, then my PS4 for that game, then my TV to watch this thing, then Hulu to watch that thing, then Netflix to watch those shows, then (please save me) my phone to Skype my friend, then my desktop to stream games. The Xbox One can take that drag-on sentenc...

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Not just someone. Microsoft said it themselves.

The 3 million is fake for the reasons I already posted. If they shipped 3 million and some are left, how can 3 million be sold? Let's use a math sentence!

If Sally gives Tom 3 apples and Tom's friends eat two of the apples, how many of the apples that Sally gave ...

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Only you and your ilk would find that argument appealing, Mystogan. PS4 is sold out AND has sold more in every country that the Xbone is currently selling. There is absolutely zero possibility that the Xbone is doing better than the PS4. If you can prove that the Xbone has sold more units than the PS4 in the territories in which both are currently sold you may have a leg to stand on. Good luck!

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"On the official PlayStation blog, a Sony rep confirmed that in addition to PlayStations 1 and 2, Sony is “considering measures” to allow players to stream PlayStation 4 games via Now. And that is the real potential game-changer; the ability to play PS4 without a PS4."

That is from the article. His reasoning for negativity is that he made his own dream scenerio, and then deemed the service to be unfinished because his dream is not complete before anything even happe...

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The 3 million number is fake. The Xbone isn't sold out. They shipped over 3 million. Some are left over. Microsoft sold < 3 million consoles.

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"What I don't get is why pictures of stacks of consoles somehow means they're not selling. Retail stores don't just buy stacks of things to have them sit in the stock room; if they order in a bunch of consoles it's because they're selling a bunch of consoles."

That may be generally true, but channel stuffing exists. Microsoft knows how to do it very well.

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When you are known for lies people tend to question even your most sincere claims.

Xbone in the fastest selling console in history between the hours of 8am and 9am on the third Thursday of a certain year based on the size of the north most section of the cloud based computation of an earth-like planet. . . Or whatever it was that Larry Hyrb said.

Xbones are sold out everywhere that sells Xbone AND a combination plates of fresh liver and onions. . . Or whateve...

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Microsoft talked. Sony is delivering.

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One is obviously more valuable in the short term. The ability to stream multiple games from multiple generations on a console that would otherwise not support such games is very big. Increased performance of games that would exist with or without the increased performance, which may or may not increase the game performance to the levels of the company streaming games, doesn't seem very impressive in comparison.

If Microsoft releases a flood of games requiring cloud comput...

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The challenge you accepted was to produce measurable metrics in support of your subjective claim that the PS4 is not better. You should not have accepted that challenge if your only role in this conversation is to say that you prefer Xbone games.

The PS4 has a better price.
The PS4 has better hardware.
The PS4 has better performing multiplatform games.
The PS4 has the award winning history of PS exclusive titles, which is a better history than Microso...

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The amazing part of this is that Microsoft presented these ideas on reveal, were rightfully ridiculed for doing so, but somehow allowed Sony to beat them to the punch on actually delivering similar services.

Hopefully, for Xbone, they can expand the ESPN services around the world as soon as possible. Microsoft wouldn't want Sony to squeeze their way into that arena too.

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"I enjoy my Forza, Gears of War and all sorts."

Subjective. Care to make this objective?

"Is it not correct to say that everyone has their preferred (and hence, better) controller for them?"

Subjective. Care to make this objective?

"It would be ludicrous to say 'no one likes Kinect', so there will be those people who bought an Xbox One for it."

Subjective and no one said ...

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Seems that you are in the minority on that one, Rustynail. I bet that you'll remain in that minority until the next set of consoles is released.

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His point is extremely valid considering the topic.

"Why Sony's PS4 is crushing. . . Sales. . ."

It's better for more people. It isn't just Drekken. It's over 4.2 million people. However, that's only if we concentrate on the subjective side. The PS4 is better technically. The PS4 has more features in its current form compared to the Xbone. The PS4 is less expensive in its current form compared to the Xbone.

I cha...

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It's called PlayStation Now because you get PlayStation content "now".

It's your opinion on who carried what, when. However, I am sure that there will be a games list for all to see before subscribing.

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It's been two months as you stated, Synn. Games aren't magically produced. We know what's on the way. They will be here when they're here.

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Hicken responded to a crowd comment, theWB27. Care to address urwifeminder's comment in a negative fashion, or does his comment pass your obviously rigorous standards?

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Let's keep it in perspective here. How many games did Remedy release for Microsoft? How many GotY titles did Remedy release for Microsoft?

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Sales are doing that part. The article (and obviousness) says as much, PaperMan.

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"The thing is, the PS4 comes with no games out of the box (unless you get PS+ but thats just resogun i believe), so you basically HAVE to buy something to play. Whereas the wii u comes with one or even 2 games with some bundles. You cant say "PS4 owners buy more games" because a lot of them are coming from people who just bought the system and actually want something to play."

I'm going to ignore the fact that you're completely wrong about the PS4 ...

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