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There is no room for misunderstanding in that statement.

Metacritic has both the number of released games as well as the critic/user review scores for each game. Playstation wins.

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"I'd say wait a little bit and see which console has the MOST exclusives..."

Really? Is that really what you'd say? Is that really necessary? -_-

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I take it that you've been in a coma since Titanfall was announced. That's the only way you could think they haven't been hyping this game to kingdom come.

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Add life by adding lifeless nothings? That's doesn't make much sense.

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Dead Rising 3 is 30FPS? That must be when it's not stuck around 20 FPS.

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Remember the first few years of the X360? They had tons of juicy exclusives. Remember the last 5 years? Things have dried up, huh?

It's awesome that Microsoft has decided to support their machine in the early days. They know what works. Hook in their usual fanbase with a few games, then hand them shovelware and rehashes of the same four games. It will work again. . . For their fans. The problem is that Sony has taken a lot of those fans away.

The writing ...

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Yay! He named a game!

The last Gears of War did not sell extremely well. It would have made sense for Microsoft to think of moving on. However, it also makes sense for them to try again. As evident here, their fans care not about how hard they work. They want whatever they are given.

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That 60fps/1080p game is not something I would trumpet as awesome. Break down the technical work and you're left with a pretty, dumb picture.

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I wonder. If the differences between the PS4 and Xbone are so insignificant, what the hell are they doing selling the Xbone? The X360 is not very far off from the Xbone in performance so far. I know the guy works for Microsoft, but he really needs to learn when to walk away.

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Or they could have done the reasonable thing and changed the release date. Drive Club did that and have spent the time improving their game. I'll bet you a new PS4 that Drive Club won't have a 13GB patch.

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How much did the Xbox division make? How much did the Playstation division make? It doesn't make sense to scream about Windows and Office money in a video game conversation.

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Keep it in perspective. Playstation isn't focusing on TV. They are adding it. The Xbone focused on TV right out of the gate. The flow of business is different for both and the reactions are deservedly different.

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The PS3 sold more consoles in its first year than the 360 did. Shouldn't that be the other way around since the prices are the other way around?

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We gamers are very greedy. I'm not sure of how many of you protested the release of DVD because you already owned the VHS, but I doubt it made sense if you did. The same thing goes for DVD to BluRay, or Netflix, or any other streaming/rental service. Having something doesn't mean that you get new versions of the same thing for no cost.

I would LOVE to have access to the Playstation Now service with little to no investment on my part. However, I won't expect a free...

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No offense, n4rc, but your interaction with your buddy is NOT the way you interact with people here. If people were able to appreciate their personal choices while simply acknowledging the choices of others the idea of war would cease to exist.

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Totally should have been skipping and jumping. THEN it would be gameplay!

Care to explain what your idea of gameplay is, Loadedklip?

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"Take away the graphics, story and voice acting from Last of Us ... what do you have left?"

You have the same thing you'd have if you take those things away from ANY video game?

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"We have next gen hardware and powerful pcs so I don't know why those versions don't have higher player count"

Because...for the hundredth was the DEVELOPERS choice to put that player cap."

Just like the 720p resolution. Developers love to choose that resolution now that we're in the new year of 2004.

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To the second highest total of consoles sold with a steady stream of great, GotY titles and no signs of disappearing in the next few years. Well, seems as if the Xbone decided on a winning catch phrase. However, they don't seem to know how to actually build a system capable of doing what they say.

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I suppose that there are people willing to imagine a world where the PS4 won't have the largest and highest quality library of games on consoles. I mean, there were people that imagined a family building a boat large enough to hold every single living organism on earth AND found them all. Imagination is one hell of a drug.

If the PlayStation Now and PS Plus services look like "isn't a lot to look forward to" there may be something wrong with your idea of gam...

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