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"We are talking about games being released in 2014. X1 owners are pumped for Quantum Break, Halo 5, Crackdown 3, and Gears."

I'm sorry. Which of those games is releasing in 2014? Which of those games have you seen substantial gameplay for?

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We know what Little Big Planet is. We do not know what Project Spark is. The names alone are worth different values. I am not saying that I wouldn't want a free Little Big Planet. I would LOVE a free Little Big Planet. However, that is one obvious reason for a pricetag. I want it because I know what it is and I know that I want it. Project Spark needs to show itself to be worth something.

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Why would someone get excited about reveals that were revealed last year, and will probably be revealed again next year?

Kinect was dropped! Now it's a weaker console with a. . . Just a weaker console.

I'm not saying that Sony threw a punch. They added a venue for E3 information. Not a big deal to people expecting to watch it anyway. May or may not be a big deal to everyone else. Microsoft hasn't thrown any punches either. They are picking themsel...

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I do wish people would stop lumping PS4 and XB1 together in this fashion. There isn't much muscle to flex. This game shows, yet again, that the XB1 needs a lower resolution and lowered performance to play the same games as PS4. That is the same standard for PS3/X360. The muscle, how ever much or little, by each console's exclusives. The older generation has nothing to do with it.

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Why would the PS4 need to be delayed? Are you saying that the PS4 has no games, or just that the PS4 needs the delayed games to be viable?

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You're mistaken. No one said anything about Sony unveiling VHS because it was JVC doing the unveiling of VHS. Also. . . VHS won.

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You're mistaken. No one said anything about Sony unveiling VHS because it was JVC doing the unveiling of VHS.

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The most recent news is that they recently started full production. All of those "2014/2015 release" lists should be updated withOUT QB. Remedy was never known for quick work.

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Did you guys not read the releases? Infamous, not Titanfall, was the leader in software sales for current generation consoles. Titanfall sold the most software when combining 360, PC and Xbone.

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I'm pretty sure that 8% of that reserved 10% was already released for developers making non-Kinect games. Titanfall may have been the first game to use it. Didn't seem to be much of a gap closer.

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The difference here is that Microsoft funded EVERY facet of the game at some point. Mass Effect and Bioshock were timed exclusives due to funding for timed exclusivity. . . Maybe. I agree with Neonridr. I do not see Microsoft investing so much into one game for a 6 month period of exclusivity. Furthermore, I would see Microsoft paying AGAIN to keep it exclusive based on the fact that Titanfall would see more on the PS4 if released in the next 3-6 months. Microsoft is often deluded, but they a...

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You don't understand a drought.

Farmer says: I don't see a drought. I'm good with the water I got last month. So what if the crops are dying because no new water is here. I'm good with the old water that I've already used up.

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The combined numbers were seperated. 7 million PS4s sold to consumer. They didn't say 7 million Playstation consoles. They said 7 million PS4s. Don't hide your head in the sand. You know the truth.

Every tracked country and region shows the PS4 selling more than the Xbox One. Every. Single. Market. All of the markets. All 13. All 72. All 1000978987987. Doesn't matter. Every single market where a PS4 and Xbox One are available for purchase shows the same thing. PS4...

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Slowed production and retailer price cuts mean that the 5 million sold to retailers were mistakenly stockpiled. The retailers THOUGHT they would be selling them quickly. The retailers made the same mistake that the Xbox division made. Oops!

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But it's only you that's saying this. . .

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NPR did that for April Fools Day.

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"Titanfall is Titanfall. It combines COD's gameplay with mechs with the pace of Quake and the wall running elements of Brink. So of course loads of buzzwords were thrown around. How on earth do you describe this game when its marrying so many different elements from different games?"

You describe it exactly the way you just described it. You leave it to the fans to make the insane claims. The PR teams should attempt to get the hype ball rolling, but it should st...

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One would assume that a massive 360 fanboy (Blaze929) would have played far more than nine games. That must be a different person.

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Works for me as WAR/PLD/DRG/BRD. DRG is the toughest, but I make it work. All about the quick bumpers.

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I agree about waiting for credible numbers, but NPD won't have PAL numbers.

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