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"I dare you to find the word "disappointing" in my comment."

This is an easy game.

"PS4’s The Last of Us: July’s best-seller, July’s biggest disappointment"

Axios2 + 3h ago
Not really surprising, it was only released a year ago on PS3.

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People saying that there is no such thing as bad press must have been asleep since the day before E3 '13.

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Definitely the strangest analogy I've ever seen. Ever. Definitely.

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Fairness requires context. "Tomb Raider" WAS multiplatform. Microsoft paid to make it exclusive for a time. "The Vanishing of Ethan Carter" is a brand new intellectual property. Sony did not pay to make it exclusive for a time. The situations are completely different, and rightly so are the reactions.

Unless you're one of those people that think petty theft and mass murder should have the same punishment. . .

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"Sony is doing fine on delivering games, but. . ."

What this proves is that the console manufacturers can't win. While the features you mention are welcome, we know that they are on the way at some point. Many people tried to label the PS4 as the console with no games (which was very inacurate to say the least). Now it has more games available and far more games on the way (compared to competitors). Again, the features of a console are welcome, but maybe the gam...

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You ran the game at max settings, but with certain settings not at max. Are you sure that you get the whole "max settings" thing?

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What do you call this pointless whining? It isn't relevant to the topic. It proves no points or enhances the conversation.

Might you be intentionally attempting to illicit a frustrated response from someone?

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Resolution aside (and let's be honest. . . It matters), you can also enjoy most of the benefits of services similar/better than Xbox Live/PS+ without paying a dime.

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I wonder if he did more work for the PC version of Ryse. Here's to hoping it isn't a straight up port, and they improved gameplay. It might be worth a buy once the price drops below $25.

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So now they're even picking which upper hand matters. Try this one: The PS4 has all of the upper hands. It has the better hardware, the better first party studios and the most gamer/developer support. Diablo III was easy to run at 1080p. We knew this last year. XB1 finally made it to the extremely unimpressive 1080p finish line for Diablo III. Welcome to the club, but dinner was over in 2013.

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Go peep how many people (Microsoft) are trying to sell off extra XB1's they made for profit!

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"And PS Plus had a head start. That makes this even more impressive."

What's more impressive is your ability to use this statement with your history of discounting these types of statements.

Games with Gold is not impressive. Having a month or two of solid games does not put it on even ground with PS Plus. It means that it has had a few months of solid games. Comparing Games with Gold to PS Plus only shows that PS Plus is the better service by ...

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That's going to be difficult with no Crytek around.

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Not exactly. Wrong. Game of the Year means that it won a Game of the Year award from someone, somewhere. There is no way to confuse Game of the Year with "There is DLC in here".

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If "X" happened then "Y" happened then. . . But it didn't. The only people bringing up Sony games are the people defending the idea that Ryse could be mistaken for a Game of the Year level game. Ryse was released 22 NOV 2013. It won zero Game of the Year awards. Everyone should laugh at Microsoft for their decision to lie so blatantly.

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"I strongly disagree. Halo did that. Cod set record sales and people wanted to clone aspects of the game hoping to clone sales numbers as well."

Which is the point he was making. Modern Warfare changed the game. Halo was a revolution when it was introduced. Modern Warfare was the latest revolution. Halo was. . . Modern Warfare IS. Titanfall was supposed to be and was not even close.

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Xbox Live used to win that argument 2 years ago. There is no data, outside of sales, to suggest that one network is superior to the other.

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Did the first two Crackdown games use the cloud? I don't see why they would release two Crackdown games WITHOUT the cloud if "Microsoft would not be bringing out crackdown, if it wasn't going to work."

Dang. You got me. I should have continued reading to see that "Microsoft always delivers i never doubted..." You're one of those special people.

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"Except at BUILD when they showed an early demo of the amount of draws that are possible. Also, at E3 last year when they showed positional tracking of over 300,000 asteroids."

How many announced games are using this BUILD demo or asteroid tracking?

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Hello, everyone. I am here to introduce you to a new development in thinking. It's called "reality". In reality you can achieve amazing levels of understanding. You can "know" things. You can "see" things. You can "get yourself into the PSNow beta and find out what issues you may or may not encounter, while remembering that PSNow is a rental service for games and not the basis for all claims that the Xbox One is as powerful as the PS4". Hypothetical...

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