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A chocobo is faster. Period.

The first primal battles are a part of the main story. The hard battles give weapons and the ability to upgrade to a relic weapon (like my newly acquired Artemis).

Every MMO has grinding. As NexGen says:

enjoy doing what you do. #2.1.2
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You're completely wrong.

It's a MMO. If you don't want to "grind" you should find a new genre, MoneyMeng.

They are mounts, not high speed rail cars. If you don't want to run or ride a mount you can always teleport.

While PVP is on the way in the near future, there is plenty to do otherwise. If you're done leveling the jobs you want to level there are Primals and Bahamut Coil runs.

It sounds as if... #2
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The comment "where it belongs" is the definition of entitled.

Did you miss that word in word class because you were asleep in troll class? #5.1.2
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What is the purpose of this video? #5.1
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You're ignoring Sony's past for this reasoning. Sony supports their consoles far longer than any other console producer. Yes, they want people to move over to next gen. They also know that there are pockets of society that never made it into the current gen. They will continue to facilitate games being made for the PS3 be it 1st, 2nd, or 3rd party. #9.1.2
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FFXIII was a failure in terms of internet conversation. The game sold very well. All three announced game were made and will be released. Definitely not a failure in the traditional sense of the word.

I do agree with the rest of your comment, Godmars290. JRPGs are usually smaller budget games not meant for blockbuster status (minus SE games apparently). #1.3.2
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You mean the time where there was no PS3 for half of the fiscal year? The totals were:

360 - 13mil
PS3 - 13mil #17.1.2
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When did the PS3 ever bomb in sales? The PS3 sold at, and continues to sell at a higher rate than the 360. #17.1
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Maybe you should stop using movies to inform your ideas about the world?

That is a special brand of ignorance you've developed. #6.7.3
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You linked an article stating that the cloud will be used for data storage and review. That isn't "cloud power tech". That's simple book keeping. #5.2.2
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He works for Microsoft. He does what Microsoft tells him to do. DICE and EA have no control over him. #14.1.2
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This is the same song and dance we've heard since the beginning of Kinect. Everything was promised. Nothing was delivered. Here we go with more promises. I can't imagine what the outcome will be this time.

/rolls eyes #1.1.2
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Why would you want the game to imagine your body's reaction to heart rate? Shouldn't your body already be doing what your body does?

Don't most games (minus hockey) only allow substitutions during breaks? In hockey games, aren't there button presses already in order to make shift changes?

I would argue that the people wanting to be themselves in video games will want to buy Kinect. I personally enjoy video games as a bit of an escape. I can be... #2.2.2
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Those WERE the main system sellers. As a gamer I would love to see more risk in relation to game development as opposed to pricing. #2.3.1
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That is the same thing Nintendo said for Wii, GameCube, N64, and SNES. Maybe the CoD guys aren't so lame for using a game engine from the 90's considering Nintendo hasn't changed their line-up since then. #2.1.3
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Because you're one of the 27,000 or so in the country? Maybe after more people pre-order/buy the game it'll be more agreeable. #1.1.2
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Hello, Destiny. I do love that you make Izzy408's "argument" as real as the imaginary friend in his profile picture.

I hope this means that the launch comparisons won't include "But have you seen Titanfall?" #33.1
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Is Killzone anything like Destiny and Titanfall, or should we just keep going with the whole Knack isn't as cool a shooter game as the other shooters? #21.2.5
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You may not have a full grasp on the way business works. Profit on each device sold does not equate to overall profit. Xbox may be "making money" as we speak, but Xbox has a lot of loss to cover before it becomes actual profit.

Isn't Titanfall also a cross-generation game? #2.2.1
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