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And that is the ballgame! Well said, vigilante_man. #2.5.1
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You're easily impressed. How, in this day and age where we criticize games for having ugly trees in a racing game, can anyone be impressed by that bland, stiff environment? What's with those men "fighting for their lives" one at a time? What's with the uninspired gameplay? Hack, hack, block, hack, hack, easy button, hack, block. There has to be more to the multiplayer than what was shown here. Oh yeah. . . If someone is standing behind a fixed long range weapon, stay beh... #1.1.1
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The funny thing is that people here are commenting on Drive Club and Forza in equal numbers. The games look very good and it's arguable as to which looks "better". How exactly will jaws drop when both game look as good as they do?

I sure hope the plan isn't that the features in Forza will make jaws drop. They have yet to add features from 1986. It's going to take a literal ton of new features to make jaws drop. #1.1.20
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Phil Spencer was asked about the OS and his response was:

There are a ton of videos of games running. The Ryse vidoc from last week... We have SUVs driving around with playables etc.

To which you, BattleTorn, reply that the SUV demo kits don't have the OS. What are you defending here? You can't be defending Phil Spencer. He said that the OS is viewable at the SUV demos. You say that the SUV demos don't have the OS. The question still remains. Whe... #1.1.17
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If you have $400 you may as well go for that $40,000 car. I mean, it's only $100 more than the one that's only $100 more than the one that's only $100 more. . .

Where does this "how is a $100 more too expensive?" junk come from? Who pays $100 more for less anyway (other than Apple lovers)? #3.1.3
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So then stick with PS2 and enjoy some 60fps goodness! #26.2.2
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So you want some of that 480p/60fps goodness? Enjoy that. I'll take the 60fps with at least 1080p. #26.1
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Not all. . . Most. Recent history shows that Microsoft will try hard to gain core gamers (early console buyers) trust, and then switch to full on Kinect while the core gamers pretend that the announced "core" games will actually release on the console they already own. However, Microsoft will push those few remaining exclusives over to their new console, and the core gamers (early console buyers) will fall for the same trick again. #11.2.2
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Technically is has been outselling it since the first year. However, the PS3 didn't have more sold until a few years back. #17.1
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What's funny is that the largest market on earth is earth. . . And the 360 is dead last. #9.1.1
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Which nation is national? #4.2.1
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It's a positive that the 360 didn't sell more than the PS3 this time around? #3.1.2
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What's cute about this is Bigpappy in here trying to clarify what an anonymous source is, while in a thread featuring a known source he chooses to dismiss the info immediately. I wonder if it has to do with the console featured... #1.1.15
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When Sony says something may change, or uses phrasing that suggests something may change, feel free to speculate. Until that time we'll continue to speculate about the company that had to change their position in the first place.

The reason Microsoft has to address these issues is because Microsoft created these issues. #1.1.7
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"So just so I understand, $500 = out of your price point. $400 = can afford. Tell me, are you planning on buying games or accessories, or just buy the system to look at it? Your going to spend $500+ so the X1 would be within your price point. People seem like $500 is outrageous, but $400 is pennies."

Can I have a side of "Tell me, are you planning on buying games or accessories..?" with that? While a person COULD buy a PS4 with zero games and still have to... #1.1.25
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You mention scare tactics since the original Kinect, JokesOnYou. Do you care to highlight the usage tactics of the original Kinect?

I'll go with you on the scare tactics if you're willing to go with me on the fact that the original Kinect was a fabricated promise that failed to deliver on almost every highlighted function.

Lost in all of this talk about privacy is the fact that the Kinect has yet to prove itself as a gaming staple. It sucked the first... #1.1.22
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Who is Chuck Norris? #8.1
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I'm currently on Hyperion but, a change to a smaller server (Diablos maybe) would give my kid room to grow when he starts playing. I've done all of the current endgame junk. I'm willing to help a few newer groups get started. #2.1.2
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I would agree with you it they didn't come true in some form. Many of the negative rumors, starting with DRM and continuing on to Ryse, have been at least partially true.

However, I highly doubt Mr. Hyrb would lie or otherwise not be aware of a game that would have had to have been in development for over a year. #1.6.1
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They're too busy laughing at Ryse. Don't worry. Something will break in DR3 as well. If KI has to be 720p, I can only imagine what the final version of DR3 will be. #1.4.3
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