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Perfectly fine, nothing bad about fixing this. I tried it with my group the other day and we couldn't even do it right so we just went back to the proper way hahaha. It's so easy to beat him regularly now that you just may as well do it. #1
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Holy s...... When I read the headline, I thought maybe they were using the solar grenade trick to make him fall off the ledge. But they actually did it legitimately in that time :OOOOOOOO That is incredible!! #1.1.1
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I would if they were better games. Or not so much better, but at least newer. Not really feeling this list at all. I will try Injustice since I skipped that a long time ago. #1.1
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I disagree completely. First of all, weather affects are not a game changer. The content of the game remains exactly the same without weather, so that is a moot point.

The online however is of course vital like both of us said. However it IS the critics fault for not waiting for the servers to be fixed. The game still shipped with the multiplayer, just with down servers.

The way you describe it is if the multiplayer is not even there and was patched in or s... #3.1
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"If you are not covered in exotics don't bother"


^Dude took a level 3 character and was getting kills easily in IB. It's broken in the sense that gear doesn't even matter when they said it would. Not that you can only do good with the best gear. #2.2
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FIVE?? And i'm here thinking there's only 2!! I definitely need to find a guide of the rest of them now. #1
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For me, your links redirect to the main page of that website and I can't see them :O #1.1.1
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Well the full game is there to download now, it's been there for a few hours. But the free version has not popped up yet. #1.1.1
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This is incredible! I got most of them except for like 3 of them. #1
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Because some screen tearing is such a great reason to turn down great games!! #2.2
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"The gameplay was also trying to bend Final Fantasy towards Call of Duty."

I don't care about anyone else's opinion of the game since i'll always love it. But what in GODS name does that even mean?? #1.2
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The Warlock gauntlets have been there 3 out of 4 times, what's stopping Suros Regime from being there again? Lmfao. I can't believe those gauntlets are there again, that's just ridiculous. Exotic stuff should be special, now I see so many Warlocks with those gauntlets. #6.1.1
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I'm not so annoyed at this, though it does belong in the game because of how broken a lot of the loot systems are. Plus it's just a farming/grinding type game, so why restrict people to the way you want it, let them loot this cave.

What i'm more annoyed with is the fact that the purple gear you get from doing the Queen kill order missions no longer gives you ascendant shards when you dismantle them. Now THAT is ridiculous.

"Today's patc... #1.1
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I just shut it off for the night actually, but tomorrow for sure. I'll add you tomorrow and let you know. I already know the first part when you have to stand on the 3 plates, but I just can't get a full group of 6 going. We tried with 4 and it just wasn't working, i'm the only one who can kill the Praetorians easily. So yea hopefully you're available tomorrow some time. #2.2
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I wish I could get some people to play the damn raid though. I've been trying for a week now but either nobody is currently available, or just not high enough with good enough weapons. Do you play on PS4? I'd love to join you and the group you use. I'm DYING to just see what the raid is even like. #2.1
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You don't always get legendary engrams, but usually. I have him at 15 now, and somewhere around 12 or 13 when I went to get my message from the post master, I got 3 blue engrams.

Was pretty pissed, but it's the only time I didn't get at least one legendary I believe. Buying his items is pointless though, they just don't give you enough at this point.

It's much more worth it to just farm for blue and purple engrams, either in the cave or w... #1.2
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I don't know what a King's Ransom is supposed to be, this article doesn't even mention anything called that. I've already done Queen bounties and the kill orders to get some purple gear, but I've never seen anything called King's Ransom. #1
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You might be thinking of the blue weapons that the Queen's assistant sells, in which case you'd be right. However the stuff you get from completely any Queen's kill orders, is about exactly the same as the vanguard vendors armor. The only difference is the physical models, and the colors are specially themed for the Queen. But they come with the same amount of light and defense as the legendary gear from the vanguard. #2.1
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Probably the same as it does now since it's been in development for 5 years. Is there even anything to complain about with the PS4/XBO graphics?? I mean play Ground Zeroes on PS4 and tell me that game doesn't look amazing already. It's definitely up there with the likes of inFamous and Killzone. #3.1
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Your big secret is that you don't have to shoot the enemies....Don't waste your time on this article people. Anyone who has played the game by now already knows you can get drops any time an enemy dies in your vicinity. #1.1.1
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