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Did anyone catch the easter egg for Spyro and Resistance early in the game? I was laughing so hard.

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It's so real now friends. The game is being properly covered, no longer in silence. The masses are getting as excited as I have always been for this game, and it makes me so happy. I have my deluxe ordered now, as I only order my games when I get a confirmed release date. This game is going to be so spectacular, and it's finally coming so, so soon.

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Who are you to judge what he does with his time :)

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Except the game plays exactly the same as their 2013 vision, and that matter more to people who just want to have fun. Graphics are great, and this game still looks great. Tell me how this downgrade affects your life in any way? Tell me how it affects your playing experience in SUCH a significant way that it's an entirely different game now? Grow up dude, only children think graphics are everything. I appreciate photorealistic games like The Order or Driveclub just as much as the next guy...

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LMFAO!!!! Best comment ever!

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I was trying hard to get the Resistance 2 trophy. Eventually I just caved and stopped, I think I finished at like 4k kills maybe. So close to platinuming the game, but this trophy prevented it. Still pains me today. That Mortal Kombat trophy is just fucking nonsense though, whoever made that trophy is a dickhead! I am currently going through Guitar Hero Live and have only 1 trophy left that requires you to strum the guitar 1 million times while playing the Guitar Hero TV mode. I've had th...

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I'M SO HAPPYYYYYYYY!!!!! I've been waiting over 2 years for this game, I just cannot wait to play it!! One of my biggest dream games is No Man's Sky. Space is one of my biggest real life passions, I even took 2 Astronomy classes on college and learned so much about it.

I have always wanted a game like this where I could just fly around space, discovering new planets and creatures etc. I honestly don't even need combat, but it's nice that it's there. I...

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You are right. And chapter 1 actually had a cool story which was completely finished. It was chapter 2 that was a mess, not because the plotlines were bad, but because they were not able to finish it. The big twist at the end is masterful, but the problem with it is that it was thrown in your face in the most random way possible. That is because there was clearly more to be done with chapter 2 that was never made.

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In a figurative sense, Metal Gear as we know it, is over. Obviously Konami will make more of it because they think the name alone will see. But I hope that people are smart enough to not buy that game in the future, because Metal Gear is Hideo Kojima and that is a fact.

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Yup, it pretty much is, and that is heartbreaking for me. It would have not been as painful if 5 didn't go through all this bullshit with Konami, and the game was actually finished with a complete story that was really good.

But regardless, the gameplay was so special in every way, KojiPro really outdid themselves with that. Creating one of the most perfect gameplay experiences in gaming history.

I think their first new game with Sony will be doing some...

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I really hope they can pull it off. 60fps is such a wonderful thing to play in video games, I wish more people understood that. Instead, such a vast majority of console developers would rather push pixels because fans see graphics as the most important thing :(

I love amazing graphics myself, but I really REALLY love a smoother gameplay experience. Phantom Pain is the perfect example of a game that plays a lot better than many games of recent years. And I feel like the locke...

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I know dude! We were able to just create so many situations with such a small amount of content in the beta. We're so excited to explore that entire mid-town Manhattan map, find more legendary weapons, face bosses etc. Can't wait for the full game. I'm glad I get to play it a little bit more this weekend. We finally get to use the turret in the new beta, hope it's fun.

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"it’s wise to be wary"

It's wise to not listen to some no name website and instead form your own opinion when you play the damn game. I happened to enjoy the first beta for 40 hours with my best friends online, we absolutely loved it and don't care what anyone else has to say about. For others who couldn't get into that beta, just try it out this weekend with the new beta and form your own opinion that way. If you are excited for it, then stay excited an...

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Game looks wonderful today. Texture quality itself is not as crazy good looking as the original footage, but it still looks wonderful.

I am happy to see that all of the features are still in place though, such as the lighting and the destruction physics for the most part. I played the beta for 30 freaking hours last weekend and the graphics were just a thought in the back of my head. It was absolute fun and that's all I wanted.

I love that it is a full...

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In which game do you require a subscription? I hope you don't mean Guitar Hero Live? Because that's certainly incorrect.

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It's true it doesn't look as good as something like Crysis 3. But take into consideration how massive this game is. This is a full scale, 1 to 1 replica of Manhattan, or at least midtown Manhattan. It's not a video game sized one like GTA 4, this is truly a full scale version of part of the burrow. And it's all loaded at once which is remarkable. It's all seamless, the dark zone is loaded as well. It's a lot to process, even if the graphics are not the best in the worl...

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What game did you even play, wtf? Cars blow up EVERYWHERE in this game, and bullets do destroy glass and things of that nature.

And how in the hell is this ANYTHING like other Ubisoft games at all? The type of Ubisoft open world game you speak of is like Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs, and Far Cry yes? Where you go from each section of the map to unlock its visibility and/or side content like every one of those games. Take out strongholds etc?? The Division is quite literal...

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There is no game in existence that recreated Manhattan like this game does, none whatsoever. It is a FULL SCALE replica of the burrow, and that needs to be respected. It is unbelievable how large the buildings are, it is real life. It's true that the full game will only be midtown Manhattan and not the entire burrow, but it is still full scale which is just amazing. And all people care about is that the graphics were downgraded, jesus get over it. The game is still extremely gorgeous on P...

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Boy i'm interested to see how this goes. I own the game on PC, and while it is absolutely undeniable how good the physics are with a proper wheel. The game plays like complete trash with a controller. Even with the settings tweaked to be as close to something like Forza or GT as possible, it is still far from being playable with it. IF they can nail it down to feel like either of those 2 games do with a controller, this should be quite a good experience on console.

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Holy shit, I didn't even know myself, that GT6 had legs like that. That's a remarkable amount of people playing, if true.

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