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I lost it when I saw the eye patch hahaha. Also, there is a NEW stream happening as of this comment! Don't know what they will show though. #1.2
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Believe me when I say that all this kind of stuff has been planned the whole time. Metal Gear has ALWAYS been ridiculous AND serious at the same time. This is just following tradition. It's like everyone forgot what Metal Gear was with 5. It will still be the emotional rollercoaster the series is known for, while still retaining the hilarious romps that it is also known for. #2.2
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THIS WAS INSAAAAAAAAAANE!!! I watched it live and I was just going crazy every 5 seconds!!! The amount of stuff you can do in this game is truly incredible. It's so unexpectedly deep, he has outdone himself this time. GIVING ORDERS TO QUIET?!? GOD I NEED THIS GAME!!!! SHE SHOT A GRENADE IN MID AIR AND MADE IT HIT THE CHOPPER!!! #1
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You just grind through strikes and crucible basically. There's technically nothing new once you get to level 20, except you can just do harder, more intense versions of all the strikes. And they believe that is a sufficient amount of content when it definitely is not. People that say it opens up at 20 are not really correct, because you're still doing the same stuff. You're just getting better equipment this time around. #5.1.1
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I feel like PS3 is probably the worst place to play this game, strictly for that reason.

On every other platform, you can simply use the party chat feature which PS3 was never able to receive. Bungie has no excuses, the game got lazy when it came to social aspects.

No text chat in the Tower is a big no-no. No proximity chat in the Tower or while exploring the world? Dafuq Bungie.

That's why I keep telling people this game is no MMO, eve... #2.1
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PSIN4MANT. No, he means that the game is confirmed to have only 4 explorable areas, and rumored to have like 30 to 40 story missions.

There's no true open world in it either. Before all this news, Bungie kind of gave the impression that Destiny was going to be an extremely large game. Perhaps allowing us to explore an entire solar system, and fly ships, and roam an open world.

But the game is far less ambitious and big as lots of people thought. And tha... #2.1.2
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I recommend waiting for the PS TV to come out. #2.1
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To be honest, when the new guy that replaced Jack Tretton came out on stage at E3 this year and mentioned this game, I had no clue what it was so I felt bad.

I went to a movie theater to see the conference as well, as part of that awesome promotion they did for it. And pretty much everyone sat there in silence having no idea what it was.

However I did immediately look it up when I get home, and while it definitely shows its age, I have to say I would agree... #1.2
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I believe he is imitating the plane running over is balls, not dry humping it. #5.1
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Yea a 780 will last you a great deal of time like my 580 has for me which is about 3 years and going. Unfortunately my 580s 1.5gb of VRAM is starting to show it's age, even though the clock speeds are very nice on it.

If I had understood how important the amount of VRAM was back when I bought it, I definitely would have gotten a 3gb version instead. I feel that's my only issue with running newer games in 1080p with full anti-aliasing.

But I can stil... #3.3
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Just get one imported from Japan, it's not that big a deal. It's only a piece of plastic and it fits on all PS4s so there is no type of interference by getting it from Japan. It's not like region locked games or anything. They are even fully in English as well. I might get 1 white MGS and 1 black one for myself some day. #5.1
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The regular A50 is 299, and please believe me that it is the greatest experience ever.

You know that static you get when you have the volume too high on pretty much any speaker? Whether a TV, headphones, or stereo systems?

With the A50, I never get any of that at the highest volumes/bass levels EVER. They are absolutely wonderful, and best described as a movie theater on your head.

I always thought Turtle Beach was very overrated, but to b... #2.2
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Well you have to be into this type of stuff to appreciate it. What they mean is rather the art style is nice, and it definitely is. Obviously he knows the graphics are not supposed to be modern, that's the point. #1.1
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And who determined that, you? #3.1
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You really don't understand. #2.1.1
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I highly disagree. Saints Row has its own identity now. Before 3, it was just a street thug game that was trying to become the next GTA.

But with 3 and especially 4 with the INSANELY AWESOME super powers. It's become its own game, and I want more of this craziness from them.

The hell with trying to be like everyone else. Look how average Watch Dogs turned out to be. #1.1.2
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Warframe has really fast sliding mechanics. It's not rocket powered of course, but I would say it's the closest thing to the Vanquish slide that I've personally seen. When you get used to it and start spinning around like crazy, it's very fast paced like Vanquish. #1.2
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Not that I know of, I haven't heard anything about making things on your own due to the game making everything right in front of you.

And nothing about a home planet per-se, but if you are the first to discover something (which should apparently happen quite often), then the planet will be tagged with your name or something like that. #1.1
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This is the main reason that Microsoft got that timed exclusivity. So they can try and compete with Uncharted 4 for holiday 2015. It's just too obvious how desperate they were with that move. #5.1
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