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God damn. I mean, I think it's really cool that they are supporting it like this. But at the same time, I would rather the game had come out in like 2018 or 2019 and been a whole package. Because aside from people like me and some of my friends who really enjoyed the game and will play this stuff. The rest of the gaming community just moved on and doesn't really give a shit. And honestly I don't really blame them either. Nobody expected a mainline, single player Final Fantasy game...

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The 4th DLC is going to be a co-op based multiplayer mode with 4 players isn't it? Unless they have changed direction with it or something in which case I missed that news. I never heard anything about it being in the style of GTA Online.

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First of all, there's no reason to be rude and insulting by calling people names. Only shows your own lack of maturity. Second, placeholders come from retailers such as Amazon or Gamestop, not from official channels like the actual PlayStation Youtube channel. So get your own facts right before acting smart. The video was also removed immediately, adding to the suspicion a bit more.

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But with FFXV they actually weren't able to take their time. After the change in development teams and the change to XV from Versus 13 back in 2013, they had to basically redo so much stuff for it and were forced to rush and get it out there as soon as they could. The higher ups didn't seem to realize that forcing it out due to people being impatient is still far worse than delaying the game longer to make it better and more complete. People might be mad about more delays, but they ar...

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It's a really good game considering the platform. Controls really smoothly and performs just the same. What I really want now is Dynasty Warriors 9 to come out. It was announced back in December but we haven't heard a single thing about it since then. I at least want to see some gameplay of the open world and stuff at E3 or something, I'm so excited. It's probably safe to say it won't even come out this year which is sad, but maybe they will surprise us.

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@Garethvk. It's not a free to play game. They changed the model from free to play to a 20 dollar title a few months ago. And so it will be that after this month, but they decided to launch it as a free PS Plus game first like Rocket League so that people can try it out at least. And then if it becomes popular by word of mouth, people will want to buy it after April if they didn't get a chance to get it for free. It was never a free to play game launching as one of the free PS Plus gam...

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I don't think you read the article at all because that's not what he is saying at all. The headline is terrible and doesn't even make any sense since he is praising the game completely. Also you are terrible at the game if you died on the first boss, it's piss easy. Especially if you have any practice with the numerous Souls games out there. It's not designed to kill you, it's designed to challenge you like any good game. And dying only gives you an option to revive us...

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Hell yea it's worth playing. It's better than Redemption for me because it embraces the batshit insanity of that era and is basically a comedy game. Rockstar used to make games like that back then, now their games are all grown up which is fine, but it's just not them. So to me Revolver is way better because of it's silliness and arcadey gameplay. Also think GTA has not been very good since the PS2 days.

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Batman Arkham VR should NOT be 20 dollars, that's insane. It's already been said that it's only a 1 hour experience with 2 small scenarios in it. 1 scenario is you as Bruce Wayne, going down into the Batcave to get dressed up as Batman. You put on the entire suit piece by piece, throw your baterangs around and stuff etc. And the second scenario is where you are in the city solving a murder by finding clues at the murder scene. That's it, and while it sounds super immersive and...

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But the A50 is 3 years old haha, that's how long I've had it, since the day it was released. Is this some updated version or something? Cuz the description in the article makes it sound like the exact same A50 from 3 years ago, I'm a little confused.

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Yes, 1080p, 60fps on the consoles. PC players who own the originals will get free updates to the new versions as well, apart from Infinite which is not even changing anyways. It strikes me as an odd remaster, one that is probably not a HUGE visual upgrade considering that they can be free on PC, and Infinite is not even changing. So I won't be surprised if when gameplay comes out, that the bump is not all that impressive. But I hope I am wrong. Either way, I am excited to play Bioshock 1 ...

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YO. If the top secret game by Omega Force is Dynasty Warriors 9, I WILL LOSE MY SHIT!!!! PLEEEEEASE be DW9, I beg of you!!! I've been waiting for so many years now to play the next numbered DW game. They have been on a roll since 7, I can't wait!!

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Basically that's the same as asking what's the goal in Minecraft, you know? Just survive, explore, enjoy yourself. Use your imagination and get lost in space, that's what the game is. There's more to it of course, but too much to really explain. If you need to know, just look up videos on Youtube from IGN or others, there is so much information out there. There is ship/weapon upgrading though if that's the kind of thing you are specifically looking for. But in general, it ...

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Just a rumor at this point in time. But Kotaku is really good at breaking things so I believe it's more likely to be true than not true. We will see soon enough. If true, definitely upsetting. It's one of my most anticipated games ever, and would have been perfect right after the excitement of E3. But delays are only natural in gaming, so it's not the end of the world.

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Did anyone catch the easter egg for Spyro and Resistance early in the game? I was laughing so hard.

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It's so real now friends. The game is being properly covered, no longer in silence. The masses are getting as excited as I have always been for this game, and it makes me so happy. I have my deluxe ordered now, as I only order my games when I get a confirmed release date. This game is going to be so spectacular, and it's finally coming so, so soon.

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Who are you to judge what he does with his time :)

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Except the game plays exactly the same as their 2013 vision, and that matter more to people who just want to have fun. Graphics are great, and this game still looks great. Tell me how this downgrade affects your life in any way? Tell me how it affects your playing experience in SUCH a significant way that it's an entirely different game now? Grow up dude, only children think graphics are everything. I appreciate photorealistic games like The Order or Driveclub just as much as the next guy...

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LMFAO!!!! Best comment ever!

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I was trying hard to get the Resistance 2 trophy. Eventually I just caved and stopped, I think I finished at like 4k kills maybe. So close to platinuming the game, but this trophy prevented it. Still pains me today. That Mortal Kombat trophy is just fucking nonsense though, whoever made that trophy is a dickhead! I am currently going through Guitar Hero Live and have only 1 trophy left that requires you to strum the guitar 1 million times while playing the Guitar Hero TV mode. I've had th...

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