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Game looks wonderful today. Texture quality itself is not as crazy good looking as the original footage, but it still looks wonderful.

I am happy to see that all of the features are still in place though, such as the lighting and the destruction physics for the most part. I played the beta for 30 freaking hours last weekend and the graphics were just a thought in the back of my head. It was absolute fun and that's all I wanted.

I love that it is a full... #1
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In which game do you require a subscription? I hope you don't mean Guitar Hero Live? Because that's certainly incorrect. #2.2.1
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It's true it doesn't look as good as something like Crysis 3. But take into consideration how massive this game is. This is a full scale, 1 to 1 replica of Manhattan, or at least midtown Manhattan. It's not a video game sized one like GTA 4, this is truly a full scale version of part of the burrow. And it's all loaded at once which is remarkable. It's all seamless, the dark zone is loaded as well. It's a lot to process, even if the graphics are not the best in the worl... #2.1
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What game did you even play, wtf? Cars blow up EVERYWHERE in this game, and bullets do destroy glass and things of that nature.

And how in the hell is this ANYTHING like other Ubisoft games at all? The type of Ubisoft open world game you speak of is like Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs, and Far Cry yes? Where you go from each section of the map to unlock its visibility and/or side content like every one of those games. Take out strongholds etc?? The Division is quite literal... #6.1
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There is no game in existence that recreated Manhattan like this game does, none whatsoever. It is a FULL SCALE replica of the burrow, and that needs to be respected. It is unbelievable how large the buildings are, it is real life. It's true that the full game will only be midtown Manhattan and not the entire burrow, but it is still full scale which is just amazing. And all people care about is that the graphics were downgraded, jesus get over it. The game is still extremely gorgeous on P... #3
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Boy i'm interested to see how this goes. I own the game on PC, and while it is absolutely undeniable how good the physics are with a proper wheel. The game plays like complete trash with a controller. Even with the settings tweaked to be as close to something like Forza or GT as possible, it is still far from being playable with it. IF they can nail it down to feel like either of those 2 games do with a controller, this should be quite a good experience on console. #1
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Holy shit, I didn't even know myself, that GT6 had legs like that. That's a remarkable amount of people playing, if true. #1.9.1
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I would only agree in the sense that, there have been so many of them in the last 3 or 4 years, where there has only been 1 GT just over 2 years ago. But in terms of sales, Forza never sells particularly well for attempting to become a leader in the genre. Whether it is better is irrelevant. There are games much better than Call of Duty for instance, but it's the leader of the genre because of sales, not because of quality. Gran Turismo is the same, it has sold astronomical numbers throug... #1.3.2
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All of them? Any time a new GT comes out, it's a world wide event. It sells remarkably high every time, with the lowest game still selling over 5 million copies.

When people think of sim racing, they think of Gran Turismo, always. Yea there are much newer games, more advanced games even for sure. But GT has that mass market appeal down more than Assetto Corsa and Project Cars do, because they aren't trying to. The mass market doesn't want HYPER realistic driving g... #1.3
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Oh wow, for real? Here's some links for you to check it out, looks incredible. It's from Housemarque, who has made Super Stardust, Dead Nation, Resogun etc. They are PROS at making perfect arcade style games that are about repetition and high score earning. #16.1
The top song being what it is, could only be because it was one of the requirements for a premium show last week. Most likely it was the one that gave a coin boost, so that makes sense. It's a really boring song to play otherwise. #2.1
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Not really. The thing is, even though most people agree that the story really didn't live up to anything. The gameplay is SO spectacular and damn near perfect, that it alone makes the game so good, and thus makes it a game of the year contender. You can disagree if you'd like, and there's nothing wrong with that. But I have seen so many people say that this game has PERFECT gameplay, in every single way. The controls alone are so insanely refined, that it makes it fun and addictin... #2.2
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Can you tell me, at about 6:45 in this video, what was the crowd reacting to exactly? It is hard to see in this video, but it seems like it was Noctis getting food at a street vendor or something, and they started yelling when the vendor was doing something with the food? I cannot seem to get what was happening. #3.1
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1. It was revealed in 2013
2. It has said now in development since the initial reveal trailer, it's just something they say for the game. #2.2
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Even with the colored, highlighted parts. I still can't really see a chicken. Can someone explain it for me? #1.1
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Yup, this article puts it perfectly. Double Fine and Tim Schafer make fine games, though not for me I can still respect them. But Tim Schafer is a fool when it comes to money, and he cannot be trusted. I cannot believe he is again making a new game, asking people for more money. It's just inconceivable to me how he can do it again and not feel bad at all, and yet somehow he still has fans that are perfectly willing to fund him. I'm sorry but Psychonauts 2 is not worth it if it has to... #1
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I appreciate that you are like the only journalist in the industry that is keeping people up to date on this game Guiseppe, even with the smallest things such as this or the HUD and minimap photo from the other day. I can't think of anyone else who is doing this work like you are man. I am so excited for this game, and if I had to depend on IGN or some other site for information on it, I would never get anything at all. It's a wonder that there are so many people that still think the... #1.1.4
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That mode looks SOOOO fun!! Did you watch the rest of the vids? Omg this game! #2.1
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I would love to know where in the world these are coming from! They will probably get taken down soon so I hope people can see them quicky! This game looks so fun, my god. #1
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^Correct. And you will also need to know how to move her storyline along. In the side-ops menu you will see missions called "wondering Mother Base soldiers". When you complete 1 of these, you will get a picture of a memory that you need to then bring to her, and it moves along the story with new cutscenes for each one. #1.2
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