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no that's not classed as a real gamer. - real gamers play games like Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship, metal gear solid, halo, Disney's Mickeys magical adventure, typhoo etc

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I agree power does matter, but it has to be coupled with good games. Games and power = success.

Look at the Wii U for example, if the Wii U had PS4s graphical power it would still flop because of a lack of games... so yes, graphical power does matter but it has to be combined with good software.

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what about making link a transsexual?

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what Nintendo needs alongside Zelda is a series of Metroid Prime games akin to the Gamecube versions and made by Retro Studios..... I will buy a WiiU and have it alongside my PS4 if they can bring the Metroid series back on the WIIu

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Why is xbox 360 the same as ps3 on 80 million. Surely xbox360 should be in last place for sales!

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We played Shigeru Miyamoto's new starfox game and it was crap,,, now where's Uncharted 4

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Why do Sony need to drop the price! its beyond me!! the price is perfect, in fact I would go so far as to say that Sony sold the PS4 at a price to low,, I would happily pay £300-350 for PS4 even right now.

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aww cant be asked with this game anymore.....

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whys this game getting shit reviews!!! I was expecting big this from this but wont be getting it now,,, anyway the recent Uncharted 4 leaks have lifted my spirits,,, and that will not be a let down....Guaranteed!!

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This is why i chose the ps4 again this generation

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I was looking forward to this game but wont be getting it now , such a shame. if they made it PS4 exclusive I bet it would have been way better.

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if one person thinks the games shit then that's fine, but if a million people do then that's another issue... oh please let this game be good.

anyway - watch dogs to play next, hope that's good.

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Sony can do no wrong,, this is another sign of them putting the fans first... some other companies could learn a thing or two.

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Resident evil got rubbish after the fourth one

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I dont know why Sony is doing this, you cannot improve on perfection.

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I expect ps4 graphics to out do pc for at least another three years

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Do you think the WIIU could do the last of us?? i dont think it could.

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Advance Wars was an amazing game.. its a shame that Nintendo flopped with Wii etc after that, otherwise I would have stayed with them to play titles like this.

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How can PS4 be the future and the future be the PS4 at the same time? Surely its one or the other? its either the PS4 is the future and the future is PS4, or its the future is the PS4 and not the PS4 is the future.

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