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...I would recommend you pay your neighbor's kid $50 to do the upgrade for you and you'll save money.

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Google does not keep everything indefinitely. How's that misinformation working out for you? We can just assume you're an exaggerator and leave it at that.

"The Earth is like a billion miles wide!"

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Lies are inexcusable, too... but we'll forgive you. We'll just imagine you were confused and didn't intentionally try to mislead.

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...1 Gb Internet service to my area, then I can really run OnLive through the ringer.

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There are always executives sitting around conference tables discussing new ways to market movies, increase sales, increase buzz, utilize viral marketing, etc...

So, the conversation probably went like so:

Exec 1: "Should we test the idea of 'accidentally' leaking a downloadable movie at the same time it is in theaters to see if we can increase ticket sales?"

Exec 2: "Sounds like a good idea, but we will need to jump through a bunch of hoo...

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I love the PS3 and all, but it really seems like this conversation never took place. It sounds a bit too scripted. The conversation sounds to be right out of an infomercial, and those types of conversations barely happen that way in real life. I'm calling bull.

If it DID happen in real life, the conversation would have ended with, "So, is this a commercial or something?" with some uncomfortable laughter.

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I hear a lot about XBox Live being $50/yr. That's fair because it's the listed retail price. However, don't most people get it for $40/yr? Adding to that, don't most get an additional month (for a total of 13 months) for $40?

Granted, if the XBox 360 lives a 10-year life-span like the PS2 has been so far, then it's an extra $350+ for the 360 over its life-span, but still... is anyone really shelling out $50/yr anymore? That would be an extra $500 over the life-span of the 360 if ...

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The perception of opinion-based sites amuses me.

Nobody ever analyzed Siskel & Ebert (now Ebert & Roeper) and calculated the value of their opinions to determine whether something sinister was afoot.

The fact of the matter is, Metacritic is an opinion-based site. It aggregates the opinions of other opinionated sources, then determines (based on opinion) the credibility of each of the opinionated sources and decides which opinionated sources to include or excl...

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...other than USB is needed when you want a docking station that you don't want to have to fiddle with to get it to fully connect properly. This new connector is probably just better suited for docking stations like iPhone's connector.

As long as Sony lets third-party companies provide cables and connectors, then you're not stuck buying Sony's products as a replacement and all is good.

Sure, you won't be able to use the cable you had lying around for some other produ...

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...not using Facebook or Twitter makes psychologists ignorant of today's social technologies. Avoiding TV causes psychologists to lack a sense of humor. Avoiding the cinema, rock and roll, and parks causes psychologists spouses to leave them for someone more interesting.

What is it with scientists insisting that every second of every minute of every day must be spent learning and stressing out? I believe the mind also needs a break now and then.

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It's pretty obvious this is bogus. If it were true, it would be repeated on much more substantial news sites.

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...those who are saying that spending $3400 to save $300 is absurd are missing the point as well as some very basic math.

Let's say you regularly spend $500 per month on groceries and household supplies. A typical family of four would spend $600 or more per month on groceries and household supplies, so this is not outside of the realm of possibilities. If you normally use cash, a check, or your check card to do this... instead, you use the Sony PlayStation Visa Card. Then, eac...

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...will be played using Native Client (it allows code to run natively using the given processor instead of being confined within a scripting engine) and will use O3D (which allows similar access to the graphics processor) for the graphics.

All of the pieces of the puzzle are already there and tested. Google has even been trying to get Native Client into the HTML5 spec. This would ultimately mean that games could be written for Native Client and O3D rather than for "Windows...

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...not quite LAST.

3454d ago 0 agree0 disagreeView comment oversight on Hulu's end. It is clear they specifically targeted the PS3 for this, because I can change the user-agent string reported by my browser on my PC, and it gives the same result. It may very well be that they changed their site to more gracefully fail for unsupported browsers and just created a "whitelist" for known supported browsers and failed to include the PS3 browser on that list.

IF, however, they did this because they specifically don't want to a...

3459d ago 9 agree3 disagreeView comment full of typos, misspellings, and very poor grammar. It's also a fairly weak argument. It may be a valid point, but the argument was weak.

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...but the icons for each item in the store seem shinier and appear to float and glow in a different way when selected... little cosmetic things. Maybe I just didn't notice this previously.

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...or does the store look different?

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...July 1st is the day.

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