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wow dante is a must pic for me #1
look great nicely polished like the new look on this game with the characters cant wait #3
true #3.1.2
lol well said #2.1
cant wait hope to hear some good news #5
Sephiroth could have been a bit higher but not a bad list #3
nice #4
i think cloud number one then lighting number 2 on the list cause she just kick ass and looks sexy as hell but not a too bad list #7
looks pretty good doesn't really catch my eye though #7
cant wait this should be good #32
great game wait for the next one hopefully they dont rush and release it this early in the year #1
who knows maybe square will redeem there self with listening to the fans this time and put it into the so called rumor 13 2 #31
360 doesnt have anyone that can come close to being put on mortal kombat they dont have a Kratos #24.1.1
no exclusive for 360 you lose this time 360 lol #24
damn i cant wait #3
Sounds like we got a hater #14
immature motherfuckers are the only ones that have time to make emblems like that #72
AC:Brotherhood all day on this one #2
smart move ps3 takes this one #19
not good not to bad either #16
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