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Can't wait sounds interesting switching through characters #26
cant wait for this #3
not bad #2
its me mario lol #23
need some gameplay on smoke hope he is in this one one of my favorite characters #4
cant wait #10
This game didn't even catch my attention when i saw the tralier #16
Can't Wait For This One Like some of the moves Square making this and Versus #18
Sounds like a hater wrote this some points in this article I agree on not all of it #8
This Is Good news wanted to see more of Cid Raines #13
Final Fantasy Versus XIII in a exclusive of course it matters Square Enix Coming Out Hard This Year #37
PS3 Exclusive of course it matters #33
Square Enix Coming Out Hard This Year #10
think this year looking at a couple websites #8.1
Sounds like this winter can't wait Fuck what a hater say #31
Buying this for sure Fuck what a hater say #4
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OMFG i cant wait for this SE Knew You Wouldn't let me down #97
well see all in due time #20
Agree on that #33
FF 13 wasn't too bad was good enough for my liking a X 2 well see where you go with this on Square sounds interesting but still waiting on Versus #30
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