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Sony is handling this problem well but the hackers will have a come back all in due time #7
OMG Cant Wait #11
now all we need is cross game chat sony #12
aw that sucks ken not in this game thats like saying you make a sonic game and it doesn't even have sonic hopefully strider is put into the picture of DLC #2.1.1
OMFG I Cant Wait For This Game Of The Year Square Enix coming out hard #30
Lighting perfect for the sequal hope they dont bring back snow he was really a lame character Cid Raines Would be nice #7
This List could have been alot better where is ken strider jill jin megaman come on campcom #4
lol i agree on that i know im buying it #2.2.1
wow cant wait hope they have ken and jill valentine and strider some of my favorites #2
wow that was fast dont underestimate the hackers sony #15
some many updates its almost a endless cycle hackers vs sony #22
Getting a good vibe on this game can't wait #17
would be so much better if they had it on the ps3 as well #1
backlot number 1 #10
This game has potential to be something great I think 13 was a good game but not the best the sequal will hopefully be what everybody wanted and more #6
would buy it for sure #42
Game Of The Year Square Enix Is Coming out hard this year cant wait #8
when you think about it they dont have anything on this guy if you read up about it you'll understand before you call people dumb do your research #3.1.1
i think geohut has one this battle against sony #3
Can't wait sounds interesting switching through characters #26
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