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agree wit that one #3
Wow very observant I was to busy saying Damn wow that's coool LOL #3
anything related to versus gets me hyped cant wait love the word
exclusive behind this #4
could have been better boss in my opinion #8
dante trish x 23 #4
Sounds interesting can't wait #11
cant wait for this first day buy these haters aren't changing my opinion or mind on 13 which i really liked there i said it lol #5
agree with that #3.1
would be nice if cid raines was playable also #3
agree with you on that #1.2
There's alot of haters on this topic #17
i know that could not have been easy im still going for platinum #9.1
those titans mission some them are hard you'll on them for a while just completed all of them #1.1.5
a must buy cant wait gotta love exclusives Nomura is a Genius #5
hey just an opinion didn't like the guy always talking about heros this and heros that #8
Sony is handling this problem well but the hackers will have a come back all in due time #7
OMG Cant Wait #11
now all we need is cross game chat sony #12
aw that sucks ken not in this game thats like saying you make a sonic game and it doesn't even have sonic hopefully strider is put into the picture of DLC #2.1.1
OMFG I Cant Wait For This Game Of The Year Square Enix coming out hard #30
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