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No exploit found. Sick of efamers.

If you don't release it, then you don't have it, and should be treated as a liar. If all efamers were treated as liars and shunned by the community, then this would stop #7
Jin vergil strider venom captain commando would be a good better then most of the roster they have now #7
cant wait finish him lol #6
Omfg cant wait for this loved the first one #1
No Microsoft you can't get Versus LOL #19
would be nice if this hit the ps3 since it doesn't i always have my brother's psp playing the first one lol #2
like the look brings back memories if you've played the game since the first one #7
wow the hackers strike back sort of if this is true #47
Love the game the button scheme isn't too bad #2
Your right come on its ken LOL #4.1.1
im with you on viewtiful joe #17.1
Strider captain commando ken megaman I'm just saying #4
Can't agree with final fantasy needing to end when it wasn't that bad will be even better when Versus Is released #20
first day buy this game is comin home with me #2
Versus Will be the best game if it was released this year #21
cant wait get back to playing a good rpg game getting tired of first person shootin games #2
her accent lol cant wait day one its coming home with me #3
would be nice if it hit the ps3 #4
would love it if this game hit the ps3 #6
Not Running Out Of Gas Cause Versus is on the way and director Tetsuya Nomura is a genius #23
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