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Can't wait for this game of the year #10
Can't wait for this huge fan of the series #64
Fighting Game Of The Year Hands Down screw MVC 3 Unbalance crap #3
nice review a must buy if you have a psp #2
Yea a real hater wrote and posted this #15
Nice review well deserved #3
A Must Buy If You Have a PSP #2
OMFG April 19 COME HERE!!!!! LOL #18
A Must Buy #1
Vincent and Cid for sure #9
respect the creed love the creed great game #4
Smoke has to be in this i hope lol #15
Score could be higher would be nice if this game was on ps3 #2
A Must Buy #1
Omfg I can't wait April 19 COME HERE!! LOL #3
It Was A Ok Game to me not Square Enix best in the Gameplay a little but the visuals was amazing tried somethings new like the battle system that was not too bad should have been able to control everyone not two a.i. sequel wont be to bad in my opinion they can improve and add alot more on some things in the sequel #15
Nice way to explain this game Enjoyed This Game can't wait for the sequel #9
Enjoyed The DLC If You Disagree shoot yourself lol #2
a must buy for sure #5
cant wait #3
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