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Nice very creative with how they did they spec ops and the killstreaks OMFG I Can't Wait #12
just keep getting better #3
cross game chat im just saying Sony SMH #2
It would be nice to hear something at least i know there putting there heart to make this game into something more then just great but come on already some new pics or at least a trailer with some more gameplay SMH #30
Sephiroth not number 1 complete disrespect well everyone has there opinion #14
after Ultimate Marvel VS Campcom 3 the next will be called More Ultimate Marvel VS Campcom 3 Cashcom shame on you #9
Mortal Kombat hands down street fighter cashcom is milking the hell out that game #23
Cant Wait this game is Looking To Be Something Great #2
Square Is coming out hard with this sequel fixing up everything to make this Final Fantasy into something great #10
nice #3
Square Enix is coming out hard this time with this sequel adding more and mixing some new stuff can't wait #18
nice deal if your just starting to jump into game #4
no your both wrong 20never lol #24.1.1
you could be right on that or 20never #9.1
Can't wait still would like to hear some news on versus #8
cant wait #4
if you read the article, it sounds like the guy is pouring his heart and soul into making this best game he's ever made i say lets the guy take some more time not a life time but more time making it more than just a great game #15
Versus is coming out the year 20 never lol thats what im starting to believe #8.1
cant wait a must buy day one #3
can't wait for this yea i said it lol #22
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