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Nice Spec Ops looks raw as hell #5
Everyone Has There Opinion so does this Idiot who wrote this Article LOL #7
agreed #30.1
can't wait #1
Cashcom strikes again #21
I Say Yea Devil May Cry is looking to be a disappointment i would push Bayonetta 2 here's hoping though #14
Liked the multiplayer was something different and creative to me #4
No versus news everything else looks good versus news would be great news oh well just got to keep waiting #12
Can't wait to hear something at least loved the first one #2
can't wait Square Enix is going in the right direction with this game #2
This Game is looking to be something great listening to the fans keep up the work Square Enix #10
wow i can't wait for this one a day one buy Square Enix coming hard with this one #13
OMFG Can't wait for this A Day One Buy For Me can't get enough of the creed #1
He Almost got me there at number 1 FF 13 But best villian kefka was ok but Sephiroth is just to bad ass to not be the best villian check out this video #14
A True Contender For Game Of The Year or At Least in That Category #15
I Don't Know about this one cashcom #25
Game Of The Year Hands Down I thought at first I wouldn't see Freeze he's badass #5
Nice found my new desktop wallpaper #1
two words can't wait i see Square Enix is trying to make this game into something great putting there heart into this #6
Interesting i wanna know more about that Guy Standing next to Lighting #10
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