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Square Enix Is Going hard with this sequel keep up the work #6
i want versus HULK MAD I SMASHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! LOL #6
terrible list what can i say but everyone has there opinion #8
looks wasn't everything back then the gameplay and story was great a remake would be great but that conversation has gone on forever #2.2
can't wait for this a day one buy #8
would be a great idea #16
Was a good game experience for me developers can't satisfy everyone hater so deal with it #3.1.1
nice pic very epic #1
Gambit and take out Sentinel #8
Can't wait like some of lighting gameplay shots Square Enix is making some good moves right now this game is lookin to be something great #3
cant wait #5
can't wait love the multiplayer for this its creative and keeps you on your toes #6
Nice Spec Ops looks raw as hell #5
Everyone Has There Opinion so does this Idiot who wrote this Article LOL #7
agreed #30.1
can't wait #1
Cashcom strikes again #21
I Say Yea Devil May Cry is looking to be a disappointment i would push Bayonetta 2 here's hoping though #14
Liked the multiplayer was something different and creative to me #4
No versus news everything else looks good versus news would be great news oh well just got to keep waiting #12
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