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not bad doesn't look legit though they must have been in private lobby doing this nobody else moved but him #14
Sounds Like a Hater Wrote This but hey every one has there opinion LOL #7
Everything sounds real good cant wait #17
Cant wait February GET OVA HERE!!!!!!!!!! (Scorpion Voice) LOL #7
WOW Okay the moves and visuals were nice not getting a metal gear vibe from this though still will give it a try though #22
Good memories gonna have to get this with the PS Vita #13
The Batman Beyond skin Is my favorite the rest look ok #4
lol Hey Square Enix can't please everyone these days still a supporter what comes behind that haters #1.1.2
wow looks like i'll be busy with this game so much you can do i see cant wait January GET OVA HERE!!!!(Scorpion
Voice)LOL #1
that's great cant wait but hey that's just me #1
Cant wait for this Get ready here comes the haters #7.1
Well deserved Live for the Creed #1
Not a bad story can't wait looks to be something great but hey that's just me #1
not bad the 2nd video #5
cant wait #4
looks to be very promising cant wait #1
Cant wait the commercial could be a bit more stronger but hey that's just me #6
Assassin Creed Is always overlooked i think this one is up there for a true contender for Game Of The Year #4
cant wait nice preview well explained #1
its looks good and promising dante image may have changed but still haves the devil may cry feeling to it might buy it still iffy about it though #17
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