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Can't wait alot good games starting the year this is on the top 3 #3
FF 13-2 can't wait to give this demo a try and FF origins #14
Trailer was nice give it a try when it comes out #20
@Gravelord well said #1.3.1
Don't like this move Square Enix but i guess to try and bring newcomers to the series but I'll have it at the highest Difficulty cause i enjoy a challenge #21
some nice deals cant wait to try out the demo then the game at the end of the month #3
nice list what i strongly recommend Heavenly Sword Mirror Edge and Bayonetta a Sequel buy hey that's me #10
Final Fantasy XIII-2 my first on my list as well cant wait #4.1
Final Fantasy X on Vita can't wait #6
Damn hope this ain't true this game looks very promising. Looking forward to playing this #12
Bayonetta 2 possibly liked the first one #5
cant wait #3
well said on this preview #1
Everyone has there opinions all that matters is mine all these hate comments wont hurt influence my thought in buying or playing this game #15
A demo smart move can't wait for the 10th #6
Now this is some news cant wait #13
Tomb Raider and FF 13-2 #4
agreed #5.1.1
same here top 5 on my ps2 games as well #21.1
Vincent Valentine badass one of my favorites where's Sephiroth #9
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