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Not to bad numbers on Final Fantasy XIII-2 #1
sounds very interesting ill give the DLC A Try #1.1.1
So Right Keyblade a demo or some gameplay footage something #3.1
not a bad review im enjoying the game very much #3
@ brish Hey that's king troll ranma1 lol #1.3.1
Enjoying the game very much very improved #8
I Didn't have to give it another chance cause i sort of like the first one it wasn't one of Square Enix best the sequel i already have and enjoying it #9
Nice Review few days to go #1
Slippy should have been higher i hated that frog lol #14
can't wait to get one #4
Nice Review few more days to go #3
iamtehpwn gotta keep our fingers crossed hope to hear something a demo a release date anything lol #2.1
Final Fantasy XIII Versus finger crossed Tomb Raider much more there is alot of good games coming out this year lot to look forward too #3
I Have this game still pre ordered 5/10 wow ill still just have the be judge myself when i beat it #21
Nice Video Caius looks to be a very interesting villain #5
Nice video the casino gives me a ff 7 gold saucer feel again couple more days to go cant wait #6
Lighting DLC don't like this move Square Cid Raines would be a good addition to the party he would also be a good boss in the Coliseum though #7
@ Gravelord Right lol #1.3
Well said couldn't say it better #8.2
looks to be very promising #45
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