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Nice Video Caius looks to be a very interesting villain #5
Nice video the casino gives me a ff 7 gold saucer feel again couple more days to go cant wait #6
Lighting DLC don't like this move Square Cid Raines would be a good addition to the party he would also be a good boss in the Coliseum though #7
@ Gravelord Right lol #1.3
Well said couldn't say it better #8.2
looks to be very promising #45
looks promising keep the areas bit more dark give it that old resident evil terror kinda look and feel IMO #44
Looks very promising #4
looks promising cant wait #1
not a bad list fro this list i put Sephiroth # 1 my opinion that guy is just to serious lol #10
Like that faceplate #3
@Reborn Ranma loves Trolling lol this guy is all over the place in each article talking the same thing if you don't like the game it doesn't interest you don't worry about it Japanese this Japanese that everyone has there opinion this guy doesn't have one he let the Japanese make it for him #1.4.1
@Ranma1 This game will totally disappoint you and others not everyone i guess Japanese gamers have there opinion and i have mine #1.2.1
They had alot of things i liked in the demo NPC'S a sort of town area and much more cant wait for the full game now time for disagrees get ready for the haters to come trash talk and bash this preview shaking my head sigh #1
I thought the demo was real good and the game will be real good IMO #1
I'll judge the game for myself #4
I promise you that I will judge for myself good one same here kupo lol #1.1.1
Final Fantasy Versus XIII fingers crossed cant wait any longer lol #4
nice demo cant wait for the full game Kupo LOL #4
Nice Cover Art really like the first #3
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