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That was underwhelming. This whole e3 has been boring and forgettable.

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The Sony conference is e3 as far as I'm concerned. This is what everyone has been waiting for.

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Funny thing is we had that robotic mouth piece Phil Spencer boasting about 4k 60 fps on the one x and now a day later we find out one of their own 1st party games is 30 fps! If they can't even do it with their own 1st party game than what can we expect from 3rd party? Worst thing is crackdown 3 looks like garbage. How could they not get 4k 60 fps on it with a 6 teraflop console? Microsoft have really mediocre developers in their 1st party.

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It may be true 4k but it also looked like a true joke. No point taking about 4k when the game has graphics that look like an early 360 game.

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The xbox one x (worst console name ever) is going to make wii u sales look good if it stay's at that price for too long. Are there sony secret agents working at microsoft or what? They seem to be doing everything wrong and shooting themselves in the foot any chance they get. you can bet your house microsoft will not give any sales info for this and we all know why.

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Extremely boring conference! They showed a couple of interesting games but they really needed way more than that. The biggest crowd pop came from og xbox backwards compatibility for gods sake! The $499 just added to the misery. It looks like Microsoft know they can't beat sony so they're not even going to try to compete with them anymore. felt like The conference was stuck in 2nd gear the whole way. Really disappointing. Sony will beat it in the first 5 minutes of their conference. Th...

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I got a bad feeling microsofts conference is going to be talking about scorpio specs for half an hour and than a bunch of 3rd party games and how they are best on Scorpio. They won't have any actual exclusive new games to show.

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They're waiting for call of juarez to get backwards compatibility.

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More like games you will never play cause your stuck with your shitty xbox one and crappy games like sea of lame and crackshit 3.

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Everyone is excited for e3 and all the new game announcements except for xbox fans. They're still trying to make everyone believe BC is relevant when it's just an extra that's rarely used. It's not even full BC anyway. I can't pop in any 360 game I want and play it on xbox one. Typical microsoft. Can't get anything right.

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Sony really ain't doing much wrong when you have to nitpick and be this petty. This is what people want to complain about? So it's a bad thing that sony have games to show and get their fans hyped?

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You want to talk numbers? Where are the xbox one sales numbers? I think it's a valid question.

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The vast majority don't have any interest in it or very little interest like only playing a couple of their favourite old games. Since I got my ps4 I've only went back to ps3 once to replay the arkham games. Not only that but many of the best games of last gen are remastered on ps4 at 1080p 60 fps anyways. I would rather play those than go back to the original versions. BC is overrated by xbox fanboys because they have nothing else to talk about.

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Winning e3 doesn't mean shit! Sony win where it matters. Hardware and software sales and having the best games. Their position isn't even close to being threatened. Even with Microsoft having new hardware to show, everyone is still way more excited for sonys e3 because they actually have exciting highly anticipated games to show. Microsoft are just straight boring and laughably predictable.

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Microsoft can have a strong e3 but they have no chance of coming out on top with Sony and Nintendo around. There's more excitement for sony and Nintendo because the have killer software like mario odyssey and god of war that people are really hyped for. What game does microsoft have that everyone is excited for? Do they think scorpio is gonna take the focus off them having no software?

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Well some people may not like the monthly games but it's still free games your getting with your sub. Remember when there were no free games at all before ps plus? Be happy with what you got and don't become a self entitled spoiled little brat. People these days dont know how good they got it. Always complaining about absolutely nothing!

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I got this feeling that spiderman will be out near the end of this year with god of war kicking things off early year. Not long until we find out now. I think sony will have release dates for everything they showed last year except for maybe death stranding. The last of us 2 will get a release window at psx.

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Shut up!

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An amazing unique experience. That's the best way I can describe the last guardian. By the time I got near the end, i just didn't want the game to end. I felt a deep sense of sadness when the credits rolled.

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