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atleast sony doesnt use fake claps

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microsoft hype every E3 like this. remember this one?

"Xbox One will surprise the world during E3."
"We will kill Sony at E3".

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microsoft have only recently started connecting with their audience since all their screw ups. sony did it alot last generation and they're still doing it. also sony always had the bigger E3'S because they always have the wildest crowd. i heard microsoft uses fake claps and things. i think spencer is doing a great job of giving the illusion that microsoft now all of a sudden really care about the gamers and making great games but its only cuase they're getting their asses kicked b...

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xbox one has fallen way too far behind now. theres no way it'll even make a slight comeback. yeah sure xbox one is going to outsell PS4 when halo 5 comes out but thats going to be in the US only. nothing they do will be enough.

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i hope so but microsoft did say this a few times before for xbox 360 yet sony ripped them apart for exclusives.. dont forget the "we're going to kill sony" line. best way for microsoft to return to success is simple and that is by keeping their mouth shut as much as possible and just showing the games.

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thats the main problem with alot of xbox gamers! xbox 360 was their first console ever and a majority of the audience is very young.

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what are these great games than? microsoft have hardly released any exclusives from their 1st party and this year is looking really thin. also PS4 has been widening the gap even more which shows less and less interest in xbox one. microsoft can win the next 5 E3's.. this gen is over.

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on vgchartz yes.. they always adjust their sales afterwards. they also are very bad at tracking PS4 because of how much it sells in europe which is a difficult place to track sales. i think in reality PS4 is beating the competition alot more than shown on vgchartz.

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sony have been giving us sales data for PS4. the latest we have is over 18.5 sold and 19.9 shipped which means vgchartz can be accurate for PS4 becuase they have data to go by.

microsoft have been doing the complete opposite. they have been doing their best and using clever tactics to hide the sales of xbox one. last we got was a vague " nearly 10m shipped".. which basically translated to ' we're geting our asses kicked big time'. fact is we know the rea...

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hardly anybody gives a damn about these feautures.. thats why sony havent implemented them yet. majority of playstation audience wants to simply play games first and foremost. everything else is a bonus.these artcles come off as quite stupid. PS4 is the most successfull playstation console ever so far. the competition and the haters cant take it.

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forget windows.. how about giving some sales data for xbox one so we can see how much PS4 is really dominating instead of hiding behind 200k NPD victories microsoft?

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the gap was only 200k in december.. add in japan and ps4 closed the gap and than add in europe and PS4 just increased the gap by god knows how many units!! europe is completely skewed towards PS4. yet xbox one manages to look like its doing so well! NPD is decieving. reality is PS4 dominated xbox one in december and is STILL 500k ahead of xbox one in US aswell too if u want to cherry pick territories.

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i love nintendo but what are they winning exactly? right now the word winning and nintendo could not be more far apart.. or are nintendo allowed to be in some other reality where selling less than 50k consoles a week is winning. right now nintendo are just itching to get to the next console cycle and try again.

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microsoft fans are setting themselevs up for a fall later. theres no way microsoft will keep up with sony with exclusives. halo's been losing steam too since bungie left... they just have nothing left so im expecting 3rd party exclusives for xbox one because thats what microsoft do.

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all microsoft have done since the original xbox is just throw their money at it and try to force a success. microsoft still have a "helluvalot" to do compared to sony and nintendo in every way. how about you know.. trying to sell your system outside of america?

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microsofts clever and decieving techniques.. the PS4 no games argument will go on for years even though PS4 already has a much larger library than xbox one never mind later in the life cycle. each year sony will pump out more exclusives than the previous year like they did with PS3 2008 onwards.

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the brand name is what it is and this time sony didnt price people out and force them to go to competition like last gen. everyones coming home this gen!

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xbox one is a damn phenomenon. beats PS4 1 month out of like 11 and comes out looking like the winner! microsoft are damn good with their manipulation.

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yea.. PS4 is no.1 in both UK and US. look at the discounts and deals microsoft had in november. they got a decent boost because of that but how can they sustain it? answer is they cant. i'll be really surprised if xbox one is still outselling PS4 come january NPD.

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