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Only delayed? They should cancel the game altogether to avoid the embarrassment. That's how shitty this game is. Oh and remember that myth about sony showing games too early? When was this first shown again? What's taking them so long anyway? It looks like a n64 game.

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they're all lame. i would rather play GTA IV via backward compatibility than all those new games!/s

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sales aint down for ps4. its been up all year. it sold almost 400k in the US alone last month compared to xbox's weak 150k and thats just in the US.

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great games? what great games? great games that everybody played on PS4? you need exclusives to differentiate yourself and its even worse for xbox when most people are playing 3rd party games on ps4 too. it has all the mind share and on top of that they have all the exclusives games too. its almost as though people have forgotten xbox even exists and can you blame them?

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it did less than 3ds's 105k so if it aint under 100k it might be just over.. which doesnt make a difference what so ever to how bad it is.

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yea and even in the US, ps4 is really starting to pull ahead now having its best year ever whilst the xbox one is having its worst. its just getting worse for xbox as the gen goes on and sony will keep puling away even further. look at their games lineup for the next 2 years. its stacked.

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the lack of games is catching up to them. apparently xbox one sold less than 100k in the US in july while both ps4 and switch did over 200k. worldwide sales for xbox one were probably 150k-200k for the month. less than ps4 did in just the US alone so ps4 must be destroying xbox one in total worldwide sales every month. those are death bed level sales for xbox one.

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having an opinion piece titled why playstation plus is not worth it is really stupid. for every 1 person who doesnt think its worth it. theres a 100 people who think its more than worth it. the problem is those few who thinks it aint worth it seem to bark the loudest because they know it will bring attention.

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The brand is still in a huge mess. The Xbox brand needs it's own identity. You can see microsoft not even trying to compete with Sony anymore because they know they can't. You can't compete with the playstation brand at the top of its game. It doesn't matter what you do. They need to rebuild the brand with fresh new successful ip, consumer friendliness and treating gamers with respect instead of brainless robots. Lose the corporate pr bullshit and speak to your audience like r...

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Sony have too many conferences! I think they should just have 2 big shows per year. E3 and end the year with a bang with PSX. I suppose they want to do a show in Europe also which is why they do PGW or gamescom aswell.

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The game is generic as it gets. That's why it's not doing well.

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Xbox is the home of where games flop in sales because of its pathetic install base. Why do you think they skipped the xbox one? did you pull that statement out of your ass? How do you know most people play single player games on ps4? Did you ask every single ps4 owner in the world what they play? Last time I checked, multiplayer games like call of duty, destiny and battlefield were the highest selling games on ps4. Xbox fanboys lie just like microsoft do.

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Are the avatars true 4k?

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Atleast the order was an early ps4 game so you can understand why it's a little bare bones but What excuse does something like crackdown 3 have for looking like a launch N64 game when it's releasing 4 years into a consoles life? and don't come with that game play matters BS because the game play looks like trash too.

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still aint started the game and i bought it on launch day. once i heard it was just more fallout 3 but worse my desire to play the game kinda just went. i dont think i'll ever get round to playing it.

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sony need to get tough with polyphony. they just take too much damn time to make their games and now on top of that their next game is half baked and it took them 4 years to make it. they should remember they're making a damn game so stop wasting time trying to emulate real life. im still annoyed sony closed down evolution studios. they had so much potential. for anyone who dont know, they made the motorstorm games on ps3 and driveclub for ps4. they were a very talented studio. if they we...

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Yeh it will hurt them because people will call them out everytime we hear a game isn't true 4k on one x. It won't help their already bad reputation for lying and using clever marketing words.

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Nintendo have always hated 3rd party developers. During the snes era they were extremely restrictive with them and would impose all these weird rules on them like they were their masters until sony came along with playstation and basically said join us and make what you want. 3rd party devs already hated Nintendo because of the way they were treated so almost all of them joined forces with Sony to dominate the industry and teach Nintendo a lesson. They kinda deserved it too. Nintendo were so ...

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Let me see how much they boast when they're asked about sales data for the one x and they deflect with 56 billion visits to the xbox marketplace and 978 trillion jumps in crackdown 3.

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