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oh boy what if those microsoft rumours were true? i could see them doing it just to stay relevant and get people talking about xbox. microsoft need it more than sony do.

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this article is straight up trash!

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the game being exclusive isnt the problem.. being exclusive to xbox one is the problem.

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the power of cloud aint here yet.. wait until 2016 and xbox one games will be 2160p and 120fps

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its a pretty useless feature for most people as only a small minority will use it. also the argument for it was that it was a game changer for the X1 but its really not, ps4 is still in the lead and BC made ZERO difference. its also not full BC. there will be lots of xbox 360 games that will never make it on the BC list.

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this doesnt mean anything!! success is based on how many PSN accounts there are and backward compatibility!

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has the PS4 been out for 12 years like the PS2?

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sigh.. such a short memory...

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its the only thing microsoft can do until next generation. focus on games and rebuild the brand. they're doing ok so far , not amazing like the xbox fanboys keep going on about. how many new ip on xbox one? i cant find that many. its halo and forza again with tomb raider and titanfall thrown in. i can see why that would seem amazing to xbox fans who never owned a PS3 last gen and only a 360. sony have been doing what microsoft have just started doing since the original PS. maybe microsoft...

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dont know abut the last laugh but they did have the last cry when they seen the sales and decided to hide them in the future. you know, unlike the xbox fans i can respect microsoft for atleast throwing in the towel and admitting the PS4 has won this generation. the fans on the other hand will be proclaiming victory the next time xbox one scores a 10k NPD win! this stupidity hurts my head.

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"so its bad for tomb raider to be on xbox only but its good for sf5 to be only on ps4"

its way better to have it on PS4. miceosoft tarnished the xbox brand with the xbox one and it takes everything down with it. even its exclusive titles are selling lower than they ever have done before. why kill any chance of success by making it exclusive to xbox one? this is why people have such a problem when a game is exclusive to xbox.. because most gamers dont own or ever pla...

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they never even gave this game a chance having it as an xbox one exclusive. not only tomb raider but most titles sell really low on xbox one because of its small install base. PS4 is not only taking all the hardware sales, its eating up the software too. the crazy thing is, tomb raider will still sell more on PS4 even releasing a year later. that tells you all you need to know about any game being exclusive to xbox one.. its like they set it up to fail.

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and PLAYSTATION kicked even more ass.

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what about the new excuse? digital sales. i dont even see how it makes a difference because there is no way digital is accounting for more than 25% sales and not only that but digtial sales favour PS4. how? theres like 30m PS4 sold compared to what 13m-14m xbox ones. so of course digital will account for more on PS4. anyone except xbox fanboys can work that one out. so including digital sales makes it even worse for xbox one. lmao look at the comment below mine, xbox fans will latch onto anyt...

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lmao.. you want people to pity a machine? you act like people should feel sorry for microsoft and xbox one? why? its microsoft who need to SELL US their product. yeah they're the underdogs because they made themselves the underdogs by making an inferior console to their main competitor. its not like they're limited on cash now is it? the xbox one DESERVES to lose to PS4. thats justice.

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no need to be upset. also this is UK only. advertising doesnt seem to make a difference. look at fallout 4, it sold more on PS4 even with exclusive xbox one marketing. not only that but look at witcher 3, which sold alot more on PS4 even with xbox one marketing and no association to ps platofrms at all previously and im talking about UK sales only. add in the rest of the world and things get even better for software sales on PS4. so basically to sum up, PS4 is dominating the games industry pr...

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sony aint 2:1 ahead in UK. inform yourself before making dumb comments.

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i wouldnt say dominated. i think 360 was the first home console to actually compete with playstation. it was able to go toe to toe with playstation but this was more to do with sony's own major mistakes and arrogance than the 360 being anything special. sony forced alot of people to choose 360 over ps3.

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not dead but its defo not as popular as it once was and its because of the xbox ones position. the games will suffer too.

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woooooooooooo!! yoshi outsold a bunch of re released games that have been on the market for years and millions have already played them. is that how bad things are for the wii u and nintendo fans? damn!

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