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Lol.. you really think either of them has that much control? Don was just a promoter of the brand. He played no part on what the original plans were. It was higher ups at microsoft who's faces you'll never see. I find it funny that some people don't know that. Don, like Phil is just a disposable employee of Microsoft. They have no say in the company's plans.

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Microsoft forgot it's a games console, that's what happened. Started from tail end of 360 with the kinect and riding call of duty and than of course the Xbox one reveal. They're in a much better spot now but the damage has already been done.

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Decent sales for launch but the important period will be the next few months. Can it sustain sone good momentum or will it fall off a cliff?

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But its not even close to being the same. Sony wont be launching their exclusives on ps now. They might come to the service like 6 months to a year later, maybe even longer than that. where as Microsoft are launching their exclusives on PC and xbox one at the same time at launch. Is it really that hard to understand? It's like night and day difference ffs!

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We'll have to wait and see. I think they'll lose console sales if they go that route. If they do go that route, i wouldn't even need a PS4 anymore. Why would I when I could just play every game on PC? Not only ps exclusives but xbox exclusives too. No other hardware needed beside a PC. I don't see why sony would that though. It would De value their home console. I guess we'll find out soon.

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We need to know more about what sony are planning. We don't know which ps4 games will be on the service. Will exclusives be on it? If so, which ones? Until we know more, we can't really gauge how this will affect things.

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He obviously hasn't played it or is a Sony fanboy/s

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Nintendo fanboys are the Most sensitive fanboys. It's just they've been in hibernation before zelda as Nintendo had nothing for years. I remember when people were predicting the wii u would sell gamecube/n64 numbers and Nintendo fanboys would get outraged saying " after the wii, there's no way this will sell any less than 50m". Obviously they were completely wrong. Have sony or Microsoft fanboys ever carried out a DDOS attack because they were upset at a review?

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Most of them are just afraid to voice their OWN opinion. Colin never was and it would eventually bite him in the ass. Your not allowed to have a different opinion in today's world.

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Well put and the absolute truth. The world is really going to shit and it's probably going to get worse.

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This. They're so pathetic. The gaff community is toxic. Bunch of low lives who really have nothing better to do.

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Oh Yeh I'm sure we're gonna be seeing plenty of sony doomed articles. From just this piece of news, the Xbox fanboys have come out from hiding to give their business expertise. They think they have masters degree's in business all of a sudden. Also ps now was apparently garbage but now it's the best thing ever and is gonna make sony huge profits! /s

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That 12 year old comment always seems to get to xbox fanboys. I wonder why? You really think your gonna see horizon on this within only a year Lol. you want to talk about profits? Why would sony kill themselves by making their exclusives playable elsewhere? Who would need or want a ps4 if you could stream all their games on pc? Don't talk about business when you have no idea what your talking about. Why would sony de value their home console, which is selling incredibly well and making g...

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You can kiss my ass. I can say whatever I want to say and insult who ever i please. You can say what you want too. Mainly continuing to have a wank over microsoft. On you go pal.

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The only exclusives you'll be seeing on it are the launch ones at best. Killzone and knack etc.. The bigger exclusives will be on it when they're years old and sony have no use for them anymore. This is just an extra money maker for sony. Soo.. xbox fanboys can stop wanking now. Microsoft are going to actually launch all their games day and date on pc. Are you guys that stupid to realise the difference? I knew you guys were stupid but damn. 95% of xbox fanboys must be 12 years old.

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True but Nintendo fanboys can't accept that. No game can possibly be better than zelda: botw. If anyone likes horizon or any other game more, than they either haven't played zelda or are sony fanboys or nintendo haters according to them. Instead of giving actual reasons, they just use metacritic for their argument.

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I honestly have no idea what you're trying to say.

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Looks like Nintendo fans have stopped their zelda orgasm to come here and comment. Get back to wanking over Nintendo and the 1 game you got to play for the next year. If your lucky you might get a few more 5 year old ports of ps3/360 games. Maybe a port of red dead redemption while everyone plays red dead redemption 2. Or fifa 12? Haha. There's your 3rd party support. Nintendo are a big joke to 3rd party developers.

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What are so many Nintendo fans doing here? I thought you guys was busy wanking over zelda. I guess you should try and stretch the game to last a few months as you'll have nothing else to play for a long time.

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