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Theres no way sony will release all those exclusives in one year. They have enough to space them out over 2018-2019. Death stranding might even be 2020.

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Sony have higher digital sales. . Stop talking out of your ass.

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Hey go easy on him.. xbox fanboys are having a hard time at the moment.

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Yet you made a comment about It? If you really didn't care at all you would have never clicked the article at all. You aint kidding anyone with that crybaby comment.

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The whole console has been one big joke ever since it launched. Microsofts lack of effort is catching up to them. Ps4 has just gotten more and more dominant as the gen goes on.

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It's not really hard to figure that one out Is it?

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You seem to be stuck in 2008. Psn and xbl are pretty identical. Anyone who claims otherwise is straight up lying.

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Ps4 is having its best year since launch in the US. Xbox is opposite having its worst year since launch by a lot even with the launch of new hardware. How much more simply can I put It so you brain dead robotic xbox fanboys will understand? And this is the US. Worldwide figures would make you guys suicidal.

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Xbox fanboys are in full meltdown mode because microsoft couldn't win November npd with a new console launch with months of pre orders and they also had the cheapest model with xb one s. The chances of xbox ever winning a month again is very unlikely. The won't be winning any months in 2018, that's for sure.

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Having a meltdown? Xbox fanboys are going out of their minds and trying to come up with all sorts of excuses. It must hurt that your beast hasn't changed shit. Lol on the month DA X FLOP launched, sony have their best month ever in the US. Sony shiting on microsoft again.

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I like how they put in the spending bit to cushion the blow for xbox losing the month. They can't even win the launch month of new hardware. I knew it because microsoft have been so quiet. If they had sold the most they would never shut up about it. I also like how sony haven't boasted at all and they've just had their best month ever in the US selling note than 1.6m ps4's.

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What's all the hype about this game anyway? Looks bland as shit and runs like it too, even on PC.

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God of war, spiderman, days gone, detroit, dreams and more all set for 2018 release. It really is packed. Than You still have last of us part 2, ghosts of tsushima and death stranding to still come after that. Insane exclusive lineup. On top of that we get all the 3rd party games aswell.

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Losing out to ps4 on launch month is pretty embarrassing. I thought they would atleast win launch month in US but the PS4 is just too strong. Next year is looking really bleak for microsoft.

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The only way xbox could even have a chance at beating playstation is if it was half the price and has atleast a year head start but even that might not be enough.

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A really great franchise. I hope sony make more but let it rest for atleast 5 years.

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Are you kidding? Those switch npd wins, ps4 was within 20k of switch but ps4 just outsold switch by 800k in November. That's dominating. Even xbox one outsold switch almost 2 to 1. Switch really cannot be a threat to ps4 when it doesn't have the top selling games in the US, which are all 3rd party games not on switch. November sales prove that.

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Yeah but that ain't gonna stop desperate xbox fanboys trying to make out like it was the worst thing ever and playstation is dying.

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I agree. I think Greg Miller is getting arrogant and thinks he's way bigger and successful than he actually is. He's damn lucky sony even invited him at all.

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