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i'll translate all phil spencer interviews.

'we really wanted to bend people over and bleed them dry with our original vision for xbox one but when consumers, who we thought were alot more stupid realised this, we had to change the vision we wanted. we also needed a new face. which is where i came in. my main job is to try and reverse our image using our trademark decieving tactics and i feel im doing quite well. the xbox one is all about and has always been about the...

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yea thats great and everything but it still wont hold up to PS4 exclusives. Uncharted 4 will look better than all those games you mentioned. the fact is, xbox one will ALWAYS be weaker than PS4. i mean shit, your boasting about a racing game being 1080p.. thats how low the standards are now for xbox one.

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yea and how many playstation fans are waiting to shift to the PS4? PS4 sales are getting better and better and theres gotta be a price cut coming too. the first one for PS4.

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LMFAO at people that think it sold 10m!! HAHAHAHAHA. its not even close to 10m sold. seriously!! use your heads people!

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same! heck, i still have all of bethesda's games from last gen. i still have oblivion. it was one of the first games i bought for PS3.

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this is what i dislike about partnerships like this. bethesda are too cosy with microsoft. every game they've released since last generation has come with the tag ' F U ps fans, go buy an xbox to play our game properly' and they still havent compensated in any way. oh i forgot, they did give a discount on the 1 year late skyrim DLC for like 7 days only! wow could you believe that! now i can play dragonborn at 10fps! thanks bethesda.

ill enjoy the heck out of fallo...

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world leader and microsoft just dont go together.

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the comments section is a hilarious dick measuring contest. do you any of you kids really even know what this means?

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sony couldnt kill the playstation brand even if they tried. they had a go killing it with the PS3 but the damn thing still wouldnt go. the playstation brand is just strong as hell. when it comes to videogames, its the go to console now like nintendo used to be in 80's and early 90's. i think PS1 is the most important PS console. the building blocks and the foundation for where the brand is today. stronger than ever and top of the mountain.

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that correction would be a lie. how is xbox one selling well when its like 10m behind its main competition and also well below microsofts expectations? oh because its beating 360? than this reason will not last long as there's no way xbox one will keep pace with the 360.

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even the PS4 figure is too high but the xbox one prediction is stupid. 110m? how? the 360 was the best microsoft got and even that took 8 years to reach 80m sold. the xbox one will NEVER reach those heights.. so i say 50m is a safe bet.

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they're waiting, ready to pounce on sony when xbox one sells 10k more this holidays IN THE US. what a comeback! only 50 more holiday seasons and xbox one will be half way there.

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man im stoked!! i really thought they would only show this new quantic dream game for the entire conference! thanks for the enlightenment gamingbolt!

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it HAS to be different for xbox next gen. another gen like this and they'll have no choice but to kill xbox. i think for microsoft xbox MUST beat playstation next gen...and not just in US either. they have to do something to get a foothold in europe some how.

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PS4 number 1 in hardware AND software bu bu but.. gears charted and higher than until dawn so xbox one is super awesome and making a huge comeback and PS4 sucks!!

im sorry but never in my life have i seen a bunch of really stupid ignorant people than those xbox fans. just a bunch of 11 year olds that started gaming on xbox 360.. they dont know shit. i didnt want to insult but it had to be said. you xbox fans look soooo stupid trying to defend a losing console.

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i dont get this? the exclusives PS3 got is some of the best for any console ever, so how did it retard the industry. just because it was so different to the 360, alot of multiplatform devs didnt like that bt as we saw, alot of devs also relished the challenge and we got some AMAZING games on PS3. this forstbite dev should get back to making another crappy battlefield or something.

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how did HE pioneer 3rd person cover shooting? like really? how? was the idea created exclusively by him? is he some sort of mastermind that could figure it out that none else could?

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but he was part of gears of war, an xbox exclusive. so he must be worshipped by xbox fans. look at all of them defending him like hes their grandad.

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going by the comments section they should bring it to xbox one. seems like alot of the fans from the xbox camp get a boner over cliff. he only holds weight to the xbox fans because he was part of their precious gears of war series.

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the gap will get wider because of europe. i think xbox one will sell a few 100 thousand more in the US but PS4 will have an even bigger gap in europe.. so in the end PS4 still widens the gap during the holidays because its all about WORLDWIDE. oh and price cut.

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