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Are the avatars true 4k?

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Atleast the order was an early ps4 game so you can understand why it's a little bare bones but What excuse does something like crackdown 3 have for looking like a launch N64 game when it's releasing 4 years into a consoles life? and don't come with that game play matters BS because the game play looks like trash too.

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still aint started the game and i bought it on launch day. once i heard it was just more fallout 3 but worse my desire to play the game kinda just went. i dont think i'll ever get round to playing it.

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sony need to get tough with polyphony. they just take too much damn time to make their games and now on top of that their next game is half baked and it took them 4 years to make it. they should remember they're making a damn game so stop wasting time trying to emulate real life. im still annoyed sony closed down evolution studios. they had so much potential. for anyone who dont know, they made the motorstorm games on ps3 and driveclub for ps4. they were a very talented studio. if they we...

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Yeh it will hurt them because people will call them out everytime we hear a game isn't true 4k on one x. It won't help their already bad reputation for lying and using clever marketing words.

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Nintendo have always hated 3rd party developers. During the snes era they were extremely restrictive with them and would impose all these weird rules on them like they were their masters until sony came along with playstation and basically said join us and make what you want. 3rd party devs already hated Nintendo because of the way they were treated so almost all of them joined forces with Sony to dominate the industry and teach Nintendo a lesson. They kinda deserved it too. Nintendo were so ...

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Let me see how much they boast when they're asked about sales data for the one x and they deflect with 56 billion visits to the xbox marketplace and 978 trillion jumps in crackdown 3.

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Add in another $10 for a magnifying glass to actually spot any differences between xbox x and ps4 pro.

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The earliest possible ps5 release is fall 2019, which is very unlikely as sony will probably have last of us 2, death stranding and maybe ff 7 remake out in that year so they could easily just hold off and reveal it early 2020 with a fall 2020 release window. I think that's the most likely scenario.

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I want to know how many hours were spent browsing the playstation store or how many times people jumped in crash bandicoot!/s

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Just the xb1x? The switch has already sold more than the one x will it's entire cycle. The one x will sell very little because most people are still just going to buy the cheaper xbox one which is already selling very badly anyway so imagine how low the one x sales will be. The switch will also outsell the xbox one total easily in a couple of years. It's been 3 and a half years and the xbox one still hasn't even sold 30m.

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Based on what EA has been saying as well as totals from npd numbers, the xbox one hasn't even sold 30m yet. The highest it could possibly be is 29m and that's the optimistic number. Most of the crazy sales guys on neogaf think it's at 26m-27m and these guys really know their shit.

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No they don't. People want to play their old games in 4k and backwards compatibility. Nobody wants new exclusive games.

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Great! Now you can play games you've already played and completed, again in 4k only on xbox one x! This is what everyone's been asking for. Add in all the bc games and look how many games xbox has! All that for only $500? Thanks microsoft. I can't wait to play all those games again.

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Your feeling is an emotional attachment to xbox than actual reality. There's a difference.

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Harsh but true. Xbox is a shite brand compared to playstation and nintendo. It doesn't have its own image. It's just a shitty playstation wannabe. Why buy the shitty xbox when you can get the superior playstation?

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It's a monster guys! Ps4 gamers will be playing the likes of spiderman and god of war whilst desperate xbox fanboys will be looking at their screens with magnifying glasses trying to spot any differences on their $500 piece of trash. Everyone is still going to buy 3rd party games on ps4 so developers won't care about nogamesbox one x. It'll be dead before the year is out.

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400 bc games!!? thanks for proving my point and 1200 xbox one games of which 1195 of them you can play on PS4. thanks for confirming xbox has no games.

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this is hardly going to affect anything. PS4 is going to have its best selling year ever so the product is only becoming even more attractive to consumers as the actual hardware comes down in price. i knew xbox fanboys were going to try really hard at making this sound like the worst thing ever though. their miserable lives revolve around hating sony. in a month or two everyone will have all but forgotten about this but its pretty hard to forget having no games. this is why PS4 sales are goin...

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