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No one will be talking about Nintendo or zelda when red dead 2 is out this fall. Nintendo ain't invited to the party.

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Microsoft humble? Do you live on earth? Your comparison couldn't be more upside down.

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Do you ever turn off your fanboy mode and just make a normal comment?Don't take things so serious all the time and just chill out. You take it waay too serious. Relax man. It's just video games, not world war 3.

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So it just completely stopped selling than? It definitely sold a few more million since. Ps3 total is anywhere from 85m-90m.

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You obviously haven't played the game than. This is the best game ever made and nobody can have a different opinion. You must be a Sony fanboy/s

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Lol.. wtf is wrong with this game? No wonder they didn't show the game often. They knew people would pick up on these issues.

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Guys dont say anything bad about zelda. Nintendo fanboys will be on to you like a pack of rabid werewolves.

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Lol. Just butthurt fanboys they are, that's all. Making themselves look real stupid.

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It's pathetic and they know it. Multi platform games have 60m ps4, 30m xb1 and god knows how many pc gamers to be sold to yet how many sell almost 3m in only 2 weeks and are new ip? Even established franchises can't manage that. It's obvious this news is really hurting some people.

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Man xbox fanboys are burning up. The "only 2.5m out of 50m PS4" comments are weak and pathetic. Just reeks of jealousy. I guess 99% of games are flops than? Multi platform games that have the entire xb1, ps4 and pc to sell to dont even get close to these numbers in just 2 weeks. You know how stupid and butthurt those comments make you look? You know horizon is a huge success when it brings out such stupidity in butthurt fanboys. My brain actually hurts from the stupidity.

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Sure because every game should sell 60m just because there's 60m ps4's sold/s

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Damnnnnnnn! I knew it would sell well but almost 3m in only 2 weeks? well deserved.

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If you Used your common sense you would know there's no chance of the ps5 releasing next year. Just looking at their 1st party development, it's obvious sony have no plans to release the ps5 until fall 2019 at the earliest. Fall 2020 is most likely. Not to mention, they just released the pro aswell.

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In other words, it's weak. It should be no surprise though. Nintendo are Unwilling to make a powerful console. Even their next console, if there will even be one, will probably still not even be at xbox one/ps4 levels.

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I don't give a damn about the ps4 pro or the scorpio. when they start talking about the ps5, than I'll be interested. Right now I'm more than happy with the standard ps4 and can get 3 more years out of it.

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I knew the franchise would go downhill the moment EA bought out bioware. I'll still give andromeda a chance but I'm going in with low expectations.

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Add in sonys ridiculous suicide pricing of the PS3. A lot of younger people with limited income kinda had to go to 360 last gen. I bought a 360 first myself and got a PS3 in 2008 when MGS4 came out. I was only 16-17 years old at the time.

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I don't think so. While neither will get close to playstation, Nintendos lack of 3rd party support will hurt them. Microsoft will still get all the big 3rd party games like red dead 2 for example.

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Lol.. you really think either of them has that much control? Don was just a promoter of the brand. He played no part on what the original plans were. It was higher ups at microsoft who's faces you'll never see. I find it funny that some people don't know that. Don, like Phil is just a disposable employee of Microsoft. They have no say in the company's plans.

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