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It's a damn good strategy from Sony. I'm thinking we go get god of war in march and then spider-man in the summer, which is a perfect time to release the game. Both are going to be massive for sony. I could see them both selling more than 10m copies.

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A few years back i became obsessed with this theory and it left me more confused than ever. The truth is we'll never really know for sure because nobody can see for themselves and verify with their own eyes. If only we could fly eh?

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It looks more like a ps2 game in hd than a 360 game.

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It's a 6/10 game at best. Awful graphics with decent game play that would get boring real quick. Even alot of xbox fanboys ain't defending this game because it looks so bad.

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This doesn't mean anything. Single player games have an uncertain future./s

Is that why a single player game is topping the charts months after its release? Phil Spencer and Microsoft are a joke and should never say anything ever again. They're just pushing gamers further away.

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Yes they have. Ps4 has sold over 60m consoles. How much has xbox one sold again?

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Just let the xbox fanboys have this one guys. They're desperate for any win they can get. What does it even matter when in the real world the ps4 is outselling the xbox one by over 30m units and it grows everyday. Now that's what you call winning.

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Oh yea? Whats your psn id? I'm on my ps4 right now. I'll throw you a request but I doubt you'll even reply or you'll probably come up with some bs excuse.

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Of course you won't. You need to have a ps4 first dumbass.

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You'll get forza every year at true 4k 60fps but that's about it. Most other games wont be true 4k. The writing's already on the wall. Microsoft will flip flop on it like they always do.

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Of course you would say that! He could piss on your face and stuff his shit down your nose and throat and you would call him smart for it.

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But that's stupid. Sure, multiplayer focused games like destiny and the division eat up people's time but those are the gamers that like to play multiplayer but than there's millions of others like myself who don't really care about multiplayer and play mainly single player. Phil Spencer is only saying this because microsoft are going to focus on multiplayer service based games where they can make a lot more money from people. That's all its about for microsoft. They cou...

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Phil, you might as well be saying ' our console sucks, don't buy it if you like good games'. Just shut the hell up ffs! Single player campaigns are more popular than they've ever been. Nintendo and sony are mainly single player focused so who does he think he is saying their future is uncertain? What an arrogant c*nt! He's acting like microsoft are the leaders of this industry when xbox is just an after thought feeding off scraps. I wont be surprised if he's replaced ...

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Forget second son, there are early 360 games that look better than this piece of shit. Maybe even some late ps2 games. Microsofts first party developers are absolute shit. No talent at all. All they had was bungie but they got sick of being a halo factory and dumped them, than showed up on sonys e3 stage just to rub it in their faces. Even epic got tired of making gears of war for them so they sold the ip to microsoft knowing the franchise lost its popularity. Look what happened to rare too. ...

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The only thing you've been beating is your own d*ck. Lay off son.

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Of course they aint old enough. For Most xbox fanboys, the 360 was their first ever console. That's why they're so full of shit. They don't know the history and were still in their nappys during the ps2 era and didn't even exist during the ps1 when sony re vitalised and moved the industry forward. They've been stuck with Microsoft. No wonder they have low standards. Imagine having only ever played on xbox and missing out on sony and nintendo consoles. I get anxious just t...

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Lmao 4k blu rays! Dude nobody cares about that. Who in the hell still buys movies on disc? Is that all you got on sony? That and BC of course. The two things xbox fanboys always use against sony like anyone gives a shit about them. Have you taken a look at ps4's sales? You xbox fanboys really need to differentiate the real world from your own delusional minds. Sony are giving people what they want. It's how they've sold 60m+ consoles but you guys ignore the actual facts and spout...

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Awww are you gonna cry because people don't like your idol Phil Spencer? ? Is this guy your dad or something? ps4 will keep dominating so deal with it, stop moaning like a little bitch and move on.

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Yeh I lost hope in some people when they actually believed the cloud bullshit. It's pretty clear that Microsoft straight up lied and they will continue to do so. They lie so much that people forget them because they quickly replace one lie with another.

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Don mattrick was way better. He didn't talk every 5 seconds and was more genuine than Phil Spencer. Also whats his obsession with always talking about the competition? Your the head of xbox, not playstation or Nintendo so keep your damn big mouth shut about them. Sony or Nintendo don't do this and neither did Don mattrick when he was head of xbox.

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