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Even at 240p it would still look better than crackdown 3 at 4k. What's the point having 4k resolution with shit graphics?

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Xbox retard syndrome. They seem to forget that unlike microshit, sony have their own show psx, where they will show plenty of indies. Sony have a perfect variety of indies, 1st party exclusives and 3rd party exclusives. Xbox one has the worst 1st party games of any console ever made, hardly any 3rd party exclusives and nowhere near as many indies as sony has. Sony are ass f*cking microsoft with no lube at this point.

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No chance of it happening anytime soon as they're deal with Sony goes for another few years. It's not just call of duty either; Activision also team up with Sony for destiny and they're even doing crash bandicoot trilogy for them too. Activision are all about the money. They have nothing to gain siding with microsoft. Ps4 is trouncing xbox one in hardware and software by huge margins and that's why almost all 3rd party publishers are making deals with Sony. They want in on th...

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Ps4 and switch is the best combo. You'll get to play all of the best must play games. Xbox is shite. Gonna be left in the dust by ps4 and switch.

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Not really go to any xbox one x or 4k piece and the comments section is an xbox fanboys wank fest. Go and join them.

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Will be remembered in history as the day Microsofts last console launched.

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Sony have released more exclusives in the first half of the year than Microsoft have the last 2 whole years.

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Are xbox fanboys learning from Microsoft and becoming liars? It's an actual fact that microsoft games take longer to release after announcement. Search it up. Xbox fanboys really don't live in reality.

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We're almost 4 years into the gen. Any big game would have already been announced already. We know what sony has coming the next few years and nintendo have already announced their big games and the switch barely just launched but microsoft? 'Keep waiting'. They've been saying the same thing since before the xbox one even came out. The only consistent thing about them is a yearly forza game.

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It really is as simple as this. Even the dumbest of xbox fanboys should be able to understand now. 3rd party developers don't give a shit about xbox one x until it can make them good money. The Xbox one x is going to have a tiny install base. It'll probably take a year just to sell 3m.

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Lmao you been watching too many gangster movies. Either that or your dumb as f*ck. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

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We're back to the early ps3/360 era where people would claim one version was better because an npc had more hair on his head.

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Xbox fanboys new excuse is 'oh it will still run better than ps4 pro lol lol lol'. Sony nor any sony fanboys ever claimed games will run at 4k on the pro unlike you backtracking xbox fanboys wanking over true 4k for an entire year. You guys should go back into hiding like you have been most of the gen until you started getting delusions that the scorpio would change things. I bet most of you will vanish next year when xbox is getting dominated by sony and nintendo and microsoft come o...

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Just wait and see! E3 2020 microsoft will show how many exclusives they have and they'll take over! There's no way sony and nintendo can compete.

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Wait until next e3 and microsoft will show us the true power of the beast!

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People like this guy will always find something to complain about. If it was like the previous games? Oh same old god of war with better graphics blah blah and when they do something different? Oh what have they done? This isn't god of war blah blah im a whiny little bitch. Go play call of duty if you want the exact same game every year with a new skin. Sony santa Monica know exactly what they're doing! They've never made a bad game.

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No. 4k still has very low adoption. Hardly anyone has a 4k tv and there is hardly any 4k content to justify buying a 4k set at the moment. Maybe in a few years. More people are still buying 1080p tv's. 4k kinda reminds me of blu ray. Blu ray was a nice jump but people were fine with dvd's. Same for 4k. Most people won't make the upgrade because they're happy with their 1080p tv's that they probably bought quite recently.

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I'll be impressed when something like red dead 2 is true 4k on xbox one x or even assassins creed. Not a racing game nobody cares about. Xbox fanboys think this is impressive? Lol first you guys were saying most games will be true 4k on one x but now your impressed that project cars 2 is 4k. Sounds like your expectations have already been lowered.

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Ps4 is at over 60m sold right now, so I think in 2019 it will pass 100m sold.

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Shut up.

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