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havent you guys heard? if its not halo or forza than its not a game apparently.

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microsoft can spin and decieve all they want. we already have sales for the UK and we will get sales for the US with NPD. than it'll be obvious halo 5 is actually the lowest selling numbered halo game by ALOT. its quite sad seeing xbox fall like this. first microsoft not giving any more hardware sales for xbox one and now their main franchise is clearly on the decline. basically, xbox one will become even less popular as the gen goes on.

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are you on crack? 2m at best.

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agree. come back and talk when microsoft make a new ip. the nerve of these xbox fanboys talking about exclusives when microsoft have the the least and lowest quality out of all the consoles. oh but xbox got the halos!! which clearly people are getting sick and tired of but microsoft dont have the balls to move on from the franchise. they just make another studio to make halo games after bungie.. same with gears of war.

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better than delusional nintendo fanboys still living in the damn 90's snes era. nintendo aint shit now and they aint been since the 90's when sony just came in and stomped on them like they never existed. hate and disagree all you damn like but these are the facts. damn nostaligic nintendo fanboys its 2016 not 1991. oh im just a sony fanboy what do i know is what you nintendo fanboys are thinking.. i've owned every nintendo system before the wii u including handhelds. every last o...

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best thing microsoft can do now is not say a word until their next console unveiling ( if there will even be one) especially if its going to be from aaron greenburg.

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US only maybe. UK PS4 easily. you can get ps4 for only£250 since price cut. i just got mine 2 weeks ago and personally know 3 other people that bought one since. this is the sweet point price in UK. took years for PS3 to get to that price.

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well unless xbox one outsells PS4 in america by 5 million, what difference does it make? its the rest of the world where the damage is being done! PS4 is ahead in the US by about 1m, yet in total sales its like 14m ahead! so PS4 will keep increasing the lead regardless. which is what really matters. also same old microsoft forget about the rest of the world and talk specifically about US only. why do they always do that? its getting really old and like i've explained, its irrelevant.

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dont forget fable... an absolute must have title!!

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what does it not have to do with video games? its sales for PS4, a videogame system. no need to be all technical.

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ps4 is outselling every other home console and handhelds combined every quarter. not only that but like you guys have been saying, all this without its FIRST price cut!! incredible sales for PS4!

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just to clear on point 2. sony have never hidden their shipments for PS3. NPD numbers were also always given before so nothing was ever hidden there. they did however start combining vita/psp and ps2/ps3 shipments because of vita flopping but they never out right stopped giving sales numbers.

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forget 4 ps3s... the first 2-3 years of the xbox 360, people had to go through 5 of them because of rrod.

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"Big whoop, finally a company trying to lead the gaming community into a better direction without the childish sale figure wars"

wtf... are you actually kidding me right now or do you actually believe that? ah no you dont, your just a microsoft blinded fanboy. what an insult to human intelligence. you damn well know microsoft are hiding the numbers because of how low and far off the competition they are. this is the closest we'll get to microsoft admitting x1 as...

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its a good time to rely on 3rd party isnt it? look at whats coming from 3rd party this holiday and onwards.. why do people under estimate it? strong 3rd party relations is one of the keys to success. you dont release your big exclusive games at the same time your 3rd party partners are releasing their big games. sony are doing everything right.

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dont forget 3rd party... they have a way bigger impact than exclusive titles ever would. PS4 also gets the best version of these 3rd party games. only the BIG exclusives sell consoles. the gears remake didnt do anything, forza did nothing and is the worst selling forza game in series.. tomb raider?? not big enough. theres only halo and the effects of it wont last forever. the only thing that can help xbox one is being $100 less than PS4. xbox cant compete with playstation at same price.

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than tell us the actual sales for xbox one microsoft. why you hiding it? we know last we got from sony was 25m. is xbox one even at 15m sold yet? does anyone know?

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with PS4 you can do both. it dominates both categories.

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i really do get a kick out of the xbox guys dismay at the current state of this generation.. keep it coming guys... man its gonna be a bloodbath in here when xbox one wins its one holiday month in just the US. you guys are going to be boasting like xbox one dominated the entire universe. prolonged constant denial can have a really bad effect if not corrected. some of you guys are literally living in a fantasy world in you own heads.

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sony really rubbing it into microsofts faces now. exclusive marketing for star wars and call of duty, price drop and still 2 more press conferences this year. the only real firepower microsoft have is halo 5. it'll definately sell some consoles but wont be enough to get anywhere near playstation.

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