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Microsoft can have a strong e3 but they have no chance of coming out on top with Sony and Nintendo around. There's more excitement for sony and Nintendo because the have killer software like mario odyssey and god of war that people are really hyped for. What game does microsoft have that everyone is excited for? Do they think scorpio is gonna take the focus off them having no software?

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Well some people may not like the monthly games but it's still free games your getting with your sub. Remember when there were no free games at all before ps plus? Be happy with what you got and don't become a self entitled spoiled little brat. People these days dont know how good they got it. Always complaining about absolutely nothing!

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I got this feeling that spiderman will be out near the end of this year with god of war kicking things off early year. Not long until we find out now. I think sony will have release dates for everything they showed last year except for maybe death stranding. The last of us 2 will get a release window at psx.

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Shut up!

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An amazing unique experience. That's the best way I can describe the last guardian. By the time I got near the end, i just didn't want the game to end. I felt a deep sense of sadness when the credits rolled.

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How much better looking though? Enough to matter? If it's just native 4k vs checkerboard on ps4 pro than nobody will be able to see a difference. The scorpio needs it's own games to succeed.

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Exactly. Sure, scorpio version of some games will have improved performance and graphics but you can still play those games on ps4 so it won't matter much. It's the lack of system selling exclusive games that have hurt xbox since they started focusing on kinect and forgot about games.

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Microsoft don't give a shit about exclusives and investing into their first party output because that takes effort and work. They would rather try and take the easy way out.

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New ip is what microsoft need but they seem incapable of understanding that. They need to build a new and better image for the xbox brand. Most people just see it as a shitty version of the playstation that plays halo.

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Guys don't bother. .. Nintendo fanboys have an excuse for everything. Don't waste time trying to reason with them.

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Yet, you would be the first one jizzing all over the place if microsoft had a marketing deal for gta 6 for example. Hypocritical cunt.

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Now sony are just being ruthless. Fifa already sells like 5 times more on playstation with xbox marketing so they don't even need this. EA were probably dying for their deal with Microsoft to end so they could go back to playstation where a majority of their games sell. Nobody seems to want to align themselves with microsoft. Sony literally has a partnership with every big 3rd party publisher now.

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What is it with you xbox fanboys and the name xander? I've come across so many xbox fanboys with that name.

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It must be a massive relief for them. When you leave microsoft, it's like going from a small pool to the vast ocean. They're free at last. Perfect time to escape the sinking xbox brand.

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360 games in 4k!

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How many litres of microsofts jizz have you swallowed today?

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Of course it's free! Who would buy this garbage? Even for free nobody's going to play it.

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Remember when people used to argue about games? Now days everyones going crazy about resolution and teraflops and ryzen cpu or whatever the hell it's called.

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Xbox fanboys should just ask Phil Spencer if they can give him a blowjob. How can anyone believe the BS that comes out of this guys mouth. He's a lying scumbag.

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You lying cuntface. You haven't even played either of those games you shit face.

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