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i dont know.. maybe they just think xbox sucks and theres a better alternative?

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not really. how well your doing is relative to your competition. PS4 is murdering xbox one so no, its not doing well. no point comparing it to 360 either. it wont get anywehre near the 360's levels. PS4 is not only ahead of the competition by a landslide but its also the fastest selling PS console.

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oh my god!! maybe people aint as pathetic as you are man. who even thinks like that? you've taken your love for xbox too far man. too far. im baffled by your comment! this is 100% delusion to the core people. this guys mind isnt in reality. ignorant and arrogance = deadly combination.

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sony charge for used games now? since when? dumbass microsoft fanboy.. people havent forgotten about microsoft just because they acting like the good guys all about the gamers now. we all really know that microsoft are the most sly, cash grabbing, corporate scumbags on the face of this planet and im glad the xbox one is a complete failure! i love looking at the sales charts seeing xbox one being crushed because microsoft FULLY DESERVE IT. lol its all about the gamers and sales dont matter any...

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both are great but if you had to choose one.. PS4 in a heartbeat. when this generation is done, PS4 will have the best games by a landslide. xbox one will miss out on alot of awesome games because of its poor sales. FFVII remake, shenmue 3, kojima's next game are a few examples.

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lmao people moaning about ps2 games!! i played the shit out of them old games. most of them are still mapped out in my brain. i guess i have no interest in them so i dont care. i guess they could be like $5 lower.

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obviously they will never say it sold badly no matter what! even if it sold only a 100k. they'll say the same thing. i still cant understand why this exclusive deal was made? nobody benefited at all. square and microsoft screwed themselves. did microsoft think they were really gonna move consoles with tomb raider?

anyway, you know the sales are bad when the PS4 version releases a year later and outsells the xbox one total in a week. i expect that to happen.

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i hate how people discuss vgchartz data like its fact. yeah some of us know how far from reality it is but alot of people dont and take it is fact. thats just misleading and straight up lying. so why do vgchartz even exist? vgchartz fuel fanboy wars. they can have their own site but i agree, they should be banned. why post their lies on N4G? if people want to visit vgchartz, they can.

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easiest decision in the world for kojima. he's probably even known about this for a long time. xbox fans, you should expect things like this because its all about the sales. developers go where the install base is and today, playstation is leading the market in a big way. games are selling almost entirely on PS4 so dont be surprised when xbox one is left out.. its going to happen more and more as the gen goes on imo because PS4 is increasing the lead every week. sonys gonna get alot of 3r...

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of course! he probably speaks 10 languages.

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DAMN!!!!! sony going into overdrive mode! we all should have known after the picture with mark cerny! looking back it was obvious. sony will give kojima all the freedom he wants. its the perfect partnership.

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xbox one is a awesome machine. PS4 is a awesome machine. sony are the king of consoles right now. microsoft are still trying to turn around their bad image. PS4 has already run away with this generation and will start to greatly increase the lead.. nothings going to change that this generation. both xbox one and ps4 owners should just enjoy their consoles. no need for sony fans to belittle the xbox one, we all know its struggling badly to match the PS4 sales. no need to kick microsoft when th...

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im probably gonna get hate for this but gears of war was always a crap game. the story and characters are an absolute joke which is why its not as popular today. nobody cares about what happens next because the characters are lame. theres no attachment to them. the franchise doesnt even have the original developers anymore.. they should have just left it at gow judgement and moved on but microsoft are going to run it into the ground first.

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i just read that tomb raider sold 200k in the US for both x1/360 combined so theres no way it did 300k outside of the US. we know it sold like 50k in the UK. i think its closer to 350k than 500k. worldwide.

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"if you look at other games on vgchartz"

thats your problem right there. vgchartz data is far from reality. the site is run by a bunch of amateur guys trying their best to estimate sales so how can people quote them for sales?

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lmao!! the damage control is too much!!

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its all about brand recognition.

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man go cry some where else. this is N4G, you aint getting no sympathy here.

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really? seems like x1 gamers dont want games. nothing sells on it. even huge titles like MGSV cant even break 500k on xbox one.

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even near the end of the gen when PS4 is 60m ahead we'll still see articles like this telling us xbox one is gaining ground. its getting ridiculous! surely microsoft have some hand in all these positive articles for xbox one. they all seem to come in one go.

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