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Not as cringy as "da x" or "da beast" or "its a monster" now that's just straight up cringe. speaking of "da x" wheres all the hype gone? Lol has everyone forgot about it already?

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You gotta wonder why microsoft even have a console at this point. I mean they have so few games of their own, they might aswell just make halo gears and forza for pc and playstation and be done with it. Sony and nintendo are different. Obviously for Nintendo, gaming is all they know and with Sony, playstation is a huge part of their business but Microsoft? The don't need nor even care about xbox. It's a tiny part of their overall business and they're against competitors who are al...

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It's going to be out in March. Only reason sony haven't announced it yet is because they're not sure on the exact date in march and don't want ro delay even if It's only week. Uncharted 4 was only delayed by a couple a weeks and people were mad about it. The release date will be announced soon.

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Why are nintendo so overrated? They had a good year for their hardcore fans but what about everyone else? Without 3rd party switch is just lacking in games and it's not going to get better because of the weak hardware. Theres only so far zelda and mario can take you and they have come and gone now, so apart from pokemon what else do nintendo have left? Microsoft are always ripped apart for their lack of games but atleast with 3rd party, they will always have more games on their system tha...

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Sony are dominating hardware and software sales. Until either changes, sony really have nothing to worry about. As long as they dont make any bad decisions like the ps3 launch than they'll continue to dominate future generations. They literally have it all in their own hands and thats the best position you can be in. Also, microsoft are In even more trouble with nintendo doing well again. There's less room for them and xbox will become even more irrelevant as hardware sales fall in 2...

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Shut up and go ask your daddy to buy you a ps4.

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Well going by official sales, ps4 passed 3ds already. Vgchartz is actually late. Why make such a fool out of yourself with that comment?

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First of all sony have done more than 20m in one year with both ps2 and ps4. Second of all, what the hell are you talking about " re establishing respect"? Lol. Have you ever wrote a comment that wasn't full of trash?

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Both ps4 and switch are looking at 20m for 2018 imo. It's going to be a great year for both.

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Ps4. It had the most game releases overall and sold more consoles and software by alot. You fanboys can talk about how your favourite company won but all the actual facts show that sony are easily beating the competition. Nintendo winning? Give me a break! How can they win when half of the biggest games of the year don't release on their system because the console is too weak to even get a port? Pathetic.

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My favourite game on the N64 when I was just a kid was donkey Kong 64 lol. I just couldn't get enough of it. I remember playing abit of banjo and mario but never completed either of them. Good memories.

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Reveal in 2019 and release in 2020.

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It's pretty obvious ps4 will be sonys second best selling console of all time. It's going to blow past ps1 and ps3 but will fall well short of ps2's unreachable Level. no console will ever beat it. Sony were selling 18m ps2s in its 7th year on the market! The ps2 just kept on going. I think ps4 ends at an awesome 120m sold.

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It's certainly the underdog but there's always a slight chance I guess. In the US Xbox does put up a fight sometimes. It always does quite well in November and December.

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Nah. This is late 2019 at best.

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I dont think death stranding will ever release on any other platform. Sony are publishing the game. Maybe kojima will make multiplatform games in the future but not anytime soon. Kojima and sony working together is perfect and metal gear solid was always associated with playstation anyway. It was the best move for Kojima. Death stranding has the potential to be a masterpiece.

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I think it'll be close between ps4 and switch. Even though switch didn't do that great in November selling about 750k compared to ps4's monstrous 1.6m, Nintendo always have a very strong December compared to November. If sony kept that $199 price i think they could have done 2m in December but the price went back up. They're probably saving that for next year which will be ps4's peak year imo.

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Who the hell prefers xbox? That's like a starving person choosing 2 slices of bread when he has the choice of taking 4.

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Of course they matter. Only xbox fanboys will deny it because xbox has so little exclusives. Would ps4 be selling as much as It is if it had the exact same library as xbox one? Would the switch have sold 10m already without exclusives like mario and zelda? Would xbox have gained a foothold without halo? Even xbox fanboys can't deny that one. Sure exclusives ain't the only factor but they play a huge role.

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Your just butthurt that spiderman is PS4 exclusive. Well get used to it because this is a true exclusive that will never release on any other platform. Not a timed exclusive like tomb raider was, which is what people hated on. Nobody was hating on the actual game.

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