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it wont be bad for sony at all if they release this new model at the same price PS4 is at now which is $349 and cut the standard model to $299. thats fair and will increase sales for the PS4.

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PS2 wouldnt have become what it did without the original playstation, which was the most revolutionising console ever during those times. which is why it was the the first to sell over 100m units and why the playstation brand is still here going strong today over 20 years later. sonys first console and what a beast it was to storm the gaming industry the way it did. now thats revolutionary.

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yea that line literally had me laughing!

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who even gives a crap about this new slightly upgraded PS4? i'll stick to my standard PS4 and only get this new one if my PS4 becomes faulty. i think microsoft fanboys are letting their imaginations run wild hoping this gives microsoft a chance to become the hero's and get in the good books. theres no return for xbox one which is exactly why sony can take risks and experiment with this kind of stuff.

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lmao.. xbox fanboys talking about next gen already because this gen is already over for xbox. it doesnt matter what microsoft come out with, unless they get a head start and come out $200 cheaper, playstation will always crush the tiny xbox brand. your also an annoying piece of trash. n4g, vgchartz and wherever the heck else you spread your microsoft bullcrap. i cant visit any damn site without seeing your damn name somewhere.

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holy shit! N4G is fanboy heaven! the comments section is ridiculous!

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this! microsoft deserve to eat shit and like it. they can hide the sales all they want. everyone knows xbox one is a major flop.

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leave the guy alone. he needs to tell himself something to sleep better at night!

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not too hard to figure out xbox one sales if you just add up sales from NPD and the main european country's. 18m seems about perfect. there was no way it was over 20m like some people were claiming. mainly xbox fans. it could even be lower than 18m but not by much. 17-18m is a good bet. clever of microsoft to hide sales numbers. people can just imagine its doing better than it is and inflate the sales by a few million.

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where the heck do some of your come out with this? sony never EVER did this with PS3. we got sales for PS3 every quarter.

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yea sure.. microsoft are hiding the sales because xbox one is killing it!! do you even have a brain? people aint saying xbox one is struggling, microsoft themselves are saying it!

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maybe if microsoft just gave us actual sales numbers we wouldnt have this problem of everyone guessing the sales. like other posters have said, look at nintendo still reporting sales for the wii u. sony didnt hide their sales for PS3 when it was doing bad for playstation standards. so its annoying that microsoft hide theirs and leave everyone second guessing. maybe when all is said and done microsoft will give us the final xbox one shipments?

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no i did not know but what i would like to know is how much xbox one has sold. i wonder why microsoft dont talk about hardware sales anymore... hmmm

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this comment is beyond a have 2 home consoles that have sold over 100m. one of them is the highest selling system ever with over 150m. their lowest selling system still matches the highest selling xbox system. sony are now again going to glide past the 100m mark with PS4. that will make it 3 home consoles past 100m sold and your putting xbox in the same bracket as that? xbox has a LOOONG way to go before becoming a powerhouse like the ps brand. you ignorant as hell bro.

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rare died the day they were purchased by microsoft. my personal favourite game from them is donkey kong country 2 on the snes. what a game that was.

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these types of games sell very little on xbox. the audience just isnt there. kingdom hearts 3 will probably sell like 10 times as much on PS4 than xbox one. look at MGSV, sales were like 8 to 1 in PS4's favour. it sold millions on PS4 but could not break even 1 million on xbox one. the sales for kingdom hearts 3 in japan alone will be more than the entire lifetime sales for the game on xbox one.. that tells you all you need to know. even big western games are selling very little on xbox o...

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Uncharted 4 probably sold more than that 0.5m in 1 day of pre sales. rise of the tomb raider is a quality games but man what a colossal flop.

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well the last uncharted came out in 2011 and theres been 2 tomb raider games since, one of which released 4 years later and on next generation hardware. when uncharted 4 makes its return next year, i think it will dominate tomb raider in popularity, sales and reviews. a clean sweep.. so uncharted haters and xbox fanboys can have their fun until then cause you wont be saying a word once uncharted 4 is unleashed.

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dude even if you were on the verge of death and god himself said to you he would give you eternal life if you got rid of your X1, you wouldnt do it! i've seen fanboys in my time but man, your something else.

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