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people need to LOOK at their hands! its the dualshock that has always been the most natural controller. the xbox one is the awkward one with the analogue sticks far apart from eachother.. its just stupid but of course microsoft and its fans have made it seem like its the greatest controller in the world. typical of them. #72
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put them down. theres no use for people like this on earth. #2
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who gives a crap. by now even microsoft KNOW they wont outsell sony at launch. not sure about US but believe me, xbox one is being teared apart in europe. #60
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even if 360 version looked better i would rather play GTA on a dualshock than that fat ass giant 360 controller! #55
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why are xbox fans straight up lying about GTA IV being better on 360? i remember plently of sites saying it was overall better on PS3 and i've seen both versions running. the ps3 version had better draw distance and way less pop in. 360 just had more colour! who gives a shit about that? GTA V on PS3 all day long! #63
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having a mascot is a disadvantage if anything. sony have never had one but look at the sales of their home consoles. nintendo have the most popular and yet their consoles suffer the most and microsofts main game and mascot is too american. #60
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kojima is a sell out. it used to be about making the best game possible. now its about how a game can make as much money as possible. #58
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do you see the pre orders too microsoft? #126
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november will be the beginning of a very rough time for microsoft. they really should have just shut up a long time ago. the sales will be so heavily in favour of PS4 the first year, theres nothing microsoft can do to counter it. they need to take kinect out NOW and release at $399 to even have a chance and even than i doubt it would outsell PS4.

see ya later microsoft. cant say you didnt try hard with the xbox and xbox 360 but its time to give it up. #59
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the xbox one was the last straw for microsoft. they've been bending over their fans for years and now alot of their fans have finally got out of their sheep state and realised. sure there are sony fans who troll the xbox one but most of its from former xbox fans who had brains to begin with. #73
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xbox has never won a gen and with nintendo and sony around, they never will but microsoft are an american company, so they will always have the media sucking on their sack. like all these positive articles when there really has been nothing positive about microsoft at all the last 5 years. #56
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nobody gives a damn about xbox one in rich couuntries. why the hell would south africa care? Playstation dominates there aswell. xbox has a VERY small presence outside of america. nintendo and sony are WAY ahead. #50
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might aswell just change the name to xstation 4 to. microsoft are cloning the PS4 now. #93
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just when things were starting to get better look who opens his fat mouth. #61
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xbox fans are pussies!! why you comparing drive club to forza? wait till gran turismo on PS4 you dumb motherfuckers!! how stupid are these cunts going to get? #37.1
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i'll wait for next gen Gran turismo. dont really play any other racers. #38
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yeh we'll wait till the launch figures microsoft. this is the same company that claimed 360 was the best selling system in the world when it was a FACT that it wasnt. why say world when your just talking about US? because microsoft will do whatever they can to make themselves and their products look good. havent they learned to just shut the hell up? #50
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have you had your head down a toilet the last 4 years? #35.3
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they're not even real xbox fans.. more like microsoft employees hyping up the disaster that is xbox one. #34.1
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didnt microsoft dub their E3 as their FULL lineup of games? they blew their load early and showed everything they got. sony barely showed even half of what they got. unlike microsoft they have huge audiences in japan and european markets. microsoft are clever.. they know how to keep their zombie fans in check. #43
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