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If sony wanted to milk it, they would have just slapped together uncharted 5 and release it this year.

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The original ps4 still probably accounts for 90% of the ps4 sales every week. The tech geeks are in the minority. Software and price point are the 2 main factors that determine the success of a console. The Xbox Scorpio will not only be too pricey but won't have the software to compete with the ps4. You can't play last of us 2, spiderman, death stranding etc.. on xbox and these are going to massive games. On top of that xbox's 2 biggest franchises are on the decline. Halo and ge...

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This. Is he even capable of forming an opinion for himself? The guy doesn't have a mind of his own. Might as well be a robot. Hell, Nintendo of Japan probably even tell him what to say to his wife and kids.. damn.

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He should ask himself that everytime he looks in the mirror.

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What records is it breaking? How many units has the switch sold so far. Why not back up your claims with actual data? no point just saying it's breaking records. If you ask me, reggie should shut up and work on bringing a steady flow of games to the switch because the lineup for it looks like absolute shit.

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I have a story for you guys. Sony will continue to dominate. End of story.

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Sure pc has many exclusives. . How many are actually decent enough to be worth playing? Not many.

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Which pc exclusives? If they're so good why has nobody heard of them?

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Are you talking about that imaginery invisible ps4 you have?

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Developers should make a game how they want to make it. They don't need to put gays or transgenders in it. I think most people would prefer if they didn't to be honest but nobody likes to say it.

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Lol "we". Where were you during WW2? You act like you was actually a part of it. Even your own dad's sperm probably didn't exist than.

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Wish I was one of them but looks like I ain't.

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$100? Damn, that's generous.

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Yea yea it will be super powerful. Xbox fanboys will have a wank over it, nobody else will care. Pretty much just like the xbox one. Microsoft can compete with Sony on the hardware side but they are light years away on the software front which is way more important. Software sells hardware. Nobody can argue that. Better bring the games microsoft but everyone knows they'll just being more halo, gears and forza with a timed 3rd party exclusive. Microsoft don't give a damn about making n...

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Lmao at xbox fanboys having seizures because there's no xbox games on the list. They all sold like shit because nobody wants those lame ass dudebro games. Microsoft and xbox are so lame. I feel so bad for xbox only gamers. They have to just watch as ps4 gets all the spotlight and games. No wonder they're so damn angry and agitated all the time.

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Halo is on its death bed. Get over it!

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Sony would be even more delusional if they decide to put too many of the games on the service. Sure they Would get more subs but they would also lose console sales, which is more important to them than ps now subs. Sony dont care for ps now that much. They are trying to use ps now to get even more people to buy a ps4. That's all it is. They know it'll never actually be a major service that makes them tons of money. Delusional fanboys will never understand that though.

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A $700 console with no games? Are you serious? Nobody except people who have a hard on over microsoft would buy it and there isn't many of them left. If Microsoft were smart and really want to start competing again, they would price it at $399 and surprise everyone and get a very positive reaction out of the gate.

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HAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA this guy talking about others being upset? HAHAHAHAHA. Your the most pathetic poster i have ever seen on any website EVER! are you even a real person? How is it possible for anyone to be so pathetic?

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Lol I said that you would most likely get exclusives like knack and Killzone at launch and delusional xbox and pc fanboys went on a mad one. Lol they actually thought they would be getting uncharted 4, bloodborne and other recent exclusives at launch or within 6 months. You think sony are stupid? You won't be seeing their major exclusives on this until they're years old!

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