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They aint dying but in the end it's all about the money for these publishers. That's why they do all this crap that we as consumers hate. I just hope it doesn't get worse.

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There's no space in there because of the giant vhs clone that's in there. Although there may be enough room for an xbox one x to fit in there and reunite with its home. Haha

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Forza sure seems to have a surprising amount of fanboys here on n4g considering how shitty the game actually sells. Forza 7 won't even sell 1m lifetime going by first week sales. Maybe you guys should actually buy the game instead of defending it only because it's an xbox exclusive. Atleast gran turismo will be played by millions. Lol xbox fanboys trying to act like forza is some big thing.

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Think of some of your favourite games ever. I bet a big portion of them are linear games. Open world is already getting stale because most of them are so similar with repetitive missions cluttering the map and a lame ass story. There's only a few open world games that actually do it well. so yea, I'll take a linear game with focused game play and an actual story everyday of the week.

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Yea the only love xbox one deserves Is the love of a trash can. It'll be right at home in there.

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Yet they couldn't see the wreck about to happen with their own xbox one. That reveal was the definition of wreck.

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Bleszinski is famous? Lol, nobody knows him but a few nerds. That's not famous. Also it's pretty obvious why he chose playstation over the sinking xbox brand. Would you put your game on a console that has 65m users or the one with only 25m if you only had one choice? I'm talking from a business standpoint, not a fanboy standpoint who gets a hard on when he hears the word xbox. If It flopped on pc and ps4 than it would have flopped 10 times harder on xbox one.

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Couldn't agree more and i started getting really annoyed at this every game must be a big open world with tasks that become boring and repetitive bullshit when mgs 5 went open world. The game became opposite of what metal gear solid is supposed to be. Open world is definitely not always better. Most times linear is better because of more focused game play and story.

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Sony are the ones far ahead of the others. The question should be the other way round. Sony could easily destroy the competition with a big $100 price cut if they wanted. A $199 ps4 would outsell every other console combined.

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Ps4 sells the most by a good margin followed by Nintendo switch which will also move alot of units this holiday. Xbox one will be far behind both. It might be in the mix in the US but in total it will be far behind ps4 and switch worldwide. Also people are obviously happy and enjoying their switch and ps4's if they're selling so well otherwise they wouldn't be selling so well like the xbox one.

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Honestly cuphead is the only xbox exclusive i would play. Maybe gears 4 too but that's about it. Xbox one has a really bad exclusive library for a console in its 4th year. Maybe the worst ever.

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Is anyone surprised? This stuff happens way more than we think but we just don't hear about it.

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The kinect is a symbol for how shitty microsoft have been for the last 8 years. After they revealed kinect, they just got worse ever since.

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Sony know it's their standard ps4 that's selling the majority of consoles and its still showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon. The pro only exists so they have a 4k compatible console out there. It's just there for anyone that may want that extra. PS5 is also quite far into development by now

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But most people play them on ps4 so how does that help microsoft? Sony have both 1st and 3rd party on lock. Look at all the publishers making marketing deals with Sony. Everyone is buying ps4 to play these multi plats, not an xbox one so It helps sony way way more than it does microsoft. It's lose lose for microsoft either way. They have no exclusives and multi plats sell the least on their platform.

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Looking at sales, everyone is buying a ps4 and switch. Switch has started well and ps4 is just killing it and it will continue like this. Than You have the non existant xbox and their loud fanboys saying hey we have no games to play but we got xbox one x that nobody really cares about. The Xbox will be more irrelevant than its ever been by this time next year. It has the worst library of games for a console in its 4th year ever and in the end thats what matters most.

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High demand my ballsack. .They don't need much stock because microsoft already know they won't sell much. Will it even manage 3m lifetime?

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GT sports will be the most successful easily. Everyone knows that. The others wont even come close. GT sport will sell more copies it's first week than forza 7 will it's entire lifetime. It will also sell ps4's as a bonus.

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really?? the switch doesnt even have a better overall library than xbox one, never mind ps4. i know nintendo fans are excited after the train wreck that was the wii u but calm down. nintendo still have alot of work to do. you guys have really low expectations of nintendo and get excited over anything they do.

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