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sure PS4 launched with hardly any exclusives but that xbox one list aint too interesting either. unless your a racing fan, dead rising 3 is about the only game worth playing. powerstar golf?? wtf? well atleast exclusives mean something to xbox fans again. #2.2.4
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i'll be fine with more uncharted and last of us. people often say they dont want to see more uncharted but i think uncharted has a lot left in the tank. last of us speaks for itself. #28
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i didnt think PS4 would really be this hard to find!! i just thought it was over excited fans just over hyping but man PS4 is the hottest product this holiday and literally sold out everywhere in the UK. #43
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"still" the king? wtf? xbox has never been king. original xbox barely sold 25m and 360 still finished last place after like the million advantages it had over the competition. xbox is a weak platform sales wise. #65.1
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must be a relief to xbox fans. i havnt seen so many of them since the early PS3 days. where you guys been hiding since 2009? #94
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if PS4 stays ahead in US, it could be millions ahead of the xb1 in under a year! i say before next holiday PS4 5m+ ahead of xb1. #52
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gotta give this guy a chance but changing voice for one of the most iconic characters is a dumb move by kojima i think. they could of atleast let hayter know but they didnt even get into contact with him at all! plus from what i've heard, it sounds like a downgrade. #11
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to put into perspective of how well the PS4 is doing. the xbox one barely sold 300k in the whole of mainland europe on launch weekend. PS4 over 250k in UK alone!! crazy! #32
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this is stupid. if there was more power in the xbox one, they would be shwoing it now. no point unlocking more power in 3 years when your 20m units behind PS4. #58
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BS. PS4 was built mostly on developer feedback. PS4 is exactly what devs wanted. #44
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microsoft cant focus on games because they dont have any! they'll parade on 3rd party games again this gen. without the year headstart and price advantage microsoft have 0% chance of beating sony. literally 0%. #78
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its not ridiculous at all. this sytem DESERVES bashing!! you think people are just going to forget what microsoft really tried to do with this system. #47.1
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are there still people left supporting this system? man sony got out with their extremely strong brand name accross the world with the PS3. the xbox one is a sinking ship and it'll keep sinking. xbox has no presence in japan and europe and even being outsold in US now. bye bye microsoft. you tried your best throwing all that money around but real gamers see through that eventually. #48
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well sure theres some sony fans in there but these days everyone seems to hate microsoft. so anything microsoft has a really big range for hate. either that or theres a CRAPLOAD of sony fans out there which is even worse for xbox!! #70
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at this point microsoft might aswell announce that they're very worried about the coming generation and what SONY will do to them. #94
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people need to LOOK at their hands! its the dualshock that has always been the most natural controller. the xbox one is the awkward one with the analogue sticks far apart from eachother.. its just stupid but of course microsoft and its fans have made it seem like its the greatest controller in the world. typical of them. #72
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put them down. theres no use for people like this on earth. #2
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who gives a crap. by now even microsoft KNOW they wont outsell sony at launch. not sure about US but believe me, xbox one is being teared apart in europe. #60
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even if 360 version looked better i would rather play GTA on a dualshock than that fat ass giant 360 controller! #55
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why are xbox fans straight up lying about GTA IV being better on 360? i remember plently of sites saying it was overall better on PS3 and i've seen both versions running. the ps3 version had better draw distance and way less pop in. 360 just had more colour! who gives a shit about that? GTA V on PS3 all day long! #63
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