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i couldnt give a rats ass! i've played everything i want on the PS2 and im sure the majority dont even know or care about playing PS2 or even PS3 games on PS4. i know there are people who like to collect and keep stuff but how many people still own PS2 games and how many people really want to play them again? if you really do still have PS2 discs than you can play them on PS2.. stop complaning, move on!

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i guess we'll never learn. every conference we over hype and our expectation are way too high and rarely ever met. i think because of sony's E3 2013 and 2015 people are expecting sony to make huge announcements all the time but how can you go as big as shenmue 3 and FF7 remake? or tearing into your competiton live on stage like e3 2013? lets keep our expectations in check next time guys! also where the heck is the new god of war game thats supposed to be in development? i was so sure...

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its simple. 3rd party games are what carries these consoles. xbox one and Ps4 would be damn near dead without them. dont know what the hell you talking about with that last line.. a good portion of that 30m dont care and have never played uncharted.. fucking dumbass.

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people are more impatient than ever. the games are coming! you do now games take time and great effort to create right? we're also only 2 years into the console lifecycle, so why do some of you act like were at the end of the generation? i guess most of you are just young. i was pretty impatient myself when i was 16-20 years old. the games are coming.. relax!

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you know what, it sucked! but atleast we got an extra conference. better than nothing at all. it was for sure the worst PS conference this year imo.

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sony know people want crash back guys. they will announce it in 2016. also i know people are disspointed with the conference but if develpers aint ready to show their games off than what can they do?PSX is a bonus conference anyway.

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yeh only a small portion of people still own the original PS2 games. i had like over 50 PS2 games but only ones i left were MGS2 and 3.

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dont you have a brain? cant you make your own choices? you do know you can just choose to not buy them right? will sony shut down my ps4 if i dont buy these classics? dumb xbox fanboys think BC is going to make xbox relevant again.

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in a perfect world, we could get a new ip and god of war.

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sony need to tone down the conferences. give us some time to breath! i already got too many games to play as it is.

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thats the most important thing? really? 90% of xbox owners aint even tomb raider fans. why alienate your fans and put their beloved game on a platform they dont own or want? we just want tomb raider! we dont want an xbox one.

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its not like they can talk about sales... what else can they say? best thing they can do is keep the hype going even if it means talking out of their ass.

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your not the only one that doesnt care. look at sales for that lineup. nobody cares but the few die hard xbox fans that are left.

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its just hype from microsoft. it didnt work too well if you look at the sales for those exclusives. even the biggest one, halo 5 was very soft. forza and tomb raider were never going to be big sellers. it looks like it actually back fired on microsoft.

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he probably does want top keep his games away from xbox after seeing phantom pain sales on xbox one. seems like you xbox guys dont want to play his games anyway because your too busy with the same old dudebro shooters most of the time. if 90% of your sales are coming from one platform you may aswell go exclusive to it.

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come on microsoft.. try harder..

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oh boy what if those microsoft rumours were true? i could see them doing it just to stay relevant and get people talking about xbox. microsoft need it more than sony do.

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this article is straight up trash!

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the game being exclusive isnt the problem.. being exclusive to xbox one is the problem.

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the power of cloud aint here yet.. wait until 2016 and xbox one games will be 2160p and 120fps

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