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We're back to the early ps3/360 era where people would claim one version was better because an npc had more hair on his head.

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Xbox fanboys new excuse is 'oh it will still run better than ps4 pro lol lol lol'. Sony nor any sony fanboys ever claimed games will run at 4k on the pro unlike you backtracking xbox fanboys wanking over true 4k for an entire year. You guys should go back into hiding like you have been most of the gen until you started getting delusions that the scorpio would change things. I bet most of you will vanish next year when xbox is getting dominated by sony and nintendo and microsoft come o...

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Just wait and see! E3 2020 microsoft will show how many exclusives they have and they'll take over! There's no way sony and nintendo can compete.

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Wait until next e3 and microsoft will show us the true power of the beast!

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People like this guy will always find something to complain about. If it was like the previous games? Oh same old god of war with better graphics blah blah and when they do something different? Oh what have they done? This isn't god of war blah blah im a whiny little bitch. Go play call of duty if you want the exact same game every year with a new skin. Sony santa Monica know exactly what they're doing! They've never made a bad game.

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No. 4k still has very low adoption. Hardly anyone has a 4k tv and there is hardly any 4k content to justify buying a 4k set at the moment. Maybe in a few years. More people are still buying 1080p tv's. 4k kinda reminds me of blu ray. Blu ray was a nice jump but people were fine with dvd's. Same for 4k. Most people won't make the upgrade because they're happy with their 1080p tv's that they probably bought quite recently.

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I'll be impressed when something like red dead 2 is true 4k on xbox one x or even assassins creed. Not a racing game nobody cares about. Xbox fanboys think this is impressive? Lol first you guys were saying most games will be true 4k on one x but now your impressed that project cars 2 is 4k. Sounds like your expectations have already been lowered.

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Ps4 is at over 60m sold right now, so I think in 2019 it will pass 100m sold.

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Shut up.

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No, like actual new f*cking games! I don't remember anyone asking for BC until microsoft fanboys started having an orgasm over it like it was a feature never done before and who wants cross play with xbox? Xbox live is full of screaming 12 years old brats. Sony just need to keep doing what they're doing, and thats releasing a variety of different games. Games sell system's. Ps4 is selling faster than it ever has before because of that crazy games lineup it had the first half of th...

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Microsoft have bots commenting for them. I knew it! So many xbox guys here sound more like marketing agents than normal people. It all makes sense now. " the power of x is real". No normal person says shit like that.

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You'll see it running on ps4 pro later. Right now ubisoft are only releasing xbox one x footage because they have a partnership with microsoft to promote this game on their platform. You thinking sony delaying footage is laughably stupid. All footage comes from ubisoft, not sony. Are microsoft delaying footage of far cry 5 on xbox one x? Of course not, ubisoft just have a deal with Sony for that game. Use your head next time before talking garbage. Dumbest shit I've read in a long ti...

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Shuhei yoshida said they wanted the e3 showcase to be no longer than an hour. I don't know why though. An hour is too short. 90 minutes is the sweet spot.

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Remember last year when apparently the tides had turned with the Xbox one s and it's uhd blu ray drive? Haha. .

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You xbox fanboys always complain like babies that everyone hates on anything microsoft for no reason but the truth is there are soo many reasons for them but you guys are blind to every single one of those reasons. It's your problem, not everyone else's. This isn't about one thing Phil Spencer has said. It's about all the terrible decisions microsoft have made since like 2009. Theres only so many shitty things you can before pretty much everyone hates you and Microsoft have ...

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I didn't say I personally thought the earth was flat guys but my cousin is crazy about these conspiracy theories and used to go on and on about it. So I did a few searches on it and fell into the rabbit hole myself but that was ages ago when I was like 17 years old. Who cares anyway? The earth could be a damn triangle for all I care.

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Shut up you fat c*nt. What happened to talking about sales every month like you used to last gen Aaron? Fat prick.

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Did you miss the over 3.4m copies part? That's the difference between sony and Microsoft.

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It's a damn good strategy from Sony. I'm thinking we go get god of war in march and then spider-man in the summer, which is a perfect time to release the game. Both are going to be massive for sony. I could see them both selling more than 10m copies.

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A few years back i became obsessed with this theory and it left me more confused than ever. The truth is we'll never really know for sure because nobody can see for themselves and verify with their own eyes. If only we could fly eh?

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