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It's not like Microsoft have not been trying the last few years. They have been. Problem is, nobody seems to care. Look around all these sites. Microsoft are more hated than they have ever been.

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Lol good mp games.. which of those is good again? The 360 halo and gears games had way better mp. These games have fallen a long way since than. I wouldn't play halo 5 or gears 4 mp even if i was paid $100 per hour to do it! I would even play 1 2 switch forever instead. Haha

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Smackdown: here comes the pain is the best wrestling game ever.

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You need to check out his profile on psn. He recently got a platinum trophy for horizon. I don't think he's burnt out, he just doesn't have the time to play every single game anymore. He said this quite often.

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What arrogance? He just gave his honest opinions. If you think that's arrogance, that's your problem, not his. Oh and he's making over 40k on his own on patreon. Same as kinda funny who have 2 patreon's but they split the money between 4-5 people.

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Halo 6, gears of war 5 and forza 7. World's greatest games lineup in xbox history incoming! You heard it here first guys.

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Of course it has an identity. It's the halo box.

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Destiny is absolute shit. I just didnt like it at all. No way I'll be buying this. There's too many actual good games to play.

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That actually makes sense now. I always wondered if they were even real humans due to their stupidity. They seem more like programmed microsoft bots to me. They all say the same thing too.

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You brain dead fool, there are 3rd party games that have over 100m hardware to sell to between ps4, xb1 and pc and 95% of them will never reach 9m. Never mind on just ONE console. You just made uncharted 4 look good without even knowing it. Way to make yourself look like a real dumbass! This is the dumbest comment I have ever read on this site ever! I don think it'll ever be topped. That's how stupid it is.

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90% of people that buy a ps4 dont know even know what resolution is. When I go on about different resolutions to my family and friends, they have no idea what I'm talking about. I have to explain to them the differences. The Mass market doesn't care about this stuff. They buy what's popular and whats in fashion. Ps4 is just super popular right now and it's like a snowball that keeps going and on top of that, sony are making all the right moves. Everyone on sites like n4g are i...

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Shut up, nerd. Nobody gives a damn about xbox and it sells like shit so why would developers put in the extra work when they already have like 5 platforms to work with. They only care where they make money and that's on PS4. What, are you butthurt because playstation is dominating the xbox into obscurity? Well get used to it, it wont be changing anytime soon. Butthurt fool.

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What a loser this guy is. Get back to wanking over your xbone, nerd.

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What Microsoft need to do is showcase scorpio games that you can't play on other platforms. No point showing 3rd party games that you can also play on PS4. That's like free advertising for sony as every 3rd party game sells way more on the PS4. Having a few extra details and 3 more npc's on screen won't cut it either. I really can't see how microsoft is going to sell people on the scorpio. The console has nothing but " 6 teraflops" going for it. Is that all micro...

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So who dont they than? Because these games won't be supported on other platforms like they are on the playstation. There's a reason why so many of these games are exclusive to playstation. Both the developers and sony deserve credit. Sony haters are so damn jealous all the time. Lol these games are exclusive to the playstation but now the new excuse is " but they're not sony games" seriously?? You guys are damn pathetic!

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Where will all these new games come from? Microsoft can't create studios out of thin air. They have very little 1st party studios. Unless you think they will drop halo and gears and get their 2 major studios to make new ip? Or will they get 3rd party exclusives? Which would be suicide for the developer as the scorpio will have a very small userbase. I really am looking forward to their e3. This one will be make or break for them.

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The delusion in this comment is so strong you can't help but laugh!

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They'll be talking about zelda all year as they'll have no other major games to play while ps4 and xb1 gets all the 3rd party games. Atleast they'll get skyrim i guess and maybe a crappy port of fifa. If there was no zelda right now nobody would be able to defend Nintendo on how bad the switch is.

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Suure. . The only thing Nintendo will Bury is themselves like they have been doing for years now. Do you remember how much the wii u sold? What an impact all those exclusives made! One of The worst selling consoles of all time and the rest of Nintendos exclusives ain't zelda. The only thing that will get close is mario. The rest of Nintendos games are average.

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another playstation exclusive.. guess we'll be seeing tons of scorpio articles soon than. microsoft will try to remind everyone the xbox still exists.

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