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They wont even list 2017 totals in the US because it would embarrass them. You really think they will ever reveal lifetime sales when it show them almost 40m behind ps4? Not a chance. You don't need them to know it's lifetime sales anyway. Xbox one is anywhere from 30m-35m sold.

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Only 4.2m for xbox one in the US for 2017? Is that down from 2016? Seems very low when it's the cheapest it's ever been and launched new hardware. Worldwide total for 2017 must be terrible for xbox one. Ps4 was comfortably ahead in the US. Worldwide was a massacre. 20.2m for ps4 in 2017 and im guessing around 7m for xbox one? So ps4 outsold xbox one by 13m in 2017. damn, it's no wonder xbox fans focus on US sales and ignore worldwide totals.

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Microsoft really need to get rid of people like greenburg and major Nelson. Get some new faces in who ain't annoying and actually know something about games.

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Well you can stop wondering cause that'll never happen.

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Xbox one X consoles were switched on over 8 billion times during the holiday period.

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Yeah that's crazy and quite sad for xbox. People are estimating xbox one sold 7m for the whole of 2017. Ps4 did 6m during the holidays alone. Xbox one is barely competing with ps4 anymore. Ps4 is in a league of It's own

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Pretty much 74m sold. If they can sell another 20m this year, than ps4 will be only 6m away from 100m. Really impressive sales. Could ps4 actually end closer to ps2's numbers than we all think?

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Weren't these guys called black tusk before? They were making a new game until microsoft decided to turn them into a gears factory. Let them follow their vision and make a new game. F*ck gears. Gears has been In decline for years. It doesn't have the selling power it used to.

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Your right. They somehow manage to always overtrack xbox and undertrack playstation. I know this for a fact because I have been a regular user on that site since 2008 and when we got official reports they were always higher on 360 and lower on ps3. Same with ps4. So I wouldn't be surprised if they were again too high on xbox. They have it at 35m but I'm thinking it's probably around 32m. You have to remember xbox one had a really slow year in 2017. Only decent months were Nov and ...

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What are microsoft going to do next to try and get rid of all those xbox ones they can't sell? A free xbox one when you spend 50 quid at your local supermarket?

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Don't lie. If this was an xbox one exclusive you would be having a wet dream over it every night.

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It'll do at least 6-7 million imo.

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And pressing the x to cross them out is infuriating! You need fingers like fries to press that shit.

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Exactly and if it was easy to just straight up buy exclusivity, why didn't microsoft just do it earlier when xbox one was only 10m behind ps4? How will they be able to do it now with ps4 nearly 40m ahead? why would any developer send their game out to fail releasing exclusively on xbox one? It's almost impossible for microsoft to make these kind of deals when their competitor is miles ahead and if they did it would only be a timed exclusive anyway. Microsoft need true exclusives from...

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Microsoft aint getting shit. We've been hearing this same shit since 2010 and we still havent got anything new from Microsoft.

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If you don't like their games, than don't buy them. Theres millions of us that love their "movie games" whatever the heck that means. I don't know how a game being realistic and life like can be a bad thing. Isn't that what we all wanted in the past? I remember in ps2 days everyone saying games will be like movies on the future. Now we're at that point, people still complain and spin it into a negative! F*cking incredible. Maybe you should just play 8 bit games...

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I love jak and daxter but it makes no business sense to have one of the best developers in the world waste time and resources on making a game like jak and daxter in the current gaming landscape. Maybe if they split the team but its still not worth it because a game like that has limited sales potential today.

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Your doing a disservice to all the hard working developers at naughty dog who do all the hard work of actually making the games. Naughty dog is so much more than just those names you mentioned. We don't hear the names of the real talent at naughty dog.

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