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They don't even compete in the US anymore. 2017 so far has the biggest gap between the two in the US since launch.

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Just over 1m for xbox one and almost 4.5m on ps4.. that Europe domination from Sony. The real sales are probably even more in favour of ps4.

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Shut up.

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Why do you say bro all the time?

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If you an xbox fan why would you not buy it? It's alot better than the crappy original xbox one. If you aint into xbox than yeah there's no reason to buy it. It's just a more powerful xbox one.

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actual NPD for 2017 until october. PS4 and switch fighting it out and both doing really well with PS4 still just ahead for the year so far which people seem to forget. switch though, has won the last 4 months in a row now but PS4 has been right behind it. xbox one way behind and wont get close even with xbox one x. remember this is only US hardware sales and thanks to the leakers for this information. lets hope we get leaks for oct, nov and december.

PS4: ...

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Beating the ps4 a few times a week in an entire year is beating at every turn? Lol, if that's the case than I don't think there's even a word to describe how badly the ps4 is beating the xbox in marketshare in every territory. You xbox fanboys serious? Lol winning a few times a year is dominating to you guys?

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Really? When was the last time microsoft released something new from their first party studios? It's literally just halo, gears and forza from first party. Any other exclusives they've had were from 3rd party. Microsoft themselves haven't made a single new ip. It's just something they don't do. You would be lucky to see 1 new ip from them every decade. Sony though seem to relish making new ip. No one can deny that.

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Good hardware, that's the first step. Next and most importantly, the software. If microsoft can create some must have exclusives than they can maybe start competing with Sony and nintendo but until than, they'll remain far behind. Make the xbox a must have console like the PS4 with exclusive games. It's not like microsoft are short on cash but they lack ambition and creativity.

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Corporate commander strikes again. He won't rest until he's ruined all our favourite franchises.

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Looks pretty damn good on my og PS4. They didn't gimp it at all because they know majority of people are going to play it on standard PS4. You guys should just enjoy the game instead of arguing over petty resolution differences. Seriously, are we going to get all this BS with every game now?

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Worried about what? If microsoft actually had some compelling games I would happily buy the console but it's the PS4 that has all the must play games. I can't wait to play every single one of those exclusives. What exciting exclusives are coming to xbox again?

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Zelda was disappointing kinda like the same way mgsv was imo. I wish they just stuck to their roots instead of jumping on the open world bandwagon. Imagine a semi linear mgsv with a focus on the story like the other metal gear games or zelda with a focus on amazing dungeons with more grittier graphics instead of the stupid "stylised" cartoony look. Imo, being open world actually hurt both games and both were extremely over rated by reviewers.

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Where it sits on amazon is irrelevant. What is relevant though is this

2017 NPD in US

PS4: 2,492,423
XB1: 1,399,946

Amazon my ass.

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Lol.. The thought of an actual person in real life getting so angry, to the point of sending death threats over something so meaningless makes me laugh. It boggles my mind that there's actual people like that.

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Don't worry, we're ready to say told you so when sales fall off a cliff. You guys get way too excited too soon. Remember xbox one s winning 3 npd's In a row? Yeah, we all know how that went. It hasn't won a single month since.

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Kid, nobody's going to take you seriously when you use terms like "xbox traitors". Go do your homework and get to bed.

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This.. The sales are very front loaded because of upgraders and pre orders. Next week's sales will drop off a cliff.

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2 or 3 month's? This is the launch sales. It'll only drop from here. The 80k might look decent now but when you consider the drop next week it won't look as good. Even the og xbox one did a respectable 150k at launch but look at the sales after. It's all about keeping the momentum.

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