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Not cool sony but it's only a extra 10 quid per year I suppose. That's nothing. I buy 10 quid worth of junk food everyday! Theres also rumours that we'll get 2 ps now games and 2 movies aswell but Yeh, nobody likes price increases.

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There's no such thing as a transgender. Your either born male or female and that's that. Modern society is so stupid they can't even understand something as simple as this. Don't be afraid to speak your mind and the truth even if people hate you for it.

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Watching paint dry is more entertaining than looking at this game. No wonder microsoft never wanted to show this game. They knew it looked like trash.

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It makes it even more impressive that ps4 has kept pace with ps2 with console gaming being alot less popular in Japan now than it was then. Ps4 is really killing it in Europe.

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Nice. . Played the shit out of until dawn from last month's plus. Enjoyed it way more than I though I would. Quality game. Never got round to playing just cause 3.. heard it wasn't very good but I guess I'll see for myself.

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Why would they do that when the game would be dead on arrival. Just like the hardware, software barely sells on the system either. Especially outside the US but even in US, PS4 is dominating the software charts.

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I don't know how anyone can trust them again after such a "blinnat lie". Wtf.

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GTA is more popular with the masses. Red dead is the better game in my personal opinion. I think red dead 2 will be rockstars best game ever.

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Why do you xbox fans lie so much? Seriously. . You guys just straight up make stuff up.

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It doesn't matter that much on its own but when you have the install base and the extra content it makes sales even more one sided towards PS4. Some games are selling as much as 80% of their copies on PS4. When you have that sort of domination, you can't lose. A lot of developers are going to sony and offering a partnership because that's where they make their money. It's not just sony throwing money at developers. If that was the case than Microsoft would have all the deals.....

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If they pull what off? Destructible environments with ps1 graphics?

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Lol the comments about this game are more entertaining than the game itself.

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Will this be available on PC? If it will, my laptop from 1998 can run it with how bad it looks.

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Probably some 360 backward compatibility game. Oh my god we can finally play kinectimals on our xbox ones!

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I'm just being straight up honest. The game doesn't look great and will not sell well. It will sell mainly to the hardcore xbox fans and may not even break 1m copies lifetime. Have you seen the 3rd party lineup this holiday? A game like crackdown 3 has no chance! And Im sure the developers will be fine with microsoft backing them with their unlimited funds. Your one to talk anyway. If a ps exclusive flopped, im sure you would have a smile on your face.

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Forza 7 is the only one that will do decently. The rest will flop hard.

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Look like shit. Will also sell like shit and be in bargain bins within a week. Have microsoft not seen the games lineup this holiday? Only people buying this will be a tiny minority of xbox nerds like the ones you see on here.

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Ps4 just has too many games. I'm gonna miss out on a lot of them because my backlog has many games and i know i'll just never get round to playing alot of them. I wish i was 16 again when i would literally play games all day and night. Those were the best days! Ageing sucks ass. All you young guys, make the most of your youth and play as much damn video games as you can!

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You know what doesn't help? No Japanese support and halo wars 2 as your only exclusive for like 8 months. Xbox one sales have been flat as hell and that's in the US. It probably hasnt even sold 500k in the rest of the world during the first 6 months of the year and it's easy to see why. Why the hell would anyone pick xbox one over PS4? Most people like you were probably forced because you don't have your own money to buy what you want so your mom bought you your xbox one and y...

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Yeh it had its best first half of the year ever because of all those Japanese games nobody wants.

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