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I guess the xbox guys got something else to play after mass effect. Good for them.

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Just give us more info on the stupid thing already! Damn man. Microsoft are so slow with everything. Hurry the f*ck up! All we've been hearing is scorpio will do this and that. It's time to SHOW everyone.

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It's sad because it's a re release of a game nobody cared about. What exactly is the point of this?

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Phantom flop

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Yeh and an orchestra again too. Imagine showing last of us 2 with a live orchestra! Some people in the crowd would probably die from the epicness.

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Of course Eddienx is the first one.

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It only really had great success over ps3 In North America. Ps3 was still consistently outselling the 360 in total because of how well it sold worldwide. It also always cost alot more than the 360 yet it was selling more. Shows how much of a giant the playstation brand is when their worst selling console still ends up with nearly 90m consoles sold. No doubt about it being the biggest brand in the history of this industry. No one can deny it. Look at it still going stronger than ever 22 year...

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F*ck me! That's the best quarter ever without a doubt! GTA 3, MGS2, GT3 and ICO? Unbelievable. No wonder PS2 is the best selling system of all time.

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The ps4 had more games at launch than the switch will get in its first year. It had indies and blockbusters like battlefield, call of duty, assassins creed and fifa at LAUNCH and than more games the following months. What does the switch have? It's just a zelda box until mario odyssey. No big 3rd party games in between.

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Sure n64 had ocarina of time and mario 64 but it doesn't even come close to the amount of classics the PS1 had. The PS1 was revolutionary and left Nintendo in the dust.

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Their e3 presentations are very corporate. That's what makes them so boring to watch. All the guys on stage are like robots.

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Are you a real person?

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It's not like Microsoft have not been trying the last few years. They have been. Problem is, nobody seems to care. Look around all these sites. Microsoft are more hated than they have ever been.

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Lol good mp games.. which of those is good again? The 360 halo and gears games had way better mp. These games have fallen a long way since than. I wouldn't play halo 5 or gears 4 mp even if i was paid $100 per hour to do it! I would even play 1 2 switch forever instead. Haha

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Smackdown: here comes the pain is the best wrestling game ever.

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You need to check out his profile on psn. He recently got a platinum trophy for horizon. I don't think he's burnt out, he just doesn't have the time to play every single game anymore. He said this quite often.

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What arrogance? He just gave his honest opinions. If you think that's arrogance, that's your problem, not his. Oh and he's making over 40k on his own on patreon. Same as kinda funny who have 2 patreon's but they split the money between 4-5 people.

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Halo 6, gears of war 5 and forza 7. World's greatest games lineup in xbox history incoming! You heard it here first guys.

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Of course it has an identity. It's the halo box.

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Destiny is absolute shit. I just didnt like it at all. No way I'll be buying this. There's too many actual good games to play.

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