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microsoft and their fans are trying way too hard to keep xbox relevant. you can keep trying but that gap between ps4 and xbox one is just getting bigger. the larger it becomes, the more irrelevant the xbox one becomes. it doesnt matter how many exclusives xbox one gets. this isnt a ps3 type situation. the xbox brand doesnt have the pull to make a comeback like ps3 did. ps3 would not have survived the first 2 years without the brand name. #65
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why dont microsoft just leave the gaming business? who would even miss them apart from their few million die hard halo fans. just take your cable box and get the hell outta here. #215
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and microsoft tried to charge $499 for this box? atleast with PS3, there was a legit reason for its high price. maybe microsoft can come back strong next gen but this gen is COMPLETELY OVER for microsoft! xbox one is no match for PS4 in any category. #87
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it looks like micorosft have admitted defeat now. they're running out of ways to compete. what will they try next? #73
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nothing microsoft does is taken seriously because they've labeled themselves a joke over the last 2 years. its all microsofts fault so why do their fans blame anyone else?

if you have that much of an attachment to the xbox brand thats fine, carry one but dont hate on the people that turned their backs when they realised microsoft were trying to bone them up the ass. #54
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both will be great games but uncharted will win commercially. it'll be rated higher and most importantly sell a shit load more than tomb raider. tomb raider will be lucky to sell 2 million on xbox one only. uncharted 4 will sell 7-8m copies on only one platform. it'll be brutal if they released near the same time. #43
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looks like microsoft still havent learnt anything. they still trying to compete with 3rd party timed exclusives. it didnt work for them last gen. it wont work this gen and what the hell is going on with sqaure enix and microsoft? square enix have hated sony since last gen. #59
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fall behind? the gaps just going to increase as the gen goes on. it'll never get better for microsoft. #47
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no point showing your aces when your 20m units behind! #53
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exclusive or multi format. this looks like one of those games nobody talks about after playing it for a week. it'll be forgotten quickly. its only hyped because of the 2 big companies behind it. EA and Microsoft, but even their money combined cant stop this one from flopping hard. the fact that its on 360 ensures this game wont help xbox one in any way. stupid move from both EA and microsoft. i bet EA cant wait to be done with this game already. #44
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where the hell did you get 230k from? more like 145k. #26.1
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i think once PS4 releases in japan, it could outsell xbox one by 500k every month worldwide. xbox one can only be saved in US and thats with a $200 price cut like RIGHT NOW! #27
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apparently sony have had no cash since like 2008 yet they've lost billions more since than. where's all the money coming from? #34
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whos buying it on xbox one anyway? #61
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i guess its too damn boring to talk about sales anymore with the PS4 just demolishing everything in its path. #65
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its microsoft at their best. they'll continue halo/gears/forza tradition. #19
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one thing i learnt last gen was you must purchase anything naughty dog. #22
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i heard konami straight up need money!! thats why they're releasing their biggest game on all the platforms they can. should have concentrated on next gen only and make the best game possible. now we gotta wait 5+ years for a true next gen MGS. #13
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a new HALO would push xbox one above PS4 for only a week at best and thats in US. halo sells like 90% of its total sales in US. microsoft need to appeal worldwide if they want to compete. #33
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microsoft will need to outsell sony 5 to 1 in US just to make up the gap from europe and than you have japan in february too... microsoft are making everything look alright with that 3m figure they gave but by the end of 2014 i wouldnt be surprised if PS4 is 10 million units ahead. #12
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