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It's a shame microsoft are too stingy and would rather stick all their money up their arse instead. No point being super rich if you do f all with the money.

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Games you can only play on the system. 3rd party games at higher resolution is beneficial but you can still play those games on ps4 or pc at the end of the day. There isn't much incentive to buy the system unless your already a hardcore xbox fan who already plays on xbox anyway.

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This would actually mean something if it came from a big developer, instead of some unknown developer with a battered game nobody's heard of.

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The hardware is great but the sales will suck. Especially after the initial period.

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Dude, there's no chance in hell microsoft comes in anywhere but last place. How you can come to any other conclusion I'll never know. Tell me how xbox outsells ps4 this holiday? ps4 will do more in Europe than xbox does worldwide twice over. Even most microsoft fanboys can admit this. They're not that deluded.

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Sony wins easily. They did almost 10m in the holiday quarter last year and with next years lineup and even cheaper deals this year, i could see them doing just as good this year. Nintendo will do well too. Microsoft aint even in the equation. Xbox having its worst year ever in sales in the US. Probably even worse worldwide. I don't see how the holidays change that.

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While the hardware itself is pretty damn good, what games await that makes the xbox one a must buy? I can't think of a single game. Where as ps4 is a must have because there's hugely anticipated games releasing only on the system. Even switch is already becoming a must have because of great games you can only play there. Xbox is missing that. It doesn't even have 1 game you have to play. I would rather just buy xbox 360 again to play halo and gears.

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This is why hardly anybody likes microsoft. They insult people's intelligence. Look at all their conferences too. They talk to us as though we're stupid.

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Blue screen of death in 4k!

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Not surprised. I went through 4 xbox 360's because of a range of different problems. Hardware isn't microsofts strongest point.

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I'm sure xbox one x has sold out of its initial shipment of 10 consoles in Japan. Very impressive/s

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Microsoft are like a broken cassette playing the same part over and over again. We'll be hearing the same thing again in about 3 years.

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There's no need. Sony don't need microsofts garbage games. Last of us part 2 alone will outsell all that trash on its own never mind adding in the rest of sonys killer lineup. Nobody wants to play microsofts weak ass games. Even their own fanboys. Haha.. disagree all you want. It's the truth. Check the software charts. Nobody even buys 3rd party games on xbox. Everyone's playing on ps4. Truth hurts guys.

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Man you guys better get ready for when the word spreads about DA X FLOP. Sony and nintendo fanboys are going to eat you alive. The Xbox brand and their fanboys will be the biggest laughing stock around.

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It's for xbox fanboys. Anyone that doesn't already play on xbox before it, isn't going to magically start playing on xbox now.

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Nah.. ps4 will increase the gap faster than ever with its GAMES lineup for 2018. Microsoft have a few exclusives but nothing that will move systems.

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Xbox one x will have the better looking multi plats but the amount of people playing on the x will be tiny. It won't affect sony at all. They'll still be eating up the majority of 3rd party game sales. The Xbox one x only exists because microsoft have no idea what else they can do. To make things even worse, Nintendo are getting stronger again too which just leaves microsoft with scraps. Who asked for a more powerful console anyway? Nobody wanted the ps4 pro and nobody wants the xbox ...

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Of course it's doomed. The Xbox one x doesn't have a single game worth buying the system for and 3rd party games won't do anything because everyone will still be playing them on the og PS4. I guarantee microsoft will cut the price within 3 months of launch

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Don't bother, you can't play this on xbox one.

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I can't wait to see them spin how a game on a 1.8 tf ps4 can look better than anything on a 6 tf one. I know they won't be able to spin it but they'll sure as hell try.

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