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Only place switch will pass ps4 is in Japan. Everywhere else, ps4 will easily stay ahead. Ps4 was well ahead in Europe and US for 2017. I don't see that changing anytime soon with sonys lineup for the next few years where as Nintendo have already released a zelda and mario but still couldn't beat sony last year. Xbox one will be easy to pass because it only manages to sell 7m a year with a huge bulk of that being in the US.

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How does this really change anything? Microsofts games weren't good enough to sell their console before but now all of a everyone's going to buy an xbox one and pay a monthly fee to play microsofts measly 2 exclusives a year? Lol. Xbox fanboys have a habit of over hyping anything about xbox deluding themselves about a comeback that will never happen. Just accept that xbox will always be in playstations shadow.

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I couldn't access friends list or my own profile but everything else was fine. It's all sorted now though.

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Ports are good though. People were complaining about ps4 getting to many remasters but it allows people who haven't played the games to now play it on their new system. How is that a bad thing? Obviously I would prefer new games but I would rather have some older games to play while waiting than no games at all.

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They have? Come back to me when microsoft have actually showed a new game from their first party. Until they do, I'll just presume it's going to be more halo, gears and forza.

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It's pretty much guaranteed for march at this point. It'll be announced any day now.

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More like " we had both our competitors release new hardware and not only did we outsell them both but we sold more ps4's than ever before but atleast we finally have some slight competition now"

I think that's more accurate.

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I wonder in which order sony will release their games. We know shadow remake comes first next month. Than god of war in march is a safe bet but what after that? We still have spiderman, days gone, detroit and dreams. I think all of them will be out before October 2018 though.

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Why stop there than? Why not just buy rockstar, Activision and EA? They have the money like you said. They paid billions for minecraft. Than why don't they pay billions to own GTA? You guys think aquiring these studios is like buying candy from a corner store. Microsoft can't just buy whatever they want. It doesn't matter how much money they have.

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If Its the biggest game of the generation than why would the developers lock their game onto the least popular platform of the generation? That's stupid and like purposefully hindering the success of your game. It will definitely come to ps4 and even the switch has a chance. Like you said, it would be wise for microsoft but the opposite for bluehole.

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It is when you consider that on ps4, it would have probably been close to 10m players already. This is why they want to get It out on ps4 as soon as they can.

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Xbox still has no games in 2917! Damn.

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If they could, they would have done it already and advertised it as a true xbox exclusive but it's obvious, all microsoft got was a timed exclusive deal. Wont be long before its on ps4 imo. It's not worth it anyway for microsoft. In a few months nobody's going to be talking about pubg anymore. Why blow so much cash on just one game when you can use it to make multiple new games?

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Microsoft can buy sony? They cant even buy advertising rights anymore never mind buy sony or nintendo. It's not as easy as you make it sound. If it was, microsoft would have already done it and own the industry. You clearly have no Idea how these things work.

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We know the past though and when was the last time microsoft had better games than sony? I can literally only think of one year and that was 10 years ago in 2007 when they had bioshock, mass effect and halo 3 exclusive to xbox 360. It was so good even i became an xbox fanboy that year.

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They can but microsoft are specialists in mediocrity right now. They have a terrible lineup for a console in its 5th year. They should be in overdrive mode right now. Not releasing trash like crackdown 3 and sea of thieves.

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So what your really actually saying is your an xbox fanboy. No need to give us a story on why you don't like sonys games. We get it, you don't like their games because you have a hard on for xbox.

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The question should ask nintendo or sony because microsoft ain't even In contention right now with their weak ass lineup. They have zero heavy hitting console movers anymore. Even halo can't sell consoles for them anymore. Microsoft vs sony right now is like one going to war with water guns and the other with nuclear warheads. Thats how far ahead sony are against microsoft.

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You can't just look at one month in one territory though. When you look at the whole picture, the only conclusion you will come to is xbox is getting slaughtered by ps4 and now the switch too. Even in the just US, xbox one sold the least in 2017. While the ps4 is selling more and more each year and gaining even more momentum, xbox one sales have only been falling for the last couple a year's and the state of their software is the worst it's ever been for xbox. How can anyone poss...

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Most months ps4 won, sony didn't say anything at all. It's only microsoft that laser focus on the US sales and act like the rest of the world doesn't exist. For sony, the US isn't as important because they sell the most ps4's around the rest of the world. Of the 20m ps4's they sold last year, only 6m came from the US.

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