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I bet we'll see you conveniently disappear too.

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November is going to be a massive month and Sony know it.

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thats it!! i've decided im going to get a PS4 pro. still annoyed because i bought my PS4 only a year ago but i actually got a 4ktv a couple of months after that. time to make use of it.

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sure its worth the wait for xbox fans but what about everyone else? give me one reason why i should care about xbox scorpio. i already dont care about xbox brand or its exclusive games so why should i care for scorpio? i understand xbox fans are excited for this but thats because your already invested into the xbox brand.. why would someone who isnt, start caring now?

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thats it? not even 500k which still would have been bad.

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it looks like the xbox socrpio is going to be very powerful but at the same time what is microsofts strategy in getting this to compete with playstation? people dont by consoles just because of their power. this is a good step and if they get a good price that will be another good start but the main work comes after that. microsoft really really need to work on the diversity of their 1st party output. truth is, unless this thing has fifa, gta and cod as exclusives than it will be just like xb...

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It depends on who you partner with. Tomb raider and xbox? Bad! Mass effect and xbox? Makes sense. Gta and playstation? Makes sense. Same for rdr.

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Shouldn't they already have the inferior versions because of the cloud making Xbox one 5 times more powerful than it is?.. what happened to that? You guys really believed in it now it's Scorpios turn. Sure if the Scorpio gets crazy upgrades over the other versions it will be a big deal BUT its not gonna be like that. You xbox fanboys are deluded by microsoft. The reality is that ps4 pro and xb1 Scorpio games will look identical. . Maybe a few more blades of grass on Scorpio just to...

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I can almost taste your tears. Lmao at the sleep line. Whatever helps YOU sleep at night buddy.

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How is it forced. Its there to use if you see value in it. Don't you know what forced means you dumbass? Have you forgotten Microsoft trying to stick kinect up your asshole?

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Apparently sony had no money but somehow they can outbid Microsoft for marketing on all the biggest 3rd party titles now? The same Microsoft with unlimited funds? If it was only money than Microsoft would have exclusive dlc for every single game. There's more to it than that but what do all you raging hormonal kids know? Sony and rockstar have worked together for years and they obviously have a good partnership. . Like Microsoft and Bethesda for example. Have you butt hurt Microsoft fan...

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microsoft advertising in full force since the release of xbox one s but them talking about sales again all of a sudden is like digging your own grave. it just brings the fanboys and sales war out and the PS4 is leading heavily on that front. microsoft are just going to look super stupid when PS4 goes ahead again... i can already taste the comments from sony fanboys after november NPD. what if the PS4 wipes out 4 months of NPD wins in 1 month with the PS4 pro?? how stupid would that make micro...

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Wow... This is straight up pathetic! Why would Microsoft even say this? It hurts them. Do they think we re stupid? You won't win the gamers back with BS like this. They have put pressure on themselves even more. You was doing well Microsoft! Shut the hell up and keep going.

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This is the main problem with Xbox. In America the gap between ps4 and xb1 is less than 2 million yet in total ps4 is over 20m ahead of xb1 worldwide. That right there tells you everything you need to know about how important worldwide appeal is. Without Europe as a whole sony would not be where they are today. Microsoft need to try and take some of that market off sony. Sony literally OWN Europe. How do you think ps3 stayed equal to 360 when it was 20m behind in North America? ? That lead...

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LMAO the same Microsoft fanboys hating on psvr were praising kinect a few years back. Microsoft were going to take over with the casual market hahaha. The Xbox brand and their fans are always good for a laugh. Playstation will always be where it's at and you guys just can't deal with that. Don't vent your hate at Sony, vent at microsoft for not doing better. They need to change the image of the Xbox brand... until than it'll always be looked at as a poor man's playstation...

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whether its the standard PS4 or the new PRO, the main reason to buy PS4 over XBOX ONE is games. end of story. games is the reason for PlayStation being where it is today.

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The tides are turning? MWAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA HAAAHAAAAHAHA. oh man thats a good one. Xb1 sells more in 1 country for 1 week ( Still gets outsold worldwide) and the tides are turning? ! HAHAHA.. you guys man. Yeh xb1 is selling better than before but it still ain't close to competing with ps4 when it comes to hardware sales. that's just the truth.

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good for xbox but it doesnt matter. PS4 is way ahead in UK and it will stay that way unless the xbox one continues to outsell the PS4. i dont see that happening. exact same goes for US. this is good for the xbox fans though.. will cheer them up abit.

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they're very far behind PS4.. thats where they're at and thats why we wont be getting any sales numbers anytime soon. look how butt hurt the xbox fans get when you talk about sales. just like microsoft themselves. no sales talk allowed with the xbox one man!! even though it was microsoft who started all this with the 360.

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even US is impossible at this point. last month xbox one had some crazy deals but still didnt improve sales that much. only sold like 10k more than PS4 in the whole month. i mean come on.. one week of japan sales negates that 10k. the only way xbox one is coming back is if it starts outselling PS4 in the US by 500k a month and even the most delusional xbox fans know that aint happening. very annoying and ignorant opinion piece. please take a look at the facts first and than form your opinion....

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