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If you only own xbox one than Yeh this is worst gen in history. Microsoft are already moving on and it's only been 3 years and they only released halo 5, gears 4 and a bunch of forza games. No wonder it's been boring! Go complain to microsoft

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Not really. Nintendo are doing their own thing and their success or failure doesn't really affect sony. 2 completely differentc audiences. Microsoft are the ones in panic mode cutting the gen short when it's about to hit it's peak. Look at the ps4 lineup for the next 2-3 years. Microsoft are stealthily starting over with the Scorpio but it won't change anything unless sony do another ps3 and price ps5 at $599. Its pretty much in sonys hands.

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GG have done an amazing job for the first game of a new ip. It can only get better.

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They will uhh. . Actually make games? It's always about the games and Sony straight up have the games.

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Na ps4 is an untouchable beast.. We need to make up some rules to give xbox some sort of chance. So just the pro counts. If Scorpio outsells ps4 pro than xbox wins and is making a comeback and playstation loses hahaha/s

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True. I don't know why people seperate them. Ps4 is killing it regardless of whether it's the ps4 or the pro. The pro just gives more options. Mainly for people with 4k tvs.

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Lol you really ripped him a new one there. Brutally exposed.

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Man shut up! The only people who say this are xbox fanboys because ps4 is so far ahead in sales. It seemed pretty important to Microsoft when they would boast every month last generation. Of course they care about sales.. The bigger the sales, the bigger the profits. Stop being butt hurt and just accept that sony and their playstation are the kings of console gaming. Edit: just read your previous posts below. . Haha. Sales don't matter ey?

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Soo ps5 will release with 4 launch games and 6 year old 3rd party titles? Man that would be a bigger screw up than 599 us dollars! Seems Nintendo fans have amnesia.. The way they been acting, you would think the wii u sold 200m consoles and everyone needs to copy Nintendos success.. lol gimme a break.

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Saying " you was never going to buy the system" is stupid. Maybe ask the reason why him and so many others think the same. There are reasons as why.. its Microsoft job to sell us their system. My personal reason is ps4 is simply superior and there's isn't a single game on xbox that I must play.. Microsoft need to give us reasons to go and get an xbox one just like sony made the ps4 a must own system.

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Xbox is still relevant because it gets all the major 3rd party games. It also sells really well in the US... but Europe is a different story.. xbox is more irrelevant than its ever been over there and that's a big problem for them and it's going to get worse if Microsoft don't address the problem. The sales for xbox one in Europe are terrible. Its in Europe where sony have gained this enormous lead worldwide.

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Is Phil Spencer going to give his impressions of his breakfast tomorrow morning?

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$250 should have been the limit. $199 was the sweet spot. the switch just isnt worth $299.. you can get PS4 for less! a playstation fuckin 4 for less than the switch!! xbox one too and both of them are way more feature rich than the switch is.

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lmao.. first thing i thought. i think its best if phil spencer just shuts the hell up. only say something when its needed.

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Sony playstation IS the giant and Microsoft will need a hell of a lot more than having the most powerful console to take them down. It might even be Impossible unless sony themselves mess up like with the ps3. So it doesn't really matter what Microsoft. .

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HAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA. HAHAHAHAHA .. damn man. That post got me bad. I just don't see how anyone can come to this conclusion. The conference was terrible. This is not my opinion. It's a fact. That's how bad it was.

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I think people just forgot and moved on from Nintendo after the first playstation.

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Zelda should have fuckin released in 2015.. They kept delaying the shit out of it so they could launch their new system with it and now you want to act shocked that it's launching with the switch? it better damn launch with the switch.. its about damn time! Stupid ass Nintendo fanboys still living in the 90s. Oooh the reactions zelda got! Get the f outta here!

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Yea...The switch and it's 5 launch games... what the hell are Nintendo thinking? I was more hyped for it before the reveal. Nintendo made me NOT want to buy a switch.

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I don't think it matters. It's a ps4 exclusive that will sell to the ps4 audience. Why would the switch effect that? I also think the new horizon story trailer was better than the whole switch conference.

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