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in a interview they said, the enemies will level like in fallout.

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exclusives matter. dont you see how sales increase when an exclusive is released?

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people who are complaining, please justn shut the fuck up. seriously some people here think they are so special or something. the MAIN thing i learned from this hack was that the world is mostly full of sad low life losers. oh no the psn is down!!. BIG FUCKING DEAL! play a single player game. sony dont owe you shit and no it aint the end of sony just cause you are upset. fucking spoilt little brats.

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he said sony shows NEW games where as nintendo show the SAME games over and over. that should change this year. i think we'll see the "old" nintendo.

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i think games wise, microsoft will have the worst. not sure who out of sony and nintendo is gonna show the best games. dont forget nintendo's new console. what if they show something amazing for that. both sony and nintendo will come out with great games. i have a feeling microsoft are gonna try and shove alot of garbage down everyones throat and hype 3rd party games. of course codmw3 will be at their conference and he'll give the yearly " exlusive maps on xbox 360 first" sp...

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that would be AMAZING! why does it have to mean awful games. other developers can now use this technology and outdo la noire and make better games.

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if it has no stealth in it, it WILL suck to MGS FANS.

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its not the multiplat bullshit, who gives a shit if its on 360? its gonna sell 90% on ps3 anyways. MGS fans love MGS because of the stealth and the trailer made it look like an action game, thats why theres doubt. if we wanted that, we would have bought ninja gaiden already.

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need to see more footage of this before deciding what its gonna be like. if the game is still mainly stealth, i'll definately get it!

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yeh its defo more known to playstation users. the sales will probably show that. rising should sell alot more on ps3.

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seriously, konami's main game is metal gear solid. its their money maker, so why not just cut all the crap and make metal gear solid 5 instead of these petty little games like rising and snake eater 3ds? i dont care wheter its on ps3 only or on every single system. just as long a its a proper MGS game.

kojima has been disappointing alot the past few years for me. all i ever hear is him teasing everyone with his "future projects". i also heard he wont be at E3? ...

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i dont get the cod being associated with 360 crap. its on both consoles and its sold over 10 million on ps3 and is ps3's higest selling game aswell, so its just as much associated with playstation as it is with xbox. exclusive advertising and getting dlc early doesnt associate shit! its about the players and theres 10 million+ of them on ps3 ( im not included)

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very good for xbox 360 in america. i dont think sony is worried though. the ps3 hasnt even hit $199 yet and that is when it will see its biggest sales explosion. i remember in the ps2 days nearly everyone got one after 4-5 years when it got a price cut. xbox 360 sales also increased dramatically when it hit $199.

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do the games appear on your download list after aswell? theres 3 accounts on my ps3, i should be able to get them all. gonna try later.

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my point exactly

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these lot always say microsoft have the best show. last year they had the worst e3 i have ever seen. it was just embarassing to watch, yet they took all the phraises somehow? they cant compete with nintendo or sony in the games department. so they use other stuff like giving away free 360's and stupid celebrities. it was AWFUL! hopefully they concentrate on actual games this time cause microsoft, NO ONE GIVES A DAMN ABOUT KINECT FOR FUCKS SAKE!

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its defo gonna blow something up. uncharted 2 has won more awards than epic have with every single game they have made. anyway it doesnt need to blow anything out of the water? because its at the top, uncharted is the third person king at the moment, its gears of war thats chasing, not uncharted.

make sure you watch in 720p. now topping that is gonna be extrem...

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my favourite MGS theme. the main theme from part 2.

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we dont need first details. most of us have already played modern warfare 3. just play any of the past 2-3 cod's. its the same thing.

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can epic just make the characters look normal in geow3, im sick of them being fucking bigger than dinosaurs. at least that way marcus can move his fat ass more easily.

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