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The longer sony wait the better. Especially considering how well the ps4 is doing and the games still yet to come. They can stretch it to 2020 and make it a huge jump from ps4.

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Blame xbox fanboys.. they're freaking obsessed with gran turismo.

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Lol GT has been around since the 90's and we still ain't hit part 7 in 2017 yet milkza is already there and it first came out in 2005. Not only that but all forza games combined can't even outsell one GT game and you want to talk about putting things to shame? The definition of shame in the dictionary should be changed to xbox fanboys.

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250k in just the UK is ridiculously high but yea if any console will beat it, it will be a playstation console. They're in a league of their own.

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Just because Nintendo isn't popular in the UK it doesn't mean " they don't buy anything other than playstation" xbox does decently in the UK. Also fifa is the top seller In every country in Europe. Not just UK.. shooters too. This isn't specific to UK.

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80k is decent for a Nintendo console in UK and damn at PS4's 250k launch sales.. i don't think any console will top that. Not even PS5.

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Not surprised. Knew horizon was going to be a big seller. Everyone on my friend list is playing it. People also forget that zelda really Isn't a major seller but still horizon is a new ip and outsold it! It even got close to Uncharted 4 sales! Horizon is going to become a massive franchise.

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Damn.. that's actually really embarrassing for xbox one. It's biggest established games being outsold by a new ip. Microsoft really have their work cut out.

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We hear this at every freaking console launch from gamestop. Doesn't mean anything. Every console does well at launch.

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It won't do a Wii or PlayStation level numbers but i don't think it'll flop like the wii u. I'm thinking anywhere from 30m-50m consoles sold which really isn't bad for a Nintendo console. I think Nintendo would be more than happy with that. Who knows though, anything can happen.

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It's going to be a premium flop too.

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The destructible world is nice but why does crackdown 3 look like a ps2 game or early 360/ps3 game?

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And what you'll end up doing is what you always do, lie. Than you'll cover the lie with another lie and on it goes. Microsoft are becoming so transparent.

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The fact people are even comparing horizon, a new ip against a 30 year old legendary franchise like zelda speaks volumes about how great horizon is so what the hell are you even talking about?

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Dude stop embarrassing yourself. Your user name is bad enough, never mind your cringy butthurt weak comments.

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Xbox fanboys need to accept that the Scorpio won't change anything. Games will look identical on pro and Scorpio. No developer is going to go out of their way to use those extra teraflops on the Scorpio when they are already stretched thin as it is. On top of that it's going to have a small install base compared to ps4 so why would they even bother? Scorpio just seems like a waste of time. Who's going to buy it except die hard xbox fanboys?

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I care only about which brand gives me the most entertainment. I couldn't care less about the company's behind them. I don't give a damn about sony. I like the playstation because of the entertainment it provides me and xbox is rightly criticised because it's clearly lacking. It's nothing to do with people hating microsoft. Everyone had a boner over them last gen from 2007-2010 because they provided great content.

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For sure xbox needs new games but Microsoft should still be credited when they do something good. I think this xbox game pass is a good feature. I've hardly used my xbox compared to my ps4 so if nothing else, it'll get me to use my xbox more but yes I agree, microsoft must work on getting more exclusives and new ip. Even so, microsoft will never be able to compete with Sony when it comes to games. Sony just have way too much for them to match.

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We're still quite a while away from going all digital. I'm about 50/50 physical digital. I only ever buy digital when there are sales that bring the prices down to about the same as a physical copy and even than physical is still better because you don't have to download, you can borrow or sell and i still like to have a disc. Actually there really ain't that many pros for digital compared to physical.

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Ain't you played MGS2? It's literally a prophecy of the future.

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