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PS3 and XBOX 360 both with a 27 per cent share.

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huh? the ps3 controller is the smallest, so how could your hand not reach the left stick? lay off wanking for a while.

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yeh and now its sony's turn. ps3 should drop to $199 this year and do i even need to mention the games?

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lol people been saying this for the past 3 quarters. im sure stores with an excess of a million ps3's will gladly take another 3 million from sony! use your head FFS!

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vgchartz stealth editing.

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if you dont treat your customers right, you wont succeed.

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what a stupid comment.

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yea... until we get official numbers and see that the gap has closed even more. than vgchartz do a stealth edit to their numbers. i know how this site works. few months back they had the 360 beating the ps3 for a good 6 weeks but they got it wrong and completely reversed the numbers.

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and where exactly did you pull that 2.9 million from? your asshole?

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im trying to understand why anyone would. if its that easy to fool people, then the world really is in a shithole.

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tellin ya. do they think sony is just shipping all their stock to the south pole or something?

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i dont get it? everything we have read so far points to gt5 selling 2.5 million at the least on its first week, yet vgchartz pop up with their under 2 million first week figure when they themselves said it sold 1.8 million in first 2 days. so it sold only 200k more after that? get outta here. wait for the quarterly numbers and watch these assholes completely stealth reverse their numbers.

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what s stupid title. how you gonna be taken seriously, if you make a mistake straight away?

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its all bullshit. i dont give a damn if 1 person buys 100 move controllers. they still count as 100 sales, not 1. these sites need to find something better to write.

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hes right though, how can they get accurate worldwide sales with the method they use? polling.

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they cant even get accurate hardware sales never mind these motion controllers. why do they still bother when most people dont take them seriously? even microsoft took the piss out of them. thats just pure embarrassment on their end.

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why is damage all of a sudden so important?GT fans never cared for it before and the real fans still dont.

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yh forza has great damage. i crash my car head on, the entire back of the car gets damaged instead lol.

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lets just wait for the patch and see. shouldnt be long now.

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i dont really have anything against vgchartz. they atleast adjust their numbers to make em right. i just hate the fact that if you question the numbers you get banned for 5 years.

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