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theres only one thing you can learn from working there and thats how BADLY they rip people off. most people are smart but there is still a big chunk of people that get their games from stores and dont realise they end up paying way more than they have to.

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seriously the kid obviously knew. how dumb must he be not to? even a 8 year old would these days.

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it seems like they choose a heroin addict whos never played a game in his life to review these games.

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is there really anything more microsoft could throw? i mean damn look at that! halo, new 360 slim and kinect with 500 million in marketing and ps3 sold 2 million more for the year. microsoft need a MASSIVE boost or the ps3's gonna overtake the 360 befpre the holiday season even starts and sony unleash the $199 ps3 which they will be aiming at the wii after leaving the 360 in a black hole.

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a few of my friends who only play cod and fifa, hated black ops! only problem is, they want back to modern warfare 2! seriously doesnt it get old to some people? even i got into MW2 once but within 2 weeks i got bored.

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worldwide? it should be way more than that! most average games sell 1 million on ps3 on their first week.

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sometimes i can get online, it depends on the time. late night, it connects no problem. keep in mind its a beta so all these problems are expected. hopefully it helps them get the multipayer steady before release.

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shows how closed his mind is. made him look like a fool

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really? forza? if thats so, then why did GT5 already outsell the entire forza franchise? clearly, people only give a shit about one racer out there. seriously man, just get the money somehow and buy a ps3. i can tell from your comments that you REALLY BADLY want one.

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seriously i know people want hard numbers, but now that the ps3 is only 2 million behind, surely due to the 360's earlier hardware troubles, there are in reality already more ps3's active than 360's. software sales back this up.

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no, sony won by a country mile. no price cuts, redesigns, not much advertising and they sold the same amount as microsoft. kinect was microsoft biggest ever push aswell. in other words it was their only hope. its 100 PERCENT GUARANTEED now that ps3 will overtake xbox 360. hey its a fanboy article, so the truths gotta be told.

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yea somehow bioware's new engine looks worse than their old one. how does that work?

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it'll definately give some kind of boost, cause its a big exclusive and they always sell systems regardless. the playstation base know killzone well now aswell. its a awesome game aswell. the graphics and sound of the weapons are superb, best i've seen in a shooter.

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hearing about all this hacking shit for weeks now. dont give a damn really, i know im gonna play all the games i want and yes i'll be BUYING those games. let those attention seeking scumbags do what they want. they're only in the minority anyway. 95% of ps3 userbase probably havnt even heard of this hacking bullshit and wouldnt care anyway. seriously, its just easier to you know go out and BUY your games.

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wtf? its clear the people saying stupid things like this are the people that havnt played the game and probably didnt even play killzone 2! i've been on the beta for a few days now and its the total OPPOSITE of cod, it doesnt suck for one, everything better about it in every way. its a real shooter. cod isnt, the crosshair aims for you most of the time in cod. same graphics every year, same animations. whats wrong with some of you people?

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seriously their hardware figures may be a litle off but dont even go near the software charts. they have no idea how to track those and most are off by massive margins. even people in their own forums are going mad with their increasingly inaccurate clearly made up sales figures.

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most people gonna stop reading after first line.

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but i clearly remember other article before where EA made more on ps3. is it really the first time? especially with FIFA and ps3 in europe.

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PS3 and XBOX 360 both with a 27 per cent share.

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