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Microsoft have always been like this so people are used to it by now. I'm surprised they still going on about this 4k drive crap. Can they not just be Humble and stfu for once. Your xbox brand needs more games.. not a bloody 4k blu ray drive or more power. GAMES. why can't Microsoft get this? They acting like losers dying for attention. Microsoft are truly pathetic this generation. Sony have ripped them apart so bad those scars will remain for a long time.

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No exclusives..? Must be an xbox only gamer.

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Games don't matter! Xbox has the edge because of 4k blu ray!/s

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seems to be alot of insecure xbox fanboys here.. the diversity of sony's lineup must be killing them with jealousy.

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did you jizz into your own eyes?

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who said he knows more than sony? sony know the sales of the PS4 every week. so do the publishers. you think EA, Ubisoft etc.. dont get info on sales? of course they do. if you want "official" confirmation of PS4 beasting than wait for sony quarterly reports. i must warn you though.. you wont like what you see.

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with the ps4 pro now out, theres now nothing stopping the PS4. the UK black friday sales is just the start. 3 months of xbox one selling better than PS4 wiped out in 1 week in UK. next, onto the US, xbox one has sold about 250k more than PS4 in the last 4 months.. NPD is next week.. can the PS4 wipe away that 250k in just 1 month? i think so! should be very interesting!

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in europe its DOA regardless. well unless microsoft call it the playstation scorpio. i dont see microsoft gaining any ground over sony in europe with the scorpio.

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if microsoft want the scorpio to do well it cant be any higher than $399 and im pretty sure microsoft know this. at $499 this will sell worse than the original xbox one.

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when has sony ever lost a month? or are you one of them fools that counts only the US while ignoring the rest of the world? even in the US, how much has the xbox one closed the gap in these last few months? 200k? lol is that it? what a joke! the xbox fanboys have become as much of a joke as microsoft themselves with their nitpicking of specific data to make xbox look good! the FACT is xbox is LOSING in every territory in the world to the PS4 so microsoft can hide their sales all they want. ev...

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its not just the price but the demand too. a cheaper xbox one cant outsell the PS4 because the demand is low for xbox one compared to PS4. gamecube was very cheap but could never touch PS2. a combo of good price and demand is deadly.. this is why PS4 has done so well.

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of course there are worldwide figures!!!? what the hell are you talking about. let me make it easy for you. sony sell the PS4 accross most countries in the world. the total sales from all these regions= worldwide and sony give these figures at the end of each quarter as do nintendo. microsoft used to but as we know, they had to stop revealing their figures cause it would look too bad on xbox. microsoft will never reveal total xbox ones sold.

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200% only in UK. its not that difficult to figure out that PS4 is beating the holy hell out of xbox right now with the release of the PRO. lol, did people actually think the xbox one was making a comeback?? HAHAHAHAH

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not too long before we find out.

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your not allowed common sense here buddy!! xbox is winning ok!! it doesnt matter if the gap is getting bigger. no one talks about worldiwde sales.. its all about NPD!!

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PS4 Still leads in all 3 markets anyway so yea.. worldwide... UK.. US.. africa or wherever the hell else. PS4 still leads. which country is xbox ahead in?? there isnt a single one. anyway i thught sales dont matter to xbox fanboys. its all about them profits!

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november NPD PS4 could beat xbox one by more than the entire 4 months xbox has. if xbox one comes out on top again, even if only by little, that would be impressive.its going to be very interesting next month! either sony fanboys or xbox fanboys.. one side will have a meltdown next month. personally i think PS4 takes november and cancels out all 4 months of xbox wins. november is already a big month as it is and sony have months of pre orders and people holding out on buying a PS4. unless mic...

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"This is just 1% of sales. The other 99% is digital because I say so and just made it up" - xbox fanboys

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All it takes is one quick search man. put the bong down for a second will ya? damn!

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Xbox fanboys can carry on having wet dreams over xbox Scorpio while sony absolutely dominates the industry and continues to even after scorpio is out. It's hilarious that xbox fanboys thinks Scorpio is going to dominate or something. Lol. It may be able to keep up with the ps4 in the US but what about you know.. The rest of the world? Same old story for xbox brand. can't keep up with the PlayStation. The truth hurts doesn't it?

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