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Where are these bogus rumours coming from? Are xbox fanboys bored of their beast already? now they want microsoft to buy ea or valve to try and beat sony.

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I have to agree with you. Im also tired of nintendo fanboys going mental over the switch. It's a nice hybrid system with some great games so early in its life but chill the hell out. You would think the system gives free blowjobs and makes food out of thin air with how some nintendo fanboys go on about it and before you guys get your chainsaws out, i own a switch and really enjoy using it but you guys go way overboard. That's all im saying.

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You forgot to add the part where you wake up from you wet dream with cum all over yourself.

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It's bizarre how every single one of them is ready to bend over backwards for microsoft. I've seen nintendo fans criticise nintendo and sony fans criticise sony but never ever have i seen an xbox fanboy utter a single word against microsoft. They literally worship microsoft and love them more than anything else in their lives.

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I don't understand this "digital future of gaming" bs. Why not just give people the choice? Does it have to be one or the other? I myself like having the option to choose. I'm sick of them trying to force this amazing digital future onto us.

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They both have the same problem, which is getting boring and repetitive very quickly but atleast with sea of thieves we know what we're getting. Sean Murray was lying outta his ass about no man's sky acting like he had the best game ever coming. still don't understand why sony promoted the game for him.

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I remember there were heavy rumours of fifa going xbox exclusive in 2013. Alot of brain dead xbox fanboys believed it but it turned out to be the ultimate team thing exclusive to xbox. It'll be even funnier seeing this rumour shot down and everyone laughing at xbox fanboys.

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You should begin by taking a step outside your house mate.

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You can wake up from your dream now xbox fanboys. I know it's fun imagining your xbox brand dominating the industry but that's all it is, imagination. Reality is you guys and the xbox brand will continue to be the laughing stock of the industry. I'm laughing my ass watching you guys get a hard on over a rumour that ain't ever gonna happen.

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He's a butthurt xbox fanboy with no games to play. That's his point.

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This guy is the saltiest xbox fanboy around. Makes septic and wooly look like sony fanboys. He's the kind of fanboy who thinks about how much he hates sony before going to sleep, dreams about It and wakes up thinking about it. In other words, he's as pathetic as they come. Harsh i know, but true. I never usually personally attack anyone but you deserve it. Your comments are migraine inducing.

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Like I said before, most developers won't put in the extra effort for the xbox one x because it's just not worth it for them. Were people really expecting massive differences? There's simply nothing in it for the devs so why should they?

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What the heck are you talking about? Once you subscribe to ps now you have access to the entire library. There is no pay to rent a game.

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The difference is all types of games sell well on ps4 and not just dudebro shooters like on xbox.

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Who cares? Hardly anyone is going to buy this on dudebro box one anyway. Get back to shooting things on pubg.

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Sonys games just look so good its the only thing opposing fanboys can come up with. "Look at the evil sony downgrading their games, we should all hate sony and suck on Phil Spencers ballsack". You gotta ignore the noise from these xbox fanboys.

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