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microsofts clever and decieving techniques.. the PS4 no games argument will go on for years even though PS4 already has a much larger library than xbox one never mind later in the life cycle. each year sony will pump out more exclusives than the previous year like they did with PS3 2008 onwards. #1.3.2
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the brand name is what it is and this time sony didnt price people out and force them to go to competition like last gen. everyones coming home this gen! #60
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xbox one is a damn phenomenon. beats PS4 1 month out of like 11 and comes out looking like the winner! microsoft are damn good with their manipulation. #44
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yea.. PS4 is no.1 in both UK and US. look at the discounts and deals microsoft had in november. they got a decent boost because of that but how can they sustain it? answer is they cant. i'll be really surprised if xbox one is still outselling PS4 come january NPD. #1.1.28
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phil aint doing anything. hes just a microsoft puppet like mattrick was. these guys say what they're told to say and right now microsoft MUST look good to gamers.

you really think it was mattrick that made those decisions for xbox? it was the higher ups at microsoft and when they seen the reaction, they needed a fresh face to change things. in comes phil spencer.. the "good guy" #14.3
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wtf? microsoft have completely brainwashed these people into believing the xbox one is some super power that will make the greatest of all comebacks and than dominate for generations to come! get back to REALITY! PS4 is not only the market leader but is increasing the gap very quickly which means xbox one will become more and more irelevant as the gen goes on. these are the real FACTS. not the dream stories microsoft have been telling you. #8.4
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all i see on your list is same old halo forza gears combo with a bunch of other crap hardly anyone is going to play. cant believe microsoft can still manipulate people into believing what they want. #2.1.4
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xbox fans want to complain.. seriously? the bias against microsoft is no where near the magnitude of how it is against sony or nintendo. even microsoft themselves were so arrogant last gen claiming they were dominating when in reality they wasnt. they were using US sales to decieve people. liars and decievers. taste the punishment microsoft and take your xbox brand home. not many will care. #61
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some of you people are crazy!! either that or your really HARDCORE xbox fans. you think the xbox is going to catch the playstation now? when the playstation brand is back in full force? take a good hard look at last generation and you'll realise the xbox one will be lucky to stay within 50m units of ps4 by the end of the gen. microsoft have no actual power in the video game industry.. only power of delusion and lies and theyll always be sheep around to follow.

even with m... #81
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just N4G has become pro sony? kid.. the majority of the whole world is pro sony at this time. stop sulking and get with it or dont visit these so called pro sony sites than. #37.2
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probably a $1. sony are going bankcrupt aint they? have been for the last 10 years apparently. man.. they must have alot of invisible money than. how are sony doing all this with PS4!!? (im joking by the way) #36.2
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maybe the hype is there because playstation actually has a legacy and more than just 20m fans like xbox. of course xbox fans are never excited.. microsoft havent done jack in the video game industry but rehash halo and forza.. THATS IT! why would you be excited? enjoy watching as PS4 grows its lead and becomes ever more dominant. i bet a good portion of die hard xbox fans will be playstation fans by the end of this gen. theres only so long you can support the loser. #8.1.3
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what is it with you people. this is the first year of the system. what were you expecting than? uncharted 4, GTA 6, MGS5 and mass effect 4 in the first year and in the same year!? look long term ffs. #6.2
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10mil shipped "SHORTLY" dont forget. they havent even shipped 10m yet, never mind sold and sony announced 10m SOLD in august. just to give an idea how far behind the xbox one is. microsoft are using ANY tactic they can to hide it. #5.4
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sony give out hard data quite often. we got a 7m sold announcement, than a 10m one and in their latest financials they gave shipped data too. 13.5m shipped at the end of september, so maybe its at 15-16m right now.

microsoft on the other hand.. one announcement of 5m shipped and the other day, they really had nothing positive to say about sales of the xbox one so they just say it'll ship 10m shortly. clearly the sales race is over. #11
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i would say it is closer to 7m but still.. what difference does that make. bottom line is xbox one isnt doing well. #66.1
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it doesnt take a genius to figure out xbox one sales were so low, any decent boost would look good for microsoft and look what it took to get them a boost in sales. not only that but they state 10m shipped before they even ship that amount? how desperate is that. what this means is by end of holidays, xbox one will have SHIPPED 10m units.. so still by the end of this year, the xbox one wont have sold 10m units whilst the PS4 will have shipped 20m+ and sold between 17-19m. microsoft can use fa... #67
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the only joke right now is assassins creed unity. get this garbage fixed up asap. #30
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weird title. sony are actually changing it for the better than! i missed alot of games because i ddint put them in my download list. hope i can get another chance. #9
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