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haha this is so true! i've seen it many times. #39.1
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it isnt possible for xbox one to catch up, thats why. not hard to figure that out. the sales boasting from microsoft last gen was ridiculous. im surprised sony are so quiet being 10m+ ahead but yea.. its nice to see microsoft humbled by an ass kicking from sony. #41
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this.. microsoft can take how many shots they want but if it doesnt reflect in sales, it doesnt matter at all. microsoft need to take BIG shots at sony that actually make a difference to their low ass xbox one sales.. not petty stuff like this. #15.2
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you sound exactly like someone who has never owned a playstation. the exclusive waterfall usually starts around the 3rd year for PS consoles and looking at 2016 exclusives, the same is happening again. near the end of the gen, xbox fans will regret even uttering the word exclusive.. trust me. #11.5
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sounds like you want to suck his cock or something.. #4.1.3
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not good for those 5% that will play this on xbox one. #48
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they should have announced a new release date first. honestly, the way this game has been handled.. its like they want to kill the franchise. #30
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oh wow! 1080p on pro evolution soccer!! bravo microsoft! your making a comback alright.. hehe.. the low standards for microsoft are shocking. they get praised for this oh and not releasing a single exclusive all year and than a few in the fall and they get praised while sony get stomped all over by the media as usual. microsoft still have the media and their sheepish followers by the balls. #57
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1.4m xbox one and 360 shipped?? man thats just bad. say 400k of that is 360, that leaves 1m for xbox one shipped.. which will be even lower in actual sales, say about 700k-800k for the whole quarter? you just cant spin that to make it look good. its europe thats doing it. xbox one sales are shockingly low over there. #1.1.32
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xbox fanboys... please stop trying so hard. seriously,its easy to see through liars even on the internet. every site has become full of salty xbox fans now days. #1.1.24
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capcom straight up said it. no xbox version ever. why havent crystal dynamics or microsoft come out and said there will never be a PS4 version of tomb raider? there will be one thats why. the way they worded it.. its so obvious there'll be a PS4 version. #18.2
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well E3 is tomoorrow.. so we'll see who comes out on top. who would want to go up against naughty dog? good luck to crystal dynamics. #16.1.2
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barely looks better than uncharted 2. #16
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all xbox fans are like this guy now. they go on and on and on about completely pointless things, reeking of desperation. the other day they was complaining about the name of the uncharted collection saying its too similar to master chief collection. REALLY? some of you guys just need to enjoy your xbox ones. dont let the success of PS4 give you psychiatric disorders. #1.2.22
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atleast sony doesnt use fake claps #4.7
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microsoft hype every E3 like this. remember this one?

"Xbox One will surprise the world during E3."
"We will kill Sony at E3". #2.3.1
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microsoft have only recently started connecting with their audience since all their screw ups. sony did it alot last generation and they're still doing it. also sony always had the bigger E3'S because they always have the wildest crowd. i heard microsoft uses fake claps and things. i think spencer is doing a great job of giving the illusion that microsoft now all of a sudden really care about the gamers and making great games but its only cuase they're getting their asses kicked b... #2.1.5
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xbox one has fallen way too far behind now. theres no way it'll even make a slight comeback. yeah sure xbox one is going to outsell PS4 when halo 5 comes out but thats going to be in the US only. nothing they do will be enough. #5
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i hope so but microsoft did say this a few times before for xbox 360 yet sony ripped them apart for exclusives.. dont forget the "we're going to kill sony" line. best way for microsoft to return to success is simple and that is by keeping their mouth shut as much as possible and just showing the games. #8
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thats the main problem with alot of xbox gamers! xbox 360 was their first console ever and a majority of the audience is very young. #3.6.2
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