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i think sony know what they're doing.. they've sold around 350m-400m home consoles and absolutely dominated 3 console generations. so whether you love it or hate it, they are the kings of this business.

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i still think it was a stupid move to change voice actors for such an iconic and well known character. he did the voice for what 10-15 years? MGSV would have been so much better if it just stuck to what MGS is. semi linear with a big focus on story and cutscenes and the good old snake we know and love... it was still a good game though.

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...what the hell are you even talking about??

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uncharted 4 must have caused a huge spike in new patients at psychiatric wards. some people seem to have lost their mind at the success of uncharted 4. mainly xbox fans. this gen must be very emotionally distressing for them. i feel bad for them after reading some of the comments.

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yea nobody really knows thanks to microsoft hiding everything like a bunch of pussy's. what we do know is that its the lowest selling halo out of all of them. i think even the uncharted collection sold more than halo 5, never mind uncharted 4.

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naughty dogs reputation is just going UP and UP and UP. how far can these guys go? imagine the hype when they reveal the last of us 2!

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that was shipped. U4 probably shipped like 4-5m. if sony wanted, they could have used the shipped numbers but sony seem to always give actual sales this gen which is better.

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these xbox fans use the same PS has no games every gen. PS2 had no games, look how that turned out. PS3 had no games, look how that turned out.. now its PS4's turn. everytime about 3 years in to the gen sony start dropping exclusives like theres no tomorrow. remember 2009 onwards for PS3?

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this is as pathetic as it gets. passing an opinion on a game you havent even played.

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why is everyone so upset?? i find this hilarious. nintendo and xbox fanboys are full of rage because of uncharted.. thats what a great major exclusive should do. you guys are so damn bitter sony own the industry right now. especially nintendo fanboys. they're really on edge because of the wii u.. you can cry all you want but you wont change anything. also this is obvious clickbait.

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the psychological breakdown of xbox fanboys this generation is quite amusing. these guys are losing their minds over this console war nonsense. must be tough for them seeing all the lime light on PS4 this generation whilst the xbox one is shunned and nothing is going right for it. PS4 gets uncharted 4 whilst they're stuck with quantum break. who wouldnt be mad??

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phil spencer is just as obsessed with playstation as the xbox fanboys are.

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gears of war has good shooting but apart from that uncharted is better in every way. i hate how the characters feel like dinosaurs in gears of war. everything feels too heavy in gears.

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lmao this was my first reaction and its the first comment.. HAHAHAHAHAHAH

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it wont be bad for sony at all if they release this new model at the same price PS4 is at now which is $349 and cut the standard model to $299. thats fair and will increase sales for the PS4.

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PS2 wouldnt have become what it did without the original playstation, which was the most revolutionising console ever during those times. which is why it was the the first to sell over 100m units and why the playstation brand is still here going strong today over 20 years later. sonys first console and what a beast it was to storm the gaming industry the way it did. now thats revolutionary.

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yea that line literally had me laughing!

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who even gives a crap about this new slightly upgraded PS4? i'll stick to my standard PS4 and only get this new one if my PS4 becomes faulty. i think microsoft fanboys are letting their imaginations run wild hoping this gives microsoft a chance to become the hero's and get in the good books. theres no return for xbox one which is exactly why sony can take risks and experiment with this kind of stuff.

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lmao.. xbox fanboys talking about next gen already because this gen is already over for xbox. it doesnt matter what microsoft come out with, unless they get a head start and come out $200 cheaper, playstation will always crush the tiny xbox brand. your also an annoying piece of trash. n4g, vgchartz and wherever the heck else you spread your microsoft bullcrap. i cant visit any damn site without seeing your damn name somewhere.

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holy shit! N4G is fanboy heaven! the comments section is ridiculous!

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