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Lol.. The thought of an actual person in real life getting so angry, to the point of sending death threats over something so meaningless makes me laugh. It boggles my mind that there's actual people like that.

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Don't worry, we're ready to say told you so when sales fall off a cliff. You guys get way too excited too soon. Remember xbox one s winning 3 npd's In a row? Yeah, we all know how that went. It hasn't won a single month since.

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Kid, nobody's going to take you seriously when you use terms like "xbox traitors". Go do your homework and get to bed.

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This.. The sales are very front loaded because of upgraders and pre orders. Next week's sales will drop off a cliff.

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2 or 3 month's? This is the launch sales. It'll only drop from here. The 80k might look decent now but when you consider the drop next week it won't look as good. Even the og xbox one did a respectable 150k at launch but look at the sales after. It's all about keeping the momentum.

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The one x just launched. Of course it'll have decent sales with all the upgraders. The real test is January onwards. Also og ps4 + ps4 pro easily outsells xb1 + xb1s + xb1x. No need to single out the ps4 pro just to make the one x look good but what did I expect from xbox fanboys? Have to make xbox look good somehow. What you gonna say next week when xb1x sales drop to sub 20k?

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What the hell is wrong with you? The success of PS4 has drove some of you guys to insanity.

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I'll stick with my standard PS4 until the true next generation console, the PS5 is released.

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I can see sony selling a shit load of PS4's at $199. Should keep the momentum going into a packed 2018.

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And the least amount of people will play those games on xbox one x which goes to show, nobody really cares about power and resolution. Only a very small minority do. Most people still playing third party games on standard PS4 and are happy with the graphics. No need for ps4 pro and xbox one x.

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Yeah all those games people will play on PS4. Xbox fan boys acting like everyone is gonna all of a sudden play every multiplat on xbox. PS4 is still gonna have more than 70% share with multiplats whilst xbox gets the scraps. 3rd party publishers are going to sony for marketing because that's where their games are selling. Why they gonna put effort into xbox one x improvements when nobody's going to play there? All they gonna do is bump the resolution up a bit and be done with it.

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Theres no way it can be marketed as a new console. If it was, people would say it's under powered. It's barely 2 teraflops stronger than a ps4 pro so how can it be next generation. The true next gen consoles like the PS5 will be way way stronger in every department.

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If you already play on xbox than an upgrade might be worth it but yeah, if you didn't care for xbox before than theres no reason to buy an xbox one x. It's mostly going to sell to people upgrading from og xbox one and one s.

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I don't see sony or nintendo doing this or coming out with some other crap every 5 seconds. In fact, sony and nintendo exec's hardly ever say anything on social media where as microsofts never seem to shut up.

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That'll change nothing. This is microsoft from top down. They're all the same. Don mattrick, Phil Spencer, greenburg, panello, Nelson. .. They all say the same crap.

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Just another day at the lying office for microsoft. Nothing new here. These kind of things are in their DNA. They just can't help themselves.

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I think games in general can temporarily help with depression and anxiety because it takes your focus elsewhere and gives you that much needed relief that your mind needs. If anyone is suffering, know that your not alone even though you feel like it and hang in there. There's always light at the end of the tunnel.

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It's because what comes out his mouth is horse shite. He's a proven hypocrite.

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Who cares. I'll have my fun with the game than toss it aside when im bored with it. I don't understand how someone can play the same game for a long period of time anyway. The longest I've played the same game was probably witcher 3 because it has so much to do but even than, i got bored with it after a month.

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He ain't delivered shite.. why Isn't ac origins full 4k 60fps? I thought Phil said "uncompromised 4k". Theres only a handful of titles at true 4k so classic microsoft lied again!

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