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Lol yeah first thing i thought too. Not to mention all the other general violence in GTA V. I don't understand where all this is coming from all of a sudden but I guess it comes with the modern Internet age. Anything can be overblown these days thanks to the Internet.

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Sonys studios are also extremely talented. Some of the visuals of their games are so good. Horizon zero dawn on a standard ps4 looks like a high end pc game. Some of the stuff coming over the next 2 years look spectacular too. While microsoft are talking about power, sony are the ones giving us some of the best looking games we've ever seen.

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Really? Most people saw it coming as long as sony didn't release a year later again. 360 really went down the drain from 2010 onwards where as sony became the best they've ever been with amazing exclusives on ps3.

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Because Activision still actually make decent games where as EA games are trash and filled with microtransactions.

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Lol it ain't even selling well. Switch and ps4 are selling way more. Or have you learnt from Microsoft and are gonna cherry pick data from one region to make it look good? If it really sold alot microsoft would have let us know the numbers by now.

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Just shows how good ps4 is all around when you have to reach and nitpick the shit out of it to find issues.

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We won't be getting hardware numbers because they will make microsoft look bad because PS4 and switch sales are alot bigger.

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We don't know about US yet but ps4 has already pulled ahead again in the UK. I can see the same happening in the US too. The bottom line is xbox one is behind both ps4 and switch so it doesn't matter how great microsoft say they're doing. When your selling less than both your competitors, your not really doing so good.

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Xbox is synonymous with being playstations bitch. A mediocre play station wannabe. Everybody wants the original, not the shitty me too wannabe that xbox is. It shows in sales too.

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But you won't get to play rambo the video game in 4k! Forget spiderman and god of war, resolution is more important! /s

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When you can sense bitterness through text, you know someone is salty.

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LOL.. These xbox fanatics are just so desperate right now. So bitter at the success of ps4 and even switch while xbox is being left miles behind. While everyone is looking forward to all the awesome games coming to ps4 and switch, these guys are still talking about xbox one x and It's 6 teraflops of shitty power nobody cares about.

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I'm about 50/50 but I still prefer physical if I had to choose one. physical has a lot more advantages. No need to download, can sell or trade, can borrow to others and cheaper prices overall. Digital has none of those advantages and the prices are a complete rip off. digital really has no advantages but more of a convenience.

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...yea i think I'll pass on this month.

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Nintendo obviously have the successful launch of new hardware but Sony still had the better overall year with alot more games.

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We know sony are exceeding their target numbers so worldwide is pure domination. NPD isn't even half the the story for sony. They get way more sales from the rest of the world. Mainly European territories.

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DA BEAST flopping in the uk already after only 2 weeks.

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But its missing something way more important than that. Exclusive games. Nobody gives a shit about extra pixels.

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Xbox the future of gaming.. lol try to say that without laughing a little. Haha. .I gotta give it to xbox.. always good for a laugh. Seriously though, how much more mediocre can xbox get?

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