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Nintendo fans been wanking over the switch instead. Probably using that hd rumble too.

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You know what's going to be really funny? That scorpio with its 6 teraflops of power still won't have a game as good looking as horizon.

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Microsoft are easy to predict. We'll obviously get new halo/gears/forza and a few 3rd party announcements, they'll boast about the power of the scorpio and that'll be it. Than they'll use their sleezy marketing to try and sell it. Microsoft have been like this ever since their inception. Anyone with half a brain can figure them out.

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Why are we even bothering with this debate anyway? As of now it's a ps4 exclusive and if you want to play the game than you can do so on ps4, which nobody is stopping you from doing apart from being a stupid fanboy ( not talking about you specifically) If you don't own or want to buy the ps4 than you won't be able to play the game. End of story.

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I'm pretty sure it's already in early development.

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It just isn't worth it when 99% of copies will be sold on ps4. Like I said in my previous comment, if major games likes mgs and ff didn't sell well on xbox than how little will a game like crash bandicoot sell on the system? Not worth the port.

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It won't sell jack on xbox just like games like mgs v and final fantasy 15. They sold millions on ps4 but couldn't even break 1 million on xbox. Ps4 is so dominant this gen that even games that are synonymous with Xbox like mass effect, which started as an xbox exclusive will sell way more on ps4.

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He's completely right. Zelda is only a bandage over the wound. In a month or two when everyone's done with It, what the hell are people going to play on the switch? 3rd party games that are years old? Nintendo clearly haven't thought this through. It's going to be fun watching this unfold. Nintendo fans will continue to wank over Nintendo no matter what they do.

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Sorry I was busy playing horizon.. you can carry on wanking while you wait and dream over your xbox Scorpio. When the Scorpio's finally here you can have a wank looking at the menu in really true 4k haha.

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Why would they even bother bringing it to xbox for the 5 people that want to play it on there? There's no point.

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Microsoft are digging themselves a hole with this. As soon as we see a game that isn't native 4k, everyone will eat them alive. Or does anyone actually believe every game will be native 4k? We still ain't even hitting 1080p on every game never mind 4k. Xbox fanboys can carry on having a wank dreaming about the Scorpio while the rest of us play awesome games.

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Just Nintendo being Nintendo, making shitty cheap hardware. They'll never change. They're so delusional they're still trying to chase the wii crowd with their shite "innovations" nobody wants or cares about. The adverts for the switch make me want to puke they're so cringy.

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Get off Nintendo's dick!

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Have I missed something? What did Neil druckMann do to make you dislike him?

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Yea no shit we'll see forza.. you might as well be saying we need air to breath.

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Xbox fanboys don't need games. They'll just stare at the "mighty" Scorpio and have a wank.

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They'll probably just stare at it and have a wank.

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He's been saying that for the last 3 years soo.. where the hell are these games? Microsoft have no games because they hardly have any 1st party studios. How will that magically change with the Scorpio?

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Sure goal posts will moved.. It will be moved by xbox fanboys when ps4 is outselling the Scorpio even more than it is doing to the Xbox one. The brand is getting weaker and weaker. Also why are you mentioning 3rd party games? These games will sell 2 to 3 times more on ps4 and some will even have exclusive marketing with the ps4 making ps4 even more dominant in the consumers mind. The only people who care about xbox Scorpio are xbox fanboys like yourself. You think microsoft are going to win...

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Sadly microsoft haven't learnt that it's not about power but about GAMES. This is why playstation has always done so well. It always has the games and diversity too.

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