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Switch will do well but it won't get anywhere near ps4's level. Ps4 just sells so well in every country around the world. Switch would to well to end up with even half of what ps4 sells and there's no shame in that.

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Where the hell are the games though? Those killer games that you buy a console for? Microsoft have none. That's why xbox one is selling so little. They ain't giving people Any reasons to buy one. Crackdown 3, sea of thieves and cup head ain't games that you buy a console for. They ain't must play games like last of us, spiderman, mario, zelda , god of war etc.. Microsoft with all their money have no huge big budget blockbuster games? Really? Just what the hell are they even...

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Jealousy really can drive people to near insanity. Psychiatrists must be seeing alot of xbox fanboys these days. Any time they hear the words sony or playstation they have to take a xanax to cope. Lol

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I know looking at this game hurts xbox fanboys, i know. Don't worry, you can watch people play it on youtube holding your xbox controller pretending your playing it. Your 6tf flop box will never have quality like this. All you guys will be doing is looking at your screens with magnifying glasses trying to spot any differences on your shitty scorpio versions of 3rd party games that most people will play elsewhere. Sony and nintendo is where its at. Microsoft will be having scraps.

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Good. Give these guys something to play. They're so starved of games all they do is wank over Phil Spencer all day.

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Sony and nintendo are iconic. Xbox is kinda just there, you know?

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The only thing with uncharted 4 was it felt quite long but maybe that's just me. Apparently the lost legacy is around the same length as drakes fortune which would be perfect for me. Uncharted is best when it's a 10 hour tight and action packed adventure. Getting more hyped as we get closer to release.

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Says "proof sony fanboys are the worst" than goes on to prove xbox fanboys are undeniably the worst by listing a bunch of users like a crazy psycho. The few vocal xbox fanboys on this site are worse than all sony, Nintendo and pc fanboys combined! And dumber too.

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A shitty looking game will still look shit even if it was 16k.

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Seriously, why does this game look so shitty? It's like they rushed it and slapped the game together. Microsoft should have cancelled this instead of scalebound. At least scalebound had some promise. This looks dead.

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It's a non issue. Mostly xbox fanboys making noise like they always do. Remember BC? Xbox fanboys was acting like the ps4 would die without BC but Sony didn't do jack shit and released AAA exclusives instead and sold even more ps4's than they have before. Microsofts exclusives games output and the pathetic sales of xbox one is what's really laughable and archaic. Microsoft can stick minecraft up their green asses.

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They won't show up anywhere that contradicts they're own delusional reality. It's too painful for them.

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It's typical microsoft. They twist things to make themselves look good when the actual reality is usually opposite of what they say. It looks like they've passed this trait down to their worshippers too. Xbox fanboys are the most brain dead of the lot.

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This isn't good enough. Sony are losing their grip on the console market/s

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Atleast sony are at the top and have 3 gens of being the market leader. When has microsoft ever been the market leader? They never have after 3 generations. Even when sony literally handed it to them during the 360/ps3 gen, they still failed. Sony may not stay on top forever but microsoft will not even get close to the top that's for sure.

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So their proof of sony losing indies is they didn't show any at e3? Really? Why are people so willfully ignorant? The truth is sony have the most indie games. they also have psx. If this cuntbag had any idea what he was talking about he would know that sony have an entire segment dedicated to indie games at psx but sure lets find any little thing we can to complain about sony because we don't actually have anything to complain about and we need views on our shitty website.

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Lol the only people complaining about this are xbox fanboys. They're having nervous breakdowns because they won't get to play this on garbage Box one.

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PS5 in fall 2019 is most likely.That would make it 6 years after ps4 launch. Sony have probably already been working on it for a few years.

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Well that's good for you. Fact is, this is a ps4 exclusive and can only be played on ps4. You can't ever play it on nogames box one.

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