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Typical microsoft fanboy. Changes the subject to how much money microsoft is making. Everybody freaking knows how much money microsoft have. Why should it matter to us? Anyway where is all that money microsoft have because sony are the ones getting all the advertising and dlc deals and spending big on making tons of new games. It's almost as if microsoft are financially struggling so Yeh... All that money talk doesn't mean shit really.

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I guarantee sony goes back in the lead and guess what? It'll be the standard ps4 that will make most of the sales proving that the majority don't give a shit about mid gen 4k upgrades and why would they when they don't even own a 4k tv?

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It's more than used to it by now. Been getting hammered since 2013.

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Even when ps4 is dominating the scorpio, we'll never know because microsoft will start talking about how many people browsed the menu instead of sales. They can't compete in sales. They can't compete with games. They're just a big corporation with money to burn. They couldn't care less about this industry. The scorpio will expose their flaws even more.

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I'm thinking more about getting a switch than the scorpio to be honest. Sure I like powerful hardware but it's still going to be the same old xbox and if I wasn't interested before than I still ain't interested now. Only people who are interested are people who are already invested in xbox ecosystem. Ps4 and switch is still the best combo to go with. Look at it this way. If you don't own a ps4, you'll miss out on tons of great games. If you don't own the switch, yo...

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Alright man! We get it, your dying to prove that the game is only a timed exclusive. Can you shut the f*ck up now? You begging for the game is cringy as hell.

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Everything will just stay the same. If you like microsofts games like halo, gears and forza than you will love the scorpio. If you didn't care for those games before, than scorpio isn't going to change that. Halo and gears don't interest Me so I ain't interested in the scorpio at all. This is exactly why microsoft need fresh new exclusives. They need to interest people again into buying their console. The brand is very stale and needs to be revitalised with new interesting ga...

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After the way sony have been destroying microsoft, they should be really careful with what they say. Sony could easily just come out and humiliate them again if they wanted. I'm surprised sony haven't done it more to be honest. They could have took shots at microsoft all gen if they wanted with all of microsofts shitty decisions but they haven't took any shots after laying the smackdown at e3 2013 and microsoft said they were going to "kill sony" at that e3. Yes, they a...

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Says the guy who hasn't played a single uncharted game. Or are you really so stupid that you play every game in a series that you dislike? Your comment makes it obvious that you've never played any uncharted game. Closest you got was watching clips on youtube.

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The scorpio won't even sell more than the xbox one s.

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The scorpio, the Xbox one s and the standard xbox one and hell, you might as well add in the next xbox after scorpio, all of them combined still wouldn't outsell the ps4. Xbox Scorpio console king? What a joke. Based on what exactly? Does anyone really think this is going to outsell the ps4? Not a chance!

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How powerful were people expecting it to be? Microsoft need to get this out at $399 to even have a chance.

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Xbox is fine! They have scorpio. Its going to magically change everything!/s

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is that it? microsoft need to get 343 working on a new ip asap! give halo a rest and bring it back in 5 years time and maybe people will care about it again.

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Take the name xbox out of it. It might have a chance of succeeding than. It was a shit name from the start anyway. Think about It, xbox just sounds dumb as hell.

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Shut up. Nobody gives a shit how far into the game you are.

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The answer is in the question. GAMERS want GAMES.

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Than what is the point of the scorpio than? Why make such a powerful console if that power will never be fully used because of being held back by the xbox one? I think they will start releasing scorpio only games eventually. Xbox one sales are most likely slowing and getting even worse. It isn't competing with the ps4 at all. Ps4 is just increasing its lead further and further. You think microsoft don't know that the xbox one is a major flop? Microsoft are desperate to start winning a...

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720p? More like 240p.

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Yea i have noticed all these other problems from all the clips I've seen. Its like the devs were drunk making this game and the more I hear about it, the more I think I might just skip the game all together. I'll see if I can find the time to give it a go myself. There's just so many games to play at the moment and andromeda sounds like it isn't even worth playing.

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