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Soo ps5 will release with 4 launch games and 6 year old 3rd party titles? Man that would be a bigger screw up than 599 us dollars! Seems Nintendo fans have amnesia.. The way they been acting, you would think the wii u sold 200m consoles and everyone needs to copy Nintendos success.. lol gimme a break.

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Saying " you was never going to buy the system" is stupid. Maybe ask the reason why him and so many others think the same. There are reasons as why.. its Microsoft job to sell us their system. My personal reason is ps4 is simply superior and there's isn't a single game on xbox that I must play.. Microsoft need to give us reasons to go and get an xbox one just like sony made the ps4 a must own system.

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Xbox is still relevant because it gets all the major 3rd party games. It also sells really well in the US... but Europe is a different story.. xbox is more irrelevant than its ever been over there and that's a big problem for them and it's going to get worse if Microsoft don't address the problem. The sales for xbox one in Europe are terrible. Its in Europe where sony have gained this enormous lead worldwide.

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Is Phil Spencer going to give his impressions of his breakfast tomorrow morning?

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$250 should have been the limit. $199 was the sweet spot. the switch just isnt worth $299.. you can get PS4 for less! a playstation fuckin 4 for less than the switch!! xbox one too and both of them are way more feature rich than the switch is.

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lmao.. first thing i thought. i think its best if phil spencer just shuts the hell up. only say something when its needed.

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Sony playstation IS the giant and Microsoft will need a hell of a lot more than having the most powerful console to take them down. It might even be Impossible unless sony themselves mess up like with the ps3. So it doesn't really matter what Microsoft. .

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HAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA. HAHAHAHAHA .. damn man. That post got me bad. I just don't see how anyone can come to this conclusion. The conference was terrible. This is not my opinion. It's a fact. That's how bad it was.

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I think people just forgot and moved on from Nintendo after the first playstation.

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Zelda should have fuckin released in 2015.. They kept delaying the shit out of it so they could launch their new system with it and now you want to act shocked that it's launching with the switch? it better damn launch with the switch.. its about damn time! Stupid ass Nintendo fanboys still living in the 90s. Oooh the reactions zelda got! Get the f outta here!

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Yea...The switch and it's 5 launch games... what the hell are Nintendo thinking? I was more hyped for it before the reveal. Nintendo made me NOT want to buy a switch.

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I don't think it matters. It's a ps4 exclusive that will sell to the ps4 audience. Why would the switch effect that? I also think the new horizon story trailer was better than the whole switch conference.

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Na.. Sony don't need it. They have their very own open world epic coming soon. Horizon. Not only that but ps4 has soo many exclusives coming in the next few years. They can literally map out the next 3 years with the games they have.

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Maybe Microsoft should cancel Scorpio and concentrate on actually making games for the Xbox one. Why are they even making this super powerful console if they have no games to sell the console? I bet they show early teasers for halo, gears and forza at really true 4k and call it a day. I predict xbox Scorpio to be the most front loaded console ever. Sells to a bunch of hardcore xbox fans first few weeks and than drops like a rock. Microsoft have no idea how to compete.

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Imo it's a smart decision from Microsoft. This game would have sold terribly on the xb1 and they knew it. When your flagship titles halo and gears and major games like tomb raider don't light the sales on fire than what chance does a game like scale bound stand? Both parties probably thought it's not worth it.

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4k this 4k that.. not long ago everyone was complaining about games not even reaching 1080p and now we're jumping up to 4k already? Resolutions don't make good games. If that's all the Xbox Scorpio is than it will fail. For this to be success, Microsoft need to drop the Xbox one and have scorpio as their only console moving forward. Let developers use the full power and have games you can't find anywhere else. This won't happen though cause Microsoft have no exclusives.

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It doesn't matter, next year xbox Scorpio is gonna change the world! It's not about sales or games, it's all about teraflops! /s

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Forza a 4-6m seller my ass! More like 1-2m

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It's because the Xbox one is such a flop that they ain't selling as well as they should.. its not the games fault. They could release half life 3 exclusive and it would under perform on the Xbox one. Why you think Microsoft are dying to get to scorpio? They want to put xbox flop behind them and never look back.

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I've recently been thinking about getting the pro as I already have a 4k tv ready for it but decided not to. I'm still blown away by some games on the standard ps4 and i would rather just wait until the next playstation. Scorpio is a non factor that will only sell to the hardcore xbox fans. It won't even sell more than standard xbox one never mind coming anywhere near the ps4!

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