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Not even close. We all know what the real microsoft is like. Go back to 2010-2013. That's the real microsoft. Even back with the 360, when they wanted to beat sony they made all the right moves and once they got a sales lead they just became assholes. Sony are the opposite. They're miles ahead right now and I don't see much arrogance from them yet. They're still making all the right moves. Probably because they learned from the ps3 mistakes. Hopefully microsoft have learn...

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It was a big month for zelda, horizon, ghost recon and mass effect. All of them sold close to or over 1m copies.

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Microsoft do know it. They also know that they can't compete with the exclusive output of sony so they try in other areas instead, like strong marketing and 3rd party games and usually they undercut sony on price too. Microsoft can't just pull new games out of thin air. It took sony years to build and nurture new ip. Microsoft are sooo far behind.

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So basically games? Well no shit! Games should always be the main priority.

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Sure it will.. globally in the US. If you take the whole world and total sales into account than there's no chance at all of scorpio eating any of sonys market share. I can understand some are ignorant of how one sided things are in Europe though. Look at it this way. The 360 was 20m units ahead of ps3 in the US, yet the ps3 was equal to it in total sales because of how dominant it was worldwide and we're talking about the ps3 here. It's mistakes were worse than xbox ones. If the...

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ROFL? Is that all you can say? Of course it is because your full of shit. Which racing sim is bigger than GT? Name me one seeing as you find it so funny.You sure as hell can't say forza because the entire forza franchise combined can't even outsell one GT game. Forza compared to gran turismo is like comparing sleeping dogs to GTA.

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They struggled because they made a shit console nobody wanted. Than they tried to 180 their way out of the mess they made but it was too late. Now they're basically starting over with the scorpio and i don't think it's even possible to mess up like they did again. If they can bring the games than maybe they can compete with Sony again. I doubt it though. Sony are pretty damn near unstoppable at this point. 60m consoles sold in just over 3 years. Microsoft couldn't manage that...

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Ok calm down... Scorpio isn't your god.

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3 years of sparseness? My backlog goes back to 2014! I still haven't even started shadow of mordor yet ffs! Seriously what the hell is wrong with you xbox fanboys? Why are you so mind numbingly stupid? You cant even troll right because your such a dumbass.

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The beast is already here. It's called the ps4. You know that console that's been utterly dominating the competition like a true beast does? I know you xbox fanboy like to forget that because it hurts but you'll keep on being reminded when you realise over and over again that nothing can stop the beast that is the ps4.

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Na. Maybe xbox can start doing better in the US but the rest of the world will stay the same. Probably will just get worse for xbox with all the games sony have coming. Europe and Japan will more than make up for any gains xbox makes in the US. So xbox kinda can't beat ps4 no matter what. I hear the scorpio bring called the beast by microsoft fanatics but the true beast is the unstoppable ps4.

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It is. It's making a comeback from irrelevance to actually being relevant again, which is a start atleast right?

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Typical microsoft fanboy. Changes the subject to how much money microsoft is making. Everybody freaking knows how much money microsoft have. Why should it matter to us? Anyway where is all that money microsoft have because sony are the ones getting all the advertising and dlc deals and spending big on making tons of new games. It's almost as if microsoft are financially struggling so Yeh... All that money talk doesn't mean shit really.

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I guarantee sony goes back in the lead and guess what? It'll be the standard ps4 that will make most of the sales proving that the majority don't give a shit about mid gen 4k upgrades and why would they when they don't even own a 4k tv?

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It's more than used to it by now. Been getting hammered since 2013.

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Even when ps4 is dominating the scorpio, we'll never know because microsoft will start talking about how many people browsed the menu instead of sales. They can't compete in sales. They can't compete with games. They're just a big corporation with money to burn. They couldn't care less about this industry. The scorpio will expose their flaws even more.

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I'm thinking more about getting a switch than the scorpio to be honest. Sure I like powerful hardware but it's still going to be the same old xbox and if I wasn't interested before than I still ain't interested now. Only people who are interested are people who are already invested in xbox ecosystem. Ps4 and switch is still the best combo to go with. Look at it this way. If you don't own a ps4, you'll miss out on tons of great games. If you don't own the switch, yo...

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Alright man! We get it, your dying to prove that the game is only a timed exclusive. Can you shut the f*ck up now? You begging for the game is cringy as hell.

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